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January 1996

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Meeting Location and Date
Location : Wyatts Cafeteria - Marsh and Forest
Date : Wednesday, January 17th
Time : Starts around 7-7:30 PM
Beginning with this issue, I am adding a back page with contact addresses, phone numbers and various other snippets that might be useful to you and your own networks.
Howdy! The holidays are finally over and I hope everyone had a great one. With all that is going on with the release of various circuits and devices, it looks like 1996 will be a banner year for many of us who study such matters. Based on all that has been happening over the last couple of months, I think there might actually be a real, working overunity device DEMONSTRATED at a conference in 1996.

One of the hottest new reports is Bruce Peralt's Cold Fission tube based on the work of Henry Moray. (available as COLDFISS.ASC on KeelyNet). Although to my knowledge, (and according to the inventor), no one has successfully built one and reported back to Bruce. Extraordinary Science (ITS) will have an article in the next issue on the device and Gene Mallove, publisher, with his crew from the journal INFINITE ENERGY will soon be testing the device and reporting their findings.

A private email suggested a visit to the web page of STRANGE magazine, where an interview with Steven Gibbs is listed. Oddly enough, Gibbs mentions Bruce Peralt as being the source of his time travel circuit which Gibbs claims will allow one to travel through time, both physicaly and mentally. Several of us have examined this circuit, which consists of a piezo transducer that is energized with high intensity electrical spikes to produce high frequency waves.

Gibbs recommends placing this piezo on the crown of the head while standing on an earth grid line crossing. Bruce was very disturbed to hear that Gibbs is promoting this as anything resembling a time travel circuit.

When Bruce tried it back in the very early 1990s, he got mild brain concussions due to the rapid, high intensity pulsations applied to the brain via the skull. Bruce wrote a letter to Gibbs stating his very great concerns from anyone using this circuit with the ERRONEOUS idea that they could ACTUALLY travel in time, yet Gibbs still promotes it as a working system. We will soon be posting Bruces' letter along with the Gibbs article (or excerpts from it), to warn people about damage they might do to themselves.

Several months back, a KeelyNetter provided the address for a company called Creative Science Research Labs. Don Kelly of SEA (Space Energy Association) newsletter also sent a flyer advertising plans for a 200 HP Fuel-less Generator, a Gravity Motor, and a planset to convert water into hydrogen for fuel. A video is also offered for the 200 HP and Gravity Motor. The 200 HP motor is a simplified Ed Gray design which is clearly shown in the video.

Gray did experiments with high voltage capacitor discharges into fine wire coils to produce a high density magnetic spike. When a magnet (or another electromagnetic coil) is placed on top of another coil and high voltage is dumped into it, the top magnet or coil will be thrown up towards the ceiling. Gray indicates 3000VDC (photoflash) capacitors as used in xenon flashtubes. This was the basis for his multi-cylinder engine.

The Creative Sciences group uses 5000-6000 volt pulses to produce the high density magnetic spike. In the video, one of these electromagnet coils is placed on top of another and the bottom one is connected to one of these charged capacitor banks, it instantly jumps high into the air and is caught by an off camera assistant.

The most interesting demonstration to my view, was a single cylinder motorcyle engine with the head removed. One of these electromagnets is attached to the top of the cylinder. When the cylinder moves to the TDC (top dead center), it comes into very close proximity to a fixed electromagnet. At that moment (TDC), the high voltage is applied to cause a downward thrust. It really fires the imagination to see this principle practically applied in this fashion.

An interesting post about
Paul LaViolettes 'Genic Energy'

From: (Gravitics)
Subject: Brown Dwarf Confirms Spontaneous Energy Generation Theory
Date: 21 Dec 1995 11:11:46 - 0500

Observations of the mass and luminosity characteristics of the recently discovered brown dwarf GL 299B confirm Dr. LaViolette's prediction that planets and stars alike are powered by a new kind of energy source which he has termed "genic energy."

The Planetary-Stellar Mass-Luminosity Prediction:

In the late 1970's LaViolette developed a nonlinear system that effectively modeled many of the characteristics of subatomic particle and field phenomena and resolved many problems that plague standard physics (LaViolette, 1985, 1994, 1995). One of the inescapable consequences of this nonlinear system (known as Model G of the subquantum kinetics physics approach) is that photon energy is not necessarily conserved.

Rather, photons gradually redshift (decrease their energy) in regions where Model G is subcritical and gradually blue shift (increase their energy) in regions where Model G is supercritical. [Such time-variation is a mode of behavior typical of nonlinear wave generator systems.] In Model G, the ambient value of gravitational potential is what determines whether the system is subcritical or supercritical and to what extent.

Thus in intergalactic space where the gravitational potential is least negative Model G will be subcritical and will cause photons to redshift (see LaViolette, 1986), but in the vicinity of galaxies where the gravitational potential is quite negative it will instead be supercritical. So photons residing within planets and stars will gradually blueshift and produce an energy excess (called genic energy).

Since both the heat capacity and gravitational potential of a body are a function of its mass, there should be a specific relation between a body's mass and the genic energy luminosity that will radiate from its interior.

As it turns out the exponent for this mass-luminosity relation is about what is found for the red dwarf M-L relation. This led to the prediction that both planets and red dwarf stars should similarly conform to a common M-L relation.

LaViolette plotted the intrinsic luminosities of the major planets against their masses and found that, in fact, they did fall along the low mass extension of the red dwarf M-L trend line (LaViolette, 1992, 1994, 1995).

This "planetary-stellar" M-L relation, sometimes termed the "LaViolette Relation," also predicted that around 60 percent of the Sun's energy should be of non-nuclear genic energy origin, thereby resolving the solar neutrino problem.

The Brown Dwarf Mass-Luminosity Prediction:

LaViolette noted that a further consequence of the genic-energy photon- blueshifting prediction would be that when brown dwarfs would be discovered they should be found to have mass luminosity coordinates that conform to the planetary-stellar M-L relation. Standard cooling theory, on the other hand, predicts no such conformance, except by chance coincidence. LaViolette clearly stated his prediction on several occasions (LaViolette, 1985, 1992, 1994, 1995).

As it turns out, the mass and luminosity coordinates for GL 229B, the first brown dwarf to be discovered, fall very close to the M-L relation. Its mass has been determined to be between 20 - 50 jupiter masses and its luminosity is observed to be between 2 X 10^-6 and 10^-5 solar luminosities. The upper left hand corner of this M-L error box coincides with this relation. LaViolette has further predicted that as the mass and luminosity values of this brown dwarf become more accurately determined through future observation, this M-L coordinate should be found to lie even closer to the planetary-stellar M-L trend line.

As an example, if the recent Hubble Telescope measurements indicate that this brown dwarf has a luminosity of around 4 X 10^-6 solar luminosities, the subquantum kinetics genic energy M-L relation predicts that this dwarf should have mass of around 0.013 (+ 0.006, -0.004) solar masses, or 14 (+5, -3) jupiter masses. This range of uncertainty reflects the degree of data point scatter that characterizes the red dwarf M-L data. Incidentally, the blueshifting rate required to explain the luminosity of brown and red dwarfs is very small. It is about 8 orders of magnitude smaller than the detection limit possible in most laboratory laser experiments.


LaViolette, P. A. "An introduction to subquantum kinetics," Part I -- "An overview of the methodology," Part II -- "An open system description of particles and fields," Part III -- "The cosmology of subquantum kinetics," International Journal of General Systems, Vol. 11(4) (1985): 281 - 293, 295 - 328, 329 - 345.

LaViolette, P. A. "Is the universe really expanding?" The Astrophysical Journal 301 (1986): 544-553.

LaViolette, P. A. "The planetary-stellar mass-luminosity relation: Possible evidence of energy nonconservation?" Physics Essays 5(4) (1992): 536-544.

LaViolette, P. A. Subquantum Kinetics: The Alchemy of Creation. Schenectady, NY: Starburst Publications, April 1994.

LaViolette, P. A. Beyond the Big Bang: Ancient Myth and the Science of Continuous Creation. Rochester, VT: Park Street Press, September 1995.

***The books "Subquantum Kinetics" and "Beyond the Big Bang" may be mail ordered from Starburst Publications. For further information mail inquiries to

Aether as a pressurized medium (Push Gravity?)

From: (Ross Tessien)
Subject: Postulate of no attractive forces with proof, liquid helium behavior
Date: 20 Dec 1995 03:12:33 GMT
Organization: Impulse Engineering, Inc.

In article <>, says...

Eric Benson ( wrote: " Actually a Bose-Einstein Condensate was detected in a gas of excitons (electron-hole pairs) in the semiconducting crystal Cu2O back in 1993 and we have published several more articles since then showing the T^3/2

One thing I haven't seen mentioned in this thread yet is the fact that, although it may be the case that solid BECs may have only recently been produced, the phenomenon was first observed- I think- in superfluid liquid helium- i.e. helium cooled to 2K or so (can't remember precisely what the lambda point is at the mo).

It becomes a very bizarre fluid, with the property of being able to climb up the walls of a beaker and out onto the desk."

To members of the group. This is not accepted theory in the least. However, if this is correct, it is of paromount importance and will advance our understanding of physics. I cite the article above as evidence which justifies the concepts. Please feel free not to read any of what is below. This is being posted for the purpose of obtaining a date and time stamp.

Thank you, Sincerely, Ross Tessien.

I postulate that there exist in nature, no attractive forces. I now present as evidence a very short list of reasons why. A detailed list is forth coming but as this postulate reaches from quarks to quasars, I have compiled over a thousand pages of notes on the issue. I am in the process of consolidating these. There are other equally significant observations not the least of which are the radio astronomy observations of 3C273, a distant quasar.

Below I consider one topic, gravitation. I do this here and now because I have been looking for something that my theory can explain easily and intuitively which current physical systems cannot. The above example of helium climbing out of a container clearly does not fit the one way concept of gravitation.

I have considered the possibility that the Earth is essentially a bunch of spherical resonators in space. This agrees with tensor theory.

Second, I consider that out of frequency energy arriving from space is attenuated and filtered as it flows into the Earth or through matter.

Third, energy flowing up and out of the Earth is cleaner than energy flowing in. In other words, the noise has been filtered due to multiple absorption/emission events just as in QED with EM conduction through glass etc..

Fourth, an object on the surface of the Earth will synchronize with the most regular phase and frequency of arriving energy. Since free space energy is arriving from stars across the heavens, it is red shifted, blue shifted, out of phase, in other words, white noise with fluctuations of approximately the confinement frequency of matter. On average, red shifted.

Fifth, just as the water above a submarine can be considered to attract the matter in the submarine, in this theorem it could be considered to shield the submarine. This is semantics if no observation can be made to demonstrate otherwise. This means that, in this theorem, the sides of the container with the helium in it would form a shield to energy arriving from above.

Sixth, the pressure, based on this theorem, would be higher in the center of the container due to the open view factor to space whereas the pressure in the liquid near the sides of the container would be lower due to shielding. This would cause one to expect to see a miniscus rise if the container was a better shield and the miniscus to fall if the liquid was a better shield (interfered to a greater degree). These are observed in water and in mercury.

Seventh, if one had a liquid with very little thermal agitation, then one would expect this effect to be amplified. With liquid helium, it is observed to push the fluid up and out of the container. A one way gravitational field cannot do this. Helium if I understand correctly is not magnetic enough to explain this and it is not electrically conductive enough to explain this due to EM fields.

Eighth, I am not aware of any effects from nuclear attractive or the weak force that could explain this effect.

Ninth, the concept of a pressurized tensor field in space is fully compatible with all derivations using an attractive tensor field. This is merely a relative shift. All calculations and methodologies remain intact and consistent. The only thing that changes is that the vacuum of space becomes pressurized and that it becomes full of some sort of aether which is composed of quanta.

Tenth, this aether and these quanta become the "bank" from which virtual particles mateial for their construction is borrowed, and into which the quanta are paid back. This means that virtual particles are real particles that were forced to condense out of a temporary surplus of pressure due to the temporary convergence of energy arriving time delayed from inches or feet or millions of light years away, at the moment of particle or photon condensation.

Eleventh, gravitation is the only force that is one way, and in this system it is just like any other force with a bi directional push;

Twelve, the gluon mechanism is the only force messenger which has a force that "gets weaker" as the particles get closer and pulls harder as it is stretched. If the quarks are considered to be immersed in a pressurized fluid instead, this anomoly goes away. The particles push away from each other harder if the are forced closed and the push away from each other less if they are farther apart, all the while the force pushing them together due to their external view factor of free space remains about the same. At rest, the two intense pushes balance each other and it appears (with the attractive mechanism system) that the force went to zero.

I am sorry for this post, but it is necessary to time stamp this prediction.

I am confident that you have already worked out the equations correctly and from the theories I have read, this is so. It appears to me, however, that if one considers that space is pressurized, then a lot of mystery goes away. In this, my concept is more like Galileo's observation that not only are Copernicus' equations easier to use, they really are the way things are.

I am postulating that you have already resolved the unification of all of the forces including gravitation and the quantization of GR, you just don't recognize it because most of us believe in attractive forces. Quanta, required for quantum mechnics etc., do not have arms that can pull. And the only impact of something which can compell an object to be attracted is a rarefaction front. This, of course, does not pull, it results that the higher pressure on the other side pushes.

One might think that this is semantics, but it is not. If attraction does not exist, then there is an aether to keep sub atomic matter from exploding. If there is an aether, then gravitation is a differential push. If this is the case, then we live in a fluid we do not understand. If this is the case, the aether can be shielded and it can be sheared.

If these are the case, then one would expect to find effects where this occurs such as helium climbing up and out of a container seemingly defying gravities one way force; a shearing inefficiency when trying to increase the resonant frequency of subatomic matter during acceleration as is the case in the Unruh effect; a push forcing two close plates together due to oscillations in the aether which are precluded between the plated because those same oscillations are NOT precluded on the outside, the Casimir effect; and one would expect to find objects which exert a thrust when they shape the electric field in an asymetric way due to the conduction paths of real quanta which are the carriers of all forces, the Biefield Brown effect.

Please post this article so that I can make a time stamp of it and so that it is witnessed by others. I understand that this is of a speculative nature, and not normally in the line of this section. I also understand that if I am correct, it is critical that it be posted. The details of the gravitational field derivitions in the differential thrust format are forth coming. I have been working on them but have as of late started to receive some offers for help on the derivations. For me they are easy to see and difficult to mathematically formulate. For the people helping me, it should be fairly elementary.

Thank you for your indulgence.
Sincerely, Ross Tessien
There exists in nature, no attractive forces.

The Luminiferous Medium

From: ()
Subject: Luminiferous medium.
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 12:18:08

There have been many postings concerning the existence of a luminiferous medium as the substrate enacting the EM disturbances radiating through physical space. A number of different models of such a medium have been posted. In general, they fall into three categories and a few subcategories:

Group A. The "medium" is made of empty space itself.

Group B. The medium is a material substance, the "aether" (ether).

Category C. Compressible, pressure-exerting and pressure-resisting
Matter permeates every part of physical space. This same material is the stuff of which atoms and all ponderable forms of matter are made. The luminiferous medium is whatever portion of this matter happens to be at the place where it is performing the actions described by our equations.

The "ether" is just a word to denote the continuity aspect of any chosen field of matter, whether or not the intricately organized portions called "particles" are also present in that field. As such, air was "the ether" in Michelson's interferometer experiment, and a tv set is its own luminiferous ether insofar as receiving em signals is concerned. So is the outside antenna, and the surrounding air, and the heaviside layer and the dilute hydrogen gas filling ever more remote zones of the Milky Way and elsewhere.

As far as I know, category C is not a group, it consists of just little old me. Even so, while I have pointed out inconsistencies and mysteries consequent to the other groups' and subgroups' concepts, no one has yet pointed out an inconsistency in mine; other than that it totally (and consistently) disagrees with modern theoretical physics. {That, of course, is a plus. Their way led to "an ocean of mystery in all directions". Mine can explain the entire universe, in terms of what's physically happening rather than only in mathematical equations.}

In closing this posting, I will now list my basic premises.

Since my general metaphysical theory was reached about 30 years ago, and only the very-fine details clarified since then, perhaps I've overlooked other postulates. If I find any, I'll so report. Meanwhile, be advised that many of my published (1965) constructions and hand-drawings based on the above premises have since been confirmed by highly sophisticated computer printouts of new Astronomical and sub-atomic data. In terms of their conventional theories, such findings puzzled physicists. {Postulate 6: Where ignorance is bliss ($$$$^12), tis folly to be wise.}


Source for Biofeedback Instruments

From: (allcomp3)
Subject: Biofeedback Information
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 1995 19:55:04 GMT
Organization: Panix Public Access UNIX and Internet

Visit for information about the Biofeedback Instrument Company. Founded by Dr. Philip Brotman, it is one of the oldest biofeedback instrument distributors and educators in the U.S. Our equipment is used to treat many physical and mental disabilities, such as substance abuse, incontinence, stress, anxiety, learning disability, and pain.

We have several web pages that feature editorials on biofeedback, neurofeedback, and applied psychophysiology. There are equipment illustrations and descriptions, as well as biofeedback certfication and neurofeedback workshop schedules.

You could also email any questions, along with your phone number and postal address, to; or call Dr. Brotman directly at 800-735- 9171 or 212-222-5665 for further info.

Viewing Biological structures

From: John de Rivaz
Newsgroups: sci.cryonics,
Subject: ew book on finding patterns in DNA and amino acid sequences
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 18:55:32 GMT
Organization: Myorganisation
This might be releveant to what some of you are doing ... New book on the use of computer graphics, fractals, and musical techniques to find patterns in DNA and amino acid sequences! Pickover, C. (1995) VISUALIZING BIOLOGICAL INFORMATION. World Scientific: Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hong Kong. ISBN 981-02-1427-8. (For information, 1-800-227-7562 in U.S. & Canada; Fax: 44-171-836-2020 in Europe; Fax: 65-382-5919 in other countries)

> From the jacket blurb:

Biological data of all kinds are proliferating at an incredible rate. If humans attempt to read such data in the form of numbers and letters, they will take in the information at a snail's pace. If the information is rendered graphically, however, human analysts can assimilate it and gain insight at a much faster rate.

The emphasis of this book is on the graphic representation of information- containing sequences such as DNA and amino acid sequences in order to help the human analyst find interesting and biologically relevant patterns.

Pickover's goal is to make this voyage through molecular biology, genetics, and computer graphics as accessible to a broad audience as possible, with the inclusion of glossaries at the end of most chapters, and program outlines where applicable.

The book will be of most interest to biologists and computer scientists, and the various large reference lists should be of interest to beginners and advanced students of biology, graphic art, and computer science. Contributors find pattern and meaning in the cacophony of sequence data using both computer graphics, fractals, and musical techniques.

John de Rivaz

In the information age, sharing can increase world wealth enormously, because giving information does not decrease your information.


Creative Science & Research, PO BOX 8001, New Albany, IN 47150 Sells plans for Fuel from water, Fuel-Less Engine (Ed Gray), a Gravity motor and a video of a Gray-type engine and the Gravity motor.

Infinite Energy, PO BOX 2816, Concord, NH 03302-2816 (603) 228-4516 Bi-monthly magazine on energy happenings, $30 per year

New Energy News, PO BOX 58639, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-8639 (801) 583-6232 Monthly newsletter about new energy activities. $25 per year

Extraordinary Science, PO BOX 5636, Colorado Springs, CO 80931 (719) 475-0918 Quarterly newsletter of the International Tesla Society $25 per year.

Electric Spacecraft Journal, 73 Sunlight Drive, Leicester, NC 28748 Quarterly newsletter about electrical approaches to flight $25 per year.

Borderlands, PO BOX 220, Bayside, CA 95524 (707) 825-7733 Quarterly newsletter on wide range of alternative subjects $25 per year.

Space Energy Association, PO BOX 11422, Clearwater, FL 34616 Monthly newsletter on tapping space energy (ZPE, vacuum, etc.) $25 per year.

One of the more interesting comments is from Hal Fox of NEN;

"....when critics complain 'that F/E or O/U devices are against the law of the conservation of energy', it is NOT breaking of THIS law, rather it is the belief of current science that the aether is EMPTY..

When one accepts the concept of an ENERGETIC AETHER, such devices then become ENERGY TRANSFORMERS, a perfectly acceptable concept....

this concept of energy transformers tapping and transforming power from an energetic aether will eventually be independently verified, leading to major growth companies like the historic examples of IBM, XEROX and 3M."

Vanguard Sciences / KeelyNet Newsletter
January 1996