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Detail Oriented Free Energy Page

Egel's superb page devoted to practical plans, check it out!

Levitron Levitating Top

Centrifugal magnetic stability in the amazing Levitron top, be sure to also click on the physics of it!

Stan Deyo's webpage.

New approach to earthquake predictions yielding 70% to 90% accuracies.

Excellent New Tesla Page

Plans, neon transformers, PARTS, lasers and build it info
from Kevin Nardelle

University of Houston Flying Saucer?

Amazing concept for flight with technical details and analysis, SAVE THIS ONE before it gets 'removed'!

Weight loss of Spinning Gyros

Don Lancaster sent an email saying, 'this is called a PROPELLER...' He does have a point, the experiment needs to be done in a vacuum chamber. God knows, we've repeated/reported enough strangeness that had not been checked out thoroughly. It's one thing when it costs a lot of money for equipment and setups to preclude all mistakes in measurement, quite another to make a claim that ignores such a simple observation as aerodynamics. The report does lead to other experiments that might yield something useful. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, eh?

Stanley Meyer a Fraud?

Water splitting (fractioning) process claimed to be simple electrolysis

17 Watts from 1.5VDC??

Few details but interesting claim similar to Bearden where only voltage drives the ciruit, also has correlations to 'battery extenders' which we will soon have a report on.

$1000 Prize for Free Energy Demo

Erics' Free Energy prize details

$1700 KeelyNet Prize Fund details from April 1996

Art Bell's coolsite

Contains audio clips from his famous radio talk show with very good links.

Ancient Technology * Wild Stuff *

Levitation and other hints of phenomena we are hoping to reproduce.

The Shamir Stone

Intriguing Talmudic story about King Solomon and the magical jewel or "worm" used to cut the stones of the Temple.