KeelyNet Roundtable Meeting Notes
for January 1998

The following January 1998 Roundtable notes were posted as 6 emails to the KeelyNet-L discussion list on January 22nd, 1998.

January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 1)

Some interesting items from the January 1998 Vanguard Sciences Roundtable and general discussions.

I took a copy of a video that showed how the military was working on a means of camoflauge that could lead to a crude form of invisibility. Coincidentally enough (and completely unplanned), a fellow brought a glass of water with what appeared to be a string with a loop on the end hanging down in the water...this string was attached to the cap and when you lifted the cap, the string came up revealing what looked like a clear was a kind of polymer that had the same refractory index as the water, thus making it invisible when wet....isn't that a hoot??

What was so intriguing, just as you can use phase conjugation principles to cancel irritating sounds, then project your own acoustic environment as described 'by making a Volkswagon sound like a Ferrari' too can you pass light around an object to make it invisible, then intentionally project a 'false image' of whatever creature or object that would fit within the invisibility device about the perfect camoflauge....

I overheard one of the guys explaining that if gravity was a frequency, you could phase cancel it to make it weightless!!! He later came up to me and asked if I knew where that frequency might be written up...I responded with several books, but the one which absolutely claims it, is Joseph Cater's 'Awesome Life Force', where he says gravity is a frequency that is in the upper infrared right before it becomes visible light...(I'll have to dig out that quote).

We also watched the short clip about Richard Hull and Peter Graneaus experiments with exploding water, quite amazing to see it on TV like that, such a great article on their research appeared in the Electric Spacecraft Journal a couple of years ago...water arc experiments...very detailed material...

Also on the tape, in an interview of physicist Bob Forward, he showed how electrified plates would use the 'Casimir' force that would be attracted to each other by the 'vacuum' of space....what is so hilarious about this, formal physics will use such terms but totally avoid the opposite side of of the coin, that is, what is the opposite of vacuum? Pressure, perhaps? So that means the universe is indeed PRESSURIZED, can you say Push Gravity? We are literally held together by this pressure and held to the earth by this incoming divert it from above us and we lose weight....

Earlier in the evening, a fellow said that he was told by a friend that within the last couple of weeks, 3 rooms had been opened beneath the Sphinx in Egypt...and that a small city was believed to be under it. He also said this has not yet made the press.

I asked about an email from a friend in Seattle, commenting that GE had developed an electric generator with a 1:4 o/u efficiency and would shortly make an announcement about it....he heard it from Walter Rosenthat who heard it from a fellow named Bob Choo(?) Does anyone know anything about this here??? No one did at the meeting either..

January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 2)

We went over Linus Paulings claim that Lysine and vitamin C taken as 4 grams (yep, GRAMS, that is 4,000 milligrams) per day would loosen lipoproteind (plaque) and eliminate them, thus unclogging the arteries and easing the heart..this was posted at KeelyNet about 3 weeks ago...Dr. Bob said he uses Chelation therapy to do the same thing in about 14 days...but only in dangerous cases...he said the fear is one of these chunks could cause a stroke if it gets loose in the bloodstream, as opposed to the lysine/vitamin C which takes a couple of months to work. He also said he gave argeninine which stimulates growth hormones that are partly suppressed by the chelation therapy. Other discussion brought up the use of something called MSM (I don't remember what it stands for, but it is a chemical name...I must admit not paying attention while this was described...)

In yet another side discussion, a fellow showed us a pink mark on his ear and about a 2" rough circle on his chest which was healing...he said it was skin cancer...he used something called 'Big C' (Cansema) which claims to be a highly negatively charged potassium compound...when put on a skin cancer, it burns for a bit, but within a couple of days, the cancer scabs over and eventually falls off, leaving new pink was totally amazing to see the result....I plan on getting some of this for my brother, who has a mild case of skin cancer...

Yet another side comment said that the Bob Beck HIV Blood Neutralizer might have some side effects that aren't widely known....nothing really specific, but some feelers have been sent out to get the stories and conditions involved...the last thing we need is people to be hurting themselves....

Other reports about Hulda Clarks Zapper, holding copper rods in each hand to let the signal go through....but all reports were positive, that is, use of the Zapper benefitted the person...

Another discussion from a fellow who has been working on hydrolizers, breaking water down to hydrogen and oxygen...not the stoichiometric mix incorrectly called 'Browns' Gas' should be RHODES GAS...see;

Rhodes Gas

This fellow has built a 37 cell unit that takes about 2400 Watts to produce the gases and he's working on a double sized unit. He hopes to used mixed gases to drive an engine (water as fuel)...he fully understands that hydrogen ALONE won't provide sufficient thrust or duration to drive a Dr. Rhodes said...

January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 3)

We discussed the possibility of a REAL workshop, where we rent a room for one day, provide complete parts (in kit form) and have a workshop where each person BUILDS THEIR OWN WORKING this case a Beck HIV Blood would be way cool, because each person would not only build their own unit, but we ensure it works...when they leave the meeting, they fully understand the device and get to have a working unit....this is the way I think all REAL workshops should be...something TANGIBLE that proves the claims, even if just a simplified version..

A side effect of the Neutralizer reported by Bob, was weight hooking the electrodes to your ankles, it helps to stimulate the immune system, increasing energy level and fat burning from the additional activities you now have energy enough some of us want a machine just for that....(word is Bob Beck had lost over 100 pounds using just this machine, I saw a picture of him recently and he looks much, MUCH slimmer)...details on how to build these are posted on the EXPLORE! website...check out; Thumper Index. In another side discussion, a friend sent a disk containing the text and images he scanned in from a rare brochure put out by Wally Minto. It shows how to build a slow turning, high torque, rotary heat pump that will run for decades all by itself, using temperature differentials..very exciting...I have to clean up the images but they will be posted shortly.

In yet another side discussion, we understand the sons of Henry Moray had offered a prize/reward of $1000 for anyone who could best explain how their father's free energy device worked....turns out a friend found the paper that won (I never knew anyone had won) is supposed to be about 15 or so pages long....and uses the term (Lesagian) after LeSage, the first PUSH gravity proponent. We await that paper.

January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 4)

A telephone conversation mentioned a jeep that was levitated in 1956 by a fellow who later ran the FHA. An email suggested this was probably Norman Dean who did work for the FHA and was the inventor of the Dean Drive. An inertial drive device. Another fellow said he had some papers on the drive and sent them...copies were put in the packet for next month and useful information will be extracted and posted to the website.

J.W. McGinnis of the ITS (Int'l Tesla Society) in Colorado Springs was expected to be at this meeting if he made it to Dallas, but I was informed by Leonard that J.W. said he could not make it.

Discussion was made of the upcoming Lloyd Pye lecture on engineered human DNA and its tiein to mysterious pronouncements of 'unbridgeable gaps' by the Human Genome Project in England....they state 'an exterior force' modified human DNA for some or what this exterior force is will be covered in Lloyd's talk on 01/30.....intriguing...more info available at; Lloyd Pye.

Another side discussion of course brought up the recent Clinton sexcapades..a joy to behold!! And the general consensus is he won't get out of this one.

We talked about the new KeelyNet Researcher list and this new KeelyNet-L discussion list and expressed the hope that other groups like our Roundtable would spring up everywhere once people began contacting others LOCALLY...we could all share interesting findings with everyone else through the discussion list and through the website!!!

The Super Pen Acupuncture point detector device came in, so we played around with that. Someone asked how I could get that not being a doctor...said another company (Nikken?) had a similar device that was MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE but you had to sign an agreement stating you were a doctor to get it..details at; Acupen Info and it sells for about $90 ppd.

January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 5)

We also discussed a recent email from a friend in England talking about a fellow named Todd Troutman who was supposed to have used a magnet and a Tesla coil(s) to produce antigravity....I haven't posted this as a file yet...but it claims the guys' dog levitated to the ceiling when the machine was on...the quote of most interest;

> inverting the power of a magnet powered by Tesla coils.
>  The first documented, or semi-documented instance of true
>  antigravity took place in his trailer.  It lasted for about
>  all of twelve seconds but he had changed the course of
>  scientific history.  When Todd's dog Arden floated to the roof
>  of that trailer it was the biggest event since Newton was hit
>  on the head with an apple.  

Now this sounds very strange, and could well be a hoax, so we'll post and ask for additional details...of course, the inventor shows it to NASA and dies mysteriously 3 weeks later....we will see...

We discussed Peter Kelly's BETAR unit and how full relaxation of the body would lower the electrical tone to assist in healing and rejuvenating the body. Betar Info.

Someone brought up the book 'Lost Dimension' which claims many interesting things, but of interest here that Jehovah was a biologist who discovered that life could be prolonged indefinitely and in perfect health by using a meditation type regimen for 30 minutes before dropping off to simply visualize any dark spots in your 'aura' as being bright, this focuses energy to homogenize the body energies....most healing is done while your body sleeps, so it would heal from an optimized aura pattern.

We discussed the removal of the time travel files (TVC) and issuance of the time travel challenge asking for tangible proof (with no responses), see; Time Travel Challenge.

We also talked briefly about Richard Hulls new video showing his FUSOR (fusion) experiments and provided ordering information.

We discussed the new Hawaiian diet described on 20/20 (I think it was 20/20) and listed on the msnbc website....what made this so interesting, you lose weight, blood pressure goes down, all kinds of good effects...but best of all, one woman had been taking two insulin shots daily for her diabetes, within two weeks, she was down to taking pills....Look for Hawaiian Diet...another friend at the meeting said a product called EZZIAC (basically a double strength ESSIAC) had reduced his blood sugar down to .15 (I don't recall, but it was high enough to required insulin shots) more...

January 98 Roundtable Notes (Part 6)

We discussed the Jacobson Resonator and its claims of eliminating pain and having positive results for neurological diseases including MS. It is strikingly similar to a combination of the RIFE machine and the Lakhovsky MWO...see; Biology Files for several files.

This was also tied in to recent claims that off-the-shelf degaussers could be used to alleviat pain. Specifically using off-the-shelf audio tape degaussers and degaussing coils for video monitors.

We also discussed the recent BAAT company demonstration of an engine modification that tested at 92mpg and the resultant stock increase when is supposed to be a bolt-on modification.

We also discussed the magnet & superconductor sources, specifically with interest in duplicating Hamels initial experiment, which was much like Searl's SEG (Space Energy Generator). The idea was essentially the same arrangement as the flying disk but with a governor to keep it from flying into space...the idea being it is self-running and putting out more power than it needs to run you keep it from continually increasing speed to take off into space by using a governor or weighting it down...the drum experiment Hamel talks about in 'The Granite Man & the Butterfly) requires many magnets floating on each others fields which is an experiment that should be done first before trying to build the flying disk as it could well produce free energy....see; Project Magnet.

The local fellow working on the hydrolizer/electrolyzer to produce oxygen and hydrogen reported he expected to test an automobile engine, running on his gaseous mixture...this should be fun...he is very excited about it...I told him about another fellow who recently said he was developing a website that would release his research results on how to power an engine on such gases....looking forward to that one!!

We also discussed the claim of making gold from various minerals and silver, as well as the claim of making diamonds from coal using a certain frequency, probably injected as a standing wave...

Additionally, it was noted how on the video clip of Richard Hull and Peter Graneau about their water explosion experiments, where they use high density electrical discharges to explode water (at 3000 mph from a thimbleful of water, producing neat clean holes in 1/4 thick aluminum plate)...that this was crude version of how Keely's 42.8khz and the Doc X experiments could produce such forces in a very controlled way and using lower energies to release the explosive forces, now we're talking! Note, the claim by Stan Meyer about his acoustic spark plug, idea stolen from Dale Pond 6 years before, see; Doctor X Experiment.

One final thought, Bob Forward on that videotape, said 'a piece of space the size of a sugar cube that looks like its empty, is actually full of electromagnetic energy so much so that it would run the whole world for a billion years!' Don't we suspect just that and are trying to tap it! Seeya!