The Gold of Exodus - 03/03/98

Simon & Schuster are currently selling a new book, called 'The Gold of Exodus' for around $25.

Author Howard Blum claims the location of historic Mount Sinai is at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula located in Saudi Arabia. The local name for the mountain is Jabal Al Lawz.

10 years ago, researchers Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke decided to try to locate the 'real' Mount Sinai. They claim to have succeeded and to have verified several points of Biblical reference. They report finding the 'land bridge' that crosses the Red Sea, used by Moses and his people to escape the pursuing Egyptian hordes.

During the Exodus, Moses set up pillars and boundary stones which were found by explorers Cornuke and Williams. Even the alter Aaron used for the worship of the Golden Calf has been found, decorated with drawings of cows.

Cornuke and Williams were originally intending to locate the massive amounts of gold taken by the Israelites when they left Egypt. None of this gold was found, but they do believe to have confirmed the accuracy of the Biblical Book of Exodus.

Other disturbing findings reported in the book are that the Chinese and Saudi's have built a nuclear base in the Mount Sinai area, even providing evidence of involvement by the U.S. Air Force.

This spectacular book and story are currently being made into a movie along the lines of Indiana Jones. 'The Gold of Exodus' is available in most book outlets.