Die Broke - 01/09/98
by Stephen M. Pollan

This file describes some of what was said by the author of this book when he appeared on the first half of Oprah on 01/09/98.

Near the beginning of the show, Oprah said her lawyers recently told her that for every $1.00 you leave to someone when you die, your estate pays $1.25 to process the transaction.

If you are in a financial position to do so, the author recommends that you consider doing good things for family and friends while you are alive and your actions can be appreciated. Show your kindness, concern and love now and not try to use it for points in Heaven.

Some of the points brought up;
Note from Jerry

I saw a recent movie called 'Wishmaster'. It was about an evil djinn (genie) who granted wishes. Each time a person made a wish in the djinn's presence, it was granted without the person realizing that if they accepted the wish, they lost their soul to the djinn.

One of the people was an art dealer who helped to appraise an artifact in the presence of the djinn. As they sat there and talked, the djinn manipulated the conversation so that the dealer casually wished for a million dollars.

The scene cut away to an airport, showing an elderly woman buying an insurance contract before boarding the plane to visit her beloved son, whom she had not seen in many years. The plane crashed, the mother was killed and the insurance paid off one million dollars.

My mother is now 72 and this sardonic scene touched me. Do what you can for people you love or care about NOW, while THEY are alive, while YOU are alive, show them you care. We all won't always be here so don't miss these opportunities.

Regrets for Opportunities Lost