The Acoustic Function of a Reich Cloudbuster
By Chuck Henderson - 11/28/99

Note : this is a work in progress, please address questions, comments or suggestions to Chuck, thanks!

For more than twenty-five years I have studied and researched the work and legacy of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. While most who are familiar with his work tend to utilize his discoveries in the fields of either mental or physical health, I have chosen to study the applications of Reich's discoveries in the area of physics, or what Reich termed as: "Orgone Bio-Physics".

Whether you call it Orgone Energy, as Reich did, or Aether, Odic Force, Chi (Ki), etc., the fact remains that this primordial life energy does exist. It can be and has been measured, captured, manipulated, concentrated, and redirected by Reich as well as many others over the years.

With the invention of the Cloudbuster, Reich had a tool that would enable him to massage a stagnant, what he termed "DORish" atmosphere (DOR = Destructive ORgone), into a vibrant, healthy atmosphere by reinstating the normal rain cycle in areas that were suffering from drought conditions.

The question that constantly plagued me was, HOW? How did this very simple device induce an energetic flow without some sort of complex mechanism?

I must admit that, for a while, my research seemed to have hit a deadend. I needed a new, more unconventional approach to help me find the missing pieces of the puzzle. In the early 1980's, with the advent of Vanguard Sciences and then KeelyNet, I began finding several of those missing pieces as what some would call "synchronicity" came into play.

My exposure to the works of Keely, Tesla, Rife, and many others helped me to look at my questions from other points of view. While it should not come as a complete surprise, this will not be an article detailing all of the construction or operating techniques for Reich's Cloudbuster. Some detail is necessary in order to lay the foundation for my theory, through which, I feel that I can finally answer the "How" question with some clarity.

After receiving independent confirmation of what I had long suspected, I feel that it is time to put forward my theory that Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster is an acoustic device operating within a range of frequencies well below human hearing, operating in the Infrasonic or ELF (Extra Low Frequency) range.

In the numerous writings of Reich, there are many indicators pointing to this possibility, beginning with the observations that lead to the development of the Cloudbuster. Due to a DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) emergency at Orgonon (Reich's research facility at Rangeley, Maine) in March of 1952, which quickly worsened in April, Reich was forced to recall some nearly forgotten observations which enabled him to disperse the oppressive DOR concentrations that were smothering his facility and the surrounding area.

Reich writes:

"Far back in 1940, when the atmospheric OR energy had been seen for the first time at Mooselookmeguntic Lake in the Rangeley region through long metal pipes, casual pointing of some pipes at the surface of the lake seemed to affect the movement of the waves.

This appeared quite incredible at that early period of OR research; the matter was abandoned and soon forgotten. However, the incredible effect of the metal pipes upon the energy motion such as waves, seemed to have lingered on in my mind over all these dozen years" - (1)

The length of pipe picks up a specific acoustic wavelength or frequency, determined by the overall length and inside diameter of the pipe, and then by filtering out other frequencies, boosts or amplifies the pressure of the acoustic wave emmanating from the opposite end of the pipe. Reich continues:

"When the suffering from the DOR became unbearable at Orgonon late in April, a few metal pipes, 9 to 12 feet long and 1 1/2 inch in diameter, were directed toward the black DOR concentrations overhead, and connected through BX cables to a deep well." - (2)

This is a key bit of information as it provides us with the ability to calculate the Base frequencies that Reich used to develop and operate his Cloudbuster. Let's say he started with four pipes:

 9 ft X 1 1/4 in. I.D. (1 1/2 in. O.D.) = ___?___ Hz

10 ft X 1 1/4 in. I.D. (1 1/2 in. O.D.) = ___?___ Hz

11 ft X 1 1/4 in. I.D. (1 1/2 in. O.D.) = ___?___ Hz

12 ft X 1 1/4 in. I.D. (1 1/2 in. O.D.) = ___?___ Hz

By using the formulas that are used in calculating the sounds generated by the individual pipes of a pipe organ, it is possible to calculate the corresponding frequency for each length of pipe that Reich used in his initial experiment.

This also provides the basis for the calculation of the frequencies and harmonics involved in the operation of a full-blown Cloudbuster as developed by Reich in the fall of 1952. Again, Reich continues:

"The effect was instantaneous: The black DOR-clouds began to shrink. And when the pipes were pointed against the OR energy flow, i.e., toward the west, a breeze west to east would set in after a few minutes "DRAW," as we came to call this operation; fresh blue-gray OR energy moved in where the nauseating DOR-clouds had been a short while before.

Soon we learned that rain clouds, too, could be influenced, increased and diminished as well as moved, by operating these pipes in certain well-defined ways." - (3)

The existing photos that I have seen show that the tubes were staggered in length when extended for an OROP (ORgone OPeration utilizinng a Cloudbuster).

This leads me to the conclusion that the Cloudbuster is a tunable acoustic antenna.

Tunable to achieve the desired results, taking into account the specific characteristics of the atmosphere at a given location, also taking into consideration the dynamics of the atmosphere as it interacts with the surrounding terrain. (see Appendix A)

You may be asking yourself, what has caused me to draw these conclusions from Reich's writings as sited above?

Well, my initial suspicions were caused by the recollection of a simple science project that I undertook as a teen in the 1960's. Using the plans that I had found in an issue of either "Popular Mechanics" or "Popular Science" magazine, I built a very simple (by today's standards) parabolic microphone.

As I recall, this scratch-built parabolic microphone was made from several varying lengths of copper tubing, a small metal salad bowl, a small (crystal?) microphone like those used for the small reel to reel type portable tape recorders, and a 6" piece of wooden broom handle.

The copper tubing was cut in lengths ranging from approximately 18" to 2' 6" in length. Each specific length corresponded to a specific frequency. The microphone was mounted with some stiff wire approximately 1" below the lip of the metal bowl (at the focal point of the reflected sound) and the piece of broom handle was attached to the outside of the bowl with a screw to serve as a handle.

With the numerous pieces of tubing bundled together, one end of the bundle having all ends of the tubing flush or even, the even end was then covered with the bowl and the bowl fastened into place. (see appendix A)

Here as you can see by my rough illustration, the parabolic microphone that I built was very simple. The crystal microphone that I used in it's construction was relatively insensitive when compared to the miniaturized, omni-directional microphones we have available today. But, due to the frequency limitations established by the specific lengths of the tubing used, effectively filtering out the background noise, and the focusing effect of the metal bowl, the microphone was good for a range of 200+ yards.

Now, as to the independent confirmation that I mentioned earlier, this came in the form of a national news story that I was compelled to follow-up on. It seems that in 1995, Professor Al Bedard of N.O.A.A.'s Environmental Research Lab discovered that tornadoes have an acoustic signature.

A signature that can consist of several separate frequencies as well as their related harmonics, all in the sub-audible range below 20 Hz. There is a direct link to the size and intensity of a tornado and the sounds it emits.

It has also been discovered that that a powerful tornado may contain within it, as many as six smaller tornadoes. Professor Bedard and his associates are working on a system to detect tornadoes that would provide up to 30 minutes warning to all those who find themselves in a tornado's path.

Professor Bedard is no stranger to the inner workings of tornadoes. He created "TOTO" (the "TOtable Tornado Observatory"), in 1982 to study live tornadoes. TOTO is able to measure the temperature, velocity, atmospheric pressure, and electricity of a tornado. The device called "Dorothy" in the movie "Twister" bears a striking resemblance to Bedard's TOTO.

In the movie, the fictional Dorothy releases hundreds of little sensor-filled spheres, whereas Bedard's instrument package - TOTO, stays on the ground.

I believe that Bedard's discovery of an acoustic signature for any given tornado, combined with a Cloudbuster functioning as a tunable acoustic antenna, ties directly into Reich's second rule of his "Rules to Follow in Cloud Engineering" where Reich states:

"Never play around with rain making or cloudbusting. The OR envelope which you tackle while "drawing" energy from the atmosphere is an energetic continuum of high power. You may cause twisters.".....(4) (( Emphasis Mine ))

Even as I write this I have to ponder: WHY?!

There is no physical mechanism to induce an energetic flow other than acoustic. What aspect of a Cloudbuster allows it to attract and concentrate OR (ORgone energy) more than say, a body of water, given that water attracts and holds OR?

Again, I must say acoustics - tunable acoustics.

For a moment, let us look at Trevor Constable's "Weather Guns". Constable developed these devices after years of experimentation with Reich's Cloudbuster design. Constable's "Weather Guns" do not require grounding in water as Reich's Cloudbuster does, but it is required that they be in motion and in pairs to operate optimally (Please do not confuse his "Weather Guns" with his "Spiders").

Constable's Weather Guns must be paired to achieve the desired harmonic to create the desired effect.

Individually, a single Weather Gun produces only 1/2 the wavelength (or 1/2 an Octave) and must be paired to produce the full wavelength (or full Octave) that a single tube from a Reich Cloudbuster can produce. (Again, see Appendix A)

It should also be noted that while both appear to be acoustic devices, both function in different ways. Constable's Weather Guns operate somewhat like a snowplow moving down a road. They concentrate the atmosphere's OR and moisture into a rolling waveform moving along ahead of the moving devices until it reaches a sufficient concentration to precipitate out of the atmosphere in the form of rain.

Then the concentration process will begin again, if the devices remain in motion. Constable's video (available through Borderland Sciences Research Foundation ) showing his ocean-going Weather Gun demonstration through time-lapse photography, is a good example of this principle as he causes it to rain over and over again ahead of his moving vessel.

While Constable's Weather Guns create a "Push" effect in the atmosphere, Reich's Cloudbuster creates an energetic "Draw" (or Pull) in the atmosphere. Reich's CB (CB = Cloudbuster ) draws the beneficial OR frequencies down to ground level, whereas Constable's WGs (WG = Weather Gun) seem to operate on the energies of the atmosphere at an elevation of from 4,000 to 5,000 feet and above.

The Earth's atmosphere is as stratified as the ground beneath your feet, so the affects of certain frequencies manifesting at certain elevations of the atmosphere is not unusual. The ability of Reich's CB to draw this energy to ground, I believe, is a primary factor in the successful remedy of drought conditions and long-term desert abatement.

Appendix B

Atmospheric Refraction of Sound due to Cooling

The use of a CB to overcome the atmospheric refraction of sound, the same property that causes sound to carry over water and mute over desert sands, is the key to the restoration of the normal rain cycle of an area and the regeneration of it's soil.

Reich knew that there was considerably more to ending a drought or eliminating the encroachment of desertification on a region than simply causing it to rain.

Atmospheric Refraction of Sound due to Heating

Reich's understanding of these processes is very apparent in Reich's written account of his Tucson, Arizona OROP, contained in his book: "Contact With Space" ( available through the Wilhelm Reich Museum bookstore ).

The careful observations made of, not only the atmosphere, but the plants, animals, and soil of the region are the obvious proofs. Observations made over time on all levels from the macroscopic to the microscopic.

So, where does this discovery leave us? It leaves us on the doorstep of some very interesting and possibly beneficial devices with their resultant discoveries.

Some of these possibilities are:

Appendix A

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