An email was posted to a group of people on December 29th by one of the hotmail people claiming to be time travellers. A copy was not sent to me at that time, but a friend forwarded a copy. The method and comments follow the original suspicions.

Now it's time for all 'Time Travellers'

Open Challenge to ANY 'Time Travellers' - 01/13/98

This challenge is a result of claims from what purports to be more than one person, though it is being extended to ANY one person or group who claim to be able to actually travel in time, whether physical or mental.

The claim from TVC is there are several time travellers, all using aliases that are non-traceable addresses.

The person claiming to be in direct contact with these TVC time travellers purports to be a Jesse Stewart (the name given, not known to be factual).

If ANYONE can TRULY traverse time at will, whether MENTALLY or PHYSICALLY, they have an opportunity to prove their CLAIMS to a section of the InterNet community who most appreciate honesty in claims and actions.

Initial Proposed Test

In my personal experience, many free energy claimants refuse to back up their claims, using some of the following reasons;
  • the technology is still under development
  • fear of suppression by governments or vested interests
  • fear of loss of the invention to investors or rivals
  • unwillingness to trust others to replicate and verify
  • unwillingness to trust others in business dealings
  • something broke or went out of calibration/balance

  • I/we don't HAVE to prove anything to YOU or ANYONE else
    (but we can still make all the claims we want because people will JUST believe us and take our word for it)

  • Note: it is one thing to post theories, concepts or speculation, but outright CLAIMS of RESULTS require proof on the part of the claimant

    Time Travellers, here is your chance to PROVE your claims. Perhaps you have a better test? Please let's post it and give the time travellers some options to choose from.

    What's in it for you, the time traveller? What could we possibly offer someone who could PREDICT THE FUTURE. You and anyone reading this is invited to post ideas - some kind of reward other than just being honest (since that's what makes the world go around 'in our time')?

    If you have any suggestions for further proofs of actual time travel, please email your time travel claim test ideas so we can publicly post them. Let's get them to either fish or let them continue to cut bait to feed the gullible.

    Why Time Vector Chronicles are no
    longer posted at Keelynet - 12/31/97

    Recently, I chose to remove the Time Vector Chronicles from KeelyNet as detailed in the following emails. I have had two emails asking what happened to them (one being the next day and probably a troll). So, I decided to just post the emails (sans addresses).

    The following email was sent after I read the time travel 'Technical Overview #2'.

    Disappointment with Aliens in a Time Tech document

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 04:39:02 -0800
    From: Jerry
    Organization: KeelyNet
    To: Joe Stewart
    Subject: Re: Second Copy - 'Technical Overview #2" Time Vector Field Ch

    Hi Joe!

    Well, read through the #2 is very disappointing. I won't post it on KeelyNet unless the comments about aliens/grays and all that mess is removed.

    The recent post about the Secret Commonwealth is about the closest we've come to anything remotely alien, but it speaks of native, non-human races that have a near mythic history.

    Time travel is one thing, the rest sounds like filler that I just want no part of. You can edit out the alien material or I can do it and send to you for review. That kind of material is just too ridiculous to post in a file that is supposed to be about the technology of time travel.

    Sorry, I'd just rather not post it here if it continues to degrade to alien descriptions. Happy Holidays!

    Time Tech 2 Going Elsewhere

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 97 09:06:28 -0500
    From: Joe Stewart
    To: Jerry Decker
    Subject: Re[2]: Second Copy - 'Technical Overview #2" Time Vector Fi


    Thanks for telling me how you feel. Sorry if you don't like the material, but this is the information that was given to me and it has been read several times by the time travelers. To post just a portion of the material would make the interview incomplete and would be very dissapointing to them.

    We'll post 'Technical Overview #2" elsewhere. Thanks for your previous support. Best to you and keelynet

    Joe (Jesse) Stewart

    Removal of all TVC files

    Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 09:55:45 -0800
    From: Jerry
    Organization: KeelyNet
    To: Joe Stewart
    Subject: Re: Re[2]: Second Copy - 'Technical Overview #2" Time Vector Fi

    Hi Joe!

    I'll remove the other time travel files also since the truth has now come out...thanks and Happy Holidays!

    Next Day Query about TVC files
    My concerns about Anomalies

    Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 12:49:09 -0800
    From: Jerry
    Organization: KeelyNet
    Subject: Re: time travel


    This is probably a troll but I have no problem relating what happened and why.

    I chose to remove the 'TVC' files related to that particular story because of the most recent post, claimed to be 'tech' yet, was fully 1/2 about grays, aliens, changelings, Philadelphia Experiment, scalars and associated garbage. Some of which looked to have been 'lifted' from other sources. Keelynet does not 'do' aliens, grays and such pap.

    I asked Joe to please edit this material to keep it on topic (time travel technology) and he replied saying they would find another place to post it.

    When I was first approached about this particular storyline, I was quite skeptical....partly because Joe admitted he wanted to 'practice his writing skills', partly because he said he would use these 'interviews' to 'hone his skills'....

    It was like pulling teeth to get a technical document which is after all, what KeelyNet tries to focus on. The earlier documents had many suspicious comments that had nothing to do with the storyline (but I posted them anyway) yet this one was so far out of bounds that I could not post it here.

    Just so. Hoaxers abound on the InterNet and I do hate games. We have a specific purpose for being here and putting up with all the hassles from people trying to promote their own agendas (especially aliens, UFOs, patriot and conspiracy material). They try to do this by using a target audience such as KeelyNet has acquired over many years by being as straightforward as possible.

    In truth, I don't think any of this particular time travel storyline was real. Too much mystery, too much additional non-related information, too much 'artistic license', no concept of what technical details means. It took me from January to about July to decide to go ahead and give them a shot.

    I don't particularly care about time travel information as KeelyNet concerns are stated quite clearly; gravity control, overunity and alternative health.

    There are some bridge subjects that are difficult to ignore and time (being related to gravity) is necessarily one of them. There will be others who will be more open and truthful, we shall wait....seeya!

    Inconsistencies & Caveats

    From : Anonymous (requested) Subject: another one bites the dust
    Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 21:16:56 -0800
    Hi Jerry!

    Thanks for your detailed message concerning my question as to what happened to the "Time Vector Field Chronicles".

    I started having doubts about "Jesse Stewart" for the following reasons:

    Well, at least his stories were imaginative and entertaining.

    P.S. You should really create a "Beware of Joe/Jesse Stewart" .htm file so other "weird science" webmasters/enthusiasts don't get sucked into this crap.

    The thing that bothered me the most is that ALL the e-mail addresses (stewarts, "sir thomas", pete savage, and "the colonel" are from hotmail-like they are hiding their true I.S.P. web/e-mail addresses).

    da da, dumb, dumb, dumb, another bites the dust!
    So, ladies and gentlemen, CHECK YOUR SOURCES...If they can't or won't give you additional contact information or you cannot get outside verification, your chain is probably being pulled. Don't do what I did recently by posting a fake death that some jerk dreamed up to get back at an F/E experimenter.

    Trust is no longer something you can automatically extend to people as a basic courtesy. You are setting yourself up to be screwed.