Time dilation, gravity control & invisibility
12/08/99 - written for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker
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The topics in this document are still under investigation thereby making this a work in progress which I will update as necessary. The reason I am posting it now is because it indicates my long held belief based on Keely's contention that 'Time is Gravity' doesn't work quite as I'd thought. That we could not use a reduced gravity zone to rejuvenate the body.

Bear in mind the whole document for now is speculative to say the least however in the near future we hope to post experiments that lead up to what could be a spectacular and shocking discovery that not only links together many 'legends' but offers three primary phenomena that apparently don't work in the way many of us had suspected.

I fully expect to get slammed for the views presented in this paper and am not trying to be mysterious or a 'tease', however there is more which I have chosen not to reveal until we can prove it and document it in the steps it requires to build the case working towards the final proof.

Please, if you can't offer constructive criticism of this document, then go away as I don't have time for flames or people who feel they have the answer to everything. No one does, not I or anyone else so please find another sandbox to stir up.

So that you can understand where I am coming from, let's begin with a primer, a description of my current understandings of how the universe works with regard to the subjects that are the title of this document.

John Worrell Keely, in the late 1800's said that 'Time is Gravity' - indicating that it is the flow of gravity into matter which produces the clocked aggregation and dissolution of matter that we call 'weight' and which we measure as 'time.'

I am of the opinion that the universe is under intense energetic pressure, meaning high density energy out in open space, which flows into holes in space to produce and sustain matter. This influx of aether produces the effect we call 'gravity' which in turn produces the effect we call 'weight'.

This aether (formerly called 'ether' whereas this term distinguishes from the chemical 'ether'), is analogous to ZPE, orgone, Chi and other forms of energy which are not clearly understood as to what they are or whence their source.

The fact that gravity gets weaker as you move away from the planet indicates it has a gradient which we should be able to intelligently control, like dimming the incandescent light in a room by reducing the intensity of the electrical current.

Since the Moon is smaller than the Earth and has an estimated 1/6th the gravity of the Earth, we know that size and density are proportional to gravity influx which means that matter on the Moon would aggregate and defrag (for the geeks and gamesters) at a TEMPORAL rate 1/6th that of Earth.

In other words, the bigger the planet, the more gravity and the faster time would 'flow' when compared with a smaller planet where gravity would be less and time would be slower.

If you were in space, the only gravity you would experience would be that which holds you together as a dynamic aggretion of matter.

When you are on a planet, you are not only held together by your own internal absorption of aether but you are also 'caught in the flow' of the aether in the form of gravity that holds the planet together. Like flies caught in a wind against a screen wire.

So if we can deflect this aether wind around us, we can reduce our weight even to a point that we are no longer held in the gravity embrace of the planet, ergo, levitation and ascension into space.

Now, aether apparently has viscosity and 'dilatancy' as described so well by the late Osborne Reynolds as Reynolds 4, Reynolds 5, and Reynolds 6.

This means that aether seeps into still masses, like velcro hooks. When a mass is vibrated or otherwise moved in or through space, the aether loses hold on it to allow decreasing resistance through it.

As the mass passes through the aether, it breaks it up and leaves a lesser pressure zone behind it, into which surrounding aether is pulled (entrained), some of which follows the path a brief distance behind the moving mass.

Much like pushing your hand rapidly down into a pool of water, you create a 'hole' in the water, which is filled up by the surrounding water so balance is restored.

The same entrainment effect is seen in high speed pictures of a bullet moving through a smoke chamber, where the smoke is entrained into the path the bullet traverses as it cuts through the smoke.

When the mass is suddenly stopped, inertia wants to keep it or anything inside it moving. Best described by Puthoff/Rueda/Haische as a vehicle moving at 60mph, suddenly coming to a stop.

What pushes the driver into the steering wheel? Inertia? What is that? It is the entrained aether that continues to buffet the driver until it achieves balance with the ambient aether.

Heretofore, I had thought that if you could create a zone of reduced gravity, you would also have a proportionate zone of reduced time. That would mean you could sleep or live in such an environment, which would assist your body in healing because of the reduced stresses on your body by reducing or removing yourself from being caught in the Earth's gravity/time flows. Either reduced or if cancelled you would float in the air.

A project currently under investigation indicates a distinct connection between gravity, time and invisibility. In the quest for correlations that might back up the contentions prior to the experiments I happened to notice on my bookshelf Richard Thompsons' excellent book on 'ETs and Alien Visitors'. Knowing that he is the best modern writer on the Vedas that I'm aware of, I began looking through it for any Vedic correlations.

Bear in mind Keely's claim that 'Time is Gravity' indicating that gravity clocks the aging of matter which we 'perceive' as time. Thompson refers to the Irish legends of fairy circles and caves in which a person so finding himself would be invited to revelry, music and engage in congress (party) with the little people which to the subject seems like minutes or hours while there but on his leaving, finds that weeks or even years have passed.

Time dilation. This is not the 'missing time' claim as reported in modern times because the subject in those cases CANNOT REMEMBER what happened. In true time dilation cases, the subject clearly remembers what happened and has a general idea of how much time passed when there.

There are numerous stories about people disappearing and coming back out years later who never realize how much time has passed because they do not age while inside the fairy circle or in the fairy cave.

This is what disturbs me so and has made me revamp my ideas about time and its passage. The probability that consciousness is ALSO proportionate to time flow, therefore, just because you reside in a slower time flow, you DO NOT GET MORE CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE. It reminds me of the claim that the world as we see it isn't real, but MAYA, illusion tied to consciousness.

One fellow went into a fairy circle, partied hearty and came back 300 years later, to find that 9 generations of his family had passed. On locating one of his descendants, he was told that one of the family legends was that an ancestor had disappeared 9 generations back and never been seen again.

On page 302, 'The Celtic story of Ossian who was enticed into Tir na nog (Land of Youth) by a beautiful Sidhe princess. He married her and lived for 300 years in her world. Finally, however, he felt an overpowering desire to return to Ireland and participate in the counsels of the Fenian Brotherhood.

He set out on the same white horse that had taken him to the otherworld, and his fairy wife warned him not to lay his foot on the level ground (of the earth which was at a greatly accelerated time stream because of its greater gravity and thus faster time).

On reaching Ireland, he searched for the Brotherhood but found that all of his old companions had passed away and the country was quite changed. Only then did he realize how long he had been away. Unfortunately, at a certain point some incident caused him to dismount, and on touching the earth he immediately turned into a feeble, blind old man.'

(Note: Taking this at face value, it would indicate some kind of 'temporal capacity' or 'temporal void' that did not match the origination of the native, kind of like an atavistic resonance. Like a watchspring that wound up very tight and that release all at once on being triggered by the faster Earth time field.

The Dorian Gray instant aging effect doesn't make sense UNLESS there is some kind of 'temporal memory' that would be clocking a body to some kind of clock that SUPERCEDES ALL TEMPORAL ZONES.

It would seem the body would simply be caught up in the time flow of its local environment and begin to age at that rate. In several ET contactee cases, claims have been made that the occupants of these flying machines (UFOs) appear to be in their 20s or early 30s, yet when questioned as to their age, they often respond as being 1000 years or older.

The indication is as long as they stay within the energy field of their machine, which produces its own gravity field (and thus slower time), they will not be subject to the accelerated time fields of the earth and so age at a much decreased rate. These reports indicate if they stayed on the planet, they would simply resume aging at the current temporal speed. Another indication from the Meier case is that the CCW swirling of grass in trace landing sites continues for up to a year after the landing. Meier said he asked his contact about that and was told the CCW South pole magnetic field used to provide the lift and propulsion of their craft, IMPRINTED the life fields of the grass so that it was reprogrammed to follow this CCW swirling pattern.

Over time, this life field and its production of the grass cells would lose the programming by being taken over and reprogrammed by the earths energy fields so that the swirling pattern would disappear and the grass would again follow the vertical magnetic currents of the earth.)

In Thompson's book, there is even an attempt to determine a time scale to compare this 'fairy time' to Earth time as described on page 306, '...it turns out though Brahma was absent for one earth year, on HIS time scale only a moment had passed. The Sanskrit word used here for a moment of time is TRUTI. There are various definitions of a TRUTI, but the Vedic astronomy text called the Surya-siddhanta defines a TRUTI to be 1/33,750 seconds. This tells us that one year on the earth corresponds to 1/33,750 seconds in the time of Brahma.'

Thompson writes, 'As I pointed out, King Kakudmis visit to Brahmaloka took 27 times 4,320,000 earth years. If we multiply this by 1/33,750 we find that in Brahmas time, King Kakudmis visit lasted 3,456 seconds, or just under an hour. This is consistent with the story that the king had to wait for a musical performance to finish before having a brief conversation with Lord Brahma. By the way, after Brahma had his meeting with Krsna, he brought the original cowherd boys back (who had been abducted to another temporal dimension) to their normal consciousness. They found to their amazement that they had one year of 'missing time.''

It is so perfect a tiein with Keely's Time is Gravity and our current project involving a lagging local time field. It evokes the interesting idea that dimensions are really bands of time that are invisible to each other. Perhaps rocks and mountains are really in motion and we are just moving too fast to see them.

I did find accounts of buzzing with lights in the sky, not specifically described as like an insect, but a buzzing noise which some think is due to the ionic crackling noise emitted by a high voltage plasma, particularly if it is in motion.

A particularly intriguing quote from the Thompson book, on page 312; 'The Paiute Indians say that California was once populated by a group called the Hav-Masuvs, who were highly civilized. These people 'used flying canoes' which were silvery and had wings. The also flew in the manner of eagles and made a whirring noise. They were also using a very strange weapon; a small tube that could be held in one hand and would stun their enemies, producing lasting paralysis and a feeling similar to a shower of cactus needles.'

Sounds like an airplane but I tend to think they might have a way to reduce gravity so that any object would take on the 'weight' of a large piece of styrofoam, thus easily lifted and propelled with relatively little energy.

On page 313, Thompson refers to the Indian Nagas, a non-human race who had the power to assume or project various forms. The Nagas also have standard mystical powers, such as the ability to travel through sold matter, and to appear and disappear. They live within the earth or in bodies of water and they may be related to the dragons of Chinese tradition.

The book also gives accounts of flying armies, flying cities and flying individuals, with these remarkable 'mirages' being referred to as the Fata Morgana, a reference to the powers of King Arthurs' fairy sister, Morgan le Fay.

I have long been of the opinion that earlier civilizations, secret groups of even lone experimenters discovered and used the principles of controlled gravity and which infest our history, most evident in the idea of 'angels' as winged beings sent as destructive forces (never mind the erroneous new age fuzz about them being beneficent, history shows otherwise) representing a deity to punish.

Think about it, if you had a belt or a pair of coveralls, with an electronic device that allowed you to deflect the influx of gravity around you, then you could reduce your weight to mere pounds (like a piece of styrofoam), thus easily jumping into the air for hundreds of feet. Now add a pair of wings to your arms, possibly driven by a windup mechanical flapper or some other device to provide thrust and you could easily 'fly'. To those not familiar with these concepts or those who believe in religion/superstition/unknowable mysteries, the best explanation of this event would be religious, demonic or Fortean.

Note the Tibetan tradition of the Lung Gom Pa, a meditation discipline which allowed the practitioner to reduce their body weight, allowing them to jump long distances for travel across the rough countryside of Tibet.

There are also of hundreds of accounts, which describe human levitation, usually in a deeply meditative state or a state of 'religious ecstasy', some witnessed by over a thousand people.

On page 311, 'One name for such illusions is gandharva-pura, which means 'city of the Gandharvas' and refers to an image of a floating city. At the same time, the Vedic literatures also describe actual flying cities and battles in which the combatants maneuver in midair using powers of levitation.'

It would appear this time dilation effect when gravity is reduced would also slow perceptions since consciousness is LINKED TO THE TIME FLOW also, it opens up an amazing explanation about this MAYA business, that all is truly illusion.

If you are in a fairy ring or cave and partying bigtime, to you it takes an hour or a day because you are in a reduced time field. Does that mean the gravity is also reduced? If so, why do the legends not report floating or flying when within that environment, or is weight just reduced, not eliminated?

The claims are that when these people returned from this slower time flow area of the 'fairy ring or cave' and back into the higher gravity, faster time flow of the planet, years have passed THOUGH TO THE SUBJECT ONLY HOURS. They HAVE AGED but at the rate controlled by the ambient gravity field.

Everyone else but the subject has aged and experienced consciousness and life at the rate of time/gravity flow of the earth. Since it is faster, they aged and/or died faster.

Once there were some files going around claiming a secret group who had learned to do dimensional shifts, based on the discoveries of a fellow investigating fractals and chaos. The main document was referred to as INCUNABULA with an additional document called ONGs HAT.

The claim was that this secret group had in the early days of their experiments built an 'egg' which allowed them to travel to other 'Earths' that were effectively alternate timelines which coexisted with us, but slightly our of phase. Each of these MULTIPLE REALITIES had their own resonant signatures as did everything in that particular reality.

The file said members of this secret group had travelled via the egg technology to 5 other earths that coexist with this one...the 'egg' was a device filled with I believe saltwater for physical shock protection...it had an electronic circuit which put out some kind of resonant magnetic field signature that could be tuned to the planet you wanted, in this case, a phase difference of the Earth so the subject wouldn't wind up on Jupiter or Alpha Centauri.

In the early experiments, the person inside the egg must be nude and with no jewelry, etc. on their body as it would not allow them to transport....that was the claim.

They would tune to a particular signature discovered by random tuning around the Earths natural frequency which as I understand it was either a phase shift or a harmonic of earth. Interesting that Alan Holt had proposed his theory of 'resonant propulsion Holt 1' and Holt 2 both of which directly correlate with this claim.

According to Incunabula, each of these 'other realities' have a complete physicality that took divergent paths from earth in alternate timelines, including evolution. As I remember the file it reported 1 of the 5 alternate Earths' had remnants of an aborigine culture which as far as they could tell was long extinct.

As with this entire document, the Incunabula is another highly suspect document but it indicates we must differentiate between the fairy ring concept of time zones POSSIBLY being related to gravity and the Incanubula alternate realities where the time and gravity IS IDENTICAL TO EARTH but with a different physical reality because of other evolutionary alternate timelines.

With some UFO contactee reports and sightings where the craft disappears from one spot to reappear in another instantly, this would account for such technical abilities. Also, the claims are that they exist naturally in a slightly out of phase time which is here spatially but not temporally. The claim being that they had learned to shift their phase to travel into any temporal dimension they desired and interact with it, then return to their own at will.

With the fairy ring concept they also have different physicalities OR the ability to remain invisible and unheard at will since the accounts indicate you can walk past a fairy ring (probably more like a PORTAL) where a party is going on with lights, drinking, music and revelry and never hear or see a thing.

We have indications based on claims to date that certain experiments have been done over the past 15 years which led to proofs in each case that a mysterious organic material is a possible key (according to the author) to reducing gravity flow in a given area which produces the side effect of partial invisibility and a lagging time field of 3 to 15 minutes depending on the intensity of the field.

The documents are being compiled along with experiments to be posted, however, we are at a standstill until spring when we can collect the organic material needed. It is an intriguing claim that something as simple as an electrically stimulated organic material could produce measurable effects. Talk about low tech! It certainly opens up the possiblity that our progenitors could have done much more than we realize because they used natural phenomena rather than relying on complex technology.

What if advanced individuals, secret societies and/or secret factions of government are well aware of this simple phenomenon and its ramifications???

Leading to the fear that once it is out, people could simply build their own very low tech machine and disappear from all control or laws? Choosing to remain here in a time dilation field for a hundred years or so, which to them would be a few hours or days, then step back out to start a new life. Perhaps they had invested a few thousand in the safest, most stable interest bearing accounts to return as a wealthy person a hundred years or so later. Or perhaps they even chose to escape to one of infinite alternate Earths as described in the Incunabula document, returning only to replenish their supplies.

The ability to build a low tech device that would allow you to step into or surround yourself in a partial or completely invisible region of time, stay there for what you perceive as an hour and walk out days, weeks or years later, having aged only for that one hour, are incredible and quite difficult to believe.

There appears to be various intensities involved here which determine how long the subject disappears. That would offer amazing possibilities for society and challenges for government. No control whatsoever, your family and friends could disappear at will, be lost to the current time and reappear one hundred years later or shift to another Earth like in the TV series 'Sliders.' (which by the way, appeared long after the Incunabula documents had been floating around on BBSs and the net for many years earlier)

According to Incunabula, the multiple earths are very similar in distances and sizes...that you could map the location of a bank vault on THIS earth, transport yourself to a CLONE EARTH, walk to THE POSITION of the bank vault on the CLONE EARTH, then transport yourself back to this earth AND INTO THE VAULT. They claim to simply steal whatever they need by stealthy use of this technique. Because the Earths they travel to are completely pristine, the members of the group who have chosen to live elsewhen, in these different timelines, prefer to take Air Stream trailers since they contain all that is necessary for shelter and living.

I forgot to mention the claim that in the early Incunabula experiments they could only transport a naked person - as they did more experiments, they learned to take objects even up to the size of small buildings with them, but for discretion and to avoid drawing suspicion by mysterious disappearances, they take only what they need, small physical items and purchase the large ones to avoid reports of 'rash of air stream trailer thefts'.

On the KeelyNet BBS, I had the Incunabula files which I will append to this document once I get them html'ed and posted on the website.

One other point of interest, is the claims of Russian scientist Dr. Ivanov with his idea that all mass resonates to produce waves that interfere with each other. He claims we are held to the planet by the suppressive influences of so many other vibrating structures, that as we rise higher in the air, we lose weight BECAUSE we escape the vibrations of proximal masses and that we should be able to so stimulate our own vibrational frequency as to PUSH BACK the surrounding mass frequencies (including the earths frequencies), thereby causing us to lose 'weight' and loft into space.

Let's reconsider the claims thus made;

One other point, there seems to be TWO forms of 'weight' control. If we simply DEFLECT incoming aether/gravity around us, we would not be affecting the mass aggregation that comprises our body.

If we go so far as to not only deflect the incoming gravity on the earth to rapidly repel us from the earth, then continue to REDUCE the gravity that HOLDS US TOGETHER, we could instantly disintegrate back to particulates or even aether.

We have a claim which says that an object thrown from a lagging time field into the Earth's normal time field, will disintegrate. The best analogy I have for this is riding a moving sidewalk at 5 mph and jumping onto a parallel moving sidewalk that moves at 100 mph, you would be ripped to shreds. There is no tumbling to offer some degree of inertial dispersion as the time field would pervade the object completely.

Again, taking this claim as true, that moving an object from a slow time field to a faster one will disintegrate it, offers a novel approach to waste disposal. Perhaps some inventors in the past accidentally, briefly produced such a disparity. It brings up the point of what happens if you throw an object from the fast lane to the slow lane. Guess it would depend on the speed of that transition since legends indicate people are brought from our fast temporal field into the apparently much slower fairy ring field without apparent harm.

Perhaps there is some kind of 'remanence' of weight which persists after the person arrives in the ring and stays with them for a period until they adjust to that time flow. Much like the Lung Gom Pa claim that older practitioners of the art must wear heavy chains around their necks to keep them from floating off into space. This would be due to their tissues being reprogrammed (like Meiers swirling grass anecdote) while in the Lung Gom Pa state of reduced weight.

Depending on the duration of the reduced weight condition, any tissues grown while in that state will RECORD the reduced 'weight', though according to Meiers, the effect will wear off as tissue is replaced when in the pure vertical currents associated with the Earth gravity.

I find this highly intriguing because it would dispute the story of Ossian and the land of Tir na Nog, where he lived for 300 years apparently remembering it AS 300 years having passed in his perceptions, yet when he touched the earth, he instantly aged and died.

The reason I bring up these last two points is that I don't understand the relationship between long life with full consciousness and short life with full consciousness, which I am hoping exists;

between the ability to live for many years in the 'land of youth' where you DO NOT AGE and yet experience full consciousness over the entire period of 300 years as claimed in the Irish legend

as compared with the time dilation effect where there is a RATIO of difference between the speed of time in a 'fairy circle' and the speed of time on the large volume/density of the Earth.

What if we knew how to do it? We could build a ship that would generate its own gravity field or otherwise deflect the influx of gravity around our ship as it flows into the earth.

If the gravity flow is directly proportional to time, then a ship would weigh tons and so require a massive displacement in the local gravity field, thus producing a massive lagging time field within it.

That means as long as we stayed inside the ship, where the speed of time is much slower, so too would our perceptions be slowed. That means while flying in this thing, we would experience hours while days would pass on earth, all determined by how much gravity/time the ship would need to generate to fly.

The contactee accounts I remember reading never mention such an effect, that they lose awareness of what happens on the planet when in flight because they are in another time and perception level.

I am also puzzled by the disappearance of the people mentioned in these legends, often with people who are partying and making noise, but no one hears them who passes by.

Perhaps the FREQUENCIES comprising the music, as well as the voices, the lights from this party as well as the reflected light from the masses of the objects being used and from the people themselves, are SO SLOW due to this lagging time field, that the WAVELENGTHS ARE STRETCHED out, converting them to much lower frequencies that would be below our perceptions.

Certainly brings up an interesting way to detect them. Maybe its time for a trip to Ireland? Check out Bill Beaty's ideas for listening to modulated light and above all check out this very old book called the Secret Commonwealth which claims to have inside information from these non-human races who apparently live in other temporal dimensions.

The idea that there could very well be other races, non-human or otherwise takes on entirely new interesting perspectives with this viewpoint. Imagine what their cultures must be like, evolving down completely different paths, with totally alien understandings of how the universe works.

Legends are replete with contact with such entities, not only the little people, but sylphs, dryads, nyads, gnomes, jinns, leprechauns, demons, angels, sasquatch, UFOs, Nessie and many other strange, Fortean occurrences which could well be an intentional or accidental phase shift to Earths temporal field for a visit, to create mischief, checking up on us or just as an accident.

What would be the mechanism that returns them to their temporal field?

Would it be some kind of accidental charging or intentional phase shift in the tissues of their body as described by Meiers Pleidian contact? So they would naturally return unless they somehow stimulated their tissues to REMAIN here until they wanted to return.

See my documents on Dimensional Shifts and Anti-Time for some other thoughts on these matters.

In closing, and until I get additional correlations together, its all speculations and there are no claims yet, just some interesting observations which I thought some mind find of interest as I did. If you have any constructive comments, insights or correlations, I would appreciate your sharing them.