Reverse Time Travel Anecdote - 10/01/97

The following file deals with what appears to be an electrically induced accidental trip back through time. If you have questions please direct them to the author. Thanks!
From: Author - Emanon Inventors Association
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: My friend's time travel accident
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 03:58:29 -0700

Dear Jerry:

Thanks for your interest in my friend's time travel accident. If you want to post it on your "time travel" htm page, you may. The following is a narrative about it...

Well, it started last year around the middle of October when a friend of mine decided to build a shortwave receiver for his step-son as a Christmas gift.

About a week, or so, after he finished his son's radio, he decided to build a radio for himself. However, he didn't want just any old radio-he wanted a full-wave/full-frequency radio.

To save on verbosity, I won't go into the construction with much detail. However, I will say that the design could produce extremely high frequencies (to include the electromagnetic spectrum of light).

I don't think we realized that at the time the radio was being built. But after studying schematics of assorted magnetrons (after the temporal displacements), we realized that this radio could go into that wavelength region.

It is interesting to note that Nikola Tesla was quoted as saying that by producing a "wall of light" (no doubt with electromagnetic energy) space and time could be manipulated.

Continuing, one night he was dicking with the radio for the better part of a late-night/early morning jaunt. That particular night (well, actually the early morning hours of the next day) it was raining and there was a local electrical storm in progress.

About 3 A.M., all of a sudden, the loudspeaker of his radio started making this God-awful obnoxiously loud noise. Since he was living in an apartment, he immediately cut the speaker leads to the speaker so as not to p.o. his next-door neighbors.

Once that was done, he whipped out his multimeter and started taking voltage checks of the circuitry. To his amazement, he was getting 44 - 45 Volts D.C. circuit wide (the radio was built to run off of 18 Volts D.C.).

We talked about this afterwards and came to the conclusion that the aerial was inducting lots of highly-ionized air (from the rain and electrical storm) and thereby stepping up the voltage into the radio.

It is of interest that John Bajak, developer of the Bajak Time Travel Flux Capacitor, claims his device operates on 44 Volts D.C. Hmmmm...

About five minutes to four in the morning, and still taking voltage checks, my friend received a rather pronounced static discharge from the radio. He stepped back and noticed that, just above the coils, was a very peculiar glowing electrical field just above the center of the coils.

He mentioned that this anomaly appeared completely circular with 3-4 glowing blue bands of light separated by bands of space. The space in between the glowing bands seemed to be pulsating from complete transparency to semi- opaquness.

We attributed this phenomena (the pulsations) to electromagnetic "needles" (another concept that is too complex to be described right now). We thought this field might be one of two things:

This glowing field lasted about six - seven seconds and, then, abruptly disappeared.

The most amazing thing, though, was the fact that after this field disappeared, ALL THE CLOCKS IN HIS APARTMENT HAD MOVED FROM 3:55 A.M. TO TEN P.M.!! (...time went backwards...)

In fact, he then was able to use his "radio" to tune in our one, and only, local radio station (1450 K.O.N.P. in Port Angeles, WA) and was just in time to hear the beginning of the TEN O'CLOCK NEWSBROADCAST FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE!!

Anyhow, he spent the rest of his "additional" six hours taking voltage/current checks on his radio. The multimeter was reading about 18 Volts D.C. (normal operational voltage).

About 3 A.M., again, the voltage levels shot up to 44 - 45 Volts D.C. and precisely at 3:55 A.M., again, this weird glowing electrical field appeared.

This time, however, I guess he must have been expecting it to appear and, almost as soon as it appeared, he ripped out the aerial wire. This caused the glowing field to immediately disappear and he guesses that it was probably present, this time, for about 1 - 2 seconds.

Anyway, this time the clocks all jumped from 3:55 A.M. to 2:30 A.M. He tuned in K.O.N.P., again, and right around 2:45 heard the radio announcer announce the time as "2:45 A.M. here at our station".

A few minutes after that, he unplugged his radio, got drunk, and fell asleep. Wouldn't you?!

Later that day, sometime in the afternoon, he said one of his next-door neighbors came over to ask him if he was working with any radio-transmission equipment because his friend was watching T.V., with his A.M. radio on low volume, a few minutes before four that morning when the reception on both his T.V. and radio went completely screwy for about six - seven seconds. WEIRD!

When he first told me of this tale, I thought he was just so much full of you- know-what. However, for months after that he bought every book he could find on electromagnetics and electrodynamics and was studying these texts for hours per day. So, maybe something really did happen. Who knows?

Hope you liked my narrative.

You can e-mail me, for any reason, at:

P.S. The one thing that puzzled both of us is that he did not meet a chronologically younger (six hours) version of himself after the first displacement and did not meet a chronologically younger (about 1 1/2 hours) version of himself after the second displacement.

We pondered on this for MONTHS. Finally, we found a book entitled "Black Holes And Time Warps - Einstein's Outrageous Legacy" (by Kip Thorne) which seems to have answered that perplexing question.

In the book, it mentions things which seem to come close to what happened to my friend. In the book, it is posited that what may have happened to him is what is known as an "electromagnetic stretch".

They hypothesize that the Universe oscillates (electromagnetically at certain fundamental, and harmonic, frequencies) not only in three dimensions but in TIME as well and that if you could shield yourself from these oscillations that it might be possible to arrive at different times.

They do mention that we are not aware of this process because we oscillate along with the Universe and, therefore, never notice these oscillating time shifts.

I suppose an analogy would be thinking of being on a planet that rotates at about 1,000 M.P.H. and sails in its solar orbit (i.e., around the sun) at just about 67,000 M.P.H. - YET WE DON'T FEEL THE SPEED - GET IT!
Vanguard/KeelyNet comments - this theory is very reminiscent of one related by the highly questionable Al Bielek where each mass aggregate is temporally and possibly spatially or dimensionally locked to its point of creation. See the file on Dimensional Shifts on KeelyNet.
As of 10/02/97, I received an email from the author stating that an experimental circuit for the time travel device described above would be posted at the following URL; /schematic.htm

You might check out the website to see what is available

As of 10/02/97, the schematic is not online and in a subsequent email the author indicated it was thought best not to post it because it was too dangerous due to the frequencies used. Thanks!...>>> Jerry
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