About Anti-Time - 03/07/98
for KeelyNet by Jerry W. Decker

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I happened to be up late one night and saw a rerun of a Star Trek Next Generation (STNG) episode. It was a two parter where the same Enterprise in 3 different time periods had projected the same kind of beam (inverse tachyon) towards a certain location in space (the Devron system), but from different angles.

This caused a 'rift in time' that caused time to flip and become anti-time, where anything that came into this inverse time field would begin to de-age, to follow a reverse growth path from where it was.

The anti-time effect worked on each mass aggregate as a separate entity from other mass aggregates. (a mass aggregate is a combination of many elements to produce a single object, whether that object be a boulder, a chair, a planet, a tree or a human)

I've always found the idea of Time Travel interesting but this Anti-Time idea offered a totally different set of possibilites. In the STNG episode, Enterprise crew members reported old scars healing and they became younger by the day. The blind chief engineer used electronic glasses. He experienced pain due to his eyes healing so that he could once again see.

The episode showed the anti-time field expanding to eventually take over entire star systems, all from this threefold collision of waves that flipped the time stream to initialize the rupture.

Now, the basic idea is PURE TOM BEARDEN....using phase conjugation, the same energy is projected from 3 perspectives to collide...the fault to my view is once the beam was shut off in one time period, it would have no further effect on whatever happened in the future.

However, if the time fabric was distorted, then subsequent beams directed to impact the same point but from different angles could cause the anti-time rupture.

The reason I'm writing this is because of the properties of this negentropic field (anti-time).

Entropy is the gradual dissolution of order to a chaotic state. So negentropy is bringing order out of a chaotic state, which is precisely what nature does everyday.

Schauberger and others have called it implosion (though Schauberger said a balanced version existed which he called 'impansion')....

There have been reports of activated or energized water that exhibited healing or in some cases rejuvenating properties.

Could there be a way to produce an energy field or zone that would exert 'anti-time' effects on any mass brought into it? Is there a correlation here with reduced or cancelled aether influx into mass?

I think so. Keely said 'Time is Gravity'. If you slow or stop the flow of aether into a mass aggregate, then time slows or stops FOR THAT MASS.

Think of two identical frequencies projected together and displayed on an oscillosope. By adjusting the phase of one frequency in relation to the other, you can create a standing wave, a bubble or envelope at 180 degrees.

If one freqeuncy is decreased so that the phase difference is less than 180 degrees, the wave will move backward. If one frequency is increased so that the phase difference is greater than 180 degrees, the wave moves forward.

By using this very simple phase conjugation technique, applied to produce a push, pull or balance against aether inflows, we should be able to slow, accelerate or stop time.

Note: Aether influx flowing into the planet traps us to produce what is called 'weight'. If you control the aether influx into one area, anything within that area would be affected by the reduction in aether density. So, we should be able to produce a zone where aether is at least reduced for the zone and thus proportionately for each mass within the zone.

There would be two ways to approach this;

This functions much like a pressurized cabin, whether that cabin is in an airplane high in the atmosphere where the outside air pressure is less or deep underwater in a submarine where the outside water pressure is much higher than inside the submarine.

The pressure is analogous to aether.

Increase the cabin pressure greater than the outside pressure and it will want to bleed outwards or explode. Anything caught in this high pressure zone would be concentrated or compacted to alter its natural density condition. Over time, this would make the mass aggregation heavier and more dense.

This is the normal condition of mass on a planet because the PLANETARY AETHER INFLUX entrains all masses within its incoming aether flows, thereby making the speed of time on a planet dependent on the density and aether absorption capacity of the planet!!! The same applies to ANY mass aggregate, if aether flows into it, time and gravity is proportionate to the amount of aether inflow into that mass aggregate.

Decrease the cabin pressure so that the outside pressure wants to move inward, either by bleeding inwards or by IMPLOSION. All mass aggregations inside the cabin will be extended or expanded from their natural density condition. Over time, the mass aggregate will become lighter and less dense.

Balance the cabin pressure so that the inside pressure matches the outside pressure and the masses inside will retain their 'steady state' natural density.

It is the basic premise of difference of potential. Nature abhors not only a vacuum but conversely a pressure because it seeks equilibrium through balanced forces.

All of the above is with the understanding that STATIC masses will 'record' their density at the creation of the mass aggregate, and thus absorb a relatively constant flow of aether into it over its' span of existence as a mass aggregate.

Static masses aren't truly 'static', everything ages because of the flow of time that clocks the aether influx into the mass, so it will change much, MUCH more slowly than the more rapidly responsive DYNAMIC mass aggregations, such as living tissue.

DYNAMIC masses will naturally change to match the ambient aether/gravity density or in response to the flow of aether into the mass aggregate (combined) neutral centers.

Dr. Harold Saxton Burr proposed an energy field in the human body which controlled all tissue formation. He called this the 'electrodynamic field'.

Rupert Sheldrake proposed a similar idea which he called a 'morphogenetic field'.

Burr found that all protein in a human body was completely replaced over a 6 month period. A complete record of all the stages of progression of the organism was recorded in 'cellular memory'. This life record is the crux of how anti-time could be used to heal and rejuvenate.

Since living tissues are highly dynamic life processes, then being permeated with an anti-time, reduced aether field could well cause the tissues to rejuvenate to earlier and earlier stages, dependent on the time of exposure to the anti-time field.

In lieu of an energy field, there are numerous reports of rejuvenation using chemical or herbal methods. These appear to act as a catalyst to cause the body to spontaneously rejuvenate on a mass aggregate/systemic level.

Some of the aging antidotes work over a period of hours, others take days to fulfill the rejuvenation. Yet others must be ingested on a regular basis either as food or in a periodic ingestion of the tea, root, herbal mixture or waterlike fluid.

Various rejuvenation stories report;

Of these apocyrphal reports, two work only for women, the rest work for both sexes. The main difference between men and women is menstruation. Both sexes have androgen, estrogen and testerone to various levels, possibly a key. I am of the opinion the menstrual cycle plays a part in why the first two substances work ONLY for women.

One would think that in an anti-time zone one could sleep 8 hours or so which would result in a de-aging effect. Because of 'cellular memory' functioning like magnetic remanence, short duration exposures to the anti-time effect would not be progressively beneficial.

To be most effective, the person desiring full benefit from an anti-time field would have to remain in it for the period of time necessary to attain the desired youthful level.

It is quite probable that time can be accelerated based on increased aether inflows into the mass aggregate. Conversely, anti-time could be accelerated so that healing and rejuvenation would be effected much more rapidly than the normal time flow associated with the planetary body.

The caveat here is there might a limit on how fast living tissue can be temporally advanced, in either direction.

Thus, you could have an accelerated forward time field that would produce a Dorian Gray type aging effect, where you shrink, wrinkle and lose vitality or life in a matter of minutes (when using the 'normal' time flow as your background timekeeping reference).

By the same token, you could have an anti-time acceleration to reduce an aged adult to a baby (or less) within a matter of minutes, again using the normal planetary flows as the background timekeeping reference.

There are reports of demonstrations given by Indian yogis that appear to involve this anti-time phenomenon. Of course, it could well be hypnosis. However, with consideration of the properties of anti-time, it is well worth recounting one particular demonstration.

A Yogi took a seed, planted it in the earth, watered it and the group of witnesses reported the appearance of a sprout which rapidly grew into a small tree.

Once the tree reached a certain physical size, fruit rapidly appeared and the growth rate stopped. The witnesses reported picking fruit from this tree and eating it as proof of the experience.

The Yogi then resumed his state of concentration, where the tree enfolded into itself, as if a movie of its growth was being run backwards, ending with the bare wet ground. The witnesses still held the half eaten fruit in their hands.

This is an interesting description of just how anti-time would work as described in this paper.
The question remains, how do we control the flow of aether into mass, whether it be into the physical form of a boulder, into a 40 foot circular area on the planet or whether it be for an entire planet?

Once we learn how to control the aether inflows into a mass or control zone, we will be able to produce controlled phenomena at will, ranging from temporal to gravity variations. Just so.

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