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In order to cover what I consider to be the most important aspects and correlations of the Tilley claims, I decided to break it down to seven pages;

1) - The Trip

4) - Block diagrams w/parts listings

2) - The Tilley Building Power System

5) - Bedini Gravity Field Generator

3) - The Tilley Electric Vehicle

6) - The Wilson Machine

7) - The Manta Generator

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How we found out about Tilley

I would like to precede this with the original notice we got of a device that would provide power for equipment or for a building, which was reported to be in Tennessee back in 2000;

Monday, June 18th, 2002

I received this email from a lady in Tennessee, does anyone have any information about it? Please send either to this list or to me at Jerry Decker and I'll post it...thanks!

> Howdy,
> I missed this morning a TV news report about a pair 
> of guys running an auto shop in Martin, Tenn with an 
> interesting device. Mom said there was an electrical 
> engineer puzzled about how a little motor that took two 
> batteries to start would run two large TV's, a compressor 
> and still recharge the batteries. Know anything? Time for 
> the noon news, better go watch. 

Monday, June 18th, 2002

Hi Jerry, On the 13th, I too saw a portion of a 'news story' on a 
Chattanooga TV Station on our cable; but, I didn't catch the pertinent 
information. I emailed the station for more info; but, they have not 
yet responded. Martin is quite a ways on the other side of Nashville 
from me, and almost 300 miles away. That means, it was not a local 
story, and was literally "on the wire/Satellite", and available to 
any CBS affiliate nationwide if they have the guts to run it. 
Where was that lady located in Tennessee? - Stephen Brummitt 

Wednesday, June 20th, 2002

Hi Folks! HOT STUFF! This was stirred up by a mystery lady in the Ozarks who will also receive this report - Jean-Pierre Lentin shares this (thanks Jean!);

Subject: Re: [Keelynet] need info about O/U motor on news in Tenessee
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 10:06:53 +0200
From: Jean-Pierre Lentin
To: "Jerry W. Decker"

Hello Jerry -"

Invention May Bend Rules Of Physics

Is it possible? Could someone with no practical scientific training make a machine that solves the energy crisis? Skeptics would say no, but NewsChannel 5's Nick Beres spoke with two men who say they've developed a new engine that defies the law of physics.

Carl Tilley and Robert Kibbey say they've developed a new power source. "We are generating more electricity than we're using," Kibbey said about their invention.

Skeptics will tell you that's impossible, but Tilley and Kibbey said the engine uses no gas, propane, diesel, wind or solar energy, and can generate 30-thousand watts of electricity an hour. "We're bending the laws of physics. We're just more efficient recycling energy that disappears into the air," Kibbey said.

NewsChannel 5 invited Rellon Maxwell, an electrical engineer, to join us for the demonstration of the invention. Batteries kick start the engine. They send out 16 amps. The engine then powers two television sets plus a big generator.

The engine sends 20 amps back to the batteries. It should be less power--not more. Maxwell said he's never seen anything like it in his 40 years in the business. Tilley and Kibbey are not trained scientists.

They said that helped them think outside the box. "Edison, Einstein didn't finish high school and Goodyear got vulcanized rubber by burning it," Kibbey said. They've kept their invention a secret until now. Other scientists will certainly want to see the engine.

Tilley and Kibbey welcome the scrutiny. They say their invention works and has the power to change the world. Tilley and Kibbey said their invention can power a house, or even a car without an external source of energy. Both men said more testing is needed.

But, if what they says is true, the engine would save consumers thousands and thousands of dollars. The Tennessee Valley Authority has already inquired about the invention.

Norman Wootan

Oddly enough, at the KeelyNet conference, via Norman Wootan and contacts of his in Michigan we came across two local inventors who claimed a similar output of 30kw.

They claim they can REMOVE THE BATTERY and it still runs...see other discussion list entries for more details, I'll compile all this into URLs when I get time, the information is at;

KeelyNet Discussion list archives

Yep, coming out of the woodwork, but I hope they are fireflies that DON'T sputter and go out...we need reproducible hardware, not more claims without proof....hope springs eternal!!!

First Notice of the Car Test we received

Date : Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:56:32

To All,

It appears that Tilley may be beating everyone else to the OU punch with something called TEV technology. All I know about is on the web site:

Colin Quinney
Validation Testing The Car Speedway Test

Special Guest Driver, Racing Legend Bobby Allison

Saturday September 7th is the day set for an all day run at The "Validation Testing" is open to the public FREE for the Tilley Electric Vehicle run

(1 of 7) - The Trip

Prescott & Dan
from video capture

On September 7th, 2002, I and my friend Dan York, were kindly given the opportunity to witness the Tilley Electric Car demonstration in Nashville, Tennessee through the generosity of Prescott Rathborne.

I flew in from Guadalajara, Mexico, Dan flew from Dallas and Prescott from Louisiana.

The plan was to arrive on Friday afternoon to secure a vehicle and become familiar with the area, intending to pick up my two friends Saturday morning to witness the test.

My attempt on finding the 'new' unmarked Nashville Superspeedway at 7:30 wound up with me finally getting there around 8:40AM.

I sat in the bleachers with the rest of the crowd and met a friend and email contact for a couple of years now. We discussed the event and noted a small crowd in the pit with the car.

When I arrived, nothing was going on. My friend said they had made several laps and something happened to the car causing them to halt the test.

An announcement came over the loudspeaker that a wheel bearing had gone out and advised us to go under the bleachers and out of the hot sun until the problem was resolved. The crowd of about 60-100 people in the bleachers walked beneath them where it was much cooler.

A small group of people formed under the bleachers and it turned out we were from many parts of the US, excited and fascinated by this event, hoping it would work out. We introduced ourselves and discussed Tilley and his claims to date.

After awhile, an announcement came over the PA system saying the event had been cancelled. We were all very disappointed with this and later found out two other DeLoreans were there and had offered parts from their cars to fix the test vehicle, but Carl and his advisors declined the offer.

We thought that was very odd, to have spent about $6,000 to rent this place, advertise and then just pack it in so easily. The picture below is one of the two other DeLoreans there whose owners offered Carl whatever parts he needed from their cars.

Of course, this demonstration failure was perfect fodder for the conspiracy buffs who claimed Tilley had been threatened, etc., etc..

I didn't think this at all and later discussions with our group and on the net over the next few months bore that out to some degree with the more realistic observations that a DeLorean is NOT designed as a racecar on a sloping track as used for NASCAR specially designed frames. There were also comments that DeLoreans characteristically had problems with faulty wheel bearings.

Later discussions with security and other people at the track is where we got the rental price which included track security though Tilley had his own people. Also one rumor reported that Tilley and his group said they didn't have the tools to make the repair, yet a very nice older security guard pointed us to a building where he said they had enough tools to build a new car if necessary. I don't know if Tilley's group had access to that or if it was just a rumor that he said it.

My friends were to arrive at 11AM, so I left to pick them up, taking a university student with us who needed a lift to Nashville. The Superspeedway is out in the country, a short distance from Lebanon, Tennessee. Our group decided to meet at a local Shoneys Restaurant around noon to figure out what we could do, as we all wanted to see the car.

On arrival at the airport, I met Dan first and broke the news. He thought I was joking but was also disappointed to have missed it all. Then Prescotts' plane arrived and he too was disappointed. We drove into Lebanon and met with the group at the Shoneys. One fellow called Tilley at his home and we were all delighted when Carl offered to allow our little group to visit his workshop at 4PM that afternoon.

We had lunch and discussed the events of the day, but all were both pleased and honored that Carl had made the offer to us since so many had come so far only to be disappointed. The group decided to put together a list of questions we could ask Carl that wound up being about 3 pages worth.

We left the restaurant around 3:30, following a map someone had made to get to Tilleys' place. Our lead car was kind of confused, so like a funeral cortege, we followed him out into the country near Lebanon. After several miles, he did a U turn, heading back the way we came. This was a bit much for us, so the cortege stopped at a farmhouse and asked a local guy if he knew of Tilley or could point us to the correct path.

This guy was about 20, had a can of snuff in his back pocket and a very thick Tennessean drawl (accent) that I swear you'd have to hear to believe. His name was Chris Woodcock and we enjoyed talking with him. He was very friendly and tried to help us as much as he could. On leaving I asked if he was related to Al Gore, to which he answered, yep, he was a 4th or 5th cousin.

We were all laughing hysterically all the way to Tilley's lab, mostly because Chris would spit snuff about every 2nd sentence. I think he was well aware of how entertaining we found him which is why he intentionally exaggerated his speech and actions so much, he would make a great skit for Saturday Night Live. So much for a taste of the locals, but we were impressed with his advice and southern openness to strangers!

Looking down the drive from the Workshop

Sure enough, Chris' directions were on the money and we all drove up to a big double gate, with a security guard packing a gun.

He made each person sign in and allowed each car to pass through the gates, drive up to the workshop and park.

The workshop was a prefab building on top of a hill looking down the drive.

Next door was what appeared to be a house but we weren't invited there as our goal was to see the car, the building power supply was a delightful bonus.

We went into the workshop and were welcomed by Carl Tilley, Doug Littlefield and some of the Tilley Associates helping to conduct the visit.

Carl Tilley

Doug Littlefield

They did not require any of us to sign non-disclosure forms and allowed us to walk around freely inside the workshop building.

We examined the car interior, the battery network, converters and electrical hookup. The car power system ran on twelve off the shelf car batteries from WalMart, all hooked in SERIES to provide approximately 144VDC. This is the standard voltage for electric vehicles and/or conversions to run on electric motors.

They also kindly allowed us to examine, videotape and photograph the building power supply system which used eight 12VDC batteries connected in PARALLEL for the 12VDC used to feed the 25KW inverter which provided AC power for the building.

1st Email on return

Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 22:51:29

Hi Folks!

I had the chance to attend the Tilley demo with two partners in Nashville, Tennessee on Sept. 7th and met a tight group of fellows, some who I knew, some I did not....the bottomline is they ran the car 13 laps til a bearing was said to have gone out on the driver rear wheel.

Its a long story and I have photos and videos which will soon be in an article....right now, we still have no proof but were collectively pleased with Carl Tilley and his associates opening their lab to us for 2 hours, allowing us to take photos and interview them...

And best of all to see the device which appeared to be self-running and provided power for the building as well as the generator that recharged the batteries....

Its an interesting story and I'll get right on it, but would like some of the other fellows to see it FIRST so they can add corrections, additions and their opinions about what they saw and heard.

As of our leaving Saturday afternoon at 6, I got the impression everyone was happy with it, we still don't know that the car or the building is overunity, but an inspection of the wiring showed no visible AC mains feeding they power it looks very promising still...

There are of course many questions about what happened and I'll put it all down from the notes....we don't know that he was 'told' to shut it down and I don't think anyone seriously believes that, it just appeared to be a mechanical failure that caused the entire thing to be called off...Channel 5 TV in Nashville covered it, but no major media that we were aware of...

Anyway, I'll collect my notes, get the photos together and input from the min-conference team who showed up there....nice bunch of guys, very knowledgeable and very serious about this...

One final word....

(We were told by Carl) - The system does NOT use;

back EMF
pulses in any form
waves or custom waveforms
no resonance
no frequency beyond the revolutions of the DC motor
no high voltage electrostatics

Carl told us inside the magic BOX fed with a DC motor was $25 worth of WalMart parts that actually produces the COP of 3:1...three times more out than in....

More later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be perfectly clear that Tilley has two fascinating devices.

One is the originally reported Tilley Building Power System (TBPS - thats my acronym as I've not seen one for it) for running a building...

The other is the Tilley Electric Vehicle (TEV as named by the Tilley Group).

Since its a chicken or egg proposition here, the TBPS - Tilley Building Power System came FIRST so thats what I will describe on the 2nd page of this 7 part series, followed by what we have on the TEV electric car.

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