(3 of 7) - The Tilley Electric Vehicle
by Jerry Decker for KeelyNet

It is this author's opinion that Tilley uses the same mystery spinner box in his electric vehicle conversions that he does for his building power system. Once he got the building power system to work reliably, he got the idea to install it in an electric car that would never need recharging.

The primary difference is where the building power system uses a single shaft DC motor to drive the spinner, the car uses a DUAL SHAFT motor to drive the spinner with one shaft and provide drive using the other shaft for the vehicle transmission.

You can see the early dual shaft motor photos at the bottom of the prior page (#2) of this series. Of course in actuality, he uses a much larger motor as required to propel the vehicle.

As with the building power supply system, the electric vehicle appears to this writer to use standard off the shelf parts in an electric car conversion. The only mystery is the spinner device whose secret we can only guess at until someone duplicates the claim, they become available for purchase or are disproven as a hoax/fraud.

side view of car
note 4 gauges over glovebox

rear view of car
Tilley allowed us to look at everything

closeup of 4 gauges
amps in - volts in - charging amps - rpm

rear of car - off the shelf batteries
12 series connected 12VDC Fleet batteries

batteries under the hood

side of rear batteries

Controller & Converter in trunk of car

Layout of rear trunk

DC Motor Controller
Raptor 600 / Volts 48-156VDC / Amps 600A max

DC to DC Converter
IN 30-420vdc / OUT 12-15VDC

DC to DC converter detail

rear shot showing solenoid

DC Motor Controller

wider rear photo

front GAST vacuum for brakes

front vacuum gauge

courtesy Terry Bastian

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