(2 of 7) - The Tilley Building Power System
by Jerry Decker for KeelyNet

Carl Tilley explaining the building power system as taken from the videotape I made of the visit to his workshop. I had to use IR so all my video captures will have a green tint which I tried to clean up as much as possible.

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Here Carl is the center of attention for our group as he shows us the building power supply system, the mystery spinner and answers some of the questions we asked.


far left = 2500W power inverter (DC to AC)
middle = charge controller in use
right = charge controller not in use
top right = black box DC motor controller


sign says Wind Terbine Charge Controller
charge controller is not in use
wires lead to disconnected windmill on roof
two other wires lead to 8 batteries under counter

TRACE 2.5KW Inverter
Model U2512SB
High Efficiency Power Inverter - RV/Marine Series

1000 Amp/DC Safety
Distribution Center
TRACE PC250 - PV Charge Controller

side view of controllers and spinner

Doug Littlefield and Dan York

left charge controller fed by spinner IN USE

left controller details

sign above left controller

some of the folks listening to Carl

Turbine sign for right controller (not in use)

right controller disconnected showing green blink

side panel of DC motor controller

front view of DC motor controller

two wires from spinner to left controller

spinner box with DC drive motor

spinner showing protective cowl

DC motor and experimental pulleys

dual shaft test motor believed by author to be
similar to the motor eventually used in car

DC controller for
use with dual shaft motor

As I recall, Dan York told me there were eight (8) batteries in parallel in the cabinets under the charge controller. I looked under one cabinet but didn't count them all as something else of interest drew me away. These batteries fed the 12VDC to the 2500W power inverter that converted the DC to AC to provide the building power requirements.

As you can see from the photos, he uses off-the-shelf components and hookups for everything except the mystery spinner which Carl claims puts out 3 times more than it uses, which is a COP of 3 (coefficient of performance). If that is true and it works as claimed, it would easily charge the batteries and recover what is lost during operation of loads.

Years ago I remember Dan Davidson saying a free energy device would require at least 300% to be commercially viable so this COP of 3 fits that claim.

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