(5 of 7) - Bedini Gravity Field Generator
by Jerry Decker for KeelyNet

John Bedini thinks the 'secret' to the Tilley Spinner is that it contains one of Bedinis' Gravity Field Generators which he freely released way back in 1984 and which, like the Tilley generator, simply required a drive motor to produce the excess power.

I respect John's opinion and he might well be right, but before he came forward with this, I was thinking about Carl and some things he told us. No doubt some were misdirection, but it struck me that our questions indicated he knew nothing about Tesla or any other researchers working with electrical generators.

The press release back in 1984 said witnesses reported that the Bedini 'Gravity Field Generator' produced 800% efficiency under full load. Of course, the question arises, if thats true why doesn't almost every home in the world have them in use. I don't know.

I do know that John reports many people don't build the machines as his plans state. Those plans used to be posted but might still be archived at the Wayback Machine site. That the machines fail because the builders would 'change' the plans to some idea of their own, then complain when it didn't work.

Another file compiled from emails sent by John is online if you wish to check it out. I would ask that you notice the heavy flywheel (mass) in the design below as it leads up to page 6 of this series. It appears the use of such a heavy rotating mass is a key to extracting extra energy from gravity, thus the name 'Gravity Field Generator.'

John Bedinis' Website

John Bedinis' Gravity Field Generator Design

In our questioning and discussions with Carl Tilley about his discovery, I got the impression based on Tilleys' description that prior to all this, he had assembled and installed off-the-shelf wind and solar power systems when he said he kept 'running out of daylight' to keep the solar cells generating. That is when he got the idea for the spinner.

It strikes me that he would have kept abreast of anything new that would be of use in his business including generators. I have long been fascinated by neodymium and rare earth magnets because of their incredible strength in such a small package.

So I decided to see if I could find anything that Tilley might have figured out or serendipitously discovered and went on to test successfully. But I'm getting ahead of myself, that information is on page 7 of this series.

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4) - Block diagrams w/parts listings

2) - The Tilley Building Power System

5) - Bedini Gravity Field Generator

3) - The Tilley Electric Vehicle

6) - The Wilson Machine

7) - The Manta Generator

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