Experimental Streptoccus Destruction Circuit - 06/26/00
courtesy BHRD & John Bedini

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No scientific or medical claims are made for this circuit. It is offered strictly for experimental and entertainment purposes.

Jerry: I am attaching a zipped file, containing an .html, with supporting graphics files. It represents a one tube oscillator, which will destroy streptococcus virus. John Bedini enhanced an original idea I shared with him, and came up with this design. I must honestly say that I have not had the need to test it, but John stated that he destroyed the strep virus in his own throat, as well as several friends, when antibiotics failed.

If you will examine the circuit, you will see that it represents an oscillator in the 70 Mhz region, fed by an unfiltered power supply, which is superimposed on the carrier frequency. Thus you have a broadband generator, from 60 cycles to 70 Mhz on fundamentals, then continuing on up into the Ghz region on harmonic structure.

This design very closely resembles the original technology by Lakhovsky, in which he used an oscillator in the 150 Mhz region, with harmonic elements attached, to act as a multiwave generator.

The timer is simply a "chopper," to key the oscillator on and off. John tested the machine, initially, on virii specimen, under actual laboratory control, via some medical personnel friends of his. I intend to expand this circuit in the future, to increase the power to the point of whole-body treatment. John was the first person to contact me, after you posted my original Rife information.

By the way, Rife used TWO frequencies to eliminate BOTH forms of the virus, including the microbacterial state-truth! - BHRD

Many thanks to John, who supplied the vital information for this circuit.

BHRD - Copyright 1997

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