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From: Jim Shaffer, Jr.
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Date: Mon, 1 Sep 1997 10:35:07 -0400

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From: Juergen Heinzerling
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Subject: Jurg Lab Obituary: Stefan Marinov
Date: Monday, September 01, 1997 6:23 AM

Who was he, you might ask after reading the subject of this mail. Well, Stefan Marinov was one of the prime movers in the *free energy* scene.

Born in Bulgaria, Marinov studied physics and was later incarcerated for his * odd political thinking *, ie. reluctance to work in the governmental machinery and choosing the profession of a part-time lecturer and free inventor instead.

From prison, he was soon transferred to a mental institution where they tried to eliminate his "unorthodox political thinking" by horse doses of neuroleptics.

During a toilet break, Marinov met a mechanic who asked him if he had ever heard of the enigma of the ball-bearing motor. This primitive device consists of two ball-bearings mounted on an electrically conductive axle.

Low voltage/high current electricity is supplied to the outer shells of both bearings, which makes the device rotate with incredible torque, though it's workings are not understood by electric theory.

After Marinov was released, he settled down in Graz, Austria, where he experimented with the ball-bearing motor and other strange devices.

Marinov was convinced that the ball-bearing motor, whose operation defies present scientific wisdom, is a thermal motor running on the heat induced expansion of the balls inside the bearings. He also mused that the device, though it needs plenty of power in operation, is a net producer of energy, ie. a perpetuum mobile.

He gave many demonstrations of this strange device, with one of the most memorable taking place in the workshop of a multi-story building close to the offices of the editorial staff of Britains renowned scientific magazine "Wireless World".

The successful experiment convinced the editor of that Marinov was no fraud, though his theories still seemed unacceptable.

In the mid-nineties, Marinov wrote a letter to German Federal Chancellor Helmuth Kohl to inform him of the impending legal action against an investment firm concerned with financing weird inventions that are claimed to work outside present science as we understand it.

In this letter of support, Marinov threatened to set himself alight at the steps of the German parliament if Kohl was not willing to intervene in favour of Marinov's associates.

While the exact date of Marinov's death is unknown, some assume he has committed suicide. Shortly before his death, Marinov experimented on a new means of producing anti-gravitation.

Stefan Marinov will be remembered for his sly humour, but also for his very sober analysis of many claimed free energy devices which have since been revealed as frauds or misconceptions.

His sometimes doubtful actions and involvement with dubious religious/new age cultists like the Swiss Mathernitha Group do not withstand the fact that his demise is a great loss for those concerned with borderland physics.

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