02/21/99 - FE Conference & Required SSN

Hi Folks! The upcoming April 1999 Free Energy Conference in Washington at first required a Social Security Number for anyone to attend. Dale Pond - dalesvp@ipa.net who runs the SVP Website balked at this recognizing it as a flagrant violation of the law.

Dale protested this and was promptly called a 'militant' with insinuations that any citizen who wasn't willing to bend over and provide their SSN at the request of anyone, must have something to hide.

This is totally illegal and you don't have to be a 'militant' to stand up for your rights which he did and we should all applaud.

Now if you know me (Decker), you know that KeelyNet does not get involved in conspiracies or patriot type activities, we try to stay focussed on what will benefit the world at large.

However, this attack was unconscionable so we stood with Dale despite several rather obnoxious and snide emails indicating we were trying to undermine the movement. Give me a BREAK. Dale and I have been in this before most of these people ever heard about free energy, so let's not even attempt to accuse us of such idiotic rants.

It's illegal to require a SSN as identification, period. Dale brought this up, was labelled and stuck to his guns. Now the conference AND THE STATE DEPARTMENT has acknowledged his accurate statement and isn't requiring the SSN.

Send Dale an email at Dale Pond and thank him for having the guts to risk his reputation and standing in the free energy community by sticking to his guns. Dale, I'm proud to know ya!

I had a negative experience with a DPS officer where I was later chastized for countenancing 'a man who had a gun'. This is the kind of attitude which lets people be pushed around by people wearing uniforms. We pay them. We own that gun.

We should voice our objections and quote the LAW when confronted unjustly. I did this by going to this officers' Corporal, who apologized and said this particular officer had several complaints against him, that no charges WERE or WOULD be issued against me, despite what the DPS officer said and that he would personally take care of the matter by speaking with the officer.

So, don't take improper or unjust behavior from anyone, uniformed or not, go to their superior, and if you don't get results, go to THEIR superior. We are not criminals if we question anyone wearing a uniform or quote a law that both we and they ARE REQUIRED TO ABIDE BY.

That's what Dale did and it is a fine example we should all follow, not just be like sheep and jump when someone in a uniform snaps their finger in our direction.

The following email 'correction' to the conference requirement was shared courtesy of Patrick Bailey, President of the INE (Institute for New Energy) whose excellent website is at INE Main Page.
From - Sat Feb 20 00:53:57 1999
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 15:26:14 -0800
To: pgb@padrak.com (BCC: Energy_Send_,List)
From: pgb@padrak.com (Patrick Bailey)
Subject: SSN is NOT Required at the CoFE in WDC in April

Regarding the April International Free Energy Conference in WDC, per my previous email:

a SSN is NOT required (thanks to Dale Pond!):

Tom Valone says:

and furthermore, a driver's license or US passport number is okay for the admission badge.

Thanks Dale.
Thanks Tom!
Full email text:

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 22:24:29 -0800
From: Thomas Valone
Organization: Integrity Research Institute
To: pgb@padrak.com
CC: dalesvp@ipa.net, reed@zenergy.com
Subject: CoFE

Hi Pat, Thanks for the summary email for CoFE. Due to Dale's quoting of the legal stuff, I check with another person at the State Dept. and he said Dale was right and furthermore, a driver's license or US passport number is okay for the admission badge. Perhaps a followup email to let people know will help.

Updated from Dale on 02/22/99

The following was sent to Dale, apparently the organizers of this conference JUST DON'T GET IT!

Date:Mon, 25 Jan 1999 18:06:55 -0800
From:Thomas Valone - iri@erols.com
Organization:Integrity Research Institute

Even with three choices for admission, you people are still up in arms?

Have you ever written a check at a grocery store or post office? Try to keep your driver's license number hidden in those situations! Maybe you're ready for the new "thumbprint" machines now being released. These machines nicely comply with all of your demands...no numbers.


Thomas Valone, M.A., P.E.
COFE Conference Coordinator
Personal Note from Jerry W. Decker - this particular conference seems to be all about attention, money and fame. With this kind of snide attitude, totally uncaring for the concerns of the attendees and speakers, it's not a place I would want to be anyway. We don't need to be infighting but neither should we be expected to comply with any idiot request for ID from the 'organizers'. My god, its a public conference, what's the need FOR ANYONE to know WHO is attending. I don't give it up at a movie theater, play or local lecture or event, so WHY NOW?? Ask yourself, what is different about this conference? The State Department involvement? Think about it...sheesh...>>> Jerry

For the rest of the story in full detail, follow this lead;

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