Correlations to Rhythmodynamics for Gravity Control

Index of Refraction - demonstration of wave compression in refractive media

Acoustic Levitation - compilation of many historical reports on levitation

Wrights Gravity is a Push - bunch'o'grapes argument that if gravity is a pull, everthing would be stuck together

Withdrawn Gravity Field Generator announcement - claims of a repellent field that disappeared after posting

Puthoff on Engineering the Vacuum - presentation to NASA on using the aether for propulsion

Davidson on F/E, Gravity and the Aether - Davidson/Parr experiments showing conduits and gravity variations

Aether as a Dilatant Matrix - excellent file on how aether responds like damp sand

the Mechanical Elastic Aether - similar principle to the dilatant matrix model

Inertia and Gyroscopic Precession - various comments on controlling inertia

Chernetski Inertial Electric Power - use of a cyloidal motion to collimate energy from a plasma

Lorrey Inertial Drive - one version of a mechanical inertial drive

Cowlishaw Gyroscopic Inertial Thruster - another version of the mechanical inertial drive

Wuerth Inertial Energy Convertor - claims of tapping energy from inertia

Farrow Electromagnetic weight loss - using high density EM bursts to reduce gravity

Aether as a Pushing Force - comments on flight and propulsion using Aether

Resonant Gravity Traps - Russian claims of filtering gravity waves using field interference

Ancient Technology in the Aten Band - indications from the past of gravity control using an equatorial band

Bearden on Gravity Control - phase conjugation for practical gravity control

Decker Gravity Correlations - hints of how to control gravity from many sources

UFO Gravity Technology - compilation of many UFO technical reports

Gyroscopic Weight Loss - claims of another gyro precessed inertial drive

Major Keyhoe on Gravity control - observations of UFO flight characteristics and how gravity control will affect us

Mossbauer Effect 1

Mossbauer Effect 2

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