The ability of the spirit to influence rhythms of the body is known from time immemorial.

By changing the rhythms of the body, we also influence the spirit. So far, we don’t know what spirit is, what its nature is, but we have determined that the connecting link between spirit and substance is vibrations.

Considering the reasons causing gravity, we determined, that change in the phase-frequency ratio is able to lead to loss of weight. So far, we have not found the mechanics for non-inspired matter, but we know, that a human organism has such a mechanics inside itself.

There are in excess of one hundred historical reports confirming that levitation is an objective ability of human, consciously or not, to influence change in the weight of the body. Having understood the mechanism of weight loss, what we have left to do is to perform analysis of circumstances leading talented people to levitation, and to try to reproduce the conditions for it.

It should, however, be understood, that there are more and less talented people in this ability. But, as soon as at least one person masters this ability of levitation, and can produce the effect at will, then and there will the gravity paradigm shift, showing others it can be done and evoking in many people mastering of this unusual, but inborn, ability of the organism.

However, there are also theatrical tricks that are mistaken for true levitation. For example, David Copperfield’s flights are classified as such.

In this connection, many “authorities” state that Copperfield really levitates, but there are other opinions, for example, that he hangs by invisible threads in blue light, or by using a very expensive holographic illusion. As a matter of fact, there is one person more talented than Copperfield, who uses mass hypnosis to block people’s consciousness.

But even if I had to spend, as a physicist, several years to overcome the block of Einstein, then the secret of Copperfield’s flights was disclosed over three days of analyzing a video record of his performance.

At the beginning, “the trick was getting into the air” in the true sense, because of the genius of the trick, so it is no wonder that the absolute majority of people were tricked by the great deceit of the XX century. But, any deceit comes to an end.

“Indeed,” - I am asked often - “does Copperfield fly or not?”. I know many attempts to explain the happening, but none of them can pass the test of simplicity. There must be a simple and elegant solution for the discussed phenomenon of flying. However, even having found such a one, we cannot guarantee that the genius magician uses exactly that one. Let us try to look into this, because without solving this question, there is no sense in talking about the reality of levitation.

Let us cast aside versions with threads and holography and consider two suppositions:1) Copperfield levitates OR 2) Copperfield flies but he does not levitate.

If Copperfield levitates, then he can repeat the flight at any place and in any situation. Besides, as any actor, he has a temptation to fly not only over the scene but also in the auditorium. He does neither the first nor the second.

Levitation is necessarily connected with changing the state of consciousness, that is always felt, particularly by women and by people with extrasensory abilities, which does not mean it is observed too; and if someone states that one feels, then, most probably, one gives out the desire for it to be real. They want to believe. However, the greatest thing is that Copperfield himself speakes only about his ability to fly, but not about levitation.

Superconductivity is a well known phenomenon among physicists. If we cool a leaden cup down to the temperature of liquid helium, then place a regular magnet over it, the magnet will freely soar in the air.

If you hide the superconductive cup under a table and do not tell anybody about it, then the magnet over the table will seem to be a real wonder. If, in addition, the cup is provided with controlling mechanisms for reciprocating motion, for moving the magnet up and down or inclining it in the air, then you can, at will and imperceptibly for others, control the motion of the magnet over the table.

If you let a living being, for example a mouse, run on the table, then it will freely run between the hidden cup and the magnet. The levitation field created by the cup and the magnet field does not have any elevating effect on the mouse.

But, we are stating that the mouse can fly, and what’s more, without particular harm for its health. We underline this moment so that nobody can consider us to blame for sadistic tendencies. To realize the statement, it is necessary to guess, what is needed to do this? And if you still have not guessed how to levitate from the above description, then, believe it, you will be laughing long at your own slow-wittedness.

And one more psychological nuance - genius Copperfield puts everyone inside his trick, that, as it’s known, blocks the brain of an individual and prevents one from understanding what actually happens. What a wonderful man, Copperfield dimmed the brains of all in the world; it cannot even enter anybody’s head, that he just manufactured a huge superconductive cup, put on a chain armor made of a great number of small magnets, hid all this stuff under his clothes and performed the wonderful levitation trick to earn a fortune.

One physicist sent to Copperfield a letter with a request to confirm the correctness of this theory of levitation developed by him. However, let us not digress for strange people and proceed further.

If we put a chain armor composed of tiny magnets on a mouse and disguise it under its fur, then the mouse won’t get away with that, but soar up.

Now, what you have left to do, is just to operate the hidden cup moving and take for a ride those who thirst for a wonder. Thus, as a result of not complicated reasoning, we obtained a “levitating mouse”.

To start “levitating” ourselves, we must manufacture a controlled mechanism with a huge superconductive cup, to hide it under the arena of a circus or a theater, to put on magnetic chain armor and to fly. Why isn’t it a levitation?

But instead of laughing at our own ignorance, at narrowness and pettiness of thinking, let us outline our prospects. If a daring businessman would be found, then we could create an analogous show in one of Moscow circuses or parks. And then, anyone desiring could put on magnetic chain armor and temporarily become Copperfield. In this sense, art and show business are brought up to a higher standard: flying circus, flying ballet, flying singers.

So far, we don’t know, which of these directions will be realized first - levitation or changing weight of technical apparatuses, but it seems to us, that we are at the threshold of a new era of evolution for civilization.

It is our intuitive feeling that events to come directly says that many of us will witness the development of new means of transportation in space. We express a hope, that striving to look into our research will attract to our side all of those who really wish to know at least some truth about the world which we are so long and inefficiently getting to know.

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