If we put a substantial object on a balance, then measure as it tries to continue its motion, this will be indicated by a balance reading on a scale. In this connection, a problem was posited: What is it necessary to change in the object to reduce its striving for the motion and, hence, to neutralize weight as a resulting action?

Now, solving such problems does not seem to be complicated, since the connection between weight and arrhythmia is known.

Let us take advantage of geometrical visualization as a means of solution, that allows us to do well without the use of mathematics.

Existence of natural arrhythmia corresponds to the normal weight of an object (Fig. 30a).

Absence of arrhythmia means absence of motion of the interference field.

It is expected, that an object being in harmony with its own interference field will lose its weight (Fig. 30b).

If our reasoning is correct, then further changing of the frequency ratio will result in motion of the interference field in a direction opposite to the Earth. According to theory, the arisen deformation can be corrected only in accelerated motion after the creeping up of the interference spider.

Isn’t this the cherished antigravitation, that was so long dreamed about by scientists, designers, visionaries and many ordinary people (Fig. 30c)?

Now, we know, what it is necessary to do for obtaining antigravitational forces, but, so far, we cannot do it.

Nevertheless, a solution for moving in substantial media, for example, in water, has already been found. It is because of that we started designing an apparatus capable to move without traditional oars and propellers. However, there is an unproved information, that such experiments are already done by researchers.

Although, it is much easier to utilize the spider-effect in a substantial medium than in the ether, the designed “toy” will become the first prototype of a future “flying saucer”.

Soon after its first tests, we anticipate the first space vehicles will be constructed using the principle, which, most probably will be like the “first wings” that human utilized to take off from the Earth.

Besides, now it is obvious for us, that there are ways in Nature for obtaining energy with no expenditures; it is the future of the Earth civilization, and now we know how to achieve it.

Additional comments from Keelynet - 04/14/99

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