Comments on Antigravitation (by J.W.Decker/KeelyNet)

    For over a year now, since receiving a copy of Dr. Ivanov's paper, I have been attempting to get it all online and trying to derive a better understanding of how the 'gravitational spider' effect works. Here are my thoughts on what is being described and what appears to correlate with other modern reports totally uncognizant of the spider phenomenon.

    The images below show when the tail of the spider is at the top of the mass with the legs towards the bottom, then gravity is fully present.

    When the spider is not present and the interference patterns balance on the left and right side of the mass, then weight is nullified.

    When the tail of the spider is on the bottom end of the mass, gravity is repelled.

    The following images show the headdress of the god as being strikingly similar to the tail end of the spider with the arms representing the field lines.

    Fig. 30. Where the gravitational spider creeps, there the body moves.

    At KeelyNet, we have for many years now, been fully supportive of Walter Wright's 'Gravity as a Push'. If we conceive of gravity as a pushing effect that flows from the high 'energy pressure' (aether/zpe) of space and which moves into the earth and into all masses, then gravity and the very existence of mass relies on the continuation of that aether/zpe influx.

    Note that the tail of the spider looks like the smaller end of an egg and the focal point of a vortex, like a tornado with the point facing towards the earth. The influx of aether/zpe into this vortex moves into Keely's 'neutral centre of mass'.

    Something causes masses to oscillate and re-radiate the energy flowing into them. That something appears to be the influx of aether/zpe. A similar phenomenon occurs in an excited atom when the electrons in its outer shell collapses to emit photons. In a similar manner, the continuously excited mass emits waves that dissipate the excess energy to not only distort its own field pattern but that of other mass waves as well.

    Legends, anecdotes and other reports indicate the production and use of anti-gravity effects using sound, magnetism, high voltage and even trance states such as with the Lung-Gom-Pa in Tibet. The Rhythmodynamics research of Dr. Yuri Ivanov shows the simplicity of what is actually going on in many of these cases which is energetic inertial redirection of the mass field that is distorted by background interference into the 'gravitational spider' pattern. For an overview of other reports check out; Saucer Song and my correlations..

    As the above diagram shows, this apparent vortex action focuses the incoming aether/zpe/gravity waves to push the mass towards the earth. The surrounding field lines serve to hold the mass together and in material form. From the information provided by this new understanding, we should all now be in a position to carry out tests in hopes of producing a controlled weight loss.

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