Gravitational Spider

When an interference pattern demonstrating this process of an energy current in a field of wave background (gravitation) was obtained for the first time, then an idea appeared:

Why does a spider settle down in a web exactly like in the model obtained? I had not a shadow of a doubt, that in Nature it must be precisely this way. Then was found the coincidence that proved it - that a spider really settles itself in a web always head down, if the web is vertical, of course. However, in this connection, another question arose: Why a spider has such a likeness with the interference pattern? Why is it a spider, but not other beings?

With time, an answer was found, but the most interesting thing was waiting ahead of us: Why does mythology or rock carvings contain information about the processes discovered by us? Maybe we are not the first, maybe our remote ancestors knew all of this, but, as a result of global cataclysms, they were not able to keep the knowledge in their hands?

A few days had not passed before corroborations were found. Skimming through different encyclopedias of historical and esoteric kinds it was found that: - American Indians have a legend about the Man-Spider, whose web connects heavenly worlds with the Earth; - the secret schools of India describe some gods, who were working on creating the Universe, as beings weaving a web - a network which links the world of light and the world of darkness. They call these the builders of the cosmic system, who tied the embryo of the Universe with Invisible Power, Gods - Spiders and their ruler - The Great Spider.

And the last straw, which delighted us completely, was photographs of statues of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. It was really a bolt from the blue.

We put beside the photo of Brahma, an image of a spider and a computer printout of the spider-effect and realized the enormity of the comparison performed. Without any doubt, we realized the infinite significance of the spider-effect.

But, what really matters in these realizations is that we have strengthened our confidence in the correctness of the chosen direction of the researches. It was at that time, when the idea came to call the phenomenon occurring near to the Earth - the GRAVITATIONAL SPIDER (picture on the title page of the cover), however, there were also other versions, for example, the BRAHMA-EFFECT.

The process, having given rise to galaxies, stars, planets, living beings including human, did very well without strict mathematics, physical ideas and magnitudes.

It was afterward, that we humans, trying to realize natural happenings, to adjust ourselves for it, began to give names to phenomena, measure them in kilograms, meters and seconds. So a science has arisen, that made it possible to develop the energy of the atom, to come out to space, to visit the next planet and allow the creation of an unimaginably complicated deadlocking theory of the Universe, that it cannot already understand itself.

It is for the discovery of Rhythmodynamics to lead science out of the deadlock, we stress on visualization which, as a matter of fact, does not require special knowledge for understanding this discovery. We just see and understand.

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