We found that an accelerated motion is not necessarily caused only by an external force - the reason can also be arrhythmia. Does, in the case of gravitation, arrhythmia happen to be the reason of free falling with acceleration?, as it is in the case of falling, a self-accelerating body does not experience internal deformations!

Investigation of the third state of rest being achieved in accelerated self-motion allows us to suppose that there is not a gravity force, as such, in Nature, but there are conditions which can arise where a body gets into a state of auto-arrhythmia.

If auto-arrhythmia is actually the reason of bodies free falling to the Earth, then the direction of the falling prompts us to realize, that in the vicinity of the surface, the frequency of oscillators filling the body must be somewhat less than at some height.

If we are to reject the existing interpretation of the Mossbauer effect, which strained character is obvious for the author, and to accept another one, then experiments on this basis actually proves the existence of the dependency of the frequency state of a body upon the height over the Earth surface. In this sense, the Mossbauer effect can serve as a litmus test for the rhythmic state of substance in space near to the Earth.

Does it mean that proximity to the Earth influences the natural frequency of bodily oscillators? It looks like that!

The nearer the oscillator is to the surface, the stronger something affects it and decreases its frequency. Isn’t it a reason, why previously coherent oscillators, being at different distances from the Earth, begin to vibrate with different frequencies?

But, then the frequency difference arising between them unavoidably causes their own interference field to move. As a result of this motion, a difference of wave pressure inside the system appears, whose vector is directed to the center of the Earth.

The simple explanation of the reason of gravitation, we propose, does not contradict common sense, but, on the contrary, reveals the mechanism making bodies to strive for each other. It is interesting, that one of the holy books, the Koran, interprets attraction between planets as pushing them to each other, but more about it a bit later.

If gravitation is not a force, but arises from conditions provoking the rise of arrhythmia, then what is the physics of processes instigating bodies to experience phase-frequency destabilization? This question was studied with a particular carefulness, and the answer was found:

Totality of irradiations of the Earth body creates in its environment a background of wave pulsations. The density of these pulsations is proportional to the number of oscillators, i.e. to the ambient mass, and decreases with distance.

An outside body, having got into the background environment, experiences this influence which is expressed in a tightening (changing) of frequencies of the oscillators of the body.

The more dense the wave background, the greater the frequency tightening and, hence, provided that the distances between oscillators exist, the rise of a frequency gradient - arrhythmia - is unavoidable.

The effect of this tightening of frequencies is well known, and it shows itself particularly brightly among biological objects. We will tell about this phenomenon in more detail in a different book being prepared for issue.

Now, while talking about gravitation, it should be understood, that the force of attraction, as such, does not exist, but there is a background of wave pulsations, that we intend to call the rhythmodynamic environment of planet.

It is this wave background that creates the illusion of gravity force through the creation of arrhythmia in an object; and the subsequent gradient change of rhythms of a body unavoidably leads to change in its dynamics.

A body, experiencing the influence of this rhythmodynamic field, has to deal not only with a force from the outside, but with this natural pushing of itself into an area of lower rhythms. And it is not our fault that it all happens precisely this way.

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