Spider-Effect in Motion

The difference of the spider-effect from a standard interference pattern is that the symmetry of the lines of minimums and maximums distorts, and the lines themselves encircle into coil structures. It is also interesting, that the spider-effect does not depend on whether the sources are resting or moving in a medium.

Studying different cases of motion, interesting shapes of interference patterns were found. As, for example, if two coherent sources fly nearby to each other, then interference whirls arise:

(Have a look at the Interplanetary Magnetic Field as mapped by the 1984 Pioneer flight and which distinctly shows the spiralling field of the sun. This magnetic field acts like a giant Chladni (vibrating) waveplate which not only holds the planets captive but keeps them orbiting due to the solar magnetic spiral.)

If two sources move with equal velocities away from their common center, then their interference pattern looks like electrical and magnetic lines of force:

The same is observed, when we have to deal with resting, but gradually increasing frequency sources:

It is extremely curious, that for accelerated motion of coherent oscillators, we encounter the spider-effect again.

The cases listed as well as many others were considered in the most thorough way, that provides us with a right to state: that the spider-effect is a universal phenomenon, it works at all levels of organization of matter, and it appears all over, where there are waves and a frequency difference between interacting objects.

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