Experiment of Albert Michelson

In 1881 Albert Michelson designed a device, by which means he intended to detect the motion of the Earth relative to a filling space medium - to the ETHER. He based the device on two things: the generally shared conviction of the existence of the motionless ether and on the Galilean transformations.

The results obtained in his experiments differed from those expected in a striking way by their zero magnitudes. As a matter of fact, there were not any results obtained at all. So, a vacuum of convictions arose in physics, and a crisis arose in science. Waves of this crisis rolled as far forward in time as to still rule science today, and though, for more than one hundred years, having been repeatedly discussed and tested, the question about the physical nature of the surrounding world is still as vague as one hundred years ago.

Many scientists considered the question, why the Michelson interferometer did not work, but a satisfactory answer still was not found. Returning to the circumstances which were a base for creating the special relativity theory, it should be especially emphasized that, because of the complexity and near incomprehensibility of the theory it did not occur to anyone to investigate the processes of the interference of counter-acting waves moving between the translucent mirror O and the full mirrors M, N.

For the first time, according to information available to the author, such an analysis was performed in 1981, and it showed that there is a different, never considered before explanation of the negative results of the Michelson’s experiment. Let us dwell upon this point more thoroughly, because the subsequent fate of all ideas propounded before depends on the answer to this question.

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