Ivanov Transformations

These days, it is determined that the bonds between elements of substance (molecules and atoms) have an electromagnetic wave nature. If this is so, then, as a crude approximation, any substantial object can be considered as a crystal lattice of electromagnetic standing waves, while elements of substance are located in the lattice points.

Existence of the ether creates a situation in which any variation of velocity changes the dynamics of wave processes, so, the distances between points of the electromagnetic crystal lattice change.

This makes the elements of substance shift to occupy equilibrium positions in the shifted points. The described process not only causes the natural transformation of physical dimensions, but also clearly demonstrates the reason for this dimensional contraction.

So, when increasing velocity, the distances between points of the wave crystal lattice decrease, and the body contracts.

When decreasing velocity, the process goes in opposite direction, and the body expands.

As we determined, electromagnetic stationary waves and internal force bonds of any substantial object (interferometer is not an exception) have a common nature. This means that both of them exactly obey the same common laws, so, they react to a variation of velocity in the ether in the same way: by contracting synchronously!

But, if the compression of standing waves and contraction of dimensions of a system exactly coincide, then there is no more logical step, than to accept as a basis, the transformations as the real physical phenomenon: of: standing wave compression.

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