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Rhythmodynamics - Science of the Future

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Please direct questions to MIRIT or Dr. Yuri Ivanov; mirit@ipcom.ru
What follows is a more English compliant mirror version.

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In a recent communication with Dr. Yuri Ivanov on 05/01/99,
he recommends reading of abstracts from his book on Frequency Space

This idea of 'Frequency Space' is strikingly similar to the claims of Dr. Alan Holt of NASA with his proposed Field Resonance Propulsion and Coherent Field and Energy Resonance System. You might want to check out a file on Dimensional Shifts which also deals with this idea of tuned space to access other locations, times, and realities.

Rhythmodynamic DOS software (in Russian - please share what you find)

1. Dopler1.exe

draws doppler images

2. Dopler2.exe

draws doppler images

3. Faza_04.exe

wave combinations - scope style images from center

4. Interf_1.exe

shows M/M type nterferometry motion of waves

5. Kub_03.exe

comparison of Galileo/Lorentz/Ivanov transformations

6. Okno_02.exe

3 speaker intermix frequencies

7. Spider_1.exe

full screen adjustable spider animation

8. Spm_00.exe

adjustable spider experimental program

9. Waves_02.exe

wave mixing - scope style using 1&2 for Max/Min

10. Waves_03.exe

Lm1, 2 and 3 - 3 wave modulation

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