Sometimes, it seems like we are fighting an uphill battle against the con artists, false claims and negative attitudes of so many who help to confuse or make mysterious the arenas of Free Energy, Gravity Control and Health from an energy standpoint. New ideas and discoveries turn up every week and catalyze the imagination of those who share and participate in such information and research.

It is inevitable that the signal-to-noise ratio will increase in favor of useful signals as more people experiment and network, so don't get discouraged or frustrated, we work for NOW to create the FUTURE! What is now an Art must evolve to a Science (absolutely working and repeatable by others)...

Don't Sell Out!

The following is a piece of dialogue from an HBO video entitled "Cast a Deadly Spell". It is a tongue-in-cheek story about a private investigator named H. Phillip Lovecraft where the world freely uses magic. He refuses to go along with the pack by using magic, despite it being a proven means to success. I thought his reasoning was particularly resonant to the thinking of many KeelyNetters I have had the honor of communicating with.

H. Phillip Lovecraft played by Fred Ward

Connie Stone played by Julianne Moore

When a private investigator was asked by his girlfriend why he had not achieved success by lowering his standards, this was his reply ;

He : How do you expect to get out of dumps like this IF YOU DON'T PLAY THE GAME?

She : Dammit, Phil, EVERYBODY'S gotta compromise!

He : That's what I keep hearing.

She : And what makes you so special?

He : What makes me special is I'm my own man, when I started out I said there were things I would do and things I wouldn't do. Lotta guys start like that and A LOT OF 'EM SELL OUT along the way, but the more who fall, THE EASIER IT GETS. See, look, everybody compromises, everybody cheats, everybody uses magic, so they empty ideals out of their pockets and get down to the job of STICKING IT TO THEIR NEIGHBORS before they stick it to them. Because that's the way it's done.

To all of which, I say NUTS! My collar may be a little frayed and maybe I need a shoeshine, but NOBODY'S got a mortgage on my soul, I own it, free and clear.

She : I'm not going to apologize for my life.

He : Didn't ask you to.

She : I'm happy the way things are.

He : Glad to hear it.

She : You gotta look ahead, you can't drag around the past, there's nothing you can do about it.

He : Sounds like you got a real good grip on things.

The point here is don't sell out just to get ahead, you won't be able to live with yourself and you'll just have to come back and do it again until you get it right. Life fulfilled revolves around service to humanity and that can take many forms.