Magnet Sources

The Magnet Source
PO BOX 279
607 S. Gilbert St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104


Carries 1" diameter 35 MGO .375" thick circular magnets (field through axis) Part. No. ND150Z-35 (1995 price was $16.30 qty one)

Also has 1" diameter 27 MGO in 0.5" thick (ND025-27 $22.04) and 0.75" thick (ND030N-27 $27.40) They will fax a 5 page catalog and price list.

On the magnets I was looking for at the time I got the best price from:

Magnet Applications
Horsham PA 19044

FAX 1-215-441-7734

Call for price - discuss qty. first as Magnet Applications is a manufacturer.

Arbor Scientific
Ann Arbor, MI

Ask for MgOe27 neodymium, its plenty strong but not hyper-expensive. Arbor Scientific has NIB magnets in the form of 1/2" disks. They are priced around $10 each. This may seem expensive, but it is actually lower priced than Samarium-Cobalt supermagnets, and they are stronger. And they are worth it just for the amazing things you can do with them.

There is also an industrial supplier named Tridus in Paramount, California where you can get them for $3 each, but there is a $50 minimum order.

Tridus International
Paramount, CA


(VERY low prices, but $50 minimum.)

Master Magnetics Magnet Sales Inc.


Experiments with Neodymium Magnets

Chinese Magnet Source - 01/20/98