Go Directly to InterNet! - 03/23/97

If you are not using a direct InterNet Service Provider, you are doing yourself a disservice by wasting your money and time.

AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe, Microsoft and other online services are lumbering, archaic dinosaurs which need to be phased out by pulling all support for them.

What disturbs me is the small print in the contract which you might not be aware of, stipulating that ANYTHING you post through their system is COPYRIGHT by THEM, even your EMAIL!!!
One KeelyNetter has added the following to his email as a protection that only HE has the right to his emails, and I agree with it fully.

Parts of this message, including the email address, copyright 1997 - Eric Haddix, and may not be transmitted either in part or full via Microsof*, CompuServ*, Ame*ica Online, Pr*digy, or any unsolicited email service without explicit written permission and/or a fee of $250,000 for each copy thereof. Keep the Internet free, refuse to support the above providers as they can copyright YOUR email and messages. All rights reserved. U.C.C. 1-207
If you spend more than ten hours PER MONTH on the Internet, and are not using a direct internet server; you should consider doing so, as you will save yourself money, time and gain more internet freedom as a result.

Most Dial-up Servers don't EVER charge you by the hour, limit your internet access or have extra charges added,


Also, if you download large programs which can take a lot of time, charging by the hour could run to large monthly bills.

Information should be free, personal emails should be YOURS and yours alone, not appropriated by large companies living in the dark ages who want to control information flow.

If you might like to check out the many servers, with their prices and services, check out

Servers around the Nation .

They also have a Graphic Map which will show you coverage areas. Go for it, it's your time, money and information.