Suggested Guidelines for seeking Development Funds
for New Generators or Power Inventions - KeelyNet 03/21/02

Periodically I get emails asking for assistance towards a new device, usually claiming overunity, yet they rarely provide any details. Sometimes they want funding for development, other times (like the recent email that spawned this email) the inventor wants a co-inventor who can finance international patents since the US patent office rejects his attempts, other times they actually have a machine and want verification or to sell or license it.

There is no problem forwarding their emails to others who might know of people or companies who might be willing and/or able to assist them, but they need to provide more information than is usually given....therefore, this webpage is being developed so that I and others can refer prospective inventors to a list of information that these investors would be wanting to know before they spend their time and efforts trying to ferret it out, with the idea of speeding up the process without endless emails asking for additional details.

This will be a work in progress as new ideas are sent in and added to assist inventors with guidelines providing enough useful information to gain and hold the attention of potential investors or those who might be willing to help.

Information the Inventor should be able to provide:

Thank you for your interest...perhaps if you can give me a better idea of the device, I can forward your email to a list of people who might be interested in assisting you, but I know some of them and they won't be interested in a vague description....I'm not talking design details, just the basics of your device or generator such as;

1) is it inductive using magnetic coils (motor) or back emf energy?

2) is it electrostatic?

3) is it solar or does it use other renewable sources to generate power?

4) does it use gravity?

5) is it magnetic (as in using permanent magnets)?

6) does it tap aether/ZPE, space or EM energy?

7) is it a thermodynamic/heat pump type system?

8) does it use a regenerative battery method?

9) does it use a membrane, fuel cell or capillary action?

10) does it produce and or use hydrogen?

11) does it use a recycled compressed air or inert gas method?

12) does it use radioactive materials?

13) does it use petroleum based fuels?

14) does it use input power that is somehow 'magnified' to produce more output power?

15) does it use some other novel method not listed here, if so, what?

16) has the machine run standalone without any outside source of power other than possibly an initiatory impulse to get it started?

17) what kinds of tests have you done?
a) powered from the grid or is it self-running
b) what kind of input power did it require
c) what kind of output power did it sustain to your load(s)
d) what is the longest time period it ran?
e) nature of load(s) on output (resistive as with incandescent or heater / inductive as with motor or coils)
f) output measured with;
1) torque (dynamometer / prony brake)
2) true RMS multimeter / oscilloscope
3) other methods
g) estimated efficiency
h) what is the weight & size & power output of your prototype?
i) is this device scaleable? can it be taken to any desired size or is there a limit?
j) will manufacturing costs be reasonable? are any hard to get materials needed?
k) will the power to weight ratio be improved in production units?

These are the basic kinds of information investors will want to know, as you can see, it reveals nothing about your machine or design that anyone could remotely hope to duplicate, but will provide flags as to potential sources of investment. If you can provide this and would like your answers sent to a network of investors or others who can make the contacts, please send the details to;

Jerry Decker here at

Please DO NOT SEND PLANS OR CONSTRUCTION DETAILS FOR YOUR INVENTION, all the investor will need to know is does it work and if so, provide some measurement and operational details which will be forwarded to a private CC mail list of potential investors and not posted publicly unless you request it, you will be then contacted directly by them should your proposal be of interest..thanks!

Good luck with your project!

In the even you might like to try for;

the KeelyNet Overunity Competition

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