Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 12:18:59 - 0700 (PDT)
From: james cox
Subject: antigravity and space drive newsletter

This is to announce the creation of a new journal:


by James E. Cox, B.S.Physics - 1973

with 20 years research and development experience in the defense industry relating to electric spacecraft propulsion, electromagnetic railguns for "star wars", magnetohydrodynamic power generation and systems engineering of complex weapon systems. Also, in secret, a space drive investigator for some 37 years since the Dean Drive came out.

This new journal was inspired by the Podletkenov and Schnurer superconductor experiments, so the premier issue is devoted to summarizing work to date in efforts to confirm his results, including my orignal work with spinning superconductors.

This journal will put emphasis on experiments and engineering applications of this new g-shielding effect; I am particularly interested in looking at conceptual designs on how to use it for lifting people and machines.

Also, in this premier issue is a report on room temperature superconductor patent technology. A report is given on other anomalous weightloss devices (reported in detail in the next issue).

We are also interested in joining forces with our readers to design a SC gravity shielded vehicle for winning the "X-prize", $10,000,000 reward for taking three people 62 miles into space!

We would like to sponsor a contest of $$$$$ dollars to the first person to achieve 10%, 20%.....100% shielding coefficient in a graduated way.

Finally, I ask: is it now time to organize the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON ANTIGRAVITY RESEARCH, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Ritz Carlton hotel in 1998. Please e-mail me (James Cox) your interest in participating in this endeavor!

The premier issue is now available for $6.00 per sample copy, or $36 per year for bimonthly six issues payable to

James E. Cox Enterprise
P.O. Box 655
Marietta, Ga. 30061-655

My e-mail address: antigravnews@rocketmail funds will support the journal and my original research endeavors.

Thanks again for your support!