America's Fall from Space - 11/07/97
David Adair on NASA coverups & Alien Technology

Has NASA ever given the American people the truth about our space program? Many people think not - leading to wild speculations that we didn't actually go to the moon.

David Adair doesn't go to this extreme in his new book, 'America's fall from Space', but he does blast NASA for many other cover-ups, especially the 1986 crash of the space shuttle Challenger. Adair says he knew about the o-rings and other problems with the Challenger months before the launch and has crossed swords with NASA by making public much of what he knows. This has led to his becoming the national spokesperson for the Ron McNair Foundation after McNair's death in the Challenger disaster.

Adair is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. A few of the world's leading organizations with whom he has worked are the International Management Council, the Office of Science and Technology of Israel, the European Space Agency, and the United States Air Force. Within the last month he has been lecturing on space technology at the University of Brazil and attended a dinner for President and Mrs. Clinton at the special invitation of Brazilian President Cardoso.

In his book, 'America's fall from Space,' David Adair tells the story of the U.S. space program through the eyes of a child prodigy turned top rocket scientist. Building his first rocket at the age of 11, David soon had progressed to the point that he was drawing attention to his exploits by people such as General Curtis LeMay and Werner Von Braun.

His complicated mathematical formulas found their way to the eminent scientist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, who at that time had just received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics and was at the beginning of his own career. When they met and David was asked for the source of his formulas, he sheepishly replied that many came to him in dreams. To that Stephen Hawking replied, "I get a lot of my ideas through dreams also. We dream on the same wavelength; therefore, that makes us brothers."

At the age of 17, David designed a missle for which he was awarded 'The Most Outstanding in the Field of Engineering Sciences' from the United States Air Force. This missle, 10 feet tall and weighing half a ton, was launched from White Sands Proving Grounds and was programmed to land in an isolated desert location. That piece of desert land later became known as Area 51.

In his lecture, David will discuss the surprise he received when he was flown to the landing site for his missle and was ushered into an enormous hangar the size of several football fields with an elevator floor that dropped many stories below the surface.

There he saw an enormous engine made from a symbiotic material that responded to changes in his emotions when he touched it. He knew this was not from our technology and recently testified to this fact on April 9, 1997, before select members of Congress.

Adair will answer many questions we have all asked about the space program - one of the most puzzling being,

"Why haven't we returned to the moon?"

He will literally boggle the mind with examples of what awaits us from future space technology, making yesterday's science fiction today's actuality.

Rave reviews follow David wherever he speaks. A world class presenter, he delivers a powerful mixture of humor, information, and personal experiences in a penetrating style that leaves audiences laughing and looking forward to the future.

In fact, his lectures have received so much attention that Hollywood has taken notice and there are strong rumors that a film will be made of David Adair's life story. Don't miss this lecture. --- Cheyenne Turner / Eclectic Viewpoint
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