Forward to Shape Power - May 18, 1997

by Jerry W. Decker

There are fields of study which are relatively unknown to the general public. Though 'Pyramid Power' is well known, few have pursued it to other geometric forms and the phenomena which can be produced by understanding what is happening. Some of the key early researchers into Shape Power and the more specific Pyramid Power include Pavlita, Belizal, Turenne, Drbal and Flanagan.

Practical Aether Engineering is accomplished in nature by the use of various geometric forms and patterns as witnessed in the fibonacci series, fractals, tiles, cones and tetrahedral shapes. When one understands that Aether, being the basic substrate of the universe, can be interferred with to such a degree as to produce all manner of energy and matter aggregations, it follows that everything is a result of Aether Engineering to various degrees.

Dan Davidson has been on the cutting edge of the aether engineering field for most of his adult life. In our many discussions and information exchanges over the years, I have found Dan to be one of the most reliable, consistent and serious investigators I've had the privilege to know. Few people have Dan's natural ability to cut to the chase and look for what is practical in the alternative science fields, as opposed to those who prefer to promote phenomena as unknowable mysteries or unproven claims.

It takes not only a great amount of dedication and perseverance, but also a considerable investment of personal time and money to make a difference. I have found that Dan puts his money and time where his mouth is and actually does the experiments to refute or validate claims.

One other key gift that I have found Dan to possess is his openness to use other than mechanistic approaches in the study of alternative science.

For instance, in some case, Metaphysics is just as valid a tool as is the use of hardware and it is a rare gift indeed to be able and willing to fill in those missing gaps by using information derived from such sources.

As far as I'm concerned, it is irrelevant as to the information sources that lead to a new technology, only that it works as claimed and can be replicated by others and put into practical use by everyone.

When you read Shape Power, you should keep in mind that Dan is describing a form of aether engineering in its early stages. Recent and current events lend ever greater credence to the idea that long dead civilizations understood these aether principles and used them in their everyday lives.

I believe that what you will read in Shape Power is a description of what will eventually lead to radical new technologies.

The essence of how geometric patterns can influence energy flows is exactly the same as how antennas and other resonanting structures work. Since everything resonates and establishes an information and energy transfer between two or more resonant bodies, then a two dimensional pattern can precisely resonate to a three dimensional structure.

Just as a microwave horn or an antenna collects or transmits wave energy, so too can geometric patterns be used to collect, transmit or modulate surrounding energy fields, including aether. Entomologist Phil Callahan has shown how insects and some plants use geometric shapes to collect and transmit electromagnetic and acoustic waves.

17th century Cymatics researcher Ernst Chaldni found that vibrating waveplates would allow you to actually see sound waves as a two dimensional image. Hans Jenny discovered how to expand these two dimensional images into three dimensional forms which clearly show the shape of both simple and complex waves.

John W. Keely used such vibrating waveplates as an early, yet more advanced form of oscilloscope, allowing him to see not only the waves but how they interacted with each other. The waveplate principle was the basis for his ultraviolet projection microscope which allowed him to view vibrating atoms on a screen.

Modern experiments with ferrofluids driven by a speaker magnet show an amazingly complex and beautiful display of either static or dynamic three dimensional wave structures, depending on whether the tones are fixed or changing.

In metaphysics, we find the use of geometric mandalas as consciousness focusing tools. These serve as the two dimensional form. When this two dimensional form is expanded into three dimensions, the mandala now becomes the vocalized spatial pattern called the mantra (yantra). Once converted into three dimensions, it now has an energetic structure.

The geometric principles of Shape Power as described in this book are these two dimensional forms functioning as aetheric waveguides.

Shape Power geometries are routinely used in the protective rings of ceremonial magic, the construction of amulets and talismans as well as the sigils (signatures) of various demonic or angelic entities. These patterns produce correspondences (resonances) to establish a contact with the desired entity or influence. By stimulating such a Shape Power geometry, you literally evoke or call forth the influence, just like making a phonecall.

There is a story that a group of experimenters etched the sigil of the elemental spirit of wind onto a printed circuit board. The board was subject to a high density fluctuating magnetic field (using various frequencies until an effect was noted). After a few minutes of excitation, the wind outside the building took on tornadic velocities and the building collapsed as the wind entity attempted to interphase with the resonator.

In a more practical sense, Shape Power can be understood as a means of biasing energy flows into a preferred pathway. That pathway is the geometry that reflects as a 3 dimensional structure that resonates and exchanges energy with other like resonant structures because they are now tuned.

Dan describes an interesting finding where a flow in a two dimensional pattern can be biased to follow a given pathway. He found that the pattern must be drawn with one continuous stroke of the pen, instead of being drawn in sections. As I understand this, as the pen or pencil moves to draw the pattern, deposited crystals point in the direction of the pathway, serving as a kind of waveguide for subtle or aether energy.

Perhaps something of this nature might serve to create a conduit which biases energy to flow into a collector. Once the collector is charged, it can be extracted by draining it off or as a sudden discharge.

Another interesting Shape Power correlation comes from a 'secret' alchemical meeting held in Chicago several years ago. The claim was that an LSD molecule was photographed under a stereo microscope and the frequency of the atoms making up the molecule were mapped to musical notes. This provided an acoustic 'song of LSD'. At a meeting of some 400 people, an image of the LSD molecule was projected onto a screen while the musical pattern was played. Everyone in the room was supposed to have gone on a virtual LSD trip, lasting several hours and without any chemical influence whatsoever.

We thus have the two dimensional image on the screen, resonating and empowering the three dimensional acoustic image to produce a physical effect. This is Shape Power.

Another claim that illustrates how Shape Power could be used is in the Incunabula files. Under the premise that there are an infinite number of other worlds coexisting with us but slightly out of phase, a device was created that used a sensory deprivation tank, a television screen to project a two dimensional pattern and a helmet to send out a three dimensional electromagnetic pattern that resonated to the two dimensional image.

The Incunabula files indicate that the mandala/mantra for 5 alternate Earth's had been found and that a subject could be physically shifted to another reality simply by being exposed to the 2D and 3D map for it. Again, Shape Power.

Science fiction writer John Campbell wrote a story about the Hieronymous radionics machine, where a blank plastic credit card was heated to soften the plastic. A radionics machine was tuned to a given pattern (signature) which was electrostatically projected between two metal plates.

When the heated plastic was placed between the plates and allowed to cool, an electret was formed which continued to broadcast the pattern without any outside source of power. The pattern is a signature which has a three dimensional Shape that would resonate to a tuned reality as determined by the will of the radionic machine operator.

Dr. Thelma Moss at UCLA determined the brainwave patterns for various emotional and physical states. These patterns, recorded on a chart recorder in two dimensions, can be projected into a subject to produce a desired effect. The projected pattern is again three dimensional and thus a Shape. Dr. Michael Persinger has found that thoughts occur in the brain as three dimensional forms, which are reduced by instrumentation to two dimensional patterns.

The Egyptian god Thoth was keeper of the Words of Power, which could produce controlled phenomena when spoken with the correct intonation and pronunciation. In the case of Isis healing her child of a fatal scorpion bite, the use of the word of power caused the poison to be expelled from the body and the lifeforce to return. Other legends and myths also refer to the use of such words of power. The words of power produced a three dimensional pattern which would resonate with the aether to produce a desired effect in matter or energy.

Edward Leedskalnin, builder of the famous Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida claimed he had rediscovered how the Egyptians built the pyramids. We must take him seriously because he left the entire castle as a physical proof of his ability to move large stones without the use of equipment. Neighbors said he 'sang' to the stones, but there was never an eyewitness to the lifting. Perhaps he discovered the words of power needed to deflect gravity to produce levitation.

One of the greatest problems with Shape Power at its current stage, is the lack of instrumentation that can directly detect quantified changes in aether. The secondary and tertiary effects of aether which manifest in the forms of magnetism, electricity and gravity fluctuations as well as the use of sensitives is a truly inspired approach.

Along with the use of the voltmeter, gaussmeter, ammeter, radionics machines and gravity wave sensor, living organisms such as plants can also show beneficial or detrimental effects from a pattern being tested. Muscle testing using Kinesiology is yet another means of determining whether a pattern is generally harmful or beneficial to a living system.

What would be some of the practical uses of Shape Power once the process was understood?

Clearly, Shape Power has many possible uses and the avenues for discovery are wide open to those who wish to pursue the subject. Dan has shared his knowledge so that others will be inspired and see the possibilities of how Shape Power can be used to improve our lives.
Jerry W. Decker
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