SEA - Space Energy Association posted 12/20/01

The goal of the Space Energy Journal is to offer top quality free energy information to our membership. This includes progress reports on ongoing projects.

With regards to any plans and construction details published in this journal, we provide construction information support through communications with the inventor/developer of such equipment. We will also provide information on material and supply sources in order to build such systems.

All necessary data and support specs will be made available, although we must disclaim any liability for the infringement of patents, when such equipment may be offered for sale and openly marketed.

In addition we must disclaim any liability from personal injury which may occur during the construction or operation of the equipment built from the Space Energy Journal plans. We depend on the test data of the equipment from the inventor/developer to alert and warn us of operational problems before all member/builders complete their projects, so that a normal degree of safety will be in place for such project work.

Contrary to the policies of some other alternative energy journals we do intend to endorse and support free energy units and systems which show a positive test and track record. It is our policy to introduce new energy technologies for usage, and support the continuance of research into these fields.

SEA is a quarterly publication. Annual subscription rates are $35 United States / $40 Canada or Mexico / $50 all other countries. Please pay in US funds only. Send your subscription to:

Space Energy Association
PO BOX 1136
Clearwater, FL
USA 33757-1136

You can reach SEA by calling (954) 749-6553 or Email SEA by clicking here.

Editor - Jim Kettner Consulting Engineer - Frank LaRosa
Founded by Don Kelly & Mike Marino Advisor - Don Kelly
Administrator - Karen Kettner Designer - Christopher Richardson

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