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Write-In 'Ron Paul for President'
in November 2008



By omission, we are led to believe that we have ONLY 3 choices for President:

Bush Clone - Old boy network - Too old

Egotistical - Questionable Associates - No Respect/UnPatriotic

Traveling WIFE - Exagerrates Experience - Too Emotional

That is true IF you think you can only vote for those with a printed selection on the ballot.

However, did you know you can WRITE-IN the candidate of YOUR CHOICE for President or any other office?

Just because the name isn't on the ballot, doesn't mean you are prohibited from excercising your right under the Constitution to select who you choose.

All you have to do is write in the name and the office.

Write-in Candidates

Ron Paul can ONLY win with a WRITE-IN VOTE

Why should we bow down and accept such miserable choices in a country saturated with much more capable people?

We DON'T have to accept ANY of the unholy 3 as President if everyone works together to Write-In Ron Paul for President!

No candidates who flip-flop depending on the polls. No candidates who don't give clear-cut specifics and SOLUTIONS to the problems our country faces. No more candidates immersed in the good old boy network, bought and paid for by wealthy lobbies. No more candidates with a history of indecision or divisive behavior. No more candidates elected SOLELY for charisma, looks or vague ideas with no details or solutions.

Ron Paul is consistent, focused and will restore the United States to a sane, well-run, financially stable country based on the Constitution that has served us so well for over 200 years.

Ron Paul Issues in detail


GET BACK to the Constitution
Shutdown the Federal Reserve and control our money
Bring back our troops worldwide
Invest our money in the USA
Stop funding other countries for nation building
Cleanup American corporations and penalize the top level crooks
Restore respect and dignity for the USA


Tell your friends, spread the word for every registered voter to;

*** Write-In 'Ron Paul for President' ***

If enough people DO THIS, Ron Paul WILL BE PRESIDENT by virtue of an overwhelming write-in vote from all of us who are totally disgusted with the cookie cutter clones we are being forcefed as our next President.

It WILL be DONE if enough people make it so.