Rumors & Comments - August 1996

There is a Dr. Bryzinski (sp?) in the Houston area who has developed quite a reputation for 'alleviating' cancer conditions. His research has led to a technique to produce anti-neoplastins which cause tumor reversions. Does anyone have information on how to produce these anti-neoplastins? If so, please communicate with 'Dr. Bob' at

Recently, a fellow dropped by my workplace asking about anti-magnetic bearings. I showed him some of the ones we used and gave him some used ones as samples. On asking why he wanted these, he said he was working on a piston type self-running magnetic engine that developed torque! Ain't that odd, for someone to just drop in like that and wind up talking to me? I informed him about all the other experimenters in this area and we swapped contact information. I asked what he wanted to do with it and he said he'd not rightly figured it out yet. Of course, I urged him to share the plans with everyone to get the technology out. A couple of days ago, he called me at home and asked for a good machinist in the area, so he is making progress. More info as it comes in on this.

Radium Chloride possibly used in the Moray, Hendershot and Hubbard free energy units? That's what Wes Croziar is saying. He said he posted a lengthy explanation at Bill B's listserv VORTEX-L (which I've not seen). Wes also indicates this would make Bruce Perrault's Cold Fission unit work.

While we were talking, Wes explained that he lived way out in the country and generated his own power using solar cells. They often leave the windows open and flies come into the house from the surrounding forest. Recently, an 18 year old girl came out to visit and said she knew a neat way to dispel flies. She took a plastic baggie, filled it with water and dropped in a penny. This bag was left partly opened and sitting on the hearth of the fireplace.

Within a short period, it was noticed that all the flies had left the house! On talking about this at work, one young lady said at a recent family reunion, one of her aunts had hung up a ZipLok baggie of water, sealed with the Zip on the bottom and hanging from a hook. This was outside and flies left the area? So, here we have two stories, one using a penny, the other just water in a closed bag. One inside a house, the other outside. Modern pennies are copper clad zinc, so making a dissimilar metal junction to form a galvanic battery. Some folks are doing tests on this and I will too and post any results (or failure to get them). Please try this yourself and let us know. Does the wet metal put out some kind of frequency? If this works, could it be applied to mosquitoes, roaches or other pests? Wonder what entomologist Phil Callahan would say about this....

Word is German researcher Al Zielinski and his group are planning to release their technology for 'aether interference' to produce free energy, gravity control and propulsion in September of 1996.

Do a Netscape search on 'orgone' and click on the P.O.R.E. homepage. There you will find a list of articles, one by a fellow in England named East. He has been doing research on viewing orgone energy using heat variations as detected with an IR imaging system (thermographics). There are photos of an orgone box showing distinct variations in temperature around the box. This heat variation phenomena was shown to Albert Einstein.

At the recent Tesla conference, Kevin Bergman from Alaska demonstrated an unusual generator that was driven by an electric motor. Kevin calls the coil configuration in his generator 'anti-resistive'. He donated one of his prototypes to the Tesla Museum and claimed he had a self-driven unit back in Alaska. I found Kevin to be very enthusiastic, straight forward and sincere in his explanation of how he came up with the generator and its operation. Recently, Reed Huish of ZENERGY called and said they had just tested one of Kevin's prototypes and found it to only be about 20% efficient. The discrepancy was caused by an error in measurement and calculation. Hopefully, Reed will write up their results and send them to ITS for inclusion with the the Bergman article.

Also at the Tesla Conference, a most amusing event happened where a presenter showed his demonstration and measured the output voltage. When someone in the audience asked what did the current measure, the demonstrator said his ammeter did not work. STRANGELY ENOUGH, someone in the audience popped up and said THEY had an ammeter he could use. What made it so funny - this was just the wrong crowd to play games with, these guys could just as well have produced a spectrum analyzer, an electrometer, or any of a host of other instruments used to quantify frequency or energy. And no, the amount of current measured did not back up the presenters claim.

If anyone can help with this, Dr. Andrew Michrowski of the non-profit Canadian group PACE has been invited to speak at a conference on low level fissioning processes near Houston the second week of September. This is a very important private conference. His round trip flight costs are about $700 and he needs a way to minimize his costs on this. If you know of anyone in the Houston area who would sponsor him for a local presentation, please contact Dr. Michrowski at voice (613) 236-6265 or FAX (613) 235-5876, or if you might like to otherwise help out. THANKS!

Researcher David Fasold, who did primary research on the Noah's Ark site in Turkey, has recently moved from San Diego (Poway) to Corvallis, Oregon. Now mountain man Dave lives in the Pacific Northwest and can be contacted FAX/Phone at (541) 758-7088. David does fascinating presentations on his researches into the finding of Noah's Ark and related archeological discoveries. You won't find a more knowledgeable and entertaining speaker on these subjects.

Disturbing weirdness of late.

1) A call came from CompuServe lawyer John Warga (614) 538-4175, asking that KeelyNet remove a file called FLAN1.ASC. This document was uploaded to the KeelyNet BBS back in 1993 and consists of a series of email messages regarding the work of Dr. Patrick Flanagans research. Lawyer Warga says any email posted on CompuServe and most other non-InterNet services is automatically copyrighted (called a compilation copyright) as being OWNED BY COMPUSERVE as agreed upon in the all the user contracts. This was totally unknown to me and I have removed the FLAN1.ASC file from the KeelyNet BBS to avoid complications. I am also posting this to all known mirror sites requesting them to remove the file. It has been online since September 9th of 1993, so it is a bit late to be making a complaint. When I asked Lawyer Warga about why this was suddenly worthy of attention, he said a complaint had been received by CompuServe through the New Age forum. No further details were known. Interesting and suspicious as to origin. Who would care and why NOW after 3 years?

CompuServe, AOL, Prodigy and other services know the future and are apparently doing all they can to protect themselves. So, COPYRIGHT all your email communications which will prevent THESE GUYS from quoting them for profit (that includes LISTING THEM ON THEIR NETWORK since they sell a 'compiled service') without your permission. Pure InterNet is the only way to go, all is free once it is posted. Cancel your contract and get a local server, let 'em go the way of the dinosaur.

2) Got a letter from Charles Yost of Electric Spacecraft Journal (73 Sunlight Drive, Leicester, NC 28748, voice - (704) 683-0313, FAX - (704) 683-3511, and yearly subscriptions are $30). Some people have brought to Charles' attention 'a comment' on KeelyNet which implies he had stolen someones idea. The document name, location and context were not provided, just an attempt to stir up trouble I guess. Charles and I have always had an excellent relationship and have even gotten a bit smashed together, so I was very surprised to hear this. Charles sent me a letter stating his case and provided information regarding the aledged theft. I called him Thursday and we talked for about 20 or so minutes. He suggests just leaving it alone and it will die of its own lack of inertia, but I detest illwill imposed by people with nothing better to do with their miserable lives than to stir up trouble for others. Charles says he will ask for the specific location the next time it is brought to his attention. The only thing I can ever recall was a phone call from some fellow long ago, saying something like this which I mentioned in an email on the local KeelyNet BBS. Understand this, those emails have been streamed into files and posted on the InterNet which has a very wide audience. At any rate, things are often taken out of context and once I know just where the reference is, I will make a file clarifying this 'issue' with full details. Charles and I remain friends, have shared information and contacts in the past and will continue to do so in the future, despite these attempts at mischief. A word to the wise, you get back what you put out, and it is ALWAYS augmented.

3) Have received a couple of emails suggesting possible problems with a live O/U demonstration as planned for the ISNE and ITS conferences in 1997. This of course, is if anyone actually brings a working machine. Most of the warnings are about the 'big oil guys' who would do much to foil such a demonstration. One says that the more publicity that is given to such an event, the more attention is paid by these 'big oil guys' and the targets are those mentioned in the publicity. So, do we have balls or no balls? I think we all NEED this technology TOO MUCH to worry about spook threats. A recent contribution to the O/U fund in the amount of $300 just arrived with a totally cool letter saying;

"My Dad, who is 86, saw your latest 'PLENUM' newsletter and decided we should make a contribution." (to the O/U contest)

The O/U contest has been listed in each newsletter since it started in April of 1996. We now have almost $1500 in total contributions from people who want to see free energy demonstrated, no smoke and mirrors, show it work, by itself, running a continuous load, for at least 3 days and you win the prize. How many times have you heard the claims, where is the machine, why did it fail if demonstrated, why can't it run by itself instead of relying on measurements that are subject to erroneous interpretation? Thank you L.T., M.T. and Father!!! You folks are an inspiration!

4) Portions of a recent innocuous phone conversation were passed on to another fellow, with negative enhancements borne of frustration, which led to a misunderstanding with another researcher that has still not been cleared up. I realize some areas of investigation have yielded little or no results, despite the money, time and effort devoted to the field. But we can't allow ourselves the luxury of becoming frustrated which might skew or warp our transfer of information to others. If you have a problem with something alegedly said by someone else, go STRAIGHT to the person who is supposed to have said it and ask. Geez, life is short enough without people getting their panties in a wad over hearsay.

5) Have you ever experienced a somewhat regular communication with a person, then suddenly they no longer call or return your calls or other communication attempts? No explanation or reason given, just vacuo. Factual Scenario - a device, one of many earlier versions stemming from research at least 30 years old and with no active patent is purchased by a Californian engineering group with the sole intent of determining the circuit to be placed on sale. The unit is 'potted' (encapsulated in an epoxy block) which is dissolved and the circuit copied as well as possible. A prototype is built and tested as workable. The circuit is then printed on bright blue paper and at one time was sold for $30, no longer available. A copy was sent to be freely distributed to a BBS known for the free exchange of information and fully intended to be shared with all who would be interested in it. The circuit is hand copied from blue paper to white and FAXed to the inventor for study. The inventor says it is NOT the same circuit as the device being sold. It was planned to be posted but asked not to be, by the inventor. It was said that the circuit would confuse the issue. Several points prevailed in making the decision to eventually post it; 1) the circuit is not the same as the original, 2) the patent has long since expired, 3) it was sent to be freely shared with others, 4) some sensitivity to the inventor requires at least a deadline (October 1996). A new impetus was made to sell these in a big way and is underway with increasing success. In October, the experimental circuit will be posted for all to download and experiment with. It is not a money thing, but an attempt to open up the technology for experiment and improvements. If this was new, proprietary or in confidence, it would not be distributed, however, it is old, not proprietary, much basic information is publicly known and the circuit is not identical to the original. What to do, yet be fair and honorable about it?

At the last Roundtable meeting, we were discussing gravity control and the creation of an 'artificial neutral center' which, if properly energized, would cause attraction to the mass neutral center. Much like a goat attached to a wagon and walking to follow a carrot suspended in front of the goat. An older fellow said he remembered reading 'Amazing Fact and/or Astounding Fiction' from the 1930's. A fellow wrote an article which detailed the construction of an atomic bomb. He was laughed at by many readers and upset with their treatment of his ideas. Years later, the government designed an atomic bomb almost exactly like the plans posted back in the 30's. One year after this writer submitted the atomic bomb plans, he submitted another article claiming to produce anti-gravity. The principle was based on the creation of a null zone within a mass. This older fellow at the Roundtable meeting described it as a rod, through which an electrical current was sent at the wavelength of the rod. When the wave was reflected from the end of the rod, it created a cancellation in the middle to produce this null zone. Within this zone, the aether could not penetrate to produce 'weight' and so the rod floated in the air. The date given for this article was August 1938. The old fellow claimed the man had built the device and it actually worked! If you get a chance to look this up, I would greatly appreciate a copy of the article (both if you can get them) so that we can post them on the KeelyNet BBS and on the website. There is a great possibility that the magazine names are inaccurate, but he did say these articles appeared toward the end of the 1930's. I am posting this in hopes someone might have access to these articles. Thanks!

To give you an idea of the type of intelligent response you can get on the I posted a short note asking what would happen to the earth, temperature-wise, if the sun were to not provide solar rays for 3 consecutive days. Specifically, what kinds of temperatures would be achieved, bearing in mind that the earth is a heat insulator and holds heat at about 65 degrees roughly 6 feet underground. The response, " will get colder..." such perception, such wit, such depth of thought, thanks and get lost..