The Moment of Truth

The Moment All Have Been Waiting For!

I know that everyone has been reading these few pages for the finale - What is the frequency which Royal Raymond Rife used so successfully, to destroy the carcinoma (cancer) virus?

I now reveal to you, for the first time anywhere, straight from Royal Raymond Rife's own recorded laboratory note:

28,825,455 Cycles!

This lies within the radio frequency spectrum, with no audio imposed upon it. Pure radio frequency energy! The energy is so simple, but, until I interpreted Rife's laboratory note, the actual frequency was not.

I have broken a long-standing statement not to reveal what I have just revealed. By so doing, you realize that I have narrowed the search for anyone determined to seek out and destroy this source. They simply monitor this frequency for any activity, and boldly stupid people will be "spraying" radio frequency energy, unshielded, into the environment. When they are caught, they will scream, curse, and point fingers at everyone, except the one responsible for their problem-themselves.

What can be done to legalize this machine? Personally, I NEVER see this happening, for the combined medical cartel will fight with more money, and more legal power than any combined, determined group can muster. Hoxie won his battle, in court, many times, yet, in the end, he was still destroyed. Mildred Nelson, Hoxie's former nurse, continues his work in a Mexican clinic.

The anti-biotic syndrome is fast losing its battle to CONTAIN the increasing, and rapidly spreading diseases which threaten in gigantic proportions, within the next century. This battle WILL be lost. Just as pests have become immune to most pesticides being used, today, so have most disease virii become immune to antibiotics. When they cannot defeat the antibiotics, the virii simply revert back to their original micro-bacterial state, survive, and emerge at a time more suitable for their reappearance. This is the result of all treatments, today. This is "remission" in action. Rife replaced "remission" with "submission" and viral defeat...

Sadly, most people never change their life styles, their eating habits, etc., and this leaves them vulnerable to renewed, future attacks. The carcinoma virus resides in the body of every living thing on the face of this planet, in the micro-bacteria state. When the environment is conducive to its emergence, it will revert to the viral state, and attack with an unmerciful, unrelenting power, and destroy everything in its path.

Man is destroying his environment in an ever increasing, unrelenting way. Forests, which provide our precious oxygen, are being destroyed. Our water supplies are being contaminated by pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Our foodstuffs are being degraded in every way imaginable, to provide quantity without quality, simply to provide an uncontrollable "margin of profit." Our air is being contaminated by emissions from every source imaginable. Insatiable, carnal appetites are producing more births, crowding our planet to the brink of disaster. We have closed our eyes to the natural laws which have sustained us, to pursue the "gold" and pleasures of unnatural and carnal laws. The threat of "food wars" grows increasingly on the horizon. Man pursues and lusts after gold, and the power it brings in this world. Too late, he will realize that the destruction he has wrought cannot be replaced by the "gold" he has hoarded in his insatiable quest. Even Royal Raymond Rife's technology cannot destroy that carnal side of man's insatiable greed for power and wealth, which is the very root of all his trouble.
This is my gift to those who would pursue it. The resulting "spin-off" from the original "Rife" technology has produced another, more powerful technology, which can destroy every viral disease on the face of the earth, without dangerous side effects!
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