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Grebennikov Antigravity Platform
Magnetic Anomalies
Rectifying Chaos
Tilley Power System
CO2, warming & the need for Free Energy
Primer for Skeptics and Attackers
Boycott KeelyNet!
Self-Running PPM?
Terry Bastians' version of Gray Circuit
Bedini on Power Conversion Tube
Lindemann World of Free Energy
Press Release
Bogus, Erroneous Review
Inspiration page with several files
KeelyNet Alternative Science Museum
Funding the Future
Civilization in the 21st Century
The real 4th of July



NEXUS article on
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Polarity Cycler

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July 2005 Polls

Page Preference
What part of KeelyNet is most useful to you?

eScribe discussion Archive 41%31
What's New 37%28
Files page 20%15
Links page 3%2
76 votes total

Probable Inventor
Who do you think has the best chance
of a working Free Energy technology?

John Bedinis motor/generator System 27%74
Carl Tilley's Electric Regenerator System 6%15
Tom Beardens MEG 23%63
Jagonline's REMAT System 8%22
Joe Newmans miles of wire system 0%1
Kohei Minatos self-running magnetic motor/generator 13%36
New Zealands Lutec 1000 self-running motor/generator 8%21
Mueller Magnetic motor system 6%15
Dennis Lees' Heat Pump system 3%8
Perendev motor system 6%15
270 votes total

Probable Technology
What form will the first free energy/overunity device/system
take based on your knowledge of the field?

Heat Pump 7%23
Back EMF capture 13%42
Gravity driven 4%14
Magnet driven 28%92
Mechanical 1%3
High voltage/electrostatic 5%17
Electromagnetic 14%47
ZPE conversion 17%55
Earth Energy 6%21
Other 5%18
332 votes total