The PsychoMantuem - 10/27/01

This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS message base and later as a file on November 16, 1993 as PSYCHMAN.ASC.

In watching the sorrow of the survivors and families of those lost in the recent terrorist mischiefs on September 11th, I thought it might be worth putting online as a means people might use to attempt to gain some kind of closure for those lost.

It is basically a soft comfortable chair like a bean bag chair, inside a darkroom created by using black material such as felt to enclose the space to prevent any outside light from entering. A mirror is also provided and if one is attempting to contact someone departed, some kind of link in the form of a personal effect, photograph or such is included as a 'witness' (to use a radionic term).

The subject is to sit in the chair, touch the witness sample and gaze in to the mirror in the total darkness and think about the person they are wanting to contact.

       Message 2690                               DATE/TIME: 10/18/93 17:18
       From   : JERRY DECKER (SYSOP)
       To     : ALL
       Subject: PsychoManteum
       Folder : A, "Public Mail"

       Hi Folks!

       Don't know if  you  got  a  chance  to  see  the  Oprah Winfrey show
       broadcast today, Monday 18th of 4:PM on Channel 8?

       She had Dr. Raymond Moody and 3 other  folks  who  have been working
       with "communicating with the dead"...I plan to write a file (this is
       the first part!) on the particular techniques that  are  being  used
       extrapolated from a  recording  of  the  program but FOR NOW, I just
       wanted to see who all might have  seen  it  and  if  anyone  had any
       thoughts on it or would be willing to give it a try???

       Basically, the ancient  Greeks  had  a  very  dark  room  (no  light
       WHATSOEVER) which had  a mirror that a person faced while sitting in
       a comfortable chair.  By getting  into  the  correct  frame of mind,
       they claimed you could actually communicate with the departed.

       Moody says there is some kind of preparation I would  guess  to  get
       you in the mood but some of the other people don't use that beyond a
       mental idea of what they are trying to do and asking for "guidance".

       So, the scoop is to devote small room (closet, etc) or build a box
       large enough to  place  a chair and large mirror.  The chair must be
       very comfortable and the TV program  showed  the  use  of flat black
       felt for the maximum blackout of any light.  You are supposed to sit
       back in the chair, look into the mirror and just  wait  or  think of
       who you want  to contact (depending on which method you use, Moody's
       or the other folks).

       There were several theories as to what was really happening and some
       such as Persinger's work that were  not even mentioned, but it looks
       like a low   level  sensory  deprivation   subject
       plugged her ears,  so  with  that  you  have  a lack of auditory AND
       VISUAL stimulation which would allow  the  evocation  of images that
       could be perceived as real....

       The main thrust was that no one described a negative  experience and
       all felt it was of benefit to interesting show, this one.
       I have done  limited  sensory  deprivation  for  1  hour  and had no
       bizarre experience PERIOD except for the electrical tone of my
       muscles going away  to the point that I could not move at all....and
       this was not cured by the tingling  that  comes  from restriction of
       blood was  in  a  water  tank (600 pounds  of  epsom  salt
       dissolved in a coffin type container that prevented any light).

       I understand such experiences should be done frequently for the best
       benefit and to  get  the  range  of  hallucinations  that  come with
       sensory this case,  I  could hear...the temperature
       by the way, was maintained at a constant 98  light,  no
       cold, just sound  so  it  did  not  qualify  as  a  true sensory dep

       Anyway, this Psychomanteum thing is intriguing as it does not really
       take any advanced equipment or cost an arm and a leg to experiment
       with...hmmm, could we maybe do an orgone box while we're at it???
       Wonder what that would conjure up, Reich maybe...???...>>>  Jerry

       ...forgot to mention one of the  primary  reasons  why  this  was SO
       INTRIGUING...  It might offer a means of enhancing creativity by
       allowing the subject to call up someone like KEELY, TESLA, RUSSELL,
       whoever or just  to  help  pull  in those loose thoughts  that  when
       brought together show correlations and thus new perspectives....
       Creativity and/or that could be of use...>>>  JWD

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