Bessler/Orffyreus Links

(This is as low-key as I can get it ;) - updated 12/13/97

In the year 1998 will come the public solution to the 276 year old mystery of how the Bessler/Orffyreus Perpetual (self-running) Motion Machine operated. Thanks to John Collins, whose excellent historical research led to the discovery by an Anonymous Benefactor (for now). The secret is IN the book, it will require that you figure it out (for now). When you order, be sure to ask John Collins for an autographed copy to increase its future collector value.
Not a scam to sell the book, just a headstart. Trust me on this - Jerry!

Read this for background Bessler/Orffyreus Engine - 1956 article - 11/17/97
Order this book!! - Perpetual Motion: an ancient mystery solved?
Book is ** NOW AVAILABLE ** - 09/20/97

Flames attacking Orffyreus & KeelyNet involvement - updated 12/15/97
Uncles Perpetual Motion Toy - 12/14/97

Best Wheel Design yet! - 12/19/97
close, no cigar - weight cancels

Centrifugal Acceleration Gradient - 12/24/97
explains weight increases and decreases in wheel