One Way Conmen, Liars and Frauds Work
- a tracer on Bruce Perrault's fraudulent Bait & Switch
attempt to erase and change the history of

I'll keep this very simple and truthful as always.

The Original NuScam and its Creator Harlan Sanders

On September 9, 2001, Harlan Sanders created a website called to track the activities of known liars, conmen, frauds and their associates as a warning to others, see;

the first Archived page of the original NuScam

Harlan tracked the activities of Bruce Perrault and his 'associates' until 2004, when she tired of it and chose not to renew the site to let it die on September 9, 2004, as archived September 1, 2004 at;

the last ORIGINAL NuScam page

The domain name did in fact expire on September 9, 2004 and no one of integrity had the time or patience to further update it.

Bruce Perrault, the perpetrator of the Chlorine Fission Tube scam as posted at;

Bruce A. Perrault's bogus 'Chlorine Cold Fission Tube' on 12/15/95

became aware the domain name was available and immediately bought it, then changed everything on it, pretending he was the original Harlan Sanders in hopes people would think Sanders had changed her views. Not in the least.

In fact, when word quickly got around that Perrault was masquerading as the original Harlan Sanders via emails and he knew the scam was blown, he finally admitted it as posted at;

BAP admits he posts using Harlans name

August 28th, 2005 - "Everyone knows that I am the new HARLAN SANDERS. You should have renewed the domain name. Now I am the legal owner of the ORIGINAL NUSCAM website: and there is nothing you can do..."

Note, it was posted nearly a year after his appropriation of the site, after he had been using the name of Harlan Sanders in many emails and attributing it to the ORIGINAL Harlan, hoping no one would realize it and only AFTER he was caught redhanded.

As is characteristic of such people, trapped by their own lies and fraud, he faked emails in Harlans name and continued the page with changes attacking others and shielding himself from his own documented past. His first crude attempt was first archived at;

Perrault posing as Harlan Sanders

hoping no one would notice and realize it was him and not the true Harlan Sanders.

The complete files and history of the TRUE and Original with the original Harlan Sanders are fully archived at;

full NuScam archive from day one

if you wish to check the history and TRUTH, not the self-serving garbage the site is currently being used for since Perrault bought the name ONLY back in late 2004 when the original Harlan gave it up.

Here is the WhoIs for the current owner;

Perreault, Bruce A.
Nu Energy Horizons
PO Box 22
Rumney, NH 03266

Domain Name: NUSCAM.COM

Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Perreault, Bruce A.
Nu Energy Horizons
PO Box 22
Rumney, NH 03266
+1 603-786-9316 fax: +1 603-786-9312

Record expires on 09-Sep-2007.
Record created on 09-Sep-2001.

Domain servers in listed order:


In addition, Perrault and the 'believers' continually try to create mischief in various ways which of course fail to succeed. One such is a simple minded completely erroneous 'letter' posted on flake pages on the net and written by one of Perraults 'associates' who of course would never sign his name. The response to this with FACTS is posted at;

Bogus, Erroneous 'Review'.

Do your homework before believing ad hominem, manipulated information emanating from a known liar and scamster (remember the Chlorine Cold Fission Tube scam for which I was also ripped off by this jerk, my fault for trusting and always giving people the benefit of the doubt, AT FIRST).

If you want facts and truth, you are in the right place. If you want lies, scams and fraud, you need to close this page, forget this site and go elsewhere.

Brilliant people talk about ideas,
average people talk about things,
small people talk about each other.

with your life from this day forward,
and that is, to decide what you want to do
with the time you have left.