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This offer will be in effect until July 4th, 1997.

It's TIME we all get it together and make some changes!
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Many of us see how new ideas are routinely flamed, discredited or ignored without any effort or attempt to validate them using empirical methods. It is irrational to discard an idea simply because it does not fit the current 'facts' or beliefs.

We ALL get older - time goes by, we hear all these cool stories, but where IS the hardware?

Are you ready to participate in something that is totally unique?

SPAM alert going off? It shouldn't be, since this is only posted at KeelyNet and is a result of frustration with the current state of affairs in the alternative science arena at large.

This effort will involve a great deal of work and time on the part of a few which will benefit and enlighten many others.

All I ask is that you read it, compare with other 'subscriptions' that you currently have and decide if you want to continue reading stories about new discoveries or be involved in making them happen.

People need a wakeup call, something to inspire and motivate. Individually, we all have clues that could lead to Star Trek class technologies by getting us out into space, creating power anywhere on demand and opening up a plethora of revolutionary opportunities, but only if we combine our ideas and VERIFY or REFUTE them by experiment.

...From an Art to a Science..

If there is anything to the predictions of coming global catastrophes, with the only SURE HOPE OF SURVIVAL being out in space, then our combined efforts might just make the gravity control or free energy discovery to do it.

Imagine off-planet factories to create a garden planet with no pollution, colonizing or mining other planets (maybe even first contact!), living in open or remote areas because you could be self-sufficient, providing your own power and transportation.

Free energy is ALWAYS JUST OVER THE HORIZON, despite the raft of claims, videos, books and articles about both new and old 'breakthroughs'.

Where are these wonderful machines?

If it works, why is it not for sale in a kit form or sold through networks? For that matter, why are the circuits or plans not posted for everyone to validate AND USE?

Makes you want to throw out the whole mess, stop allowing yourself to be teased into it with intriguing stories or claims and get on with the REAL aspects of life. Why waste time with all this 'alternative science', if its just so many half-baked claims, fabrications, outright lies and generally hogwash.

If its real, wouldn't there be * SOMETHING * that could be built or bought BY NOW?

Not just 'proven' and announced, but by God, AVAILABLE for YOU to BUILD, hire someone to build it for you or BUY one outright!

Don't you love the excuses given when you want to know more about it, see a working unit or buy one, these include;

You realize of course that this has been going on for at least 100 years with Keely, Moray, Tesla, Hendershott, Hubbard, Clem, Schauberger, Sweet, Hyde, Testatika, Correa, Meyer, ad nauseum.

Who or what are the 'forces' which have contributed to us not having free energy, gravity control or absolute CURES for disease?

all of which have prevented the world at large from having and USING these freedom-engendering technologies.

Isn't it time WE ALL pitched in to FINALLY make it happen? One hundred PLUS years and STILL NOTHING is pathetic!

Just think - if you give up JUST ONE $5.00 meal or one movie per month, that would equal $60 per year! Multiply that by 500 people which comes to $30,000 per year, minus the newsletter cost and the workshop loan and it averages $1,075.00 per month for projects, equipment and supplies!

What makes this opportunity UNIQUELY DIFFERENT from all the rest, you ask? Three key items:

What if KeelyNet was organized into memberships and offered:

The idea is to build a PLACE where various projects can be built, tested, documented and shared with the members.

Note: this will NOT be an office or storefront, but a WORKSHOP!

The following tables show what would happen with a given membership, what the monthly outlay would be and how much would remain for buying supplies and constructing projects.

Each member will get a membership card and a quarterly newsletter with useful information and updates about ongoing projects. The level of the card determines the bragging rights and seriousness of the member to ACTIVELY play a part in MAKING it happen.

Members can visit the workshop and use it to actively participate in group projects or work on their own ideas.

Eventually, a drillpress, lathe, milling machine, woodworking equipment and plastic fabrication equipment will be available.

Where have you EVER seen a plan where your membership dues provide not only information but also a chance to work on projects when you are in the Dallas area?

To the best of my knowledge, this approach has not been taken before. When you subscribe to most newsletters, the per issue costs are similar, so don't you wonder where that extra money goes?

We're talking from $7,000 to $50,000 per year AFTER paying for the mailers and postage!

Here, you will KNOW it is going for experimentation because all details will be reported to you in the newsletter, via the website and the BBS.

There are only three groups I know who periodically do projects;

Wouldn't it be fantastic if through our combined efforts, both financial and experimental, we produced a working, TESTED, standalone free energy or gravity reduction prototype?

Construction details would be sent ASAP to all members and shortly thereafter to the networks (computer)!

With the plans sent to members, anyone could make kits or working models to sell to those who don't build, but who would prefer to buy an assembled and tested unit!

Haven't we had ENOUGH claims with NO proof or details, aren't you ready for that BREAKTHROUGH?

OK, down to business, let's do some ciphering
and see how this will work.

Projections - for 500 members

Membership Levels Yrly Dues 500 members Newsletter Qrtly Cost Newsletter Yrly Cost Left/Yr Monthly
Basic $30.00 $15,000 $2,000 $8,000 $7,000 $583.33
Silver $50.00 $25,000 $2,000 $8,000 $17,000 $1,416.67
Gold $100.00 $50,000 $2,000 $8,000 $42,000 $3,500
Platinum $500.00 $250,000 $2,000 $8,000 $242,000 $20,166.67

Expenses and Cash left
for Experimentation after Newsletter mailouts

Membership Building Total 2 year payoff Monthly Utilities Monthly Total Out Monthly Remaining
500 X $30 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 -$75.00
500 X $50 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $758.33
500 X $100 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $2,841.67
500 X $500 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $19,508.33

Projections - for 1000 members

Membership Levels Yrly Dues 1000 members Newsletter Qrtly Cost Newsletter Yrly Cost Left/Yr Monthly
Basic $30.00 $30,000 $4,000 $16,000 $14,000 $1,166.67
Silver $50.00 $50,000 $4,000 $16,000 $34,000 $2,833.33
Gold $100.00 $100,000 $4,000 $16,000 $84,000 $7,000
Platinum $500.00 $500,000 $4,000 $16,000 $484,000 $40,333.33

Expenses and Cash left
for Experimentation after Newsletter mailouts

Membership Building Total 2 year payoff Monthly Utilities Monthly Total Out Monthly Remaining
1000 X $30 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $508.33
1000 X $50 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $2,175.00
1000 X $100 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $6,341.677
1000 X $500 $11,000 $458.33 $200.00 $658.33 $39,675.00

The aim is to gather a mix of memberships that would provide a MINIMUM of $25,000 per year.

Once the QUARTERLY newsletters (printing and mailing) were paid for (500 members would cost $8,000 per year), the rest would be used to pay for the building and monthly utilities (averaging $658.33), leaving approximately $758.33 per month for materials and equipment to be used for projects/experiments.

To rent a very small building ALONE would run at least $1000 per month NOT including utilities.

This is as open and honest an approach as I know how to make, you can clearly see what is needed for space, utilities, equipment, materials to do anything meaningful, and $758 a month is not a great deal of money for certain projects without using 'redneck engineering.'

I'm ready to take the plunge with an initial loan of around $10,000 to get it going, and all you are asked for is a subscription, not a franchise or licensing fee since this is all public.

Any better ideas out there that don't involve a scam or that hide results for personal gain? Please suggest them!

Tell your friends - get involved!

Donations, bequests and special contributions will definitely add to our COMBINED abilities to make a serious breakthrough. Other resources would be equipment or service contributions that would be much appreciated! Remember.......

Ye shall know them by their works...

Here's the deal, if after reading this you want to get involved, send a check or money order made out to KeelyNet and send it to:

PO BOX 870716
Mesquite, TX 75187

The membership levels are:
Basic - $ 30 & up/year
Silver - $ 50 & up/year
Gold - $100 & up/year
Platinum - $500 & up/year

Would you rather your quarterly copy of the KeelyNet newsletter be sent to your email address to save on mailing and speed of receipt? Specify EMAIL or SNAILMAIL when you subscribe.

Please include your email, mailing address, phone/fax number and state your primary interest - energy, gravity, health, other (specify).

Offer ends July 4th, 1997!

At that time, the received dues will be tabulated and if they equal or exceed the $25,000 minimum, they will be deposited and everything will be set in motion.

No checks or money orders will be cashed or deposited until we receive sufficient memberships to total $25,000!

In the event we receive that amount BEFORE the July 4th, 1997 target date, events will accelerate accordingly as detailed below.

All checks and money orders will be RETURNED TO SENDER UNCASHED if we don't reach the MINIMUM $25,000 goal and KeelyNet will remain an information service ONLY.

The primary purpose of this plan is to provide a workshop to carry out real- time experiments and share the findings with everyone. It either works and SUSTAINS ITSELF or dies stillborn, your choice.

If we receive enough memberships to achieve the $25,000 minimum by July 4th - or BEFORE THAT TARGET DATE - the following events will take place: