Noted Alchemist Hans Nintzel passes

It saddens me to report that our noted alchemist friend Hans Nintzel passed away on December 3, 2000. At this time we have no further information though were aware he was in a nursing or convalescent home.

Hans was a highly unique and charismatic man, well known in the Dallas Metroplex among those of us who choose to study alternative subjects. He was a noted alchemist who routinely made various oils used mostly for healing. Hans was very well read and was a friend of the late Dion Fortune and other famous figures in the metaphysical arenas.

He regularly gave classes in alchemy to pass on his extensive knowledge and is famous for creating the R.A.M.S. series of translations of ancient alchemical texts. I'm sorry to say I can't recall what R.A.M.S. stands for but I know the fruits of his translations were sought out by the serious students of alchemy.

Many times I would visit Hans while his beloved wife Jodie was still living and we would talk about various subjects or work on his computer or just eat a Blimpie's submarine sandwich, Hans knowing it wasn't good for his health since he was diabetic. Hans and Jodie used to love to eat out at various restaurants to sample various cuisines and I remember the good time we had dining at a very fine Chinese restaurant.

Hans had a remarkable book library and collection of unusual information in several file cabinets, gathered and studied over many years. His alchemical lab consisted of a small area carved out of a very packed garage, but it worked and was used to instruct his students in the nuances of alchemy. I'll never forget when he showed me oil of egg and oil of gold that he had extracted as a tincture. He said a drop of the oil of gold could be placed on the tongue of a person having a heart attack and it would stabilize within minutes. The gold he extracted it from was quite peculiar, dull and somewhat brittle for gold since the oil is the 'life' of matter.

In closing, else I'll ramble on with fond memories of Hans and Jodie, son Peter Nintzel kindly sent a notice about the memorial service which will be held on December 14th, 2000 at 7PM.

Services will be held at the Unity Church, 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX, 75230.
All are welcome to attend.

If you need further information, you can contact Peter Nintzel at 214-641-8306.