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06/11/12 -
KeelyNet - Full Article Source


12/09/12 - Acoustic levitation of water droplets
These water droplets are not falling; they’re actually stuck in place. What we’re seeing is the effects of an acoustic levitator. The device was initially developed by NASA to simulate microgravity.

Now it’s being used by the pharmaceutical industry do develop better drugs.

The two parts of the apparatus seen in the image above are both speakers. They put out a sound at about 22 kHz, which is beyond the human range of hearing. When precisely aligned they interfere with each other and create a standing wave. The droplets are trapped in the nodes of that wave.

So are these guys just playing around with the fancy lab equipment? Nope. The levitation is being used to evaporate water from a drug without the substance touching the sides of a container.

This prevents the formation of crystals in the solution. But we like it for the novelty and would love to see someone put one of these together in their home workshop. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Star Trek Medical Tricorder Is Real, And It’s Only $150
KeelyNet It's called the Scanadu SCOUT and, basically, it's a medical tricorder that will give you precise vital information about any human being within seconds, just on contact. It's very real and it works now.

And it's not only SCOUT—the company has two other devices—ScanaFlo and ScanaFlu—which are like having your own medical labs to go. Best of all, those two are so cheap that they are disposable.

SCOUT will not be disposable, though. The unit is a tiny hardware device that reads your vital health information on contact. You simply place it on the left temple and, in less than ten seconds, it will read your pulse transit time, heart rate, electrical heart activity, temperature, heart rate variability and blood oxygenation.

Then it sends this information to an app on your iPhone or Android phone, which displays it for you. You can even store your vitals for tracking, which could prove fundamental to many health situations at home.

This personal health tricorder is so simple that it will cost around $150 when it appears at the end of 2013, after it gets US government approval. It may very well become as ubiquitous as home thermometers, which were introduced in the 19th century.

For ScanaFlo, imagine a disposable blue plastic rectangle with a QR code and a window that reveals paper swatches and a color calibration target (similar to this). To get a reading, you need to pee on the rectangle as one would on a pregnancy test. Depending on the content of your urine, the swatches will change color.

But what do these color mean? You don't have to guess or remember. Point your smartphone at the QR target and it will take a photo, telling you if it detects anything out of the ordinary based on the hue of the paper swatches, which react differently depending on your health status.

According its creators, ScanaFlo tests for "pregnancy complications, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, kidney failure and urinary tract infections."

ScanaFlu works in a similar way. Instead of a rectangle, it's a square with a small protuberance on which you have to spit. Your saliva will be distributed to different test units using tiny nano-vessels. Incredibly enough, this "disposable cartridge will provide early detection for Strep A, Influenza A, Influenza B, Adenovirus and RSV." Like ScanaFlo, you will use your phone's camera to have a result sent to your app.

These disposable systems will be sold in packs, also at the end of 2013. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - High-Voltage DC Breakthrough Could Boost Renewable Energy
An updated, high-voltage version of DC, called HVDC, is being touted as the transmission method of the future because of its ability to transmit current over very long distances with fewer losses than AC.

And that trend may be accelerated by a new device called a hybrid HVDC breaker, which may make it possible to use DC on large power grids without the fear of catastrophic breakdown that stymied the technology in the past. (See related photos: "World's Worst Power Outages.")

Swiss-based power technology and automation giant ABB, which developed the breaker, says it may also prove critical to the 21st century's transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, by tapping the full potential of massive wind farms and solar generating stations to provide electricity to distant cities.

So far, the device has been tested only in laboratories, but ABB's chief executive, Joe Hogan, touts the hybrid HVDC breaker as "a new chapter in the history of electrical engineering," and predicts that it will make possible the development of "the grid of the future"—that is, a massive, super-efficient network for distributing electricity that would interconnect not just nations but multiple continents. Outside experts aren't quite as grandiose, but they still see the breaker as an important breakthrough. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Futuristic handcuffs would administer shocks, drugs
KeelyNet A patent for next-generation handcuffs offers a future in which the detained can be zapped directly from their restraints, and even injected with a medication, sedative, irritant, paralytic, or other fine substance.

The patent is called "Apparatus and System For Augmented Detainee Restraint."

The augmentations it offers are truly quite something. You see, these handcuffs are "configured to administer electrical shocks when certain predetermined conditions occur."

These shocks might be "activated by internal control systems or by external controllers that transmit activation signals to the restraining device."

For Patent Bolt points out that this patent also allows for the idea of a substance delivery system. Yes, these handcuffs might also be used to, well, inject the detained with who knows what -- to achieve "any desired result."

Clearly, the desires of the detained and the detainer might differ. Yet, this patent allows for the possibility of the substance being in the form of "a liquid, a gas, a dye, an irritant, a medication, a sedative, a transdermal medication or transdermal enhancers such as dimethyl sulfoxide, a chemical restraint, a paralytic, a medication prescribed to the detainee, and combinations thereof."

Yes, you really did read the word "paralytic."

Naturally, some will be wondering whether, as in fine restaurants, the arresting officer will ask whether the detained has any allergies. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Apollo Veteran: Skip Asteroid, Go To the Moon
"It's 40 years to the day that the final mission to the moon launched. Discovery News speaks with Apollo 17 astronaut and geologist Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt about where he thinks the Earth's only satellite came from and why he thinks a NASA manned asteroid mission is a mistake.

'I think an asteroid is a diversion,' said Schmitt. 'If the ultimate goal is to get to Mars, you have a satellite only three days away that has a great deal of science as well as resources.

The science of the moon has just been scratched. We've hardly explored the moon.'" The National Research Council came out with a report a few days ago which found that the inability for the U.S. to find a consensus on where to go is damaging its ability to get there.

Bill Nye spoke about the issue, saying, "I believe, as a country, we want to move NASA from [being] an engineering organization to a science organization, and this is going to take years, decades. Now, through investment, we have companies emerging that are exploring space on their own and will ultimately lower the cost of access to low-Earth orbit, which will free up NASA to go to these new and exciting places." - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Tool use by an African grey parrot
Proving that robots aren't just for people any longer, African grey parrot, Pepper, has learned to drive a robot that was specially designed for him. Pepper, whose wing feathers are clipped to preventing him from flying around his humans' house and destroying their things, now manipulates the joystick on his riding robot to guide it to where ever he wishes to go.

It was inspired by Pepper's growing frustration with his human family's rude behaviours.

The behaviour that most annoyed Pepper was when his human family left him alone in a room -- how dare they ignore him? After living with these humans for more than ten years, was he not a member of the family too?

The first toy was a sound-activated squirt gun. This toy sprayed water on Pepper whenever he screamed.

After an initial period of silent astonishment at his human companion's sheer ingenuity, Pepper tested the toy thoroughly and grew to love it. Of course, Pepper's shrieks were rewarded so he screamed more than ever, although now, his frustration was tempered with long moments of soggy, shrieking delight.

This time, Mr Gray knew what he had to do. He designed a toy that would relieve Pepper's loneliness -- a stylish toy that would make any parrot proud. His very own robot!

Basically, this toy is a parrot perch on wheels, equipped with a joystick that allows its parrot driver to commandeer the contraption around the house and with a newspaper-sized deck to catch Pepper's occasional tokens of appreciation.

Dubbed the "bird buggy" by Mr Gray, this robot is the most sophisticated toy that Pepper has received so far. It meets his goal by allowing him to follow his much larger and clumsier human family members around the house without fear of being trampled underfoot.

When later asked about this invention, Pepper said he was pleased to see that his extensive efforts to train his human companion had finally paid off, and so handsomely, too. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Kid Manifesto

- Full Article Source

12/09/12 - How to make a powered speaker for your MP3 player
MonoBox is a small, inexpensive powered speaker that amplifies the output of your headphone music player. It's little but it's loud! All the circuit parts are available from RadioShack. The speaker and cabinet are left to your preference.

You'll learn how to assemble and solder an audio power amplifier using an integrated circuit (IC) chip, and how to choose a speaker and install it in a cabinet with the amplifier.

The core of MonoBox is a compact and efficient audio amplifier based on the LM386 power amp chip. It will run on 200mA of current using power supplies from 6V–15V DC. This gives you the flexibility to power it from a wall adapter, a 9V battery, or a car accessory outlet.

You're probably thinking, "Sure, but it's so small. Does it rock?" Fair question. The prototype has been exhaustively tested and it does indeed rock. Maximum volume output is 90dB, and with the added bass boost your socks will be rocked clean off! - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - 'Indiana Jones' sued over missing crystal skull
KeelyNet Evidently the fourth Indiana Jones film used a little too much history in its mysterious alien crystal skull tale! As they told us, there are only four known crystal skulls in the world. One of them is getting Disney and Paramount sued!

Dr. Jaime Awe, director of the Institute of Archaeology of Belize has brought suit on a number of parties on behalf of Belize. He is seeking the return of the Mitchell-Hedges skull and damages for use of its likeness. The Mitchell-Hedges is the missing fourth skull and was mentioned in the Indiana Jones movie. Awe claims the movie skull bears a striking resemblance to the original.

F.A. Mitchell-Hedges traveled to Belize in the early 1920s. His adopted daughter Anna Mitchell-Hedges is alleged to have first discovered a Crystal Skull under a collapsed altar while exploring temple ruins in Belize.

She reportedly disclosed this in a documentary that aired on the Sci Fi Channel (now Syfy) in 2008. The skull is described as 5 inches high, 7 inches long and 5 inches wide.

It was taken to the U.S in 1930, then travelled with the father to England and remained there until his death in 1959, after which it was kept by the daughter and later the daughter's husband in Indiana. The family is said to have made money exhibiting it.

(Absolutely she used to travel the conferences to tell her story and show the skull. Very nice, sweet lady...chatted with her at one conference and she said if I put a crystal in it's mouth, my crystal would be programmed with her crystal's energy. At that some business guy was with her and they claimed the skull was an information hologram. I put a crystal in its mouth for about an hour but didn't notice anything odd with it, before or after. - JWD) - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Thorium Fuel Has Proliferation Risk
"Thorium has attracted interest as a potentially safer fuel for nuclear power generation. In part, this has been because of the absence of a route to nuclear weapons, but a group of British scientists have identified a path that leads to uranium-233 via protactinium-233 from irradiated thorium.

The protactinium separation could possibly be done with standard lab equipment, which would allow it to be done covertly, and deliver the minimum of U233 required for a weapon in less than a year." - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Hagfish Slime Could Make Super-Strong Clothes
Having the ability to create a 20 liter cloud of slime and tie themselves in knots, hagfish have always been one of my favorite deep-sea denizens. Being a living slime dispenser has not won the species many fans however, with the notable exceptions of Mike Rowe and Dr. Egon Spengler. All that is about to change thanks to the work of a research team at Canada’s University of Guelph.

They've found that hagfish slime might be used to make new plastics and even super-strong fabrics. From the article: "A research team at Canada’s University of Guelph managed to harvest the slime from the fish, dissolve it in liquid, and then reassemble its structure by spinning it like silk.

It’s an important first step in being able to process the hagfish slime into a useable material, according to Atsuko Negishi, a research assistant and lead author on the paper in this week’s journal Biomacromolecules.

'We’re trying to understand how they make these threads and how we can learn from that to make protein-based fibers that have excellent mechanical properties,' Negishi said. 'The first step is can we harvest the threads. It turns out that is doable.'" - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Golden Spike Working On Private Moon Flights
"NBC reports that Alan Stern's Golden Spike Company is planning commercial trips to the Moon. From the article:

'A group of space veterans and big-name backers today took the wraps off the Golden Spike Company, a commercial space venture that aims to send paying passengers to the moon and back at an estimated price of $1.4 billion or more for two.

The venture would rely on private funding, and it's not clear when the first lunar flight would be launched — but the idea reportedly has clearance from NASA, which abandoned its own back-to-the-moon plan three and a half years ago."

Golden Spike's announcement came on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 17, the last manned moonshot. Backers of the plan, including former NASA executive Alan Stern and former Apollo flight director Gerry Griffin, were to discuss the company's strategy at a National Press Club briefing at 2 p.m. ET, but some of the details were laid out in a news release issued before the briefing.

"A key element that makes our business achievable and compelling is Golden Spike's team of nationally and internationally known experts in human and robotic spaceflight, planetary and lunar science, exploration, venture capital formation, and public outreach," Stern said in the news release.'" - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Volcanoes, Not Meteorite, Killed Dinosaurs, New Study Suggests
KeelyNet Tens of thousands of years of lava flow from the Deccan Traps, a volcanic region near Mumbai in present-day India, may have spewed poisonous levels of sulfur and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and caused the mass extinction through the resulting global warming and ocean acidification, the research suggests.

The findings, presented Wednesday (Dec. 5) here at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, are the latest volley in an ongoing debate over whether an asteroid or volcanism killed off the dinosaurs about 65 million years ago in the mass die-off known as the K-T extinction.

"Our new information calls for a reassessment of what really caused the K-T mass extinction," said Gerta Keller, a geologist at Princeton University who conducted the study.

For several years, Keller has argued that volcanic activity killed the dinosaurs.

In past work, the team has also found evidence at Chicxulub that casts doubt on the notion of a meteorite causing the extinction.

Sediments containing iridium, the chemical signature of an asteroid, show up after the extinction occurred, contradicting the notion that it could have caused a sudden die-off, Keller said.

A meteorite impact also would not have produced enough toxic sulfur and carbon dioxide to match the levels seen in the rocks, so it may have worsened the mass extinction, but couldn't have caused it, she said.

"The meteorite is just too small to cause the extinction." - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Legal pot complicates drug-free work policies
Businesses in Washington state, where pot is now legal, and Colorado, where it will be by January, are trying to figure out how to deal with employees who use it on their own time and then fail a drug test.

It is another uncertainty that has come with pot legalization as many ask how the laws will affect them.

"There's just an incredible amount of gray right now" about how marijuana legalization affects employers, said Sandra Hagen Solin of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance, a coalition of chambers of commerce.

Police departments are especially worried. Officers take oaths to protect all laws, state and federal. In this case, pot is still prohibited under federal law.

Some lawyers are encouraging companies to take stock of their drug policies. "This is a good time for employers to revisit their policies and make sure they're still consistent with what they want to do, and to talk with their employees about what the policies are," said Mark Berry, an employment lawyer.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, a Denver-based chain with locations in the two states, has no plans to revisit its drug policy. Spokesman Kevin Caulfield said the policy already covers legal drugs, such as prescription medication. Marijuana would be treated the same, he said.

"If a drug is legal, as long as it's not abused or misused, it would not be something covered by the policy," Caulfield said. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears
Fears that the end of the world is nigh have spread across the world with only days until the end of the Mayan calendar, with doomsday-mongers predicting a cataclysmic end to the history of Earth.

Ahead of December 21, which marks the conclusion of the 5,125-year "Long Count" Mayan calendar, panic buying of candles and essentials has been reported in China and Russia, along with an explosion in sales of survival shelters in America. In France believers were preparing to converge on a mountain where they believe aliens will rescue them.

The precise manner of Armageddon remains vague, ranging from a catastrophic celestial collision between Earth and the mythical planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, a disastrous crash with a comet, or the annihilation of civilisation by a giant solar storm.

Nasa has been aggressively seeking to dispel doomsday fears. It says there is no evidence Nibiru exists, and rumours it could be hiding behind the sun are unfounded.

"It can't hide behind the sun forever, and we would've seen it years ago," a Nasa scientist said.

The space agency also rejected apocalyptic theories about unusual alignments of the planets, or that the Earth's magnetic poles could suddenly "flip."

Conspiracy theorists contend that the space agency is involved in an elaborate cover up to prevent panic. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - It’s Tesla’s World, We’re Just Reinventing it
KeelyNet The military research agency wants to “‘harness control over ‘the natural mechanism of lightning initiation’ by coming up with a way to launch man-made lightning bolts, and prevent or redirect natural lightning strikes — and their accompanying destruction. “

So instead of attempting to heal the climate, our military geniuses are actively trying to turn it into a weapon to use against us. And this is nothing new.

Applied Energetics (formerly Ionatron) most certainly will be submitting a proposal for Nimbus since they are already “developing gigantic lightning guns that will be able to stall a car from afar. Initially, they were focused on zapping people, but have since shifted their focus to harnessing lightning to shorting out vehicles and IEDs.”

In fact, the military has been hard at work channeling the powers of Zeus for more than a decade. You can read all about it in the 1996 report to the Air Force “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025“, which described itself in ‘96 as so entirely hypothetical it should be considered fictional, and is now being fully-funded.

Tesla Electrostatic Propulsion – In Tesla’s Wardencliffe design, the top capacitance was chosen such that it could contain the entire charge developed in the secondary.

Instead of breaking out to produce lightning bolts, the entire charge was discharged back through the secondary and into the ground. The effect was that he was producing a controlled lightning strike on the Earth.

This would cause a very large wave to propagate around the Earth to the antipode, and reflect back to the power station. When the wave came back to the power station another controlled lightning bolt was coming down the secondary to add energy to the first wave, and so on. Eventually Tesla would have created standing waves on the Earth.

These standing wave spikes would bring electrons very high into the atmosphere, and likely cause lightning discharges to increase at the location of the standing waves. This in turn would have affected the weather and possibly the climate.

Tesla further remarked that he could make these standing waves appear at any place on the Earth by building and controlling other power stations and using a type of triangulation system. In theory, Tesla could make the standing waves all peak in one particular place, causing who knows what kind of effects? - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Legal Pot - Americans Want Feds To Leave States Alone
Fifty-one percent of Americans in the new HuffPost/YouGov poll said that in the two states that have legalized marijuana use for adults, the federal government should exempt any adults following state laws from federal drug law enforcement. Only 30 percent said the federal government should enforce its drug laws in those states in the same way it does in any other state.

A New York Times report has cast doubt on whether the two states will be able to put their new laws into effect unencumbered by the federal government, suggesting the Obama administration may pursue legal action to block the two states' laws, which contradict federal laws that make marijuana use illegal.

The new HuffPost/YouGov poll suggests this would be an unpopular move by the federal government, although the survey asked about enforcement of drug laws against individuals, rather than action to block the state laws. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns
In the next few days, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to propose long-delayed regulations requiring auto manufacturers to include event data recorders - better known as "black boxes" - in all new cars and light trucks. But the agency is behind the curve. Automakers have been quietly tucking the devices, which automatically record the actions of drivers and the responses of their vehicles in a continuous information loop, into most new cars for years.

When a car is involved in a crash or when its airbags deploy, inputs from the vehicle's sensors during the 5 to 10 seconds before impact are automatically preserved. That's usually enough to record things like how fast the car was traveling and whether the driver applied the brake, was steering erratically or had a seat belt on.

The idea is to gather information that can help investigators determine the cause of accidents and lead to safer vehicles. But privacy advocates say government regulators and automakers are spreading an intrusive technology without first putting in place policies to prevent misuse of the information collected.

Data collected by the recorders is increasingly showing up in lawsuits, criminal cases and high-profile accidents. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Genetically modified mosquitoes to be released into the Florida Keys
Officials are targeting the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes because they can spread dengue fever, a disease health officials thought had been eradicated in the U.S. until 93 cases originated in the Keys in 2009 and 2010.

The trial planned by mosquito control officials and the British company Oxitec would release non-biting male mosquitoes that have been genetically modified to pass along a birth defect that kill their progeny before reaching maturity.

The idea is that they will mate with wild females and their children will die before reproducing. After a few generations, Key West's Aedes aegypti population would die off, reducing the dengue fever risk without using pesticides and at relatively a low cost, the proponents say. There is no vaccine for dengue fever.

The district's website says the modified genes will disappear from the environment after the mosquitoes carrying it die, resulting in no permanent change to the wild mosquito population. The district also says that the mosquito species isn't native to the Keys, nor is it an integral food source for other animals.

Dengue fever is a viral disease that inflicts severe flu-like symptoms — the joint pain is so severe its nickname is 'breakbone fever.' It isn't fatal but victims are then susceptible at subsequent exposures to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which can be. - Full Article Source

12/09/12 - Govt. borrows 46 cents of every dollar it spends
The government notched a $172 billion deficit in November, and is already nearly $300 billion in the hole through the first two months of fiscal year 2013, underscoring just how deep the government’s budget problems are as lawmakers try to negotiate a year-end deal to avoid a budgetary “fiscal cliff.”

Higher spending on mandatory items such as Social Security, Medicare and interest on the debt led the way in boosting spending compared with the previous year, which also highlights the trouble spots Congress and President Obama are struggling to grapple with.

All sides agreed to discretionary spending cuts and automatic spending cuts last year, but have been unable to agree on ways to control entitlement costs, which are the long-term drivers of deficits and debt.

Fiscal year 2013 began on Oct. 1 and so far the government has spent $638 billion and taken in just $346 billion in revenue.

That tax revenue is up by $30 billion compared with last year, or about 10 percent.

But spending is up even more — a staggering $87 billion, or 14 percent. The CBO said much of that higher spending total is due to timing of payments month-to-month. Without those shifts, spending would be up $22 billion, or 4 percent. - Full Article Source


12/06/12 - CrowdSourcing Science
KeelyNet Getting people to pitch in and fund a new project is commonplace, but here’s something new. Using crowd funding to develop a scientific breakthrough.

The Economist magazine recently listed three important sites. One is, where a Florida anthropologist raised over $12,000 to study the DNA of Roman skeletons.

Another is which was used by the California Academy of Sciences to discover a new species of ant.

On, scientists have raised over $9,000 to fund a “worm-free world.”

They mean those icky worms that enter your body, not the ones in your garden. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Bluetooth stickers help you find things
StickNFinds are Bluetooth location stickers the diameter of a quarter (but thicker than a quarter).

You attach them to television remote controls, pets, children, or other things that you need to locate. The batteries last about a year. The StickNFind smart phone application helps you find your missing items and life forms.

It is also advertised as a kind of early warning system: "stick the Stick-N-Find on your wife’s car. Once she pulls in the driveway, you get a notification, clean your mess, and go wash dishes before she comes in." That is some fast dishwashing.

The company that makes StickNFind is seeking $70,000 on Indiegogo. So far they've received close to $40,000 with 42 days left in the campaign. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - New Cheap, Shatterproof, Plastic Light Bulbs

"US researchers say they have developed a new type of lighting that could replace fluorescent bulbs.

The new light source is called field-induced polymer electroluminescent (Fipel) technology.

It is made from three layers of white-emitting polymer that contain a small volume of nanomaterials that glow when electric current is passed through them. The developer is promising cheap, hard-to-break, mercury-free, highly efficient bulbs from 2013."

The inventor of the device is Dr David Carroll, professor of physics at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. He says the new plastic lighting source can be made into any shape, and it produces a better quality of light than compact fluorescent bulbs which have become very popular in recent years.

"They have a bluish, harsh tint to them, " he told BBC News, "it is not really accommodating to the human eye; people complain of headaches and the reason is the spectral content of that light doesn't match the Sun - our device can match the solar spectrum perfectly.

"I'm saying we are brighter than one of these curlicue bulbs and I can give you any tint to that white light that you want."

"What we've found is a way of creating light rather than heat. Our devices contain no mercury, they contain no caustic chemicals and they don't break as they are not made of glass." - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Elegant Pendulum Pump Could Help Third World Water Supply
A company called Gravitational Energy Corporation (GEC) uses a high effficiency pendulum to translate human effort into a far greater outcome than the typical hand pump could achieve. The new device, called the GP210, has potential use in parts of Africa and other regions where water delivery remains an enormous stumbling block to community health.

A couple of years ago, the company put a GP210 to the test in a project with the childrens’ advocacy and disaster relief organization One Life Missions Foundation, to help after the earthquake in Haiti.

According to the company, the device produced drinking water for about 4,000 people on a daily basis, requiring only about three hours of operation. The company states that it can pump about 1,000 gallons of water per hour with “minimal effort.”

A while back, CleanTechnica talked about a Serbian invention that combines a lever and a pendulum to produce impressive energy gains.

The basic idea is fairly straightforward. You expend a measure of extra effort to start the pendulum (say, with a couple of extra helpers if necessary), and after that it takes a relatively small amount of work to keep it going indefinitely. Gravity does the rest, adding a lot of extra oomph to the human operator’s work.

The GP210 takes it to the next level with the patented Feltenberger Pendulum, named for inventor and GEC co-founder Bruce Feltenberger.

According to GEC, the Feltenberger Pendulum incorporates two major improvements. One is a nearly frictionless pivot point, and the other is a moveable axle that slides in and out horizontally as the pendulum swings back and forth.

The axle is attached to a rod-and-piston pump, and there you have it.

But wait, there’s more. If needed, the GP210 can also run on conventional fuel, and GEC sells a version of it packaged with a high-efficiency water filtration system.

The GP210 requires no fuel, operates in virtual silence, and produces drinking water from practically any fresh water source. It can also be modified to hook up to a flywheel, a drill, or other small-scale hydraulic devices.

When used to power a generator, the device can produce enough electricity for laptops, LED lighting, communications equipment, and battery recharging. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Dirigible Airship Prototype Approaches Completion


"The dirigible airship, the oddball aircraft of another era, is making a comeback. California-based Aeros Corporation has created a prototype of its new breed of variable buoyancy aircraft and expects the vehicle to be finished before the end of 2012.

With its new cargo handling technology, minimum fuel consumption, vertical take-off and landing features and point to point delivery, the Aeroscraft platform promises to revolutionize airship technology. The Aeroscraft ship uses a suite of new mechanical and aerospace technologies.

It operates off a buoyancy management system which controls and adjusts the buoyancy of the vehicle, making it light or heavy for any stages of ground and flight operation. Automatic flight control systems give it equilibrium in all flight modes and allow it to adjust helium pressurized envelopes depending on the buoyancy requirements.

It just needs one pilot and has an internal ballast control system, which allows it to offload cargo, without using ballast.

Built with a rigid structure, the Aeroscraft can control lift at all stages with its Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities and carry maximum payload while in hover. What makes it different from other cargo vehicles is that it does not need a runway or ground infrastructure." - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Ultimate Flying Machine
A former F-16 jockey and a skateboard designer collaborate to design the tiny Icon A5 aircraft. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Simplifying fabrication of soft robots
Soft robots are a peculiar wing of technology. They don’t use frames and motors for locomotion, but as the name implies they are made of soft materials. They move by pumping fluid — it could be air or liquid — in and out of bladders that push or pull against the body itself.

[Matthew] points out that fabricating soft robots has traditionally been a time-consuming and difficult task. He’s trying to make it easier by 3D printing molds into which soft robots can be cast. This way the parts can be designed in CAD, converted to a mold design, and pushed to a 3D printer.

The object with which he’s been testing the technique functions like an octopus tentacle. The image at the bottom left illustrates the internal structure, with rings separated to allow the appendage to flex, and tubes running parallel to the appendage to provide the force needed to bend it.

Above that image you can see one of the molds that was used, and the final product is on the right. The video after the break shows a demonstration of this bending left and right as air is pumped in using the bulb of a blood pressure cuff (or Sphygmomanometer for those paying attention). - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - LOL is pro-Satan code

- Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Electric lighting from trash
The Joule Thief is a way of producing enough electricity to run small, but useful, electric lights using cast-off trash like pop-can tabs and "dead" batteries.

The fact that the Joule thief allows one to run a 3V LED from a 1.5 or 1.2 Volt battery would itself be astounding, because it means you only need half the number of batteries to get the same light.

Some of you are thinking "wait, maybe it enables you to use a single 1.5 volt battery to light a 3V LED instead of the usual two, but doesn't it just make that battery last half as long? Great question, but the answer is that the Joule Thief, which works by building up and collapsing a magnetic field around the torus (which acts as an electromagnetic inductor) actually is more efficient than using a battery directly because it PULSES the energy to the LED.

You see the lightbulb shining brightly, but in fact it is turning on and off very rapidly as the magnetic field of the inductor builds up and discharges again and again. That means that though the light appears to be on all the time it is actually turning on and off and saving energy because it isn't on all the time.

It turns out that the Joule Thief enables the battery to keep supplying electrons to the light long after the battery is normally considered DEAD. So the battery actually lasts much much longer than a normal battery.

I've observed "dead" batteries working down to about 0.5 Volts. Normally a 1.5 V battery is considered dead when it reaches 1.0 volts. But the Joule Thief can "steal" the remaining energy much below that. And that got me thinking -- could I use other sources of between 0.5 and 1.0 Volts to run a 3V LED? - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - What's up with NASA's warp drive spaceship?
KeelyNet Harold White of NASA’s Johnson Space Center is currently leading an effort to design a warp drive space ship. But, as Amy Teitel explains in a story for Vice's Motherboard, the fact that this is happening does not necessarily mean a real working warp drive is possible.

It's more about the fact that NASA is partly in the business of letting really smart people try things that are kind of crazy and unlikely, if they can back up the idea with a reasonably plausible hypothesis. Speculative research is a thing that happens.

The problem is that breaking the light barrier isn’t at all like breaking the sound barrier. The sound barrier–properly, the aerodynamic effects of pressure waves interacting with a body as it approaches the speed of sound–was broken with a cleverly engineered aircraft and an at-the-time state of the art rocket engine.

Bell’s X-1 was, importantly, a physical aircraft made of matter, not made of sound. But the atoms and molecules that make up all matter are connected by electromagnetic fields, and that’s the same stuff that light is made of.

So when it comes to breaking the light barrier, it’s like breaking through light with light (sort of… ask Brian Greene). As NASA poses the question, “How can an object travel faster than that which links its atoms?” It’s a very different matter.

Another issue special relativity brings up is the light speed barrier.

Moving takes energy, and the faster you move the more energy you use. So, theoretically, to move at the cosmic speed limit of light you need an infinite amount of energy. That’s a distinct barrier if there ever was one. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Mercury Turbine Now a Success (Mar, 1931)


New Power Idea Proves Its Value in Practical Use As Quicksilver Vapor Spins Electric Generator.

WHEN, in 1914, William LeRoy Emmet, General Electric Company research engineer, first proposed that mercury vapor instead of steam could be used to drive a turbine wheel, scientists and engineers scoffed at him.

They said that while the physical characteristics of mercury, its boiling point, specific heat, and so on made the idea theoretically possible, insurmountable obstacles lay before anyone who tried to work it out in a practical way.

Pointing to the tiny leaks that often occur in steam piping, they said that similar leaks would certainly occur with mercury vapor, which is even harder to confine than steam. Such leaks, they claimed, would waste valuable mercury and kill all the engineers, because mercury vapor is exceedingly poisonous.

However, Emmet refused to listen and built an experimental machine. These early tests were described in Popular Science Monthly.

A few days ago, I saw in operation a mercury vapor power plant of full commercial size that, during the last year, has set a low figure for the use of coal such as the world has never before seen!

In 1923 a 5,000-horsepower experimental mercury vapor unit was constructed and installed at the Hartford Electric Company’s Dutch Point power generating station.

During the years that followed, test runs bore out Emmet’s theories, but some of the troubles predicted by the scoffers also were encountered.

A boiler head blew out and thousands of dollars worth of the valuable mercury escaped. Only part of it was recovered. A turbine wheel went to pieces under the strain and caused a shutdown for several months. Workers were overcome by the fumes of the poisonous mercury. There were, however, no fatalities, nor was anyone permanently injured, because of the unusual precautions taken by the company to protect the men who had charge of the work.

Then, utilizing the engineering knowledge gained from the years of experimenting with the first two units, the company decided to build a real, commercial size, mercury boiler unit at its South Meadow generating plant.

It was this plant I recently inspected. I had gone prepared to see only experimental apparatus that possibly produced results when it ran during the intervals between costly and dangerous breakdowns. I found instead a power house unit that was solidly engineered, permanently installed, and running without any sign of trouble. In fact it is now planned to follow the general design of this plant in building a unit twice as large, 20,000 kilowatts in capacity, in the new power plant of the Schenectady works of the General Electric Company.

THE South Meadow mercury boiler unit is producing as high as 143 kilowatt hours of electrical energy for each 100 pounds of coal burned. The finest steam power generating plant in operation today produces only 112 kilowatt hours of energy from that much coal. According to United States Government reports, the average efficiency of all the public utility power plants in the country is fifty-nine kilowatt hours from 100 pounds of coal.

This means that, while the average power plant is getting out of a pound of coal as much useful work as could be done by a strong horse in a little over three quarters of an hour, the mercury boiler installation is getting from the same amount of coal as much work as could be done by the same horse working for nearly two hours! - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Sun Still is a 24-inch Vinylite plastic (Dec, 1951)


Sun Still is a 24-inch Vinylite plastic sphere which desalts ocean water and makes it drinkable. Black inner bag absorbs sun’s heat and evaporates water leaving salt residue. Vapors condense as fresh water in reservoir chamber. Still provides 2-1/2 quarts daily, folds into small container. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Insect Farmers Reap a Fortune in Butterflies (Nov, 1936)
KeelyNet Ten thousand dollars for a butterfly! An English collector paid that for one rare tropical fly, the “Charaxes Fournierai,” of which there are but two known specimens— and that is why butterfly farming is a profitable, yet little-known industry.

At Bexley in Kent, England, is a butterfly-breeding farm where care is lavished on the delicate flies from egg to caterpillar, chrysalis and moth. The farm must raise its own flowers, herbs, vegetables, mulberry trees, scented rosemary, bay rose, beech, sycamore, even nettles and dandelions—whatever will please the fastidious palate of the caterpillar.

At the proper time this “fodder” is collected in sacks; and the caterpillars that thrive best on that particular diet are put in with the leaves. Twelve thousand swallow-tail butterflies are bred at one time, bringing enough income to pay the “farm hands” good wages.

When the caterpillar starts weaving its chrysalis the farmer isolates it in a small “pen” to prevent spread of infectious disease. Another species is given a bit of bark, a matchbox or tin in which to await transformation.

Others are left in treetops which are completely swathed in huge bags to protect them from birds. A brilliant blue butterfly from the Dutch East Indies may bring $300, and a gorgeous “morpho” from the Amazon tropics would bring a fortune if it could be raised in captivity. Instead, the only way they can be captured is by nets in Brazilian treetops. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Mars to be colonized by millionaires
KeelyNet Elon Musk, an American billionaire and co-founder of SpaceX, announced development of a rocket motor designed for flight to Mars. According to his calculations, the price of "delivery" of a single colonist to the Red Planet would be half a million dollars. The future "Martians" are expected to pay the entire cost of the trip.

"The ticket price should be low enough so that most people in developed countries by the age of 45 or so could save money for a flight," Musk proclaimed at a conference at the Royal Society of Astronautics (UK). He added that $500,000 would buy a house in California. Meanwhile, statistics show that most Americans are not able to save this amount by the age of 45.

Moreover, the average real income of American households has not increased since 1975. It is unlikely that even in developed countries there will be a large number of people willing to colonize Mars. The average age is not the best for becoming a "cosmonaut." At the age of 45 it is not easy to travel to space and then adapt to far from comfortable conditions of another planet.

However, Musk has his own ideas in this regard. Let's say at the beginning of the colonization only one in 100,000 humans will be ready to pay for a ticket to Mars. Most likely, by the time the world's population will grow to about 8 billion people.

Therefore, we would have as many as 80 thousand potential colonists who would purchase tickets for a total of $40 billion. This is enough to create the first colony on Mars the size of a small city on Earth. Primary infrastructure will have to be prepared, but it would require less money than the transfer of humans to Mars.

According to Elon Musk, using a "reusable" ship for flights that would return to Earth in the early stages of colonization is not feasible, since the distance between the Earth and Mars is constantly changing.

The first ship will not transfer many people. Mostly its compartments will be occupied by construction material for the pressurized dome under which the colonists would live, as well as plants and fertilizer.

It is also expected to send to Mars supplies of oxygen and water. Water will also provide protection from radiation, which is higher on the Red Planet than on Earth.

Generally, the idea is feasible. It would be possible to find 80,000 people who would agree to be pioneers on an alien planet. Some will look for exotic and romantic adventures, others would look for a chance to leave the overcrowded earth or escape from their terrestrial problems.

Another question is whether these people will be fit for Mars exploration? There will be a need not only in people who know how to make money, but also a variety of scientific and technical experts, teachers, doctors, psychologists, and even laborers.

To meet the need in various professionals, a cheap way of transporting them will be required, and then a "ticket" to Mars cannot cost half a million. As for a handful of millionaires, it is unlikely that they can make substantial contributions.

So far, none of wealthy people are in a hurry to invest in this expensive project. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - The law of the subterranean
Any emergence of a new international economic order to redress the disparities of wealth and opportunity between the North and South hemispheres must stress upon equal access to the vast reserves of untapped mineral wealth located in the Earth's interior.

To match territorial, space and laws obtaining on the high seas, a system to govern and adjudicate the exploitation of wealth found in the bowels of the Earth must now find root among nations who are still disposed to view international law as a viable means to obtain justice however limited its practical benefits might seem.

Lawmakers across the globe must now plan and formulate theirs concepts into an International Law of the Biosphere or more aptly, the International Law of the Subterranean to adjudicate and decide conflicting claims to scarce, often precious, resources found in the Earth's interior.

A body of laws is needed to map the Earth's interior not only to determine how and when nations will have access to natural resources individually, jointly or severally, but also to set limits and restraints on wanton and senseless exploitation of such resources by strong and wealthy nations in detriment to the new economic order they deem to be their goal.

Inasmuch as the Earth's surface, its ocean and skies, have been mapped minutely, meticulously and in detail by geographers, oceanographers and airmen, it is now incumbent upon modern man to look below himself into the hidden recesses of the subterranean world from which he proposes to enrich himself in the coming decades of resource scarcity.

International comity is needed to guarantee that those nations that lack mineral wealth and natural resources will be accorded a modicum of such wealth in order to meet legitimate needs of survival. In practical terms, this means that resource reservoirs or mineral banks will be set up to apportion rare and scarce resources to benefit all nations equally.

Nations not in immediate need of fossil fuels or rare metals may divert or postpone their consumption, thereby guaranteeing themselves a richer future. In a world that is increasingly demanding immediate and instant gratification, tests of international morality will soon acquire an economic and material dimension as resource poverty follows in the wake of profligate and adventurous schemes of resource expenditure.

The propaganda organs and the information media in each country must attempt to influence the public to adopt a lifestyle that is more conducive to economizing on consumption of natural resources in the interests of preserving world peace.

Education imparted to youth in the developed countries, in particular, must wean them away from the false notions of economic progress they have inherited from their forefathers. North and South must come together in a common forum to set up a new international economic order based on principles of justice and equity. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Most intriguing mystery of water solved
Scientists managed to solve one of the most intriguing mysteries of water. They found out how it can store information about creatures that inhabit it. It turned out that some of organic molecules trapped in the water can be stored in it for a long time. This is strange, because in theory, they should immediately disintegrate, but for some reason it does not happen.

It is traditionally believed that water medium transmits odors over long distances worse than air. The reason is that signaling molecules whose mass, strictly speaking, composes any odor, quickly disintegrate once submerged into an active solvent, even distilled water. In addition, because of the constant currents (that exist even in standing water) concentration of odor substances immediately decreases dramatically as molecules quickly spread in all directions.

At the same time, biologists and chemists knew that in virtually all aquatic animals, organs of smell were developed much better than other receptors. Apparently, their work is very effective. It has long been known that a shark can smell its victim at a distance of several hundred meters. And yet, it happens in the ocean where sea water is more active than fresh water due to high concentration of salts.

Recently, this paradox was resolved by a study conducted by Professor Boris Koch with the Alfred Wegener Institute of Polar Research. The scientist, using spectrometry method, made a remarkable discovery. The accurate mass spectrometer showed that single molecules of organic matter remain in the water after the breakdown for a long time.

"Water has chemical "memory" that keeps information about the organisms that were once in it as single organic molecules. We learned to determine what part of the organisms these molecules were and how long they were in the water," said the researcher. According to him, the spectrometer can accurately determine the atomic structure of the molecule, and, moreover, the proportion of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc. Based on this, we can restore the shape of the molecule itself, and even determine what part of the organism it used to be.

According to Koch's study, water often retains carbohydrates and organic acids. These substances are found in most secretion emitted by the body surface, such as mucus in fish and many invertebrates. Of course, the composition of mucus and other excreta is specific to each species. Perhaps this is the reason why sharks are able to find their victims at far distance without errors. They simply follow the trail of organic molecules that remains in the water for a long time, sometimes for several days. Guided by specific odor, bloodthirsty predators immediately understand whose trail it is - harmless tuna or not so harmless dolphins.

Furthermore, they were also able to determine that water retains information about an animal's death for a long time. Some molecules of decaying bodies can be found in a place where the animal suffered death for a very long time. Apparently, they are signals for many marine scavengers such as hagfish and crabs that have poor vision, but can easily find dead creatures immediately after their death.

Interestingly, Koch's discovery so far contradicts some of the laws of organic chemistry. According to them, any organic molecule after exposure to sea water should quickly decompose into simple components, such as carbon dioxide and water. But in this case it does not happen. Why? Perhaps due to the fact that excretory substances are capable of forming complex links with water molecules resistant to any "destroyers."

How long can these stable compounds live? The paper refers to a few days, but it is possible that this has to do with a limited time of the experiment. Perhaps molecular information can be stored for months or even years. This should be tested by conducting research outside of the lab, in the ocean. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Scientists Develop Sixty Day Bread
"BBC reports that scientists have developed a technique that can make bread stay mold-free for 60 days that could also be used with a wide range of foods including fresh turkey and many fruits and vegetables.

At its laboratory on the campus of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Don Stull of Microzap showed off the long, metallic microwave device that resembles an industrial production line.

Originally designed to kill bacteria such as MRSA and salmonella, the researchers discovered it could kill the mold spores in bread in around 10 seconds.

'We treated a slice of bread in the device, we then checked the mold that was in that bread over time against a control,' says Stull. 'And at 60 days it had the same mold content as it had when it came out of the oven.'

Food waste is a massive problem in most developed countries. In the US, figures released this year suggest that the average American family throws away 40% of the food they purchase — which adds up to $165 Billion annually.

There is some concern that consumers might not take to bread that lasts for so long and Stull acknowledges it might be difficult to convince some people of the benefits. 'We'll have to get some consumer acceptance of that. Most people do it by feel and if you still have that quality feel they probably will accept it.'" - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Just Say No To College
"Alex Williams writes in the NY Times that the idea that a college diploma is an all-but-mandatory ticket to a successful career is showing fissures.

Inspired by role models like the billionaire drop-outs who founded Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, Twitter, Tumblr, and Apple, and empowered by online college courses, a groundswell of university-age heretics consider themselves a DIY vanguard, committed to changing the perception of dropping out from a personal failure to a sensible option, at least for a certain breed of risk-embracing maverick.

'Here in Silicon Valley, it's almost a badge of honor,' says Mick Hagen, 28, who dropped out of Princeton in 2006 and moved to San Francisco, where he started Undrip, a mobile app. 'College puts a lot of constraints, a lot of limitations around what you can and can't do. Some people, they want to stretch their arms, get out and create more, do more.'

Perhaps most famously, Peter A. Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, in 2010 started his Thiel Fellowship program, which pays students under 20 years old $100,000 apiece to bag college and pursue their own ventures.

'People are being conned into thinking that this credential is the one thing you need to do better in life. They typically are worse off, because they have amassed all this debt.'

UnCollege advocates a DIY approach to higher education and spreads the message through informational 'hackademic camps.' 'Hacking,' in the group's parlance, can involve any manner of self-directed learning: travel, volunteer work, organizing collaborative learning groups with friends.

Students who want to avoid $200,000 in student-loan debt might consider enrolling in a technology boot camp, where you can learn to write code in 8 to 10 weeks for about $10,000.

'I think kids with a five-year head start on equally ambitious peers will be ahead in both education and income,' says James Altucher, a prominent investor, entrepreneur and pundit who self-published a book called '40 Alternatives to College.' 'They could go to a library, read a book a day, take courses online. There are thousands of ways.'" - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Apple Patents Wireless Charging
"Via El Reg: 'Apple is trying to patent wireless charging, claiming its magnetic resonance tech is new and that it can do it better than anyone else. This would be cool if its assertions were true.

Apple's application, numbered 20120303980, makes much of its ability to charge a device over the air at a distance of up to a meter, rather than requiring close proximity. The Alliance For Wireless Power, which also touts long-range juicing, will no doubt be comparing Apple's designs to its own blueprints.'"

The Alliance For Wireless Power, which also touts long-range juicing, will no doubt be comparing Apple's designs to its own blueprints. The alliance - of which chip biz Qualcomm and Apple rival Samsung are members - reckons distance charging is its unique selling point, allowing gadgets to top up battery power from inside a pocket or as one walks around an office. It's an argument so compelling that the competing Consortium for Wireless Power promptly extended its standard to encompass the same idea.

Regardless of who ends up with eCoupled, the world ought to brace itself for another epic patent battle - although not quite yet: the public is still very unsure it wants wireless charging and the technology isn't built into enough coffee shops, airport lounges and car dashboards to gain a critical mass of popularity, but it should give the lawyers plenty of business by the time the current disputes fizzle out. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - A Brain-Based Explanation For Why Old People Get Scammed
"Despite long experience with the ways of the world, older people are especially vulnerable to fraud.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, up to 80% of scam victims are over 65. One explanation may lie in a brain region that serves as a built-in crook detector.

Called the anterior insula, this structure — which fires up in response to the face of an unsavory character — is less active in older people, possibly making them less cagey than younger folks, a new study finds."

Both FTC and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have found that older people are easy marks due in part to their tendency to accentuate the positive.

Taylor explains that the insula's job is to collect information not about others but about one's own body—sensing feelings, including "gut instincts"—and present that information to the rest of the brain.

"It's a warning bell that doesn't seem to work as well in older people." By habitually seeing the world in a positive light, older people may be overriding this warning signal, she says. "It looks like the brain is conspiring with what older people do naturally."

Whether the insula activates in response to non-facial cues, such as telephone scams (a particular problem for older people), remains unclear, says Taylor, since the study was limited to faces. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - The Trouble With Bringing Your Business Laptop To China
"A growing trend faces business executives traveling to China: government or industry spooks stealing data from their laptops and installing spyware.

'While you were out to dinner that first night, someone entered your room (often a nominal hotel staffer), carefully examined the contents of your laptop, and installed spyware on the computer — without your having a clue.

The result? Exposure of information, including customer data, product development documentation, countless emails, and other proprietary information of value to competitors and foreign governments.

Perhaps even, thanks to the spyware, there's an ongoing infection in your corporate network that continually phones home key secrets for months or years afterward.'" - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Moon's Battered Crust Is Riddled With Cracks
"The moon's battered crust is riddled with deep fractures that may extend miles underground, according to the first findings from two NASA spacecraft orbiting Earth's nearest neighbor.

The results of the mission, led by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist, surprised researchers, who said it will provide new insight into the evolution of the early solar system, and even help inform the search for life on Mars.

Announced Wednesday, the discoveries are also a reminder that the familiar moon still holds secrets four decades after NASA ended its manned missions there.

'We have known that the moon's crust and other planetary crusts have been bombarded by impacts, but none of us could have predicted just how cracked the lunar crust is,' said Maria Zuber, the MIT geoscientist who led the mission, called GRAIL." - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Dr. Mary's Monkey
The Biowar connection to the JFK assassination. - Full Article Source

12/06/12 - Voice Pitch Predicts Labor Market Success among Male CEOs
A deep voice is evolutionarily advantageous for males, but does it confer benefit in competition for leadership positions?

We study a large sample of male public-company Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and find that CEOs with deeper voices manage larger companies, and as a result, make more money.

A 1% decrease in voice pitch is associated with a $30 million increase in the size of the firm managed, and in turn, $19 thousand more in annual compensation. The effects of voice pitch on labor market success are more pronounced in settings where the CEOs have more discretion.

The results support recent experimental predictions suggesting voice pitch matters in leadership selection. (Thanks to Jim H. for this link. - JWD) - Full Article Source


12/03/12 - Similarities of Wave Behavior
This installment of Retrotechtacular looks at a video lecture that is much more substantive than the usual fare. [Dr. J.N. Shive] was a researcher at Bell Labs at a time when just about every technological breakthrough was coming from that singular collection of minds.

This video, called Similarities of Wave Behavior, was made to help bring students up to speed on the principles of waves. To aid in the experience he invented the apparatus seen in front of him.

It’s called a Shive Wave Machine (in the prelude to the video they call it the Shive Wave Generator). Having not taken any physics classes at University we hadn’t seen one of these devices before. It uses a series of horizontal rods connected to each other with torsion wire.

When you upset the balance of one of the rods the wire conducts that energy to its neighbors as an energy wave. This turns out to be a perfect representation of wave action whether it be mechanical, electrical, or acoustic. The 28-minute video after the break makes extensive use of the device, and explains concepts in a way that is easy to understand for just about anyone.

On an elementary conceptual level, this film reflects the multifaceted scientific hyperthinking that was typical of a Bell Labs approach. Host Dr. J.N. Shive's presence as a lecturer is excellent - it's understandable by a layperson even when he branches into equations, because he uses copious amounts of real-world examples to bolster the material.

Shive's role at Bell Labs was more than just a great lecturer: he worked on early transistor technology, inventing the phototransistor in 1950, and the machine he uses in the film is his invention, now called the Shive Wave Machine in college classrooms. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Geeks living off the grid are hard on batteries
KeelyNet Keeping expenses down is nearly a full time job when trying to live the homestead lifestyle. Our current culture makes it extremely difficult to survive completely on self made/grown things and bartering.

They seem to be doing pretty well though. One way he can reduce his costs while still getting to enjoy some modern gadgets is to get longer life out of his batteries.

He does this by using a capacitive battery charger and desolfator that he designed and affectionately calls “Da Pimp”. He also brings in a little bit of income by selling kits!

Da Pimp is a capacitive charger which succeeds where others fail because it is able to adapt itself to the internal resistance of the battery, no matter what voltage level it starts at.

A capacitive charger behaves like a constant current power supply dynamically adjusting the voltage to get over the batteries internal resistance. Plus there is a pulse from the AC/DC conversion.

This allows for old batteries to last longer and for dumpster dived to be used as replacements. Capacitive chargers are small, silent and super efficent (up to 60% more so than cheap transformer based chargers).

Of course, [Mikey] is a supporter of sharing information so you can also go to his site and download the schematics,bill of materials, gerber files, and files for the housing, to build one yourself. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Staples announces in-store 3-D printing service
A new service called "Staples Easy 3D" will allow customers to upload their designs to Staples' website, then pick up the printed objects at their local office supply megastore, or have them shipped to their home or business — not unlike the photo- and document-printing service the company already offers.

The project was announced today at Euromold 2012 by 3-D printer manufacturer Mcor Technologies, who is partnering with Staples to provide its new Iris printers for the service.

The Iris printers employ an innovative method to generate objects, using reams of paper that are cut and printed while being stacked and glued together. This technique allows for a high-resolution layer thickness of 100 microns, similar to that of the MakerBot Replicator 2, but not quite as fine as the 25-micron capability of the Form 1.

The new printers also incorporate the ability to add photorealistic coloring — something that more common plastic printers can't yet achieve. But while the glued paper is said to have a wood-like hardness, the arrangement of the layered paper grain will require special consideration for certain design layouts (this can affect other types of 3-D printers as well).

And while the company says it is able to be drilled, tapped or screwed, its material properties are unknown compared to traditional materials like real wood or steel.

The move by an established corporation to offer 3-D printing further legitimizes the adoption of the rapidly growing field by the mass market. Similar services currently exist, being offered by companies like Shapeways and Sculpteo, but this is the first to be made available from a chain retailer.

Staples Easy 3D will launch in the Netherlands and Belgium in the first quarter of 2013, and will be rolled out to other countries shortly afterword. No word yet on pricing or when it will reach the United States.

(The video says this service will be on tour in 25 USA cities April 10th. This 3d printer costs $1300 but is going on sale.) - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Nasa-sponsored team invents 3D printer that works with lunar dust
Inhabitants of a future Moon base could use 3D printers to make tools and replacement parts directly from melted down moon rock, a new study says.

Researchers have demonstrated how lunar regolith could be used as a raw material for 3D printers, allowing explorers to print out nearly any solid object they need right there on the Moon.

Professor Bandyopadhyay and a group of colleagues recently published a paper in Rapid Prototyping Journal demonstrating how to print parts using materials from the moon.

Lunar explorers could use 3D printers to print out practically any object they need from the dust which covers the Moon's surface after a team showed how it could be possible.

Because of the tremendous expense of space travel, Nasa strives to limit what space ships have to carry.

That means any future outpost on the Moon or on Mars would need to be able to use local materials for construction or repairs.

That's where the 3D fabrication technology might come in. To see whether the same process could work on the Moon, Nasa researchers provided Professor Bandyopadhyay and Professor Bose with 10lb of raw lunar regolith simulant - imitation Moon rock that is used for research purposes.

The WSU researchers were concerned about how the moon rock material, which is made of silicon, aluminum, calcium, iron and magnesium oxides, would melt, but they found it behaved similarly to silica.

Using additive manufacturing, the material could also be tailored, the researchers suggested. If explorers needed a stronger building material, for instance, they could perhaps use some moon rock with earth-based additives.

'The advantage of additive manufacturing is that you can control the composition as well as the geometry,' said Professor Bose.

In the future, the researchers hope to show that the lunar material could be used to do remote repairs. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Metal Storm
Electrically fired bullets allow for up to 16,000 rounds per second. Metal Storm can fire 40mm grenades at a mind blowing rater of 250,000 rounds per minute. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - 5 Billion more wasted on Fusion with NO RESULTS
The National Ignition Facility in Livermore, Calif., has been called a modern-day moonshot, a project of "revolutionary science," and "the mother of all boondoggles."

NIF, as it's called, is a $5 billion, taxpayer-funded superlaser project whose goal is to create nuclear fusion — basically a tiny star inside a laboratory. But so far, that hasn't happened.

The idea behind NIF is to direct a laser the size of a football field — 192 lasers, actually — at one tiny capsule the size of a peppercorn filled with hydrogen. It would create degrees of heat and pressure never before achieved in a lab.

"We will raise the temperature of the target to a hundred million degrees," Moses said. "That's higher temperature and more pressure than exists at the center of our sun."

That's so hot that the hydrogen atoms would enter into a state of controlled nuclear fusion. This is not nuclear fission, where energy is generated by splitting atoms — that happens every day in nuclear power plants. It's the opposite — fusion — smashing them together.

And it's important to realize this concept, controlled nuclear fusion, is one of the most fabled dreams in science, something that has eluded generations of physicists.

So when NIF opened, there was a lot of excitement. "I think we will get ignition," Miller said. "I think we'll get ignition relatively shortly after we turn the facility on."

Now, fast forward 3 1/2 years.

"We just haven't gotten it to burn yet," Moses said last month. He has been doing a lot of these interviews lately, because Oct. 1 was a deadline, set by the agency that oversees NIF — the National Nuclear Security Administration — for the project to have achieved fusion. But they just can't get the conditions right.

The project's top brass now has some explaining to do. This month, Energy Secretary Steven Chu is required to tell Congress why NIF hasn't met its goal, despite costing taxpayers more than $5 billion so far.


For Christopher Paine, director of the nuclear program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, it'll be a giant "I told you so" moment.

"This project has gone on a long time," he says. "Billions have been invested. But to what end?"

Why, in other words, are we doing this?
- Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Super heat Exchanger makes reusable Space Plane possible
A small British company with a dream of building a re-usable space plane has won an important endorsement from the European Space Agency (ESA) after completing key tests on its novel engine technology.

Reaction Engines Ltd believes its Sabre engine, which would operate like a jet engine in the atmosphere and a rocket in space, could displace rockets for space access and transform air travel by bringing any destination on Earth to no more than four hours away.

The space plane, dubbed Skylon, only exists on paper. What the company has right now is a remarkable heat exchanger that is able to cool air sucked into the engine at high speed from 1,000 degrees Celsius to minus 150 degrees in one hundredth of a second.

This core piece of technology solves one of the constraints that limit jet engines to a top speed of about 2.5 times the speed of sound, which Reaction Engines believes it could double.

With the Sabre engine in jet mode, the air has to be compressed before being injected into the engine's combustion chambers. Without pre-cooling, the heat generated by compression would make the air hot enough to melt the engine.

The challenge for the engineers was to find a way to cool the air quickly without frost forming on the heat exchanger, which would clog it up and stop it working.

Using a nest of fine pipes that resemble a large wire coil, the engineers have managed to get round this fatal problem that would normally follow from such rapid cooling of the moisture in atmospheric air.

They are tight-lipped on exactly how they managed to do it.

"We are not going to tell you how this works," said the company's chief designer Richard Varvill, who started his career at the military engine division of Rolls-Royce. "It is our most closely guarded secret."

The company has deliberately avoided filing patents on its heat exchanger technology to avoid details of how it works - particularly the method for preventing the build-up of frost - becoming public.

The Sabre engine could take a plane to five times the speed of sound and an altitude of 25 km, about 20 percent of the speed and altitude needed to reach orbit. For space access, the engines would then switch to rocket mode to do the remaining 80 percent. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Life Expectancy across the world


How long will you live? This colour coded map shows the life expectancy in 222 of the world's nations. Nations shaded dark blue are those where people are expected to live to over 80, and they include most of the developed countries which have compulsory state-funded healthcare like the most of the countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Jordan and Japan.

With the exception of Afghanistan, the countries with the lowest life expectancies are all in sub-Saharan Africa. Inhabitants of Afghanistan, Swaziland, South Africa, Guinea-Bissau and Chad are not expected to reach 50.

The map shows how people are likely to live the longest in developed countries with state-funded healthcare systems like Japan, Canada and the UK, which each have average life expectancies of over 80 years.

The tiny tax haven of Monaco - with its notoriously wealthy inhabitants and compulsory state-funded health service - has the highest life expectancy at an average of 89.68 years, five years higher than anywhere else on earth, according to the CIA World Factbook. The country with the worst life expectancy is the African state of Chad at a shocking 48.69 years.

Life expectancy in America ranks 51st in the CIA's table at 78.49 years - lower than Canada (81.48), Australia (81.90), New Zealand (80.71), Japan (83.91), the UK (80.17) and much of Europe. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Pezo Pals Invented by 11 Year-Old Michael Georges
The invention has been branded as Pezo Pals and has become an interactive toy that tells up to 100 stories.

The Pezo Pal invention plays music and even allows you to record in your own voice sayings and play them back. George's vision was realized and has now hit store shelves. One of the stores is a South Florida toy store called Learning Express. So if you were wondering what hot toy this year might take the United States by storm, this is one good candidate.

The only bad part for now is the places you can buy Pezo Pals is pretty limited. Michael Georges hopes to change that with his next goal.

What is that you say? Well, Michael has told people that he loves watching the hit ABC series, Shark Tank. Michael thinks that his next step is to get his Pezo Pals on the show and get more expertise and funding to expand his interactive toy line and get distribution partners. Pretty amazing for an 11 year old kid. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Hiding an inductive charging station inside furniture
KeelyNet [Tony] wanted to clean up his bedside table by getting rid of the cables used for charging his devices. He accomplished his goal by integrating an inductive charging station inside his furniture.

He chose to go with a product called Powermat. The base station for the device includes two inductive charging areas. [Tony] started by using a router to make a pocket in the underside of this shelf.

He mentions that the remaining wood is only 2mm thick to allow for proper transmission. Before gluing the PCB in place he relocated the power jack so that it is still easy to get to. As you can see in the clip after the break, the system works just fine this way. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Eye Magnet (Nov, 1928)


ONE of the latest developments in the field of medical science is the ring magnet.

It is proving of great value in removing pieces of metal from the eye after an accident.

Workers in various industries often suffer from flying pieces of metal striking the eye.

To remove such small particles is often a delicate operation whose pain is greatly lessened through the use of this ingenious device. The operation shown here is being performed by Sir Richard Cruise, surgeon-oculist to the King of England and surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - New Small Fission Reactor For Deep-space Missions Demonstrated
"Exploring the regions of deep space beyond Mars means sending probes where solar power isn't practical. Since the 1960s, NASA has equipped its Apollo missions and unmanned explorers with Radioisotope Thermal Generators (RTGs).

These have worked very well, but they run on plutonium 238, which is currently in short supply. Therefore, the Los Alamos National Laboratory is developing a new small nuclear reactor for spacecraft that uses uranium instead of plutonium to power Stirling engines and generate electricity.

At the Nevada National Security Site's Device Assembly Facility near Las Vegas, engineers from Los Alamos, the NASA Glenn Research Center and National Security Technologies LLC conducted a Demonstration Using Flattop Fissions (DUFF) experiment that produced 24 watts of electricity using a pair of free-piston Stirling engines." - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - A Blood Test That Screens For Cancer
"People usually find out that they have cancer after developing symptoms or through a screening test such as a mammogram—signs that may appear only after the cancer has grown or spread so much that it can't be cured.

But what if you could find out from a simple, highly accurate blood test that you had an incipient tumor?

By sequencing the abnormal DNA that a tumor releases into a person's bloodstream, researchers are now one step closer to a universal cancer test.

Although the technique is now only sensitive enough to detect advanced cancers, that may be a matter of money: As sequencing costs decrease, the developers of the method say the test could eventually pick up early tumors as well." - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Grim Picture of Polar Ice-Sheet Loss
"A global team of researchers has come up with the most accurate estimate yet for melting of the polar ice sheets, ending decades of uncertainty about whether the sheets will melt further or actually gain mass in the face of climate change.

The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting at an ever-quickening pace. Since 1992, they have contributed 11 millimeters — or one-fifth — of the total global sea-level rise, say the researchers.

The two polar regions are now losing mass three times faster than they were 20 years ago, with Greenland alone now shedding ice at about five times the rate observed in the early 1990s.

This latest estimate, published this week in Science, draws on up to 32 years of ice-sheet simulations and 20 years of satellite data to give an estimate two to three times more accurate than that in the last IPCC report." - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - DOE Wants 5X Improvement In Batteries In 5 Years
"The U.S. Dept. of Energy has set a goal to develop battery and energy storage technologies that are five times more powerful and five times cheaper within five years.

DOE is creating a new center at Argonne National Laboratory, at a cost of $120 million over five years, that's intended to reproduce development environments that were successfully used by Bell Laboratories and World War II's Manhattan Project.

'When you had to deliver the goods very, very quickly, you needed to put the best scientists next to the best engineers across disciplines to get very focused,' said U.S. Energy Secretary Stephen Chu, on Friday.

The Joint Center for Energy Storage Research isn't designed to seek incremental improvements in existing technologies. This technology hub, according to DOE's solicitation (PDF), 'should foster new energy storage designs that begin with a "clean sheet of paper" — overcoming current manufacturing limitations through innovation to reduce complexity and cost.'

Other research labs, universities and private companies are participating in the effort." - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - 7 Jailed In 'Kidney For iPad' Case In China
"In China, the whole team of medical staff and their brokers were sentenced to jail yesterday over their involvement in the case of a teenager who sold a kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad.

He Wei, who organized the illegal transaction in April 2011, was sentenced to five years' imprisonment by the Beihu District People's Court in Chenzhou City.

The court added that the defendants had paid compensation worth more than 1.47 million yuan (~ US $237,000) to Wang. Ministry of Health statistics show that about 1.5 million people in China need transplants, but only 10,000 operations are performed each year." - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Can we tap energy from pyramids? led to Inert Gas projector


Inert gas tubes were described by a business man named Maurice Cooke while channeling an entity called Hilarion. It is interesting because previously unknown technical information came from a psychic source. That revelation is known as 'inert gas tubes' which are copper or other tubes filled with one or more inert gases under pressure and capped off. Claims are an energy beam emanates from the tube which can be used for a variety of purposes.

The inert gas material is fascinating and I have tried the compressed gases in sealed tubes and you CAN feel heat, cold and other sensations and effects from gases and mixes of gases and at various pressures.

Somewhere in my Hilarion material they had met a young, very depressed girl who was very, very obese...she had tried many diets and nothing worked and had been out by doctors but nothing found wrong.

So a group called on a lady who could see auras, asking her to 'scan' this girl...the lady reported an enormous aura which the flesh would try to fill up.

They had a mix of gases that would DISSOLVE the aura so they cut away all the extra aura to a slimmer form and within a matter of days, this fat girl started losing weight and had not changed her diet.

I don't remember how long it lasted that she lost weight, something like two months and she started gaining all that weight back.

The lady who could see auras was called in again...everyone was pleased with how much thinner and happier the girl was but the aura lady said her aura had grown back to its enormous size and now her body was now eating more to try to 're-flesh' the body to fit the aura.

I found that fascinating...their solution? Recut the aura with the inert gas tubes and this time they used affirmations and a hypnotist to reprogram her mental image of herself.

It seemed you can cut the energy body down but you have to also change how you imagine your body as well.

I don't know if it was a few sessions with the hypnotist or post hypnotic commands that would 're-ping' the image of a slender body in this girls mind.

The point though, it fixed her...she lost the weight and changed her life to stay in a slimmer, happier, healthier body.

Geez, there should be CLINICS for this with how fat americans are these days.

Hilarion's concepts of light, matter, magnetism, gravity, et al., diverge from present-day acceptable scientific understanding; but for purposes of this chapter, we will only look at his concept of"primary points" in his presentation on the nature of space and matter in order to prepare us to understand the nature of the inert gases and the technology to be used to work with them that is the focus of this chapter.

Through Cooke, Hilarion tells us that:

In the vastness of space are located points of primary vibration which are capable of setting the aether into the third mode of vibration, namely that in a which the spatial matrix undergoes motion in the fourth dimension.

In effect, these primary points themselves vibrate ina direction transverse to the ether, and this transverse vibration is communicated to the aetheric substance to give rise to the transverse motion... [in]wave patterns which cross each other and interact to form a number of stationary waves to include locations of low vibration called nodes, and locations of high vibration called antinodes...

when the node locations of a number of such patterns are all coincident at a single location, the aether becomes very still at that location with respect to its transverse vibrational mode.

If the aether becomes completely stationary for even a fraction of a second at thatlocation, it immediately contracts or condenses into a denser and more solid-state…which has been called the proton.

Surrounding the condensed packet of aether are concentric rings of very high transverse vibration, and it isin these concentric rings that the various electrons take form.

At the concentric rings of high vibration surrounding the contracted proton, the aether is in such an agitated state that small openings or breaches in its texture spontaneously arise.

Each "hole" in the aether becomes a spinning vortex through which the aetheric substance spins out into the fourth dimension. The aether which passes outwardly through the spinning hole arcs over through the fourth dimension and is drawn back into the aetheric matrix at the proton itself…

The inert gases "are constantly forced to undergo a high rate of vibration and agitation due to the fact that each atom of aninert gas contains within it one of the primary points.

Now, within this context of a higher-dimensional ether and the primary points that can provide wave-generating excitation and potential entrée into our level of reality...

Hilarion describes the heart of the inert gas technology:

Since each atom of an inert gas contains one of the primary points responsible for the creation of the transverse vibrational mode which is experienced by matter as gravity, it is merely necessary to develop a technical means for stripping the masking inert gas atom away from the primary point in order to allow the point to produces full-strength beam of transverse vibration.

The technique is to subjectthe inert gas to high pressure and temperature, and then to place it in a strong magnetic field. This can be accomplished with relatively simple equipment and without great expense.

In fact it has already been done in secret. The high temperature and pressure cause the stripping away of some of the outer electrons of the atoms of the gas, thus producing ions or charged particles.

When these ions are subjected to a strong magnetic field, the motions of the nuclei of the ionized atoms are disturbed and the atoms are forced into paths different from the natural motion.

These paths take them away from the primary points which they normally mask, and permit the points to produce their normal vibratory motion in the aether."

There should be some youtubes about this...ideally showing before, during and after to back up what is being claimed...I remembered reading about a claim alledged to be from Tesla that he could energize all the air in the room to produce light;

Noble gases glowing in their own light under a high frequency generator;

Plasma Globes;

"Plasma globes were accidentally invented by Nikola Tesla during experiments with high frequency currents and he called them 'inert gas discharge tubes'. Thankfully in the 1980's they were modernised and given a much cooler name of 'Plasma Globes' - and that's the name we've gone for too! - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Cancer and possible treatments
I get emails every now and then from people with health conditions. Of course I'm not a doctor so can just sent them what I would do if it was me...included with many links.

I received a sad email about a 40'ish mom of three young teens and she is apparently eaten up with cancer. She refuses chemo and has tried many things including clinics in Tijuana but her markers remain high.

After receiving many emails about cancer problems, I had intended to build a page for various health cures (as if there aren't enough on the net already) but it's on another computer because it wasn't finished.

On my website I have many claims of ways to cure cancer...the best one I think is for 'inoperable' tumors like in the mix powered radium with superglue and squirt it on the tumor...the radium kills the tumor and dissolves it in about a month and in 98% of the cases never comes back.

At the link are dozens of links for potential therapies.

Additionally, it appears the more acid in the pH in the blood, the easier it is for diseases to grow..including cancer so many recommend eating alkaline foods to change the blood pH...the analogy is that diseased acidic soils provide a perfect medium for the growth of weeds...but healthy, oxygenated, robust soil has no weeds because they can't growth in a healthy medium.

In my opinion, cancer results from sustained inflammation. The cells swell up and mutate into cancer and other problems.

That's why I think there are so many cases of breast cancer because they TEST for lumps from what I understand is a very painful physical mashing of the this too much and it CAUSES breast cancer due to the inflammation.

I'm not a doctor or medically trained but if it was me...I think the thing do to is increase blood alkalinity.

Energy from the NORTH pole of a magnet will create alkaline condition and from the SOUTH pole will create acid conditions.

Years ago you could buy this big magnet for about $35...they claimed to have cured many breast and lung cancers by turning this thick flat magnet so only the north pole energy penetrated the body....that caused an alkaline condition that killed the cancer.

You can also increase alkalinity by certain foods...don't have that handy but you can look it up.

So a combination of alkaline foods and drinks combined with magnets using ONLY the north pole side exposed to the body should produce health benefits.

I've known several people who had faith in their alternative therapy..that is all well and good IF YOU GET TESTED to show whatever you are taking is healing you...

If the medical tests show NO IMPROVEMENT after weeks, then give it up and try something else and test it only have so much time so don't waste it by continuing a therapy that clearly is not working.

It is way too easy whether from fear, ego or just stubborness to not avail yourself of real medical tests to determine the reality, type and status of your infirmity. You also need to KNOW it IS working so that's why you need the tests. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Sitting Kills
THE health studies that conclude that people should sit less, and get up and move around more, have always struck me as fitting into the “well, duh” category.

The research comes more from observing the health results of people’s behavior than from discovering the biological and genetic triggers that may be associated with extended sitting.

Still, scientists have determined that after an hour or more of sitting, the production of enzymes that burn fat in the body declines by as much as 90 percent.

Extended sitting, they add, slows the body’s metabolism of glucose and lowers the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol in the blood. Those are risk factors toward developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

“The science is still evolving, but we believe that sitting is harmful in itself,” says Dr. Toni Yancey, a professor of health services at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Yet many of us still spend long hours each day sitting in front of a computer. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Not enough to worry about in your life?
KeelyNet The Global Research website at publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focussing on social, economic, strategic and environmental processes.

In an era of media disinformation, our focus has essentially been to center on the “unspoken truth”.

Global Research articles are used as source material by college and university students. Moreover, numerous universities, libraries and research institutions have established a link to Global Research on their respective web sites.

Global Research has also become a source of specialized information and analysis for journalists, senior government officials, financial analysts and non-governmental organizations.

The Global Research archive (2001-2012) includes more than 25,000 articles and news reports. The archive contains more than 9000 articles in French.

More than 6000 authors have contributed to Global Research. Since the launching of GRTV, we have developed an archive of videos, classified by theme and geographic region. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Coup mastermind photographed in Dealey Plaza
If the Vice President is on one it and the head of the federal police is in on it and the president's bodyguards are in on it...staging a coup is a piece of cake.

But still you need to an experienced pro on site to manage things.

And it looks like he was there. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Diamagnetism
While observing magneto-optical notions, Faraday came to the conclusion that it is the internal structure of the body itself that changes when such body is placed in a magnetic field.

That's why he decided to find out, whether the bodies in the magnetic field undergo physical changes, and if yes, then of what nature?

In his studies, Faraday stumbled across another huge discovery - apparently, a chunk of heavy glass placed in front of one of the poles of a powerful electromagnet was slightly repulsed.

The important thing in Faraday's discovery was not the equatorial position of the body, but the fact that some objects can actually be repulsed by a magnetic pole. Such notion was also observed in other solid bodies, liquids and human tissue.

The same was true for many gases as well. Faraday called all of such bodies diamagnets. The diamagnetism theory was one of the most delicate issues of the second half of the 19th century.

Michael Faraday suggested two different hypotheses. According to the first one, when exposed to the magnetic field, the molecules of diamagnetic substances get magnetized in the direction opposite to the magnetization direction of the paramagnetic substance.

According to the second hypothesis, such repulsion of diamagnetic bodies by the magnetic poles is only spurious and is caused by the difference in the extent of attraction, that is by the fact that the medium, in which the body is located, is attracted to a bigger extent than the body itself.

The diamagnetism can be considered a result of inductive currents produced by the outer magnetic field onto the filled electron ion shells. Such currents generate an induced magnetic moment in each of such shells.

According to the Lenz law, such moment is directed towards the outer field, irrespective of whether the initial field has its own moment, and if yes, how it is oriented. The ideal diamagnetism is noncooperative in nature and can be described by negative susceptiveness that doesn't depend upon the temperature.

Diamagnetism is a part of each magnetic state of a substance, but it is usually negligibly small if compared to the magnetism caused by spontaneous magnetic moments within the system. In purely diamagnetic substances the electronic shells of molecules don't have a constant moment.

The moments generated by individual electrons in the absence of an outer field are mutually compensated. This is specifically the case for ions and molecules with electronic shells that are completely filled, for example, in inert gases.

The universality of magnetism can be explained exactly by diamagnetism, but it can be veiled by some other strong effects, which could make it negligible. The diamagnetism of electronic shells is especially important, when the magnetic moment of the atoms is equal to zero, that is when spin magnetic moments are pair-wise compensated. - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - SHC being caused by excess internal body radiation


First, you need to read my paper about Deuterium in the body controlling aging and death Cure for Aging.

Then read the correlations in this paper from actual experiments trying to pin down the CAUSE of SHC; Idiopathic Thermogenesis: Potential Origin and Mechanism of Action.

To explain the gamma decreases that were observed both before and even more dramatically, during alternative healing therapy, the author hypothesized that an alternative fuel source of ionizing radiation is being used by cells to complement existing food supplies via a process called "radiogenic metabolism," which was first described by cell biologist Dr. T.D. Luckey (41).

This may arise from one of two mechanisms: absorption of external radiation or decreased emission of ionizing radiation from within the cells. When cells are incoherent, under stress, and/or dysfunctional, the need for these radiant energy sources increases, thus absorption and/or hoarding of energy increases and externally-monitored gamma counts decrease.

The typical reaction of free radical electrons is for the unpaired electron to pair with another electron. However, this is not the only possible reaction. Unpaired electrons also seek to annihilate with positrons, their antimatter counterparts.

One little-known fact is that our bodies naturally contain radioactive elements. One Japanese study determined that contributions of each radionuclide to the total effective dose are potassium-40, or K40, (63%), lead-210, or Pb210, (16%), and Polonium-210, or Po210, (16%) (48).

In comparison to Plutonium (Pu238-239) in the air of the lungs, which produces one disintegration each 500,000 seconds, e.g., one decay per 5.8 days, K40 produces 50 disintegrations per second. This represents, in the lungs alone, 25,000,000 times more decays from K40 than plutonium equating to a total of 4,320,000 disintegrations with 4,320 possible positron emissions (0.001% of total K40 decays) per day (50).

K40 not only effects intracellular H2O but also comes into contact with intracellular D2O (deuterium oxide). Deuterium atoms are rare; sources differ in the natural abundance of deuterium, ranging from 1 part in 4000 to 1 part in 7000 (1:4000 or 1:7000) with an average of approximately 1:6000.

Subsequently, of all the water a person drinks, or comes in contact with, 1 drop in every 6000 drops will be a drop of heavy water (52). The photodisintegration of deuterium, releasing a proton and neutron, can be accomplished with as little as 2.225 MeV (calculated cross section).

The bulk of deuterium is found in fat deposits with only small amounts in other tissues. Fat is far richer in carbon and hydrogen than any of the other primary foodstuffs.

The combustibility of fat is due to its high hydrogen content that burnsinvisibly and generates tremendous temperatures (supporting the relationship to IT). Also of importance is that two-thirds of all water intake by humans is via the skin where the preponderance of IT conditions begin, e.g., epidermal and dermal layers.

In the more severe cases of IT, such as SHC, the torso area is predominantly consumed.

This may be explained by the fact that the liver fat is found to contain two to three times as much deuterium as that of other fat depots.

The author hypothesizes that the previously-denoted cases of SHC occur as the latter manifestation of the idiopathic thermogenesis continuum with a chain reactive nuclear response creating the carbonization effects often describing the remains of the victims involved.

In other words, I think this is AMPLE evidence to warrant serious experimentation based on my theory to allow rejuvenation of the back to the optimized age of 20. But no one gets this, no one funds me on it...amazing, everyone is dying by the second but none think it is possible to CURE aging.

Am I alone on this primitive planet??? - Full Article Source

12/03/12 - Dinosaur age had up to 50% oxygen in Atmosphere
KeelyNet The largest flying creature alive today is the Andean condor Vultur gryphus. At maximum size it weighs about 22 pounds and has a wingspread of about 10 feet. But 65 million years ago in the late cretaceous period, the last age of dinosaurs, there was another larger flying animal, the giant pterosaur Quetzalcotalus. It had a wingspread of over 40 feet, the size of a small airplane. Other pterosaurs were also quite large. The pteranodons of the late jurassic period, the classic flying dinosaurs of magazine illustrations, had a maximum wingspan of about 33 feet.

This presents a puzzle: how is it that the largest flying animals of the cretaceous were able to attain so much greater size than modern birds? There are severe physical limits associated with flight. It is difficult for large birds to generate enough lift to take off. Consider the well-known square-cube law: if you double the size of a bird by simple scaling, its wing area and associated lift go up by 22, or a factor of 4, while the body weight that must be lifted goes up by a factor of 23, or a factor of 8.

When an evolving flying animal species increases in size the basic design must be altered to accommodate the reduced lift-to-payload ratio. But if anything, the pterosaurs were less well designed than modern birds. They lacked the birds' efficient keelbone muscle structure and the aerodynamic advantages of feathers. How, then, could pterosaurs have grown so large?

A missing piece of this puzzle may have been discovered. There are indications that the cretaceous atmosphere may have been much richer in oxygen.

Today, Earth's atmosphere contains about 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% water vapor, 0.9% argon, and 0.03% carbon dioxide, with traces of about a dozen other gases. It's been commonly assumed that earth-air stabilized at about this composition a few million years after life evolved on our planet when the early plants photosynthesized most of the primordial carbon dioxide into free oxygen, and the early bacteria converted most of the primordial ammonia to free nitrogen and water.

But now there is evidence that the cretaceous atmosphere may have been very different. Samples of 80 million year old air have been analyzed. You well might ask how there could be samples of air trapped and preserved for 80 million years. One might say that nature has provided the sample bottle.

Great forests of the extinct pine species Pinus succinifer once covered large areas of the world. Like modern pine trees the Pinus succinifer when injured by storms or boring insects had a tendency to drip pitch. This sticky resin would fall to the ground, accumulate, and eventually be buried.

Over a multi-million year time span solidified pitch is fossilized into the hard resin amber. Amber in jewelry-grade specimens is almost clear, with a characteristic pale yellow color. Sometimes one finds ancient insects encased in amber. These were originally trapped in the sticky pitch and fossilized along with it, and they now provide an important base of knowledge about the insect life of past geologic eras.

As lumps of pine pitch fall to the ground and aggregate, pockets of air are sometimes enclosed, becoming tiny bubbles of air trapped in amber. The amber thus forms a natural "sample bottle", trapping air samples from millions of years in the past and preserving it for present analysis. Moreover, the sample bottles are labelled with a date of collection.

Geological analysis of the rock strata in which the amber samples are found and evidence provided by organisms trapped in the amber along with the bubbles can be used to establish the age of the sample. In many cases the pressure inside such bubbles has become as high as 10 atmospheres from compression by the geological forces that converted the pitch to amber.

At a meeting of the Geological Society of America held last Fall in Phoenix, Robert Brenner of Yale University and Gary Landis of the U. S. Geological Survey reported the results of a QMS analysis of ancient air bubbles trapped in amber.

They obtained a remarkable result. The atmosphere of the Earth 80 million years ago was discovered to have 50% more oxygen than modern air. Brenner and Landis found that for all gas samples taken from amber 80 million years old the oxygen content ranged between 25% to 35% and averaged about 30% oxygen.

Cretaceous air was supercharged with oxygen.

On the other hand, 40 million year old samples similarly analyzed showed about the same oxygen content as modern air, and 25 million year old samples showed slightly less oxygen than modern air.

The composition of air has been shifting with time over a far broader range than geologists had thought possible. The cause of these excursions is not understood. Perhaps they are caused by a shift in the delicate balance between oxygen production by photosynthesis and oxygen trapping by exposed iron, sulfur, and organic reducing materials.

From the viewpoint of the follower of science fiction there are important lessons here. Time travellers must be aware that the cretaceous period is not the same as the 20th century. Oxygen is present in incendiary quantities. Use cigarettes and matches only with great caution. Do not wear flammable clothing during your cretaceous travels. Do not leave camp fires unattended.

(This seems to support the Dr. Baugh & the Pre-Flood Environment - 03/31/01 - Director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, Dr. Carl Baugh has invented and patented a 'Hyperbaric Biosphere' chamber to test Biblical claims regarding pre-flood atmosphere and magnetic conditions based on Genesis.

Genesis states that life on earth was created 'perfect' and designed to live forever. It also states that after the fall of man, all elements of which everything is made, were cursed. Genesis then records the gradual degeneration of the whole of creation until the flood of Noah followed by an increasing rate of degeneration as time progressed.

If the dates and years reported use the same standards we do in modern times, then there is an overlapping of pre-flood humans with that of post-flood survivors where the pre-flood humans lived many more years.

The average age of man prior to the flood was approximately 920 years, after the flood, mans lifespan declined by 250 years until the time of Christ when lifespans averaged 70 years. Tests indicate simulation of a pre-flood environment would produce conditions of increased longevity, cellular growth and a change in molecular structures. - JWD) - Full Article Source


11/29/12 - The Utopian Seed Project
KeelyNet This is a fantastically grand, open-ended experiment you might find worth trying out. The idea is simple,

everyone who participates receives their seed money PLUS 50%

when I win the weekly Texas lottery (about 4 million) or the Powerball (currently 500 million). Sure, I can hear you laughing...calm down and read on.

If you know Keelynet, you know I'm super stable and have been publicly online since 1988. You also know I do not get involved with promoting scams or trying to rip people off in flakey business deals, though I have had numerous opportunities to do so.

You can also bet I have an extensive network of friends and associates including engineers, technicians, scientists and many lay people from all over the world, so I would not risk anything that would damage my reputation (as it were...LOL).

Years ago, people used to sell packets of curious, novel and hard to find information. I was an avid collector of this type of packet because I often found the most incredible things which I would share with friends, associates and other Keelynetters.

One very unusual item dated 1962 was about a private lab in England that had made a discovery which led to the ability to predict. It wasn't 100% accurate as nothing truly is, but reported phenomenal successes and it was something I had not seen back when I stumbled on this paper around 1972 nor have I seen anything like it since then.

I never forgot this as life distracted me until about 1998. That is when I once again found this old document in my secret archives and thought now that I know electronics and programming, why not try to duplicate and modernize their discovery?

With that in mind I began designing a circuit which I later incorporated with a program I wrote to better direct this effect. I had used the primitive form and won over $100 so I knew it could be done. My problem was with sensors with special properties that I have not found in over 10 years...until now.

About 2 months ago, I found the last piece of my design puzzle, this perfect sensor circuit which I have now built, tested and I am delighted with its reliability and accuracy.

It is now incorporated in my experimental initial project because of its potential for better facilitating prediction.

As you might imagine, I am very excited with the prospects of being able to determine winning lottery numbers using a specially designed machine based on a mix of arcane discoveries made by a now defunct private lab.

I still need some bucks to complete and test it so figured I would let others participate in funding it and making a 50% profit on their participation.

You send in anything from $5 up to $1000 and WHEN (I am THAT CONFIDENT) I win the full lottery for Texas (base winning is 4 million per drawing) or the full Powerball (currently 500 million), I will repay you your full investment plus 50% as your profit.

If you send in $10 you'll get back $15...if you send in $100, you'll get back $150, if you send in $500, you will get back $750 or for $1000, you will get back $1,500 WHEN I WIN. If you want to contribute more than $1000, please Email Me.

Everybody who participates wins WHEN I win the lottery using this most unusual machine. I get the money to fund my lab projects as well as MANY get to help make it all possible and lose nothing in the process since your money is returned with 50% interest, when I win.

I have since also discovered a way to 'augment' the effect three fold to further increase our chances and make it all happen faster than in my initial design. Think of it as a 'force multiplier'.

You might be thinking, so why don't you just build it yourself and keep all your winnings? Yes, I can well do that but it would take longer to make the money I need to complete and test it.

But I figured this would be a way where many could get involved not only to increase their own money but to help usher in new, alternative technology that would trickle down to practical use by everyone.

Look at how government and big institutions spend billions of our dollars on just ONE PROJECT that has yielded NO SUCCESS over several decades.


WHEN (positive thinking) I win something like the Powerball (currently on 11/28/12, at 500 million) and with a Megaplier ticket to DOUBLE that, imagine what 1 BILLION devoted to not just my own lab projects but in assisting thousands of other alternative science researchers working on many new, novel ideas?

I have no desire for personal fame or great wealth, just financial security and the chance to work on many fascinating projects with talented paid associates. And, since through this philanthropy, we would not HAVE to make money to support our work, we could freely RELEASE ALL THAT WE DISCOVER over the internet and through many snailmails to magazines and other associates.

Who would need or want to own anything when you have all the money you could ever need, so why not just GIVE the results of our experiments out to change the world?

Don't get confused...this is not a share in the actual lottery winnings. It is simply an offer to get a 50% return on whatever you contribute to help me complete this marvelous device.

Everytime I use the machine, it 'grows' the chances of winning. The Utopian Seed Project is currently limited to $200,000 in total contributions.

I won't give details just yet but I am very excited after spending hundreds of dollars and many hours of study and experiments over a 10 year period about this phenomenon, as well as design and construction models.

What makes this, my final prototype, so close to actually winning? It's because I have FINALLY found the perfect sensor (after 10 years of searching and testing) which has proven out well in my initial tests. I now need more funds to complete and begin using it.

2012 is fast coming to a close, so let THIS be your contribution to help change the world in positive ways through the discovery and sharing of new alternative technologies that benefit everyone. It costs you NOTHING, WHEN I win the lottery, since you get your money back and more.

Many people want to help but how? They aren't rich but they want to play some part in making positive changes. Let the many, through small contributions like this, combine their efforts to produce miracles.

Wouldn't you love to see and USE;

working free energy devices to produce all the power you need anywhere on the planet?

to have personal flightsuits or flying cars to fly you anywhere on the planet by 'dimming' local gravity?

to see sick and crippled people cured and possibly even rejuvenated for no more pain, suffering, diseases or damaged/missing body parts?

You have four ways to make your contribution to help me speed this up, check or money order (made out to Jerry Decker), cash (via certified or registered mail made out to Jerry Decker) or Paypal (sent to

c/o Jerry Decker
PO BOX 842
Childress, Texas

On receipt of your money, I will enter into my database;

1) the date,

2) your email,

3) your name,

4) your address (optional)

5) your secret password/code that you create to identify you,

6) and the amount you have contributed.

Here is an example of what you need to send with your contribution (address optional);

1) 11/28/12


3) Jerry Decker

4) PO BOX 842
Childress, Texas

5) smorgasbord

6) $100.00

None of your information will be sold or used for any other purpose than to contact you for the return of your contribution (plus 50%) WHEN I win the lottery OR for questions if necessary.

This could be a great gift that might pay off in a few weeks, months or longer as it is a risk. But the payoffs could result in not only your money back (and more) but in helping to generate the funding of an experimental workshop the likes of which has never existed before.

And YOU could be a part of making it all happen.

It doesn't matter if you don't understand how any of this could work (that's OUR JOB), only that you will one day be able to make your life better from our discoveries. It is all possible.

If you decide to risk it, I would appreciate your faith, trust and confidence and will do all I and my associates can to make this work out for all of us. Thanks - Jerry Decker @ Keelynet. - Permalink

11/29/12 - Finding a Crowdsourced Cure For Brain Cancer
"Salvatore Iaconesi, a software engineer at La Sapienza University of Rome, writes that when he was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, his first idea was to seek other opinions.

He immediately asked for his clinical records in digital format, converted the data into spreadsheets, databases, and metadata files, and published them on the web site called The Cure.

'The responses have been incredible. More than 200,000 people have visited the site and many have provided videos, poems, medical opinions, suggestions of alternative cures or lifestyles, personal stories of success or, sadly, failures — and simply the statement, "I am here."

Among them were more than 90 doctors and researchers who offered information and support.' The geneticist and TED fellow Jimmy Lin has offered to sequence the genome of Iaconesi's tumor after surgery, and within one day Iaconesi heard from two different doctors who recommended similar kinds of 'awake surgery,' where the brain is monitored in real time as different parts are touched.

A brain map is produced and used during a second surgery. 'We are creating a cure by uniting the contributions of surgeons, homeopaths, oncologists, Chinese doctors, nutritionists and spiritual healers. The active participation of everyone involved — both experts and ex-patients — is naturally filtering out any damaging suggestion which might be proposed,' writes Iaconesi.

'Send us videos, poems, images, audio or text that you see as relevant to a scenario in which art and creativity can help form a complete and ongoing cure. Or tell us, "I am here!" — alive and connected, ready to support a fellow human being.'"

(Of course there is a 98% cure rate using powdered radium mixed with superglue and applied to any tumor...dissolves in about a month and never comes back. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Nanoparticles Make Steam without Bringing Water to a Boil
Now researchers at Rice University have found a shortcut. Using light-absorbing nanoparticles suspended in water, the group was able to turn the water molecules surrounding the nanoparticles into steam while scarcely raising the temperature of the remaining water. The trick could dramatically reduce the cost of many steam-reliant processes.

The Rice team used a Fresnel lens to focus sunlight on a small tube of water containing high concentrations of nanoparticles suspended in the fluid.

The water, which had been cooled to near freezing, began generating steam within five to 20 seconds, depending on the type of nanoparticles used.

Changes in temperature, pressure, and mass revealed that 82 percent of the sunlight absorbed by the nanoparticles went directly to generating steam while only 18 percent went to heating water.

“It’s a new way to make steam without boiling water,” says Naomi Halas, director of the Laboratory for Nanophotonics at Rice University. Halas says that the work “opens up a lot of interesting doors in terms of what you can use steam for.”

n the current study, Halas and colleagues used nanoparticles optimized to absorb the widest possible spectrum of sunlight. When light hits the particles, their temperature quickly rises to well above 100 °C, the boiling point of water, causing surrounding water molecules to vaporize.

Precisely how the particles and water molecules interact remains somewhat of a mystery. Conventional heat-transfer models suggest that the absorbed sunlight should dissipate into the surrounding fluid before causing any water to boil. “There seems to be some nanoscale thermal barrier, because it’s clearly making steam like crazy,” Halas says.

The system devised by Halas and colleagues exhibited an efficiency of 24 percent in converting sunlight to steam. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Will entrepreneurship save the country?
The U.S. economy is in a tough state, with mile-high deficits and slow growth in jobs. There are other countries that are pulling ahead, but some cling to the hope that startups and the spirit of entrepreneurship embodied in Silicon Valley could save the country. That’s one of the conclusions reached by a team of Harvard Business School professors who toured the valley this fall.

The question is, “Can Entrepreneurship Save Us?” And the answer is always “Yes.” Provisionally. [laughs] One of the great strengths of the U.S. has been its ability to have smart people go out and try to find opportunities to feel like they can succeed, to be able to get early customers to buy products and services from startups, to be able to attract financial capital and human capital, and ultimately to be able to convert that human and financial capital into wealth. That’s been an important part of the process.

And also, along the way, to be able to fail. In many countries failure is unacceptable — socially, morally, legally. In the U.S., as long as it’s not a moral failure, it’s a sign of experience. That is so fundamentally different from most of the world.

The system is always at risk, because if the perception of opportunity declines, if people don’t see opportunities or companies grow more conservative and won’t buy from early-stage companies or you can’t get smart people to join your team or you can’t get access to financial capital or you can’t go public and remain independent or the prices you get when you do sell the company are modest, then the whole system actually freezes. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Engine breakthrough - jets fly from London to Sydney in less than five hours
KeelyNet British experts yesterday unveiled an engine that promises to fly passengers from London to Sydney in under five hours at speeds of up to 4,000mph. The design created by engineers at Oxfordshire-based Reaction Engines can cool air entering an engine from 1,000C to -150C in a hundredth of a second – six times faster than the blink of an eye – without creating ice blockages.

This allows the engine to run safely at much higher power than is currently possible without the risk overheating and breaking apart.

The design – known as an air-breathing rocket engine and named Sabre – could power a new generation of Mach 5 passenger jets, called the Lapcat, dramatically cutting flying times.

While normal long-haul passenger jets cruise at around 35,000ft, the Lapcat could fly as high as 92,000ft at speeds of up to 4,000mph.

The cabin would be pressurised, so up to 300 travellers would enjoy the same conditions as those on a current jet. But due to the increased external pressures on the craft, it would be windowless.

The engine has also been developed to work with Skylon, a new type of reusable space plane. This could reach an even higher speed than the passenger design, accelerating up to Mach 5.5 – 4,200mph at sea level and more than five times the speed of sound. Once out of the Earth’s atmosphere, it would then accelerate to Mach 25 to ascend into orbit.

The craft would take off from a runway like a normal aircraft and have the ability to carry satellites into low Earth orbit. After landing, it could quickly be turned around for another launch.

The engine burns hydrogen as fuel, and operates by sucking oxygen from the air. Only when outside the atmosphere would the engine switch to an onboard supply of oxygen, saving on weight and fuel costs.

The global space market is worth £185 billion a year. Science minister David Willetts said: ‘This is a remarkable achievement for a remarkable company. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Pet dogs paralysed by spine damage are able to walk again
Injecting cells from the dog’s nose into the injured part of his spine helped repair the damage. After the treatment, Jasper was able to move his previously paralysed hind legs and co-ordinate movement with his front limbs. The ten-year-old dog is now ‘whizzing around’ unassisted and can also swim.

In the study, published in the journal Brain, scientists looked at 34 pet dogs with severe spinal injuries that left them unable to use their back legs to walk.

Those injected with olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) from their noses showed a considerable improvement, moving previously paralysed limbs. Some also regained lost bowel and bladder control.

A second group treated with a placebo showed no benefits.

Previous research suggests OECs, which maintain the communication pathway between the nose and the brain, can help form a bridge between damaged and undamaged parts of the spine by regenerating nerve fibres.

The latest study was the first conducted on animals at least 12 months after their spines were damaged in accidents. Scientists say this more closely resembles a scenario that would involve human patients.

A year or more after their injuries, the animals were unable to use their back legs to walk and incapable of feeling pain in their hindquarters.

Many of the dogs were dachshunds, which are especially prone to this type of injury. Unlike humans, dogs can suffer serious damage to their spinal cord just by having a slipped disc.

One group of dogs had OECs taken from the lining of their own noses and injected into the injury site. Another was only injected with the liquid in which the cells were suspended.

The trial was 'double blind', meaning that until the study ended neither the researchers nor the dog owners knew which animals had received the active treatment.

Dogs were tested for neurological function at one month intervals and had their walking ability assessed on a treadmill.

Significant improvement was seen in the dogs injected with OECs, but not those receiving the placebo treatment, according to the findings reported in the journal Brain.

OEC-treated dogs moved previously paralysed hind limbs and co-ordinated the movement with that of their front legs.

However, the researchers found that new nerve connections were only generated over short distances within the spinal cord. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Tropical citizens die 7.7 years sooner: study
People living in the tropics are likely to die more than seven years younger than those in other regions, according to the first findings of a global research project released on Monday.

The “State of the Tropics” study, run by 13 institutions across 12 countries, reported that people living in the world’s tropical zones in 2010 had an average life expectancy of 64.4 years.

This was 7.7 years less than those living in non-tropical areas, according to the broad-ranging research project, which was initiated by Australia’s James Cook University (JCU).

Overall mortality in the region was affected by disease, conflict, poverty and food insecurity, the study said. Investment in social services, such as health and education, as well as access to water, sanitation and medical technology, were also important factors.

Scientists studied 34 pet dogs that had all suffered spinal cord injuries as a result of accidents and back problems. None were injured deliberately for the sake of research. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Pentagon eyes advanced EMP grenades


Grenades capable of producing an electromagnetic pulse have long been featured in genre games, movies and books.

And now the US Army has decided that it wants to bring electromagnetic pulse grenades out of the realm of science fiction into the real world in the form of a device designed to destroy insurgent bombs.

Specifically, the military envisions High Power Microwave (HPM) grenades capable of generating an electromagnetic pulse aimed at destroying electronics used to activate roadside homemade bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

If the Pentagon was actually able to design and manufacture such a weapon, it would significantly decrease the danger associated with defusing roadside bombs and IEDs. Currently, the Pentagon relies on specially trained personnel to defuse bombs, along with robots and vehicle mounted jammers.

The military specifically wants prototypes small enough to be hurled by a human hand or robot. Other sizes include 40 mm grenades, RPGs, along with Stinger, Hydra and Javelin missile sized systems.

According to scientists and researchers working on the project, an EMP grenade wouldn't necessarily have to be explosive. To be sure, a non-explosive grenade could use "pulse compression" to blast a very short but fierce electrical pulse while compressing intellectual current and voltage - making the pulse stronger. However, non-explosive systems tend to be large and expensive.

Clearly, the project faces some serious challenges. Most notably, it remains unclear if the US military would be able to protect its own electrical devices from the pulse. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Gondolas Could Be the Next Great Urban Transportation Device
KeelyNet Already, gondolas have become popular ways of connecting destinations across rivers, valleys and areas were major altitude differentials make other forms of transport untenable. Roosevelt Island in New York; Medellin, Colombia; and Portland, Oregon, all use some form of gondola as public transit systems. The Wire (not the TV show), from Frog Design, uses a similar design to traverse busy streets.

According to the Wire’s designer, Michael McDaniel, a gondola setup allows for the implementation of a public transit system in a busy city while avoiding the thorny and pricey issue of land rights.

McDaniel and Ficklin’s home city had just debated whether to install a little more than five miles of light rail at a cost of $550 million – around $100 million per mile.

“Putting in an aerial ropeway, we’re talking a fraction of that,” McDaniel said. “A gondola can be put in for $12 million a mile. It’s a fraction of the cost because you’re not looking at eminent domain or rights of way, and you’re not disrupting local businesses or cutting out vehicular traffic.”

A gondola, on the other hand, only needs a few aerial cables and air rights. Once installed, gondolas offer a unique method of transport, with cars relying on a moving cable instead of individual motors to propel them across long distances. Though most gondolas cross valleys between mountains, they don’t have to. In cities, they can float just a few feet over traffic.

McDaniel says that a gondola could also solve a major cultural hurdle to the adoption of public transit, and that’s adapting to set schedules. Gondolas don’t stop at stations, and they run constantly.

“They essentially slow down to walking speed enough for you to get on or off of them. You wouldn’t have a train schedule – they just come in intervals. If you don’t like the creepy guy in one car, you just wait 30 seconds for the next one.” - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Electric candle that runs on the heat from a real candle
KeelyNet I have been thinking a lot lately about being more prepared, and what supplies we should have on hand for when the 'big one' hits. After prioritizing the three most obvious things to have in a severe emergency - water, food, and a fair-sized crowbar - it came down to figuring out what else one needs to survive. It did not take me very long to conclude this item was electric lighting. I use that all the time. How can I live without that?

After assessing the problem, it became apparent to me that after a few days of constant lighting, all of my batteries will be dead. This means that either I need rechargeable batteries, or a way to generate electricity without them.

Not needing batteries to begin with seemed most sensible to me. I explored different options and finally figured out a low-cost, long-term, and portable, method to keep my electric candles lit. I am going to use heat generated by tea lights.

The nice thing about this solution is that they are dirt cheap, small, and will last forever.

You can buy about 1,000,000 tea lights at Ikea for $1.99.

With a fair-sized stock of small candles, I can keep my electric candle lit indefinitely. Thanks to my candle-powered electric candle, I know that I will never be left in the dark. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Personal cooling using a closed loop water system
The previous offering was an evaporative system. This time around he’s pumping chilled water to bring some relief.

The image on the left shows the first iteration of the system which pumped cool water from a large jug through a loop of plastic tubing which he wears around his neck. To refine the design he build the version on the right. As a reservoir he grabbed a water-proof ID container meant to keep your valuables dry in the pool or ocean. Inside there’s a pump which he runs off of a 5V battery supply. It circulates water through the neck strap which is a piece of plastic tubing.

This will work for a time, but as the cold water picks up your body’s heat the effect will be lost. We think he needs to add a Peltier cooler to the reservoir in the next iteration. It might help to refine the loop to increase its ability to transfer heat where it touches your skin.

This is the third revision of my personal water body cooler and the smallest yet. It uses a micro water pump which can be powered by USB.

You simply fill the flask with cold water, hang it around your neck and then connect the USB power cable. It will immediately start pumping cool water through the tubing and cool your neck and core body.

For maximum cooling you should wear the device under your shirt to ensure both your neck and core body are cooled by the water flowing through the tubing.

You can add ice cubes to the flask to put it into a turbo cooling mode.

WIth this size of flask, the cold water will need replacing every 30 minutes for optimum cooling. It's a tradeoff with size/portability and maximum cooling time. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Five New Government-Backed Energy Projects that Stand Out
The U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (ARPA-E)—one of the few government agencies with solid, bipartisan support in Congress—announced 66 new research projects on Wednesday that will collectively receive $130 million. Here are five projects from the list that stand out.

One example: Wind turbines made of cloth

The bigger the wind turbine, the more efficient it can be. But the size of wind turbines is limited by the challenge of delivering extremely long wind turbine blades, which have to be maneuvered through towns and under power lines to reach a turbine.

GE Water and Power is getting nearly $4 million to develop a new kind of wind turbine blade made of cloth stretched over a frame. The blades could be shipped in pieces and assembled on site, making larger wind turbines more practical.

(Never anything new, novel or daring, just reworking old methods. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Anesthetic Removes Fear from Procaine Convulsions (Jan, 1930)
A NEW anesthetic which puts patients to sleep so pleasantly and easily that they ask for more, has been reported by Dr. J. S. Lundy of the Mayo Clinic and Dr. R. M. Isenberger, professor of pharmacology of the University of Kansas.

Fewer unpleasant after-effects and far less danger than many of the local anesthetics are claimed for this new aid to surgery, which has the impressive name of iso-amylethyl barbituric acid and it is reputed to reduce the fear of anesthetics suffered by some people.

The work grew out of the old problem of how to offset the bad effects of some local anesthetics. Drs. Isenberger and Lundy found that certain substitution products of barbituric acid gave protection against convulsions from procaine.

(Procaine is a cousin to novocaine and can be used to grow new, sensitive skin from surgically removed scar tissue. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Spacemen to return to Earth on helicopters
KeelyNet It just so happens that many things that seemed ineffective in the past, turn out to be most appropriate today. NASA has revisited one of its old projects - to use a helicopter-like propeller for descent vehicles of manned spacecraft instead of the traditional parachute.

There is nothing more impressive than the launch of a modern space rocket. The landing looks absolutely ineffective: there is just a small capsule hanging on parachutes.

The parachute system, even the most efficient and reliable one, is the same as a balloon: it flies wherever the wind blows. There were incidents in the past when landing space vehicles would be swerved into the mountains or taiga. The problem of controlled descent from space still remains and will continue to be a serious problem for the designers of landing vehicles.

During the 1960s, NASA developed a project to use helicopter-like rotors for landing capsules. The rotor was supposed to be used instead of the parachute. The rotor would work on the base of the autogyro principle. The advantages of this technology are obvious: the air flow will rotate the rotor decreasing the speed of the capsule and create the climb power, which will allow to control the flight trajectory of the capsule.

Should the developers succeed, the future of this system can be very promising. In the future, scientists can develop a fundamentally new landing vehicle that will be able to land on the roof of a building.

However, American engineers may come across a fundamental difficulty. The rotors will be released from the capsule after aerobraking. They will have to rotate at a very high speed - much faster than that of gyroplanes and helicopters. That is, the modes of rotors, as well as the probability for the air flow to come off the rotors, will be different than those we know today.

If the rotors are too short, then the speed of descent will be too high. If rotors are as long as those of a helicopter, designers will have to think of the way how to place them on board a capsule. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Stanislaw Burzynski, dubious cancer doc, gets off on legal technicality
Oncologist and cancer-woo-debunker Orac has more on the legal details that allow this man to keep practicing medicine in Texas: "the dubious doctor known as Stanislaw Burzynski,

who charges desperate patients with advanced (and usually incurable) cancer tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in his 'clinical trials' of antineoplastons, compounds that

he claims to have isolated from urine and that he now represents as a promising new treatment that can do much better than existing therapies with much less toxicity, even though there’s no evidence that it can."

The Texas Medical Board has abandoned its prosecution of Burzynski, as noted in a previous Boing Boing post here with guest commentary by fellow anti-cancer-woo writer Robert Blaskiewicz.

The legal underpinnings of the case will be interesting to some, and too tedious for others, but here's the tl;dr from Orac's post: the outcome does not make the case that Burzynski's "science" is valid.

The board simply found that, "as a matter of law, the TMB couldn’t bring action against Burzynski on the basis of actions performed by doctors under his supervision." - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Supreme Court Blocks Illinois Law Against Recording Police
"The Illinois anti-eavesdropping law was cut down slightly.

While protecting the average citizen from eavesdropping, it also put in place prohibitions against recording the police as they were doing their jobs. An appeals court sided with the ACLU, saying that it was too great a restriction on First Amendment rights.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, cementing in place the lower court's ruling.

In Illinois, you can now secretly record the police." - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Hotel Keycard Lock Hack Gets Real In Texas
"You may remember a vulnerability in four million keycard locks presented at the Black Hat conference in July. Hacker Cody Brocious showed he could insert a device he built for less than $50 into the port at the bottom of the common hotel lock, read a key out of its memory, and open it in seconds.

Two months later, it turns out at least one burglar was already making use of that technique to rob a series of hotel rooms in Texas.

The Hyatt House Galleria in Houston has revealed that in at least three September cases of theft from its rooms, the thief used that Onity vulnerability to effortlessly open rooms and steal valuables like laptops.

Petra Risk Solutions, an insurance firm focus the hospitality industry also reports that at least two other hotels in Texas were hit with the attack.

Onity has been criticized for its less-than-stellar response to a glaring vulnerability in its devices. The Hyatt says Onity didn't provide a fix until after its break-ins, forcing the hotel to plug its locks' ports with epoxy.

And even now, Onity is asking its hotel customers to pay for the full fix, which involves replacing the locks' circuit boards." - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - How Do We Program Moral Machines?
"If your driverless car is about to crash into a bus, should it veer off a bridge? NYU Prof. Gary Marcus has a good essay about the need to program ethics and morality into our future machines.

Quoting: 'Within two or three decades the difference between automated driving and human driving will be so great you may not be legally allowed to drive your own car, and even if you are allowed, it would immoral of you to drive, because the risk of you hurting yourself or another person will be far greater than if you allowed a machine to do the work.

That moment will be significant not just because it will signal the end of one more human niche, but because it will signal the beginning of another: the era in which it will no longer be optional for machines to have ethical systems.'" - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Threats Posed By Technology
"Fred Guterl is the executive editor of Scientific American, and in this piece he explores various threats posed by the technology that modern civilization relies on.

He discusses West African and Indian monsoons, infectious diseases, and computer hacking. Here's a quote: 'Today the technologies that pose some of the biggest problems are not so much military as commercial.

They come from biology, energy production, and the information sciences — and are the very technologies that have fueled our prodigious growth as a species. They are far more seductive than nuclear weapons, and more difficult to extricate ourselves from.

The technologies we worry about today form the basis of our global civilization and are essential to our survival.'" - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Disappearing culture of the Yogis of Tibet
For the first time, the reclusive and secretive Tibetan monks agree to discuss aspects of their philosophy and allow themselves to be filmed while performing their ancient practices.

(That jumping up and down some called 'flying' reminds me of the Cargo Cult who started worshipping airplanes after the first time they saw them...

so long, long ago, they saw people who could fly, so now they sit in the lotus position and pop their legs to push up off the ground a foot or so and call it 'flying'...BS...

those who don't truly understand gravity think dimming or canceling it is a miracle...pathetic and we will one day have the technology and mental training to be able to repel local gravity. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Cloudbusting 'round the world
The Weather Machine. The Aurora. UFOs. SR-71. Area 51. Reverse Engineering. Black projects, budgets, covert ops, recon, drones, deception. Weather Manipulation. Chemtrails.

The Truth Denied. HAARP. Project Blue Beam. Surprise! This is not a hoax. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - The Shot That Prevents Heart Attacks
If you’re tempted to skip your flu shot, consider this: Getting vaccinated cuts risk for a heart attack or stroke by up to 50 percent, according to two studies presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

Scientists from TIMU Study Group and Network for Innovation in Clinical Research analyzed published clinical trials involving a total of 3,227 patients, half of whom had been diagnosed with heart disease. Participants, whose average age was 60, were randomly assigned to either receive flu vaccine or a placebo shot, then their health was tracked for 12 months.

Those who got the flu shot were 50 percent less likely to suffer major cardiac events (such as heart attacks or strokes) and 40 percent less likely to die of cardiac causes. Similar trends were found in patients with and without previous heart disease. The findings suggest “that flu vaccine is a heart vaccine,” lead study author Jacob Udell told Fox News. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Japan unveils 310 mph 'floating' trains
The front car of the Series L0 maglev measures nearly 92 feet long – of which 49 feet forms an aerodynamic nose section – and is fitted with 24 seats. A full 16-carriage train will be able to carry 1,000 passengers.

At present, it takes 90 minutes for a conventional "shinkansen" bullet train to complete the journey between the two stations, but the new technology will cut the trip to 40 minutes.

The vehicle has no wheels – doing away with friction and, hence, providing a smoother and quieter ride at a faster speed – and is propelled along a track through electromagnetic pull.

Japan will be the first nation to build a large-scale maglev route and hopes to be able to export the technology once it has been perfected.

Japan is famously the developer of the bullet train system – which can trace its genesis as far back as 1964 but is still regarded as one of the best high-speed mass transit systems in the world – but developers want to get in ahead of the competition for the next generation of trains.

JR Tokai points out that bullet train technology will be 60 years old by 2025, while maglev technology is less polluting than flights that presently link the cities. - Full Article Source

11/29/12 - Texans going wild with 'secession fever,' bumper stickers everywhere
Move over, "Everything is bigger in Texas." The Lone Star state has a new favorite bumper sticker and it's a simple one-worder: "Secede."

Yes, it appears that "secession fever," as some columnists are calling it, has taken over the red-leaning state following the post-election petitions — and sales of the stickers are just one sign.

Among others, a perennial GOP candidate named Larry Scott Kilgore has announced he's running for governor and will legally change his name to Larry SECEDE Kilgore — yes, with "secede" in all-caps. His web page also declares, "Secession! All other issues can be dealt with later." - Full Article Source


11/25/12 - Quick and easy personal evaporative cooler
This quick and easy evaporative cooler might be just the thing the next time the air conditioning goes on the fritz.

[Stephen] saw an eBay listing for a personal air conditioner that used a moist sponge and fan to send some cool relief your way. But he wanted to run his own test to see if it really did anything before laying down the cash.

The idea is to run air past a moisture source. Some of the heat energy in the air is reduced through evaporation resulting in the exhaust air feeling a bit cooler. It’s the same concept used in swamp coolers (an evaporative type of air conditioning).

To build his device [Stephen] grabbed a refrigerator deodorizer which uses a hinged plastic cage to hold a packet of baking soda.

He attached a small PC fan to the cage, then inserted a damp sponge. This is so easy to put together you could hit the dollar store on your lunch break and have some relief for the second half of the work day. - Full Article Source

eBay - Mini Handheld Air Conditioner - $10.11

eBay - Mini Fan Air Conditioner - $29.00


11/25/12 - 14-year-old's prizewinning solar water purifier
A 14-year-old New York student was named "America's Top Young Scientist" for inventing a solar-powered water jug that changes dirty water into purified drinking water.

Deepika Kurup not only had to surpass 9 finalists in science and math to win $25,000 from Discovery Education and 3M, she persuaded the judges with a dynamic five-minute LIVE presentation about the plight of a billion poor people who have no access to clean drinking water. (This video features her winning presentation.)

Her cost effective and sustainable water-purification system, which harnesses solar energy to disinfect contaminated water utilizes an innovative process designed to overcome current problems with portable purification. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Water Bottle Fills Itself From the Air
KeelyNet "The Namib Desert Beetle generates water from water vapor via its shell, which has alternating hydrophilic and hydrophobic bumps which channel water droplets into its mouth.

Scientists at MIT developed a self-filling water bottle using this technology, and have announced a contest for the best design of a countertop water-from-air generator."

There are nearly four quadrillion gallons of water in the air, yet people all over the world are still thirsty. Scientists have been working to break into this untapped resource for over a decade, and are making some incredible breakthroughs.

National Geographic describes the Namib Desert Beetle, also known as the stenocara, as a desert MacGyver. The stenocara is equipped with an armor like shell covered with bumps. The peak of each bump is hydrophilic, meaning that it attracts water. The slopes and valleys in between bumps are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water.

The Namib Desert Beetle climbs atop a desert hill in the morning as a fog sweeps over the land. The stenocara angles its body into the wind and miniscule water droplets from the fog stick to the hydrophilic peaks and gradually form droplets. Once enough water has accumulated, the droplets roll effortlessly down the hydrophobic slopes directly into the insect’s mouth, sustaining its life in the normally inhospitable environment.

Researchers are mimicking this natural trait to develop a bevy of important water harvesting platforms, including tent covers and roof tiles several times more effective at capturing H2O than the next most effective method. In the near future, it looks as if we’ll have water bottles that can capture drinkable water from the air as well.

A company called NBD Nano is implementing this technology originally found only in nature into water bottles, with the hope that they’ll continually fill themselves while you’re on the go. In an interview with Public Radio International, we learn that the conceptual self-filling bottle can operate using a rechargeable battery or solar cell to speed-up accumulation and filter the water.

NBD Nano co-founder Deckard Sorensen wants this green technology available in all walks of life; installing it on people, cars, homes and anything else you can imagine. Sorensen believes that in a climate with 75% humidity, his device can harvest “three liters per square meter per hour”. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - 'Gravity Bubble Structure'
KeelyNet Every now and then I get an interesting email worth sharing. In all the years I've had the singularity.gif image posted no one has shown a clue as to what it leads to except for this email I recieved a couple of days ago.

It is the flow of this aether/zpe as one or more frequencies into matter, where it is REFLECTED FROM THE CENTER to phase conjugate with incoming aether/zpe as shown in this standing wave animation.

Here are the emails;

I stumbled across the gravity bubble structure on your site. The one with zero point inflow and neutral center radiation to form a standing wave.

This location (the standing wave itself) operates as a screen holding us on location in the zero point aetheral wind (or in the neutral center radiation wind) (Premise).

I am in agreement with the premise and am very interested in the discussion.

The creation or formation of standing waves is typically the result of waves which are phase shifted or which are harmonic.

The speeds and frequencies of the two flows are closely matched but one flow is a bit delayed prior to encountering the original space source (zero point) flow.

The neutral center 'mirrored' flow is later to the standing wave (shifted in time) than is the original space flow.

The amount of this shift is related to the valency (standing wave's) distance from the center and the time it takes for the mirrored particles being bounced back from the neutral center to the wave front (crust) of the created structure.

It is however (the shift amount), related to the size of the bubble (the speed and frequency of both waves are duplicate to original).

I theorize that the larger structures are made larger by the greater amount of time it takes for a standing wave to form from colliding particles/waves emanating (bouncing) from the neutral center to the wave front. Anti gravity devices are do-able based on this premise.

To which I responded;

So, you got it...very good. You might be interested in this page.

I think it is my destiny to rediscover how to attenuate gravity in any mass. We can dim it like dimming a light or we can make a mass heavier or we can balance the push and pull to create equilibrium...ergo a standing wave that repels the penetration of aether/zpe into the mass neutral center.

Just as Keely said...push, pull, balance...

Phase conjugation, standing waves, solitons, all fascinating subjects with incredible possibilities that few have yet to realize.

You might also be interested in checking out the claims of the earth, in fact, all planetary bodies, being hollow...

KeelyNetJust like the soliton animation you see, so too does each planet, including this earth, have the form of an egg shell where the incoming gravity waves (gravity is a push, not a pull) strikes the neutral center which acts as a mirror to reflect it back on itself and where gravity cancels (midway between the shell/crust) to allow the accumulation of matter.

When putting all of this together, it gives us major clues as to how to design an experiment to control gravity.

Thanks for writing...

The Neutral Centre can best be visualized as a drain through which Aether continually flows. The volume of the Aetheric flows throughout a structure are determined by the size of the Neutral Centre opening, exactly like increasing or decreasing the size of the drain in a tank of water.

Control of the flow of Aether through this drain therefore determines the density and weight of a mass aggregation. The character, signature or virtual state pattern of the mass aggregation determines the nature of the interferences which present themselves to the flow of Aether into the Neutral Centre.

This mass nature not only determines what the elemental structure of a mass aggregation will be but also the properties exhibited. By altering the frequencies and phase relationships of a mass, we can change the weight, density and nature of the mass by reducing or increasing the Neutral Centre opening to the flow of Aether. Aether flow into a mass aggregate neutral center can effectively 'capture' other mass aggregations, causing them to be caught in the greater flow, to create what is called 'gravity'. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Levitating Monk - Is this Lung Gom Pa in Action?


Magician Dan White meets up with a Buddhist monk, in Nepal, who has the power of levitation.

Is there a connection between the candle arrangement focusing on the triangular center in the following video and the levitation of stones in Tibet in the 1920s?

Levitation in Ancient Tibet:

Research into ancient religions reveals many startling levitation effects. One of the most detailed and interesting of these have been recorded by a competent witness.

A Swede, Dr. Jarl, who studied at Oxford became friends with a fellow student from Tibet. Several years later, in 1939, he was asked by his friend to go to Tibet to treat a high Lama. His Tibetan friend had risen to high rank at his Lamasery and Dr. Jarl was privileged to learn many things which most foreigners would never hear about.

On one occasion, his friend took him to a meadow which was surrounded by high cliffs to the northwest. About 250 meters up the face of the cliff there was a hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. A rock wall was being built in front of the cave by Tibetan monks. Access to the cave could only be achieved from the top of the mountain. 250 meters from the face of the cliff, facing the cave, was a polished rock slab with a bowl shaped depression in it. A block of stone, 1.5 meters long by 1 meter wide and 1 meter high was lowered into the depression by a team of Yaks and monks.

Monks with 19 musical instruments, consisting of 13 drums and 5 trumpets, were arranged in an arc of 90 degrees (see Figure 3) in front of the stone block. The instruments had the following measurements:

(1). 8 drums were 1 meter diameter X 1.5 meters deep X 3mm sheet iron and weighed 150 kg.
(2). 4 drums were 0.7 meter diameter X 1 meters deep
(3). 1 drum was 0.2 meter diameter X 0.3 meters deep
(4). All trumpets were 3.12 meters X 0.3 meters

All the drums were open on one end, mounted on poles, and aimed at the block of stone. The drums were beat by monks using a big leather club.

Behind each instrument was a row of monks. The monks started chanting and playing the musical instruments which lasted four minutes.

When the sound reached a certain level the large block of stone placed in front of them, occupying the focal point of the monks formation, majestically floated into the air and arched up to the construction site on the mountain above them where receiving monks guided the large block into place. The flight path of the huge stone took about 3 minutes.

This was not an isolated incident. The monks continued to perform this feat at the rate of 5 or 6 stones per hour. On occasion a stone was broken by the process which indicates that the sonic resonance forces are capable of destructive effects.

Calculations reveal that the volume of the large drums are similar to the stone block volume. The medium drums are one third the volume of the large drum and the small drum is a 41th of the medium drum and 125th of the large drum.

The exact volume of the large stone is not available; however, the harmonic relations of the drums implies it is about 1.5 cubic meters.

As to the trumpets, their length, 3.12 meters, is not a good indicator of its sound. Most trumpets are flared at the end so part of the trumpet is more for sound amplification than its frequency component. So, if the wave length of the trumpet is some harmonic of about 3 meters, then the trumpet produces a sound which is the second harmonic of the large drums (i.e., 3 divided by 1.5 equals 2). Thus we see that the drums and trumpets are all harmonically tuned to the size of the stone being levitated.

Another interesting aspect of this levitation demonstration is the small amount of power necessary to perform the levitation. The loudest tolerable sound pressure that a person can stand is approximately 280 dynes/cm2. From physics analysis this translates to about 0.000094 watts/cm2.

Lung Gom Pa - excerpts from the book "With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet" by Alexandra David-Neel

The man continued to advance towards us and his curious speed became more and more evident. What was to be done if he really was a lung-gom-pa ? I wanted to observe him at close quarters, I also wished to have a talk with him, to put him some questions, to photograph him. . . . I wanted many things. But at the very first words I said about it, the man who had recognized him as a lama lung-gom-pa exclaimed:

"Your Reverence will not stop the lama, nor speak to him. This would certainly kill him. These lamas when travelling must not break their meditation. The god who is in them escapes if they cease to repeat the ngags (a mantra or Tibetan chant), and when thus leaving them before the proper time, he shakes them so hard that they die."

By that time he had nearly reached us; I could clearly see his perfectly calm impassive face and wide-open eyes with their gaze fixed on some invisible far-distant object situated somewhere high up in space.

The man did not run. He seemed to lift himself from the ground, proceeding by leaps. It looked as if he had been endowed with the elasticity of a ball and rebounded each tine his feet touched the ground.

His steps had the regularity of a pendulum. He wore the usual monastic robe and toga, both rather ragged. His left hand gripped a fold of the toga and was half hidden under the cloth. The right held a phurba (magic dagger). His right arm moved slightly at each step as if leaning on a stick, just as though the phurba, whose pointed extremity was far above the ground, had touched it and were actually a support.

However, our slow pace could not in any way be compared to that of the leaping lung-gom-pa, who seemed as if carried on wings.

The student sits cross-legged on a large and thick cushion. He inhales slowly and for a long time, just as if he wanted to fill his body with air.

Then, holding his breath, he jumps up with legs crossed, without using his hands and falls back on his cushion, still remaining in the same position. He repeats that exercise a number of times during each period of practice. Some lamas succeed in jumping very high in that way. Some women train themselves in the same manner.

As one can easily believe the object of this exercise is not acrobatic jumping. According to Tibetans, the body of those who drill themselves for years, by that method, become exceedingly light; nearly without weight.

These men, they say, are able to sit on an ear of barley without bending its stalk or to stand on the top of a heap of grain without displacing any of it. In fact the aim is levitation.

We were travelling in a forest, Yongden and I walking ahead of our servants and beasts, when at the turning of the path, we came upon a naked man with iron chains rolled all round his body.

He was seated on a rock and seemed so deeply buried in thoughts that he had not heard us coming. We stopped, astonished, but he must have suddenly become aware of our presence, for after gazing at us a moment, he jumped up and threw himself into the thickets more quickly than a deer. For a while we heard the noise of the chains jingling on his body growing rapidly fainter and fainter, then all was silence again.

"That man is a lung-gom-pa," said Yongden to me. "I have already seen one like him. They wear these chains to make themselves heavy, for through the practice of lung-gom, their bodies have become so light that they are always in danger of floating in the air."

He was most unwilling to answer, but I managed to obtain some information which confirmed what I knew already. He had been told that sunset and clear nights were favourable conditions for the walker. He had also been advised to train himself by looking fixedly at the starry sky.

Any clear night is deemed good for the training of beginners, but strong starlight is especially favourable. One is often advised to keep the eyes fixed on a particular star.

This appears connected with hypnotic effects, and I have been told that among novices who train themselves in that way, some stop walking when "their" star sinks below the skyline or rises above their head. Others, on the contrary, do not notice its disappearance because, by the time that the star has passed out of sight, they have formed a subjective image of it which remains fixed before them.

Referring to the use of peripheral vision for 'Nightwalking', the article states - In Magic and Mystery in Tibet, she describes her encounter with and investigation of Lung-gom-pas, Tibetan spiritual walkers of extraordinary ability. According to David-Neel, "The walker must neither speak, nor look from side to side. He must keep his eyes fixed on a single object and never allow this attention to be attracted by anything else.

When the trance state has been reached, though normal consciousness is for the greater part suppressed, it remains sufficiently alive to keep the walker aware of the obstacles in his way and mindful of his direction and goal." - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Can an 'invention' called Clear Cast antenna eliminate cable TV?
It's called the Clear Cast antenna, $60 with shipping and tax. According to the newspaper ad, it grabs up to "953 free TV shows with crystal clear picture" and no monthly bills.

We emailed Brilliant Built Technologies, the company behind Clear Cast, and asked about its advertised 953 shows. A spokesperson explained: "This is based on new programming on the major broadcast networks."

We are not the only ones asking questions. The Better Business Bureau in June 2012 conducted an advertising review of Clear Cast's claims and says it's misleading. The BBB concluded: “A bulk of confusion stems from the channels vs. shows reference in which the committee feels is meant to confuse consumers into believing they will receive similar channeling as they would cable or satellite."

So we asked the experts at Sound Technology, Inc. to weigh in on what the advertisement describes as a slick little $47 invention. Their take on it? It’s nothing more than an expensive set of rabbit ears.

We also purchased two traditional antennas for $25 each to see how they compared. One of them, a GE model, only picked up 16 channels.

But the simple medal antenna we bought at Radio Shack delivered a clear picture on 32 channels.

We relayed our test results to Brilliant Built Technologies. They responded: "We have had independent testing done using our Clear Cast X1 digital antenna versus several antennas purchased at retail locations. The study showed we received more channels... and had a clearer picture." - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - The circadian rhythms of death
You (yes, you) are more likely to die around 11:00 am than any other time. That is, provided your death is the sort that happens in old age, as opposed to, say, being hit by a bus.

That's because of circadian rhythms — the biological processes that, among other things, regulate when we get tired and when we wake up. For most of our lives, we consistently manipulate these cycles — setting alarms, enforcing bedtimes, getting just tipsy enough that we don't notice it's 1:00 in the morning. But for the elderly and the very sick, those socially mandated sub-routines no longer apply. Over time, your body starts slipping into patterns that are governed internally, rather than externally.

And, it turns out, the majority of humans have an internal cycle that makes them more likely to die at 11:00 am. At The Atlantic, Megan Garber explains:

Because, just as circadian rhythms regulate things like preferred sleep periods and the time of peak cognitive performance, they also regulate the times during which we're most likely to experience an acute medical event like a stroke or heart attack. As study co-author Clifford Saper -- who is also the James Jackson Putnam Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School, and also the chairman of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Department of Neurology -- explained to me over email: There is a "biological clock ticking in each of us." - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Texas judge questions tools that grab cellphone data
The Wall Street Journal reports that a Texas judge is asking questions about whether investigators are providing courts with sufficient detail details on technlogies that allow them to grab data on all cellphones in a given area, including those of people who are most certainly innocent of any crime. Snip:

One of the investigative tools in question is something called a “cell tower dump,” which allows law enforcement to get information on all the phones in a given area at a given time.

In two cases, Magistrate Judge Brian Owsley rejected federal requests to allow the warrantless use of “stingrays” and “cell tower dumps,” two different tools that are used for cellphone tracking. The judge said the government should apply for warrants in the cases, but the attorneys had instead applied for lesser court orders.

Among the judge’s biggest concerns: that the agents and U.S. attorneys making the requests didn’t provide details on how the tools worked or would be used — and even seemed to have trouble explaining the technology. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - 100km/h Sailboat Sets Speed Record
News that a boat powered only by its sails has reached speeds of 100km/h for the first time. The team also claims to have reached 109km/h over a 500m course.

The craft took the speed record back from kite surfers, who have somewhat smaller sails but a massive weight advantage over boats. "Sailrocket 2 set the record last week, and the speed 54.08 knots (100.1 km/h) the craft achieved has been recognized by the World Sailing Speed Record Council as the new mark in Class B for vessels traversing a 500 meter course.

The speed is higher than any other vessel recorded in the Council’s lists and is the only recorded speed over 100 km/h." - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - HydroICE Project Developing a Solar-Powered Combustion Engine
"OK, first things first – stop picturing a car with solar panels connected to its engine. What Missouri-based inventors Matt Bellue and Ben Cooper are working on is something a little different than that. They want to take an internal combustion engine, and run it on water and solar-heated oil instead of gasoline. That engine could then be hooked up to a generator, to provide clean electricity. While that may sound a little iffy to some, Bellue and Cooper have already built a small-scale prototype."

To begin, mirrored parabolic solar collectors would be used to heat oil to a temperature of at least 400 to 700ºF (204 to 371ºC). This hot oil would then be injected into the cylinder chamber of the engine, just like gasoline ordinarily is. A few microdroplets of water would then also be introduced, which would turn to steam immediately upon contact with the hot oil.

The rapidly-expanding steam would serve the same purpose as exploding gas, driving the piston downward and turning the driveshaft. As the piston reached the bottom of its stroke, the spent steam and oil would exit the cylinder and be run through an oil/steam separator. They could then each be returned to their respective reservoirs, for re-use within the closed-loop system.

Efficiency is currently estimated at being at least 15 percent – about the same as the maximum efficiency of existing photovoltaic panels. The technology's big advantage, however, would be price. They’re projecting that a HydroICE system would cost about a quarter of what an equivalent-output photovoltaic system would go for ... obviously, though, that’s still looking some distance down the road. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Study Finds Similar Structures In the Universe, Internet, and Brain
"The structure of the universe and the laws that govern its growth may be more similar than previously thought to the structure and growth of the human brain and other complex networks, such as the Internet or a social network of trust relationships between people, according to a new study.

'By no means do we claim that the universe is a global brain or a computer,' said Dmitri Krioukov, co-author of the paper, published by the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), based at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego.

'But the discovered equivalence between the growth of the universe and complex networks strongly suggests that unexpectedly similar laws govern the dynamics of these very different complex systems,' Krioukov noted."

“We discovered that the large-scale growth dynamics of complex networks and causal networks are asymptotically (at large times) the same, explaining the structural similarity between these networks,” the researcher asserted.

SDSC Director Michael Norman added, “This is a perfect example of interdisciplinary research combining math, physics, and computer science in totally unexpected ways.”

“Who would have guessed that the emergence of our universe’s four-dimensional spacetime from the quantum vacuum would have anything to do with the growth of the Internet? Causality is at the heart of both, so perhaps the similarity Krioukov and his collaborators found is to be expected.

Of course the network representing the structure of the universe is astronomically huge – in fact it can be infinite. But even if it is finite, researchers’ best guess is that it is no smaller than 10250 atoms of space and time. (That’s the digit 1 followed by 250 zeros.) For comparison, the number of water molecules in all the oceans in the world has been estimated to be 4.4 x 1046.

Yet the researchers found a way to downscale this humongous network while preserving its vital properties, by proving mathematically that these properties do not depend on the network size in a certain range of parameters, such as the curvature and age of our universe - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Secession Fever Hits Texas
In the weeks since President Obama’s re-election, Republicans around the country have been wondering how to proceed. Some conservatives in Texas have been asking a far more pointed question: how to secede.

Sales of bumper stickers reading “Secede” — one for $2, or three for $5 — have increased at In East Texas, a Republican official sent out an e-mail newsletter saying it was time for Texas and Vermont to each “go her own way in peace” and sign a free-trade agreement among the states.

In Texas, talk of secession in recent years has steadily shifted to the center from the fringe right. It has emerged as an echo of the state Republican leadership’s anti-Washington, pro-Texas-sovereignty mantra on a variety of issues, including health care and environmental regulations. For some Texans, the renewed interest in the subject serves simply as comic relief after a crushing election defeat.

But for other proponents of secession and its sister ideology, Texas nationalism — a focus of the Texas Nationalist Movement and other groups that want the state to become an independent nation, as it was in the 1830s and 1840s — it is a far more serious matter.

The online petitions — created on the We the People platform at — are required to receive 25,000 signatures in 30 days for the White House to respond. The Texas petition, created Nov. 9 by a man identified as Micah H. of Arlington, had received more than 116,000 signatures by Friday. It asks the Obama administration to “peacefully grant” the withdrawal of Texas, and describes doing so as “practically feasible,” given the state’s large economy.

Residents in other states, including Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Louisiana and Oklahoma, have submitted similar petitions, though none have received as many signatures as the one from Texas.

The secession movement in Texas is divergent, with differences in goals and tactics. One group, the Republic of Texas, says that secession is unnecessary because, it claims, Texas is an independent nation that was illegally annexed by the United States in 1845. (The group’s leader and other followers waged a weeklong standoff with the Texas Rangers in 1997 that left one of its members dead.) Mr. Kilgore, the candidate who is changing his middle name, said he had not signed the White House petition because he did not believe that Texans needed to ask Washington for permission to leave.

“Our economy is about 30 percent larger than that of Australia,” said Mr. Kilgore, 48, a telecommunications contractor. “Australia can survive on their own, and I don’t think we’ll have any problem at all surviving on our own in Texas.”

Few of the public calls for secession have addressed the messy details, like what would happen to the state’s many federal courthouses, prisons, military bases and parklands. No one has said what would become of Kevin Patteson, the director of the state’s Office of State-Federal Relations, and no one has asked the Texas residents who received tens of millions of dollars in federal aid after destructive wildfires last year for their thoughts on the subject.

But all the secession talk has intrigued liberals as well. Caleb M. of Austin started his own petition on the White House Web site. He asked the federal government to allow Austin to withdraw from Texas and remain part of the United States, “in the event that Texas is successful in the current bid to secede.” It had more than 8,000 signatures as of Friday. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Plotting for America to be ruled under Sharia law is Sedition
In a recent column, I referred to this excellent presentation: Can The United States Constitution Destroy Itself? Anyone who has taken the time to read and listen to the words of Muslim clerics and the Muslim Brotherhood fully and clearly understand the number one goal is to take over these united States of America and replace the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with the sickness called Islam. The web site highlighted above gives you the documents to back up what millions of Americans know and are fighting against. I also covered a great deal in this column.

Not only are more Americans coming to understand Islam is not a religion, they are coming out and saying what many of us have for years: The Islamic Movement in this country is sedition.

Why Islam Should NOT Be Protected Under the US Constitution. "Lawmakers tell us Muslims have a First Amendment “Right” to build mosques, proselytize, and implement Sharia here. But that's not what the First Amendment says.

"It says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

"Now consider the verbiage very carefully. A lot of lawmakers and most Americans make the exegetical error that the First Amendment grants us rights. The First Amendment doesn't grant any rights to anybody. All it does is prohibit Congress from making laws about religion, speech, the press, or assembly.

"Therefore, Muslims do not have a First Amendment “Right” to build mosques, proselytize, and implement Sharia in our country.

"As Publius Huldah correctly points out, “Not only do Muslims claim the “right” to impose Shariah in the Muslim communities springing up throughout our Country, they also claim the “right” to impose Sharia law in the public square: They demand Sharia compliant financial institutions, foot baths in public places, that wine, sausages, and the like be banned from their presence, that they be allowed to shut down public streets for “prayers”, etc.”

"So it begs the question: Do Americans have any Constitutional protection against the invasion of a foreign law being foisted upon us? Absolutely! - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Inventor/Visionary invents cellphone over 100 years ago
This is an article that appeared in the New York World, April 29, 1906. I found it while researching my book on James E. Kelly (Tell Me of Lincoln).

Kelly was friends with Inventor Charles E. Alden who invented the "Vest Pocket Telephone."

He envisioned the modern Cell Phone in 1906--104 years ago!!!

Sorry for the all the movement--it was shot on my cellphone... - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Businesses Could Soon Send Shocking Message To Criminals
It’s a shocking way to stop the copper theft crime-wave – a 7,000-volt electric security fence.

The Rancho Cordova City Council voted Monday night to draft an ordinance allowing businesses to put up electric security fences that will zap would-be copper thieves.

Sam Matsoyan of MP Auto Parts said Monday he can’t wait to install it around his Rancho Cordova business.

Barbed wire fencing isn’t cutting it, guard dogs haven’t worked and neither has a security system. But the electric fence idea has Sam amped up.

It’s a split-second jolt designed to make criminals bolt. What’s the shock feel like?

“It’s a memorable experience,” an electric fence manufacturer said.

It’s one designed to force criminals to make a run for it before they can steal. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Cameras Inside Mannequins Spying on Shoppers
The EyeSee mannequin, developed by Italian firm Almax, relies on technology used to identify criminals in airports that utilizes facial recognition software to identify the race, age and gender of the shopper and feeds that information back to a centralized database. The camera is embedded in the eye of the mannequin.

The company refused to divulge which retailers were using the mannequins, but acknowledged that they were already being used in three European countries and in the United States. CEO Max Catanese added that five major luxury fashion retailers had deployed “a few dozen” of the mannequins, with orders for many more.

The company is planning to update the technology inside the $5,000 dollar mannequins to enable them to listen in on shoppers’ conversations as they walk around the store.

The surveillance devices are ostensibly used to build a profile of what type of shoppers are entering the store, at what times and what they are looking at. However, privacy campaigners expressed concern that the technology was just another example of the commercial sector turning to Big Brother in a bid to increase profits. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Stores Requiring ID, Tracking To Prevent Repeated Returns
According to the National Retail Federation, 62 percent of retailers have ID requirements. Among those who have similar policies for returns are The Finish Line, Home Depot, Target and more.

So where does your information go? Likely it’s being stored on The Retail Equation, a service which tracks how often you bring stuff back and identifies habitual returners.

The retail exchange has said return fraud and “renting” – buying an item to wear and return – costs the retail industry billions each year.

In an effort to stop that practice, they’re tracking you, and all of your returns at their participating stores, in a database.

Return items too frequently, and you may lose your right to bring back your purchases anywhere. - Full Article Source

11/25/12 - Joule Ringer 'extends' power - Incredible!
Youtuber lasersaber shows a simple device called “Joule Ringer” that was first started and maintained by one or two 9V batteries then the device can power a CFL light with the batteries removed.

It is so inspiring because extra energy can be drawn from such a simple Joule Ringer (some call it Joule Thief) to keep the CFL lighted up for so long.

This means that energy collected from solar panels, wind turbines, etc. can be directly used to keep this type of “Joule Ringer” devices running for as long as we need it.

On lasersaber’s webpage he shows a ring-type coils rather than a straight-rod-type of coils, . In the following video, he demonstrates the power of this ring-type Joule Ringer to run a total of 12 CFL lights.

(Thanks to Paul/Pavlos for sharing this fascinating new material with all of us. I suggest you copy this videos while they are still available. Often things of interest 'disappear'. - JWD) - Full Article Source


11/21/12 - Self-Taught Teen Prodigy From Sierra Leone Wows MIT Engineers
What can you do with scrap metal, baking soda, and acid? If you're MacGyver, you probably blow something up, but if you're this kid from Sierra Leone, you power your family's home, set up your own radio station, and get a scholarship to MIT.

Sierra Leone teen Kelvin Doe is visiting the U.S. as a guest of MIT.

The 15-year-old is a self-taught engineer, who has never taken an engineering or electronics class. Combining scrap metal, baking soda and acid, he created a battery to power his family’s home. He also broadcasts news and music as DJ Focus on the radio, using an RF transmitter he created.

15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in Sierra Leone who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters. Completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus.

Kelvin became the youngest person in history to be invited to the "Visiting Practitioner's Program" at MIT. THNKR had exclusive access to Kelvin and his life-changing journey - experiencing the US for the first time, exploring incredible opportunities, contending with homesickness, and mapping out his future. - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - How to Measure Quantum Foam With a Tabletop Experiment
Physicists thought they could never measure the foam-like structure of spacetime. Now one theoretical physicist says it can be done using a laser and a block of glass.

The equations of general relativity are smooth, even at the tiniest scales. But in the early 1960s, the American physicist John Wheeler pointed out that in quantum mechanics, ordinary properties of spacetime, such as position, momentum and so on, have an uncertainty associated with them. That implies that spacetme must be uncertain as well. Wheeler famously described it as "quantum foam".

Physicists would dearly love to study this foam but there's a problem. Spacetime only becomes foam-like on the tiniest scale, at so-called Planck lengths of 10^-35 metres or so.

a fascinating idea from Jacob Bekenstein, a physicist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. Bekenstein says he has worked out a way to measure the structure of spacetime on the Planck scale using a simple experiment involving little more than a block of glass and a laser.

In essence, the experiment is straightforward. Bekenstein's goal is to move the block by a distance that is about equal to the Planck length. His method is simple: zap the block with a single photon.

The photon carries a small amount of moment and consequently pushes the block as it enters the glass, giving it some momentum. As the photon leaves the block, the block comes to rest.

So the result of the photon's passage is that it moves the block a small distance.

Bekenstein's idea is that if this distance is smaller than the Planck length, then the block cannot move and the photon cannot pass through it.

So the experiment involves measuring the number of photons that pass through the block. If the number is fewer than predicted by classical optics, then that proves the existence of quantum foam.

In fact, by changing the momentum imparted by the photons, physicists ought to be able to measure the scale at which quantum foam effects kick in and perhaps quantify it other ways too.

The beauty of this experiment is that it avoids all the usual problems of probing small length scales using quantum particles which themselves experience uncertainty in their position.

Instead, Bekenstein's experiment relies on conservation of momentum and the change in position of the centre of mass of a macroscopic block of glass. He shows that this does not violate of the uncertainty principle. Indeed, the only measurement involved is a straightforward photon count.

Best of all, this experiment requires no device more exotic than a laser and a fridge (the block has to be cooled to close to zero to minimise thermal perturbations). Nothing about it is beyond the state of the art. Indeed, the test could be performed today on a tabletop in a well-equipped lab.

That's not to say it will be easy. Bekenstein is a big cheese in the world of theoretical physics but colleagues will want to be sure that his argument is water tight before embarking on such an experiment.

If it is, then Bekenstein’s table top experiment could be up and running in the very near future offering the first potential glimpse of quantum foam. - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Build, Make, Hack, Grow - This is how we change the World
KeelyNet Free energy, gravity control, rejuvenation and all the 'lesser' inventions will change the world by sharing with others how to build a proof of principle prototype which can be scaled up for more power.

Our maker this week is Isaiah Saxon (@isaiah_saxon_). He's the co-founder of, an organization that encourages kids to make stuff and is a film director at Encyclopedia Pictura, which has made videos for the musician Bjork and others. - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Robots to feed entire mankind
It is no secret that massive introduction of robots in manufacturing is inhibited not by the imperfection of these machines, but quite another reason. Indeed, robots can easily replace assembly line and construction sites workers, as well as cleaners in offices and in the streets, drivers of public transport, and even traffic wardens. Most human activities are a fixed sequence of very simple actions, and robots are capable of performing these actions.

Replacing people with robots is not happening because it would lead to severe unemployment. If machines dominate in all areas of activity, this would be very difficult to do. Of course, some of the workers who lost they jobs to robots will be able to re-qualify, for example, into technicians engaged in robots repair, but only few of them will be in demand.

However, one area where robots would not cause any problems is agriculture. Now the number of people producing food is rapidly declining. This process is particularly obvious in Europe, North and South America, East Asia, and Russia, as increasingly more farmers are moving to cities. As a result, the volume of food production is reduced, and it has to be imported.

The idea of ??"smart" technology for farming is not new. In Europe and America machines are employed in the fields that use GPS and "talk" to plows and water sprinklers. For example, a weeding tool can "tell" a tractor that it is going too fast, or ask it to take a left. Not that long ago, an American corporation John Deere developed a harvester that at the right moment signals its tractor to unload grain. A German company released a pair of Fendt tractors where the first tractor is controlled manually, and the other one automatically repeats the action of the first one, which reduces the time a farmer spends in the field by half.

However, experience has shown that these machines have some serious flaws. First, they are very heavy. Working in the fields, they trample down the soil, reducing its porosity and destroying useful forms of life, which consequently reduces yields. Soil compaction also increases its susceptibility to erosion, resulting in a flow of rain water. "Why do we plow? Mainly to eliminate the harm caused by heavy tractors. This operation takes up to 80 percent of energy required to cultivate the land," said Simon Blackmore of Harper Adams University (UK).

This means that agricultural robots of the future should be light and strong at the same time. In addition, they should be able to navigate in space, understand what is in front of them, and help the farmer. These robots should be able to perform targeted actions, for example, a grain of wheat needs just one cubic centimeter of soil for growth. In order for it to grow, there is no need to plow cubic yards of soil and cover them with pesticides and herbicides - it will be sufficient to treat the very place where it grows. Humans could not do it, but a tireless robot could easily cope with the task. - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Entrainment is Warp Drives Fatal Flaw
KeelyNet It is exactly what NASA researchers suspect could happen after new analysis revealed a flaw in designs for a so-called 'warp drive' - the theoretical technology that would propel spaceships to speeds faster than light - could cause catastrophic explosions the moment intrepid space explorers reached their destination.

Equations based on the laws of relativity have allowed warp speed in theory; but the energy required to make it happen would require the energy-mass of a planet the size of Jupiter.

Recently scientists studying the model for a warp drive proposed by the Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre concluded its power requirements were not as impossible as once believed.

Alcubierre's design features a ship made of a central pod surrounded by a large, flat ring - scientists are yet to establish what matter this ring would be made of, as it would need to be capable of bending the very fabric of the universe.

Nonetheless they claim that, with enough energy, space and time can be bent to allow the spacecraft to travel through 'loops' in space.

When activated, space behind the drive would expand while that in front of the drive would contract. In the meantime the ship would travel in a stable 'pocket', or 'bubble in space', according to

But the Australian research indicates that the high-energy particles that are constantly shooting around space could get swept up in the ship's warp field and become trapped in the 'bubble', with more and more of the particles filling the stable pocket the longer the journey lasts.

While this would no affect the drive's ability to achieve warp speed, the instant it is disengaged that space-time gradient allowing it to move faster than light - and creating the bubble that holds the dangerous build-up of trapped particles - is gone.

Researchers now believe those particles would be blasted out in front of the ship, destroying anything around it.

In theory, a long trip powered by a warp drive could see entire planets vaporised upon arrival.

A lack of ability to reach light speed travel places limitations on fantasies of exploring the stars.

While nothing can break the speed of light, scientists have long been fascinated by theories surrounding warp-speed travel. - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Dimming the living room lights using your TV remote
As part of a complete home theater setup [Andy] wanted to be able to control the lights from his couch. He started thinking about the best way to do this when he realized that his TV remote has buttons on it which he never uses.

Those controls are meant for other components made by the same manufacturer as the TV. Since he doesn’t have that equipment on hand, he built his own IR receiver to switch the lights with those unused buttons.

He monitors and IR receiver using an AVR microcontroller. It is powered from mains via the guts from a wall wart included in the build. Also rolled into the project is a solid state relay capable of switching the mains feed to the light circuit.

[Andy] mentions that going with a solid state part mean you don’t get that clicking associated with a mechanical relay.

An electrical box extension was used to give him more room for mounting the IR receiver and housing his DIY circuit board. - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Reading and Calculating With Your Unconscious
"Using special techniques that present information to one eye while hiding the information from the conscious mind (by masking it with more distracting imagery presented to the other eye), researchers have shown two new and very unexpected things: we can read and understand short sentences, and we can perform multi-step arithmetic problems, entirely unconsciously.

The results of the reading and calculating are available to and influence the conscious mind, but we remain unaware of their existence.

While we have known for some time that a great deal of sensory processing occurs below the surface and affects our deliberative behavior, it was widely believed until now that the subconscious was not able to actually do arithmetic or parse sentences." - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Nanoparticles Stop Multiple Sclerosis In Mice
"Scientists have used nanoparticles covered in proteins to trick the immune system to stop attacking myelin and halt the progression of multiple sclerosis in mice.

The nanoparticles, about 200 times thinner than a human hair, are made from the same material as dissolving stitches. Scientists compare the process an immune system 'reboot'.

The process keeps the immune system from treating myelin as an alien invader and to stop attacking it." - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Dutch Cold Case Murder Solved After 8000 People Gave Their DNA
"A 1999 cold case rape and murder in The Netherlands has been solved. Dutch police asked 8000+ men living within 5 kilometers of the crime scene to volunteer their DNA so that the murderer could be traced through (close or distant) family members sharing part of this DNA.

As it turned out, the man now in custody turned in his own DNA, resulting in a 100% match.

The request of the police was discussed here on Slashdot in September.

The percentage of people participating was closing in on 90%; in the midsize town of the victim it was 96%." - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Activists' Drone Shot Out of the Sky For Fourth Time
"Photos provided by the animal rights group show the multicopter smoking on the ground, with its lithium polymer battery supply smoldering. Another photo shows the drone's video camera smashed.

The drone, dubbed 'Angel,' was a Cinestar 8 octocopter estimated at $4,000. This wasn't the first time SHARK has been shot out of the sky.

This is the fourth drone that the group has lost while investigating pigeon shootings. One drone landed on club property, and is the subject of an ongoing lawsuit." - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying
"The recent anti-bullying survey conducted by ABA brings up some interesting findings. According to it, more than 90% of the 1,000 11-16 year-olds surveyed said they had been bullied or seen someone bullied for being too intelligent or talented.

Almost half of children and young people (49.5%) have played down a talent for fear of being bullied, rising to 53% among girls.

One in 10 (12%) said they had played down their ability in science and almost one in five girls (18.8%) and more than one in 10 boys (11.4%) are deliberately underachieving in maths – to evade bullying.

Worryingly, this means our children and young people are shying away from academic achievement for fear of victimization." - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Senate Bill Rewrite Lets Feds Read Your E-mail Without Warrants
"A Senate proposal touted as protecting Americans' e-mail privacy has been quietly rewritten, giving government agencies more surveillance power than they possess under current law.

[Sen. Patrick] Leahy's rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies — including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission — to access Americans' e-mail, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also would give the FBI and Homeland Security more authority, in some circumstances, to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge." - Full Article Source

11/21/12 - Google Glass Could Be the Virtual Dieting Pill of the Future
"In a year or two, augmented reality (AR) headsets such as Google Glass may double up as a virtual dieting pill. New research from the University of Tokyo shows that a very simple AR trick can reduce the amount that you eat by 10% — and yes, the same trick, used in the inverse, can be used to increase food consumption by 15%, too.

The AR trick is very simple: By donning the glasses, the University of Tokyo's special software 'seamlessly' scales up the size of your food. You pick up an Oreo cookie, and then the software automatically scales it up to 1.5 times its natural size.

Using a deformation algorithm, the person's hand is manipulated so that the giant Oreo appears (somewhat) natural. In testing, this simple trick was enough to reduce the amount of food eaten by 10%.

The inverse is also true: shrinking the Oreo down to two-thirds its natural size increased food consumption by 15%. This new research dovetails neatly with an area of nutritional science that has received a lot of attention in the United States of Obesity recently: That the size of the serving/plate/cup/receptacle directly affects your intake.

The fact is, there's a lot more to dieting than simply reducing your calorific intake and exercising regularly. Your state of mind as you sit down to eat, and your perception of what you're eating, are just as important — which is exciting news, because both of those factors can be hacked." - Full Article Source


11/18/12 - Honda's "Micro Commuter" features swappable bodies


The new version is close to production-ready (without the extreme aerodynamics of the initial prototype) and concentrates the battery and functionality of the micro EV below the floor, enabling the vehicle's body to be easily changed to accommodate different functionality.

Billed as a short distance EV commuter, the 100-inch long Honda Micro Commuter is a full six inches shorter than the smart fortwo's 's 106-inch length, and 20 percent narrower at 49 inches compared to the smart's 61.4 inches.

The secret of the latest vehicle's energy frugality is it's extremely light weight. Whereas a smart fortwo ED (Electric Drive) has a weight of 870 kg, the Honda comes in at considerably less than half that weight (it's less than 400 kg but we don't know the exact figure), and is able to achieve similar performance to the the smart ED with a motor producing just 15kW, compared to the smart's 30kW.

The Micro Commuter is built specifically for a new era though – it is designed to take one person and one passenger (or two children passengers) a maximum of 60 miles at a maximum of 50 mph. Those figures are realistically well within the range most people use in their commuting, but it will take some time for people to become accustomed to having just enough, instead of three or four times the power, weight and range required.

Maybe it is possible to build a fully electric vehicle that will still offer a range of several hundred miles and a speed potential of three times the speed limit, but not at this time with currently available technologies. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Windmill in a gas pipe generates power
Northeast Ohio inventor Ken Jackson demonstrated his green energy invention the "Geovolt" to a small crowd that gathered Thursday afternoon on the sidewalk at Warren's Courthouse Square.

Jackson says the invention will convert the earth's geo-pressure given off in the natural gas drilling process into free energy by turning a turbine. The invention does not create any byproducts, thus its marketing as a "clean power solution."

"I explain it like a windmill inside of a gas pipe," said Jackson.

The Geovolt will be tested for the next few months, according to Jackson, before it is introduced on the national level. So far the invention has been well received in South America and Canada, but the difficult step will be gaining the cooperation of gas companies who he said are, "reluctant to work with green energy."

The unit, with an estimated price tag of about $25,000, would pay for itself within three to four years, the inventor estimated. Still it would not be ideal for working on a residential level, said Jackson, because it requires a higher amount of gas pressure than a typical house receives.

Local inventor Bob Jadloski of iDK Technologies introduced Jackson to the crowd. He hopes that the Niles-based iDK Technologies will be able to produce a monitoring module for the Geovolt to track the amount of energy being converted.

Jadloski explained that the 25 KW Geovolt produces the equivalent amount of energy of a 20,000 square mile array of solar panels. For example, Jadloski said, if three or four Geovolts were used at V&M Star, "there would be enough energy to run all the lights in the building." - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Now pictures on the Internet can be faked
We know it’s shopped, but we can’t tell because of the pixels. PhD student [Kevin Karsch] along with a few other friends will be presenting their methods to render objects into preexisting photos at SIGGRAPH Asia next month.

The paper (PDF…) covers how [Kevin] et al. go about putting impossible objects into photos. The user first defines the geometry of the picture; legs of tables are defined and the table top is extruded from these legs. The lights are then defined by drawing a bounding box and with a little bit of algorithmic trickery, a 3D object is inserted into the scene.

Comparing the results to the original picture is jaw-dropping. For us, photoshopping a bunch of billiard balls on a pool table would take hours, and it would never look quite right. [Kevin]‘s work for SIGGRAPH can do the whole scene in minutes and produces results we couldn’t dream of.

There’s no downloadable software yet, but the algorithms are there. Check out the video demo of the techniques and results after the break. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Streamlined Scooter HAS TURBINE DRIVE (Apr, 1946)


Ray Russell's engineering model has been clocked at 60 m.p.h., he says, and gets nearly 60 miles to a gallon of gasoline.

Wheels, motor, and driving mechanism are completely enclosed in a tubular-steel frame that gives protection in case of a spill. All are covered by a light-gauge aluminum body that can be lifted off in 10 minutes for servicing and repairs. When the scooter reaches production, the frame may be tough aluminum alloy.

The model shown in the accompanying photos has a 4-hp. engine under the seat connected by a flexible coupling to two oil pumps. A lever controls oil flow through a valve to one or both pumps to provide three speeds. On the rear wheel is a hydraulic motor. The tubing of the frame serves as an oil reservoir, and a 2-gal. gas tank behind the seat contains fuel for 100 miles.

Another model is planned with a chain drive and centrifugal clutch. Operation of either chain or hydraulic drive requires no gear shift. Starting is done simply by opening the throttle and stopping by closing the throttle and applying the brakes.

The two airplane-type wheels are extremely light magnesium die castings. They use four-ply tires 18" in diameter that absorb most of the road shock. Russell believes that tires of this type may eliminate the need for springs.

An engine-driven generator provides current for the horn, the single sealed-beam headlight, and the taillight. The instrument panel includes a speedometer. A windshield of clear plastic may be attached to the motorcycle handlebars by means of an aluminum frame.

With the motor mounted under the seat, plenty of leg room is provided under the aluminum hood. The rear deck has space for a luggage compartment or goods to be delivered, or it opens up to carry a passenger who will ride on a foam-rubber seat cushion like that in the driver’s seat. No paint finish is planned, for the highly polished aluminum body itself adds to the appearance of the cycle. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Band Uses Nuclear Isotopes To Make Music
KeelyNet "Every second in your body, thousands of tiny isotopes are bursting with radioactive decay. And, all around you, imperceptible gamma rays explode in a brilliant but invisible lightshow. And they've just formed a live band. Yes, you read that correctly.

But it's all for science: The Radioactive Orchestra 2.0 is part of a Swedish project to help us understand how low-energy radiation works, by showing the energy patterns of nuclear isotopes.

Swedish musician Kristofer Hagbard conceived of the orchestra about a year ago and released an album last spring, but the new 2.0 version of 'the band' allows him to perform live in front of an audience.

'This can be looked at as a piano for high energy photons, so every detection gives us a note,' Hagbard said. 'The musical instrument is as good as the gamma spectrometer we are using.'"

(See how easy people are distracted...natural radioactivity in the body is WHY WE AGE AND DIE and the reason for my project to REJUVENATE the body. Alas, no one will fund me. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - The Big Bang Theory Flash mob!
The cast and crew of Big Bang Theory staged a surprise flash-mob choreographed dance production to "Call Me Maybe," surprising the show's execs and live audience. It's pretty amazing -- be sure and watch to the end for Sheldon's coda. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - My Appreciation for a very kind reader
KeelyNet I want to thank Jim H. for very kindly donating a Dell laptop to me for use with Keelynet when I'm out of the house.

As he stated, it is 'his donation for the cause'.

It is a nice little machine and I will abuse it appropriately in my never ending quest for new, old and novel information for Keelynetters. Thanks again Jim, I appreciate it very much! - personal comment

11/18/12 - Artificial Wombs In the Near Future?
"The first successful pregnancy by IVF was accomplished over 50 years ago, essentially creating a multi-billion dollar industry.

<>Many scientists are trying to take it one step farther with a 100% test tube baby brought to term in an artificial womb. 'Cornell University's Dr. Hung-Ching Liu has engineered endometrial tissues by prompting cells to grow in an artificial uterus.

When Liu introduced a mouse embryo into the lab-created uterine lining, "It successfully implanted and grew healthy," she said in this New Atlantis Magazine article.

Scientists predict the research could produce an animal womb by 2020, and a human model by early 2030s.'

The author of the article seems to believe that birth via artificial wombs could become the new norm, but is it really feasible, desirable or even affordable for the majority of Earth's population?" - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - WiFi Protocol Boosts Wireless Network Throughput By 700%
"Engineers at NC State University (NCSU) have discovered a way of boosting the throughput of busy WiFi networks by up to 700%.

Perhaps most importantly, the breakthrough is purely software-based, meaning it could be rolled out to existing WiFi networks relatively easily — instantly improving the throughput and latency of the network. As wireless networking becomes ever more prevalent, you may have noticed that your home network is much faster than the WiFi network at the airport or a busy conference center.

The primary reason for this is that a WiFi access point, along with every device connected to it, operates on the same wireless channel. This single-channel problem is also compounded by the fact that it isn't just one-way; the access point also needs to send data back to every connected device.

To solve this problem, NC State University has devised a scheme called WiFox. In essence, WiFox is some software that runs on a WiFi access point (i.e. it's part of the firmware) and keeps track of the congestion level. If WiFox detects a backlog of data due to congestion, it kicks in and enables high-priority mode.

In this mode, the access point gains complete control of the wireless network channel, allowing it to clear its backlog of data. Then, with the backlog clear, the network returns to normal.

We don't have the exact details of the WiFox scheme/protocol (it's being presented at the ACM CoNEXT conference in December), but apparently it increased the throughput of a 45-device WiFi network by 700%, and reduced latency by 30-40%." - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - The fabulous french fry and hash brown diet
KeelyNet Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal started eating fried potatoes earlier this week and has lost five pounds so far.

This is the "magic" of potatoes. You can literally live off them, and some people have and do. Of course, you don't want to, nor do I, but it's a useful tool when you understand what's going on, which is one hell of a lot of things as I'm learning. Let me give you the very basics, though, for review.

--Potato fills you up and it's difficult to eat enough to maintain body weight.

--Eaten plain, it's pretty unpalatable and so even if you can eat enough to maintain body weight, you're going to have to get over that.

--Adding a little fat (1 tsp per medium potato) and spices will make them more palatable, but you will still have a difficult time eating enough.

--They have quality amino acids, meaning you will tend to guard lean muscle (and I supplement with branch chain aminos and liver tablets).

--Calories count, i.e., not eating enough equals weight loss; having sufficient aminos equals fat loss preferentially.

--And as UK Veterinarian Peter has also hypothesized, there may be a cute little trick that helps this along. Now while Peter—as a species agnostic veterinarian—is difficult for mere mortals to understand, things begin to sink in upon 2-3 readings of a post.

The gist as this mortal understands: very, very low fat is essential. Pancreatic beta cells require fat to produce the insulin necessary to regulate blood glucose.

Ahha! Lets load up on glucose, no or very little fat, and where does that fat to produce the insulin necessary to deal with the glucose have to come from? Your fat ass, that's where.

Yes, as I said, 5 pounds in 3.5 days. It's 1:43pm and I'm still not hungry and have had nothing since the plate I ate last night, recipe to follow. So let's get to the hash browns, just in case you get tired of french fries. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Redneck Hotplate
KeelyNet For his chemistry experiments [Charlie] is using a plain old clothes iron for a hot plate. he simply clamps it upside down to the bench.

It doesn’t have any stirring abilities, but we already have an old iron in the shop which we use for toner transfer so we’ll have to keep this in mind if we ever need to heat chemicals (might be a good way to warm etchant). - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Rubber Lungs for Iron (Feb, 1938)


The research laboratories of an Ohio tire company have developed a new respirator, made of rubber, which it is hoped will replace the heavy and uncomfortable “iron lung” now used in medical cases where the patient’s lung muscles have become useless through infantile paralysis or other disease.

The new device leaves the patients arms and legs free, whereas the older and clumsier device enclosed them in a rigid structure.

The new “rubber lung” by alternating vacuum and slight pressure on the chest will lift and lower the patient’s chest walls, replacing useless chest muscles in breathing. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Artificial Muscles Pack a Mean Punch
KeelyNet "Here's a twist: Scientists have designed a flexible, yarn-like artificial muscle that can also pack a punch.

It can contract in 25 milliseconds—a fraction of the time it takes to blink an eye—and can generate power 85 times as great as a similarly sized human muscle.

The new muscles are made of carbon nanotubes filled with paraffin wax that can twist or stretch in response to heat or electricity.

When the temperature rises, the wax melts and forces the nanotubes to contract. Such artificial muscles, the researchers say, could power smart materials, sensors, robots, and even devices inside the human body." - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Tendon-driven exoskeleton 200x stronger than your unassisted muscles
Thanks to a set of nanotube yarn weaving techniques developed by Ray Baughman at the University of Texas at Dallas.

According to researchers these artificial muscles can contract at extremely high speeds to lift loads 200 times greater than natural muscles the same size.

Videos made by researchers show the nanotube yarns lifting loads as much as 50,000 times greater than their own weight.

In addition to allowing light, incredible powerful exoskeletons, these artificial muscles could also drive tiny actuators in microbots flowing around in your body to keep you at peak health.

These nanotube muscles can be triggered to contract by electricity, light or even certain chemicals. And they work over an amazingly wide 2500 degree temperature range. - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - In UK, Twitter, Facebook Rants Land Some In Jail
"In Britain, hundreds of people are prosecuted each year for posts, tweets, texts and emails deemed menacing, indecent, offensive or obscene, and the number is growing as our online lives expand.

'Fifty years ago someone would have made a really offensive comment in a public space and it would have been heard by relatively few people,' said Mike Harris of free-speech group Index on Censorship.

People take it upon themselves to report this offensive material to police, and suddenly you've got the criminalization of offensive speech.

Figures obtained by The Associated Press through a freedom of information request show a steadily rising tally of prosecutions in Britain for electronic communications — phone calls, emails and social media posts — that are grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character — from 1,263 in 2009 to 1,843 in 2011.

Justice Igor Judge said in his judgment that the law should not prevent 'satirical or iconoclastic or rude comment, the expression of unpopular or unfashionable opinion about serious or trivial matters, banter or humor, even if distasteful to some or painful to those subjected to it.'" - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - USPS Reports $15.9 Billion Loss, Asks Congress For Help
KeelyNet The embattled United States Postal Service has posted a $15.9 billion loss over the past fiscal year, more than three times the amount it lost the previous year.

"The USPS, which relies on the sale of stamps and other products rather than taxpayer dollars, has been grappling for years with high costs and tumbling mail volumes as consumers communicate more online.

In September, the Postal Service hit its $15 billion borrowing limit for the first time in its history. That leaves it with few options if it suffers an unexpected shock, such as a slowdown if lawmakers are unable to prevent the year-end tax increases and spending cuts known as the 'fiscal cliff.' ...

Postal officials want Congress to pass legislation that would allow the agency to end Saturday mail delivery and run its own health plan rather than enrolling USPS employees in federal health programs, among other things."

(Pure mismanagement....they have all mail go to centralized big city sources rather than let small towns deliver their own mail..they also OUTSOURCE at much greater expense than paying inhouse workers.

“The GAO is echoing views we have expressed for years,” said APWU President William Burrus. “The Postal Service simply cannot demonstrate that outsourcing is more efficient than using postal employees to perform core functions.”

That is just for starters that illustrate incompetent management. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Old Electric-Car Batteries Put Into Service For Home Energy Storage
"Josie Garthwaite writes that old electric car batteries degraded below acceptable performance levels for autos still have enough life to serve the grid for at least ten years with a prototype announced by GM and ABB lashing five Chevy Volt battery packs together in an array with a capacity of 10 kilowatt-hours — enough to provide electricity for three to five average houses for two hours.

'In a car, you want immediate power, and you want a lot of it,' says Alexandra Goodson. 'We're discharging for two hours instead of immediately accelerating. It's not nearly as demanding on the system.'" - Full Article Source

11/18/12 - Why Texas would flourish as an independent Republic based on liberty
KeelyNet Citizens from all 50 U.S. states have now filed petitions with the White House asking for "peaceful secession" from the union. According to Daily Caller, more than 675,000 petition signatures have now been collected.

The Texas petition now has over 100,000 signatures, and more signatures are appearing by the hour.

It raises the practical question: Could Texas survive as a nation state if it secedes from the union? The short answer is YES. (Bet your boots on it!)

Here's why:

• Texas is a fiercely independent culture. It has already been its own nation, the Republic of Texas, from 1836 to 1846.

• Texas is the only state with its own independent power grid.

• Texas can grow more than enough food to feed itself (and trade with neighboring states).

• Texas is the energy empire of America, with massive resources of natural gas, petroleum, solar and wind. It contains the largest untapped oil reserves in North America, save for Alaska.

• Texas has physical possession of America's oil refineries. (Key strategic resource!

• Texas has abundant technology and telecommunications. It is the "silicon valley" of the South.

• Texas has the basic infrastructure of a space program. The Apollo program, after all, was based out of Houston.

• Texas has a ready labor force.

• Texas has abundant natural resources, including water, soil, sunlight and seeds. There are 15 major rivers that run through Texas.

• Texas has manufacturing know-how and a "can-do" culture of practical people who know how to solve problems.

• Texas has multiple shipping ports and international airports, allowing high-volume international trade with other nations.

• Texas has the capability of defending itself against threat of invasion or military force. Tens of millions of firearms are already owned by well-skilled farmers, ranchers and military veterans. Any attempt to occupy Texas with a military force would be far worse than trying to occupy Afghanistan.

• Texas has a world-class university education system.

• Texas has a history of independence from tyranny. It's part of the Texas DNA.

• Texas has diverse ecology, with 10 climatic regions, 14 soil regions, and 11 distinct ecological regions.

• Texas is a state with tremendous citizen pride. More than in any other state, Texans identify their state as a source of strength and independence.

• Texas citizens have a sense of ethics and morality that's simply missing from many other areas (most notably the Northeastern USA). In Texas, people generally know the difference between right and wrong, and they typically seek to do the "right" thing.

• Texas has Ron Paul! (Need we say more?)

As its own nation, Texas would shut down all federal offices within the new nation of Texas, expelling feds as people with no authority. This would immediately end the scourge of the DEA, ATF, FDA and USDA, among other "gang-style" agencies that routinely betray the American people. Instead, Texas would form its own local agencies to handle any necessary tasks, all with the benefit of local input and local planning.

Any who did not wish to be part of Texas as a new independent nation would be free to leave the state and continue their lives in the collapsing economy of Obammunism, with all its police state tyranny, oppression and destruction of the Bill of Rights. This would include the entire City Council of Austin, a cabal of corrupt communists and Big Government apologists who would likely be marched to the border of Texas at gunpoint. As Obama's nation collapses under debt and tyranny, Texas will be growing by leaps and bounds under a renewed philosophy of economic freedom for the People.

Imagine 268,000 square miles of FREEDOM… - Full Article Source


11/14/12 - Jay Harman’s Lily Impeller
KeelyNet Jay Harman’s Lily Impeller is a pump rotor in the shape of a lily, a revolutionary model nowadays used to propel boats, stir water and cool computers.

Birds of prey can effortlessly circle in the sky without flapping their wings. An albatross can travel hundreds of miles with scarcely a beat of its wings. Hang gliders can do the same. They all ride on thermal air currents, created by reflected heat from the Earth below.

The sun’s heat is absorbed in different ways by different surfaces. A forest, for example, absorbs more heat than rocks or sand. Nature dissipates this surface heat back into the upper atmosphere through spinning convection currents that form a vortex. Through this mechanism, temperatures and climates have remained stable for thousands of years.

Pax Scientific, in San Rafael, California, has created a technology that mimics a convection current vortex that can cool the planet, thus mitigating global warming.

Harman, 60, has spent almost 50 years observing natural vortices to find ways to improve the design of industrial products like fans and pumps. As far-fetched as the idea of a planetary vortex system may sound, he believes this solution is simply a logical career move.

“All movement is radial,” he says. “There is no such thing as a straight line.” To prove his point, he says, lift one hand in front of you and inscribe a circle in the air with your finger. As you do this, the Earth is spinning on its axis and moving through space at 18.5 miles per second.

The solar system as a whole is barreling through space at 137 miles per second. So by the time your circle is complete, you and the planet will have spiraled more than 137 miles through space. From that perspective, Harman says, “Your circle looks like an expanded, uncoiling spring that is more than 137 miles long.”

The spiral is nature’s favorite form. All fluids and gases flow in spirals. Trees and plants grow in spirals. The blood in our veins circulates in spirals, just like the whirlpool that forms above the drain in a bathtub. The same spirals are visible in seashells, in rock formations, in the -patterns of rivers and tornadoes. Even when we force fluids to flow in straight lines, in water pipes or through stents in arteries, the residue left behind always forms spiraling shapes.

All spirals follow the same geometric law, known as the Golden Proportion. The ratio among the radii of these spiraling circles—called phi, after the ancient Greek Phidias, designer of the Parthenon—remains constant. Phi, like pi, is an irrational number, meaning it cannot be fully calculated. Nevertheless, phi is essential to mathematics and physics. Leonardo da Vinci showed man’s phi proportions in his famous Vitruvian Man.

“When the whole universe moves and grows according to the Golden Proportion, why is it that modern science is not studying the vortex?” Harman asks.

The vortex hasn’t been a popular mechanism in industry. “Engineers don’t build to the geometry of the vortex,” Harman says. “The world is full of straight pipes, something nature never uses. This results in inefficiency, noise, wear and erosion.”

Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems are about 25 percent energy efficient; the internal combustion engine is about 25 percent to 30 percent efficient; a cheap fan is about 6 percent efficient. A typical ship’s propeller does much better, about 45 percent to 60 percent efficient, not counting the terribly inefficient engine that turns it. “All are miracles of ingenuity,” Harman says, “but appallingly wasteful of energy.”

Harman took it upon himself to change that. His biggest success so far is a vortex-inspired design to mix water in storage tanks to keep it suitable for drinking. Harman’s machine is so successful at keeping water fresh that reductions in the use of chemicals (such as chlorine) of 80 percent to 100 percent can be achieved. The shell-shaped device is about the size of an adult hand, uses 150 watts of power and can easily mix up to 7 million gallons of water in a single vortex. Pax is currently installing the mixer in drinking water facilities across the U.S.

The success of the water mixer got Harman thinking about global warming. He realized that the principle of the water mixer and the planet’s cooling system are the same: Various layers (of water and air respectively) need to circulate constantly to dispose of contaminants, regulate temperature and ensure freshness. If a tiny machine can successfully mix millions of gallons of water, can a similar device be constructed to perform the same service for the atmosphere? Harman’s answer: Of course it can.

Using computer modeling, researchers at Pax Scientific and Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, confirmed that an appropriately modified 747 aircraft engine could create a vortex that would regulate the atmosphere across an area six miles (10,000 meters) high and 31 miles (50 kilometers) wide.

Strategically placed, a series of these vortices could redistribute heat and help combat climate change. “I imagine we would place one in the Himalayas,” Harman says, “to preserve glaciers that supply almost one-third of humanity’s drinking water. I have no doubt that this works. This is what nature does. We apply it and it works.” - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Liquid metal battery: Can we invent our way out of climate trouble?
What if an inventor went on, say, The Colbert Report, and told the audience he had a neat solution for America's dependence on fossil fuels?

That happened Monday night when Stephen Colbert invited MIT professor Donald Sadoway onto his show to talk about his new battery that can store wind and solar energy for a fraction of the cost of today's batteries.

If his liquid metal battery can be commercialized successfully, it could be a game-changer by making renewable energy far more – (oh, wait, this is getting far too serious).

Colbert: You say, like, new batteries can lead to world peace. How does the new battery lead to world peace?

Sadoway: If you have batteries everywhere so that you can bring renewable sources of energy into the grid and use renewable sources of energy to power electric vehicles, then you're going to topple dictators. You're going to make things very, very different when the price of oil goes back to 20 dollars a barrel.

That drew cheers from the crowd. Imagine! Cheers about tackling global warming, instead of guilt every time you turn the key in the ignition.

Mr. Colbert didn't let Professor Sadoway get into details. But in a TEDTalk this past March, Sadoway laid out the science behind his invention and explained why it's important:

"If we're going to get this country out of its current energy situation, we can't just conserve our way out, we can't just drill our way out, we can't bomb our way out. We're going to do it the old-fashioned American way. We're going to invent our way out, working together."

Since building prototypes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sadoway has formed a company, gotten investors, and is preparing to scale up his invention to see if it can work outside a laboratory setting.

Is the liquid metal battery a breakthrough? Who knows? Does this solve global warming? Of course not.

Those difficult conversations that climate scientists are calling for – government-to-citizen and government-to-government – still need to happen if we are to move toward a coordinated solution for climate change. - Full Article Source

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Donald Sadoway
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11/14/12 - Sail-inspired turbine promises cheaper wind energy
The bladeless wind turbine, the Saphonian, named after the wind divinity that was worshipped by the ancient Carthaginians, also promises to be more environmentally friendly than existing wind turbines that produce noise and kill birds through their blade rotation.

Instead of rotating blades, the Saphonian's sail-shaped body collects the kinetic energy of the wind, Anis Aouini, the Saphonian's inventor, told SciDev.Net.

He explained that the resulting mechanical energy moves pistons which generate hydraulic pressure that can be stored in a hydraulic accumulator or converted into electricity.

"This is not the first bladeless wind turbine, but we thought outside the box: the initial idea came from sails — the only human system that can capture and convert the bulk of the wind's power into mechanical energy," said Aouini.

An average wind turbine captures only 30 to 40 per cent of the wind's kinetic energy, while the Saphonian can capture up to 80 per cent, according to Aouini.

Hassine Labaied, chief executive of Saphon Energy, the start-up energy company established to get the turbine to market, said the Saphonian reduces the aerodynamic and mechanical energy losses associated with rotating-blade turbines.

"Our second generation prototype is 2.3 times more efficient, and costs nearly half the price of its predecessors [conventional wind turbines]. It discards the most expensive components in a traditional wind turbine, which are the blades, hub and gearbox," said Labaied.

Saphon Energy - The Zero-Blade Technology is largely inspired from the sailboat and is likely to increase the efficiency of the current wind power conversion devices.

The blades are replaced by a sail-shaped body while both hub and gearbox are removed. Instead of spinning the blades' rotor, the wind is being harnessed by a sail which follows a non-rotational back and forth motion.

Such movement follows a knot path and allows the conversion of the majority of the kinetic energy into mechanical energy (using pistons).

The same is then converted to a hydraulic pressure that could either be stored (in hydraulic accumulator) or instantly converted to electricity via a hydraulic motor and a generator.

Thanks to the aerodynamic shape of the Saphonian, the drag force becomes the driving force of the system while the lift force becomes almost nil. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Inventor’s new-wave swamp cooler a breath of fresh air
KeelyNet Jon Harms’ quest for efficiency led him to invent the AerMist system, an air conditioner supercharger. He envisions people using it in homes and businesses – anywhere air conditioning is needed. He says his system can save people up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs and has the ability to be portable.

“It’s stunning,” Harms said of the cold-air system as he put a jacket on in his lab, a former deli between Rainbow Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. “I’m not saying it’s the next light bulb. I like to say, ‘I’m the first light bulb for improving ACs.’ That’s huge, because everyone has an AC in this town and in the southwest.”

One product, the EcoDitioner, can boost the power of a quarter-ton air conditioner to the equivalent of a 2-ton unit. Running the EcoDitioner costs about 7 cents an hour, significantly less than a 2-ton unit, which costs 42 cents an hour. The system also uses less water than traditional evaporative coolers, known as swamp coolers.

“It’s a swamp cooler without the swamp,” Harms said. “It’s so hyperefficient. Every ounce of water is used to cool.”

Harms’ invention works by adding special ducts and ceramic rocks to traditional air conditioners. He invented both the cooling ducts and the rocks.

The rocks trap moisture and cool air from the air conditioner, so when it is shut off, a booster continues to push cold air stored in the rocks into the rooms. That keeps the area cooler for longer periods of time than a traditional air conditioner, which only cools when running. The system also requires less energy than its conventional counterparts because the compressor doesn’t have to fire as frequently.

“Your cycling time is longer,” said Harms, who added that the system works the same way for heating. “The biggest killer on the AC is the big old compressor.”

The cost of the system varies but starts at around $2,000. It can be installed in a single day. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Pulsed Plasma Power (Tapping 'vacuum'-energy)
Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa made their first experimental breakthrough in 1986, when they discovered and isolated a self-triggered pulsed plasma discharge in the abnormal-glow discharge region (autogenous Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge, or aPAGD).

The basic circuitry consists of a DC input section, a plasma reactor, and an output pulsed DC section. When properly tuned, the electrodynamically-sustained resonant state of plasma pulsation outputs more electric power than is input. Output pulses have reached >30 kW, with mean power inputs of 50 to 100W and mean outputs of 200 to 600W.

The energy in excess of breakeven is the result of a resonance of the accelerated electron plasma with the local Massfree Energy Plenum, or so-called "vacuum state".

This state of resonance permits the tapping of a New Source of Energy, in fact, a source of Massfree Electric Energy, first discovered by the Correas - who have identified its spectrum.

The Converter system encompasses a secondary-battery-based environment for the extraction of plasma energy in excess of the input energy required to drive the converter.

The Inverter solutions allow the operation of AC devices (motors, relays, transformers, etc) from the pulsed DC output of the aPAGD plasma device, with a minimum of circuitry and losses. Inverter-flywheel systems were also developed.

The entire aPAGD technology has been ready for commercialization for well over ten years. Yet, despite the efforts of all at ABRI - and in particular the personal efforts of Dr. R. Silva, Dr. H. Aspden, Dr. E. Mallove, Mr. U. Soudak, Prof. A. Axelrad, Prof. H. Branover and still others, no sponsor has come forth to help this technology come to fruition.

Ecologist movements have been silent on the technology. Politicians, governments and their granting agencies have refused to become involved unless total control is given to them.

Yet, our Research Institute ploughed ahead. Working bench prototypes of the Converter System have been regularly employed in demonstrations given to interested parties who present the appropriate credentials.

Full technical details of this project are described in the various patents, as well as in articles, papers and monographs accessible on-line or in various Journal venues (see ( via ) - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Are you a genius inventor or a crackpot?
Finding new, dramatic, and cost-effective improvements in how we source and use energy isn't easy. If it was we'd have already introduced dramatic changes in our power system, but it has proven itself to be incredibly resistant to change.

Not that there's an absence of people trying to convince you that they've discovered the amazing answer to clean-up our emissions that will be incredibly cheap. Although they've always got one catch - it requires just a few million dollars now based on an assurance the payoffs will flood in later.

These are the joys of dealing with inventors in the field of energy, although I have to say motor vehicles seem to be particularly heavily populated with misguided but well-intentioned tinkerers.

Yet amongst the gunk there will be some gems hiding - great ideas that no one else has managed to dream up, or perhaps weren't able to properly pursue because of lack of time, lack of funding, lack of the right support or even lack of confidence.

GE, through their Ecomagination challenge are hoping they might uncover some of those latent gems that need a bit of a push along to become a reality. GE has run these kind of competitions across the globe with past competitions focussed on large scale power and smart grid technologies, and residential home energy management, efficiency and generation.

The winners from the Powering the Grid competition were a lightweight inflatable wind turbine; a technology that instantly de-ices wind turbine blades so they never slow or shut down; an intelligent water meter that can generate its own power; a cyber-secure network infrastructure that allows two-way communications grid monitoring and substation automation from wind and solar farms; and a technology solves short-circuiting and outages from overloaded electric grids by enabling precise control over their flow and power.

In terms of the Powering the Home competition the winners were an air conditioning control system to regulate cooling depending on occupant behaviour, a business model for rolling-out off-grid stand-alone renewable power for developing countries, software that would analyse household energy usage data to provide customised energy saving suggestions, an electrochemical compressor and heat-pump system to provide cooling with 60 per cent less energy, and a high insulating window integrated with solar PV cells.

Each of these ideas in isolation won't solve the climate change problem and steal newspaper headlines. But I suspect it's these little breakthroughs steadily accumulating, rather than one single big bang that will ultimately deliver us a completely emission free power supply that is also reliable and affordable. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Wanted: Clean Emergency Power
It seems like there’s an endless string of natural disasters that take down the power grid for days on end. You’d think that at the right price people would love to have an electricity-in-a -box device waiting for these emergencies. What about batteries? Possible, but rechargeable batteries have to used and recharged on a regular basis or they’ll die and not be there when you need them. What about common, disposable, one time use batteries? Answer here: limited shelf life. They’ll self-discharge and be dead just on the day that you need them.

Solar power and batteries combined? Here’s a possibility. But like a gas generator, you need access to an outdoor area to put your panels can soak up some sunlight to recharge your batteries.

There’s another home emergency energy possibility that’s slowly (very slowly) is getting recognition: It’s the use of the battery pack in an electric car or plug-in hybrid to provide emergency home power. It’s already been done and a great idea.

However, it requires that the electric vehicle can be parked near your house to make the electrical connection. And, like running out of gas to feed a generator, your electric car battery might also run out or the gas tank in the plug-in hybrid could run dry needing a trip to the filling station. That’s if gas is available and waiting lines for fill-ups are not hours long.

This new invention that’s needed, this device, or this electricity-in-a-box, doesn't have to power everything, but perhaps a refrigerator, a pump (for well water or to prevent flooding) and some lights. A refrigerator needs about 300-400 watts to run. The pump, 400 watts as well.

Another 200 watts should be available for a few LED for CFL lights with some power available for smart phone charging. Some kind of preventative electronics to limit the amount of electricity drawn from the device and to allow only one high electricity demand item to run at a time. (i.e. when the pump is running the refrigerator shuts down) also should part of the design.

All sound nearly impossible? Not really. Technologies are available today to build an electricity-in-a-box device.

One technology is a salt water activated battery that is used by the U.S. Coast Guard (and other similar agencies around the globe) to energize marker buoys or aids to navigation. These are one time use batteries (also known as primary batteries) that remain dormant and “dry” until filled with an electrolyte, in this case salt water. So imagine this: a pack of these batteries are stored in a closet within a home. When the power goes out (and looks like it will be out for days) a water and salt solution is added to the cells, power comes up providing electricity for many hours or perhaps days. (The run time of the device is determined by the electricity drawn from it and the unit’s power capacity which, in turn, is determined by the combined surface area of the plates in the battery.) - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Obedience and fear: What makes people hurt other people?
Stanley Milgram's "Obedience to Authority" experiments are infamous classics of psychology and social behavior. Back in the 1960s, Milgram set up a series of tests that showed seemingly normal people would be totally willing to torture another human being if prodded into it by an authority figure.

The basic set-up is probably familiar to you. Milgram told his test subjects that they were part of a study on learning. They were tasked with asking questions to another person, who was rigged up to an electric shock generator.

When the other person got the questions wrong, the subject was supposed to zap them and then turn up the voltage. The catch was that the person getting "zapped" was actually an actor. So was the authority figure, whose job it was to tell the test subject that they must continue the experiment, no matter how much the other person pleaded for them to stop.

In Milgram's original study, 65% of the subjects continued to the end of the session, eventually "administering" 450-volt shocks.

But they weren't doing it calmly. If you read Milgram's paper, you find that these people were trembling, and digging nails into their own flesh. Some of them even had seizure-like fits.

Which is interesting to know when you sit down to read about Michael Shermer's recent attempt to replicate the Milgram experiments for a Dateline segment. Told they were trying out for a new reality show, the six subjects were set up to "shock" an actor, just like in Milgram's experiments.

One walked out before the test even started. The others participated, but had some interesting rationales for why they did it — and a simple ingrained sense of obedience wasn't always what was going on. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Wireless Fun
Three people can watch their own movie or TV show on their own tablet, computer or phone, all streamed from a little Seagate box that can hold 300 high definition movies.

The box is called the “GoFlex Satellite,” and it has 500 gigabytes of storage and its own wireless transmitter. It works like magic: The range is about 150 feet. So the kids can be in the back row of the plane, watching movies on their own devices, while Mom and Dad are in first class, beaming the video from the wallet-sized GoFlex in Mom’s purse. And more than just by the way, the gadget requires no Internet connection.

Storing movies on the drive is a snap. Use drag and drop for folders or files, or use the free “Media Sync” software that you can download from With Media Sync, all photos, documents, and videos move over to the drive in seconds automatically. (It felt instantaneous to us.) Unplug the GoFlex drive and fire away; it will beam your stuff to any iPad, smartphone, Android tablet or computer tuned to the GoFlex network.

Tuning to the GoFlex network means going into the WiFi settings of your tablet, computer or phone and selecting it from a list. Next, open a browser (Safari, Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer or whatever) and you’ll immediately be routed to a GoFlex web address with a list of your movies, music, photos and documents neatly arranged in folders.

The GoFlex Satellite first came out a year ago, but it’s recently received a nice software update. The battery life is now seven hours instead of five, and it has 25 hours on standby. (It comes with a car charger and wall adapter.) Before the update, you couldn’t use the Internet and watch a movie simultaneously.

Now you can switch from your movie to your email or Web, if another WiFi signal is present. Up to eight people can access music, photos and documents from the GoFlex at the same time, but you’re still limited to three movie watchers at one time; they can all watch the same or different movies.

The GoFlex drive comes with several free movies from the Discover Channel and the “Peach Open Studio Project.” We recommend “Big Buck Bunny.” It works with PCs or Macs, but the Mac has to be running a Windows emulator. List price is $200 at - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Life-Saving Bomb (Jul, 1950)


AN electronic bomb which disperses sound instead of shrapnel may save the lives of many survivors of sea disasters.

It’s part of the U.S. Navy’s Sound Fixing and Ranging system, an underwater sound circuit which locates air and shipwreck victims. The Navy has a whole net of stations which listen for and record signals transmitted by the life-saving bombs at distances up to 3000 miles.

How does it work? Well, it combines certain age-old principles of underwater sound with some of the newest radar discoveries. The signal bomb is dropped into the water by the survivors. It falls to a certain critical depth and then explodes. The sound is transmitted through the water at a speed of approximately 4800 feet a second until it is heard over the SOFAR station loudspeakers as a rising kettledrum crescendo which cuts off sharply.

Receipt of this signal starts a paper-tape recorder and sounds an alarm to alert the station operator. The paper tape provides a permanent record and a means of timing the arrival of the signal to an accuracy of about a tenth of a second.

When they receive the signals, the SOFAR stations transmit the information to a control center. Because of the relatively slow speed of sound in water, as much as half an hour could elapse between receipt of the explosion signal by the first and last stations. From the difference in time of arrival of the signal at each pair of stations, the control center can determine the exact location of the crash, using special charts. This position is then radioed to a rescue plane already in the air which zooms to the spot to start the rescue operation.

The whole setup is based on an underwater sound zone, the existence of which was confirmed during war-time submarine-detection studies at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution at Woods Hole, Mass. Scientists found that there’s a speaking-tube effect in the ocean depths between 2000 and 6000 feet which can carry as far as 3000 miles. This, they observed, had great potentialities for communication purposes.

Now it’s thought that the range of reception may be as great as 6000 miles. So, Navy sea rescues of the future may very well prove to be global operations. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Global Warming Felt By Space Junk and Satellites
"Rising carbon dioxide levels at the edge of space are apparently reducing the pull that Earth's atmosphere has on satellites and space junk, researchers say.

The findings suggest that man made increases in carbon dioxide might be having effects on the Earth that are larger than expected, scientists added... in the highest reaches of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide can actually have a cooling effect.

The main effects of carbon dioxide up there come from its collisions with oxygen atoms. These impacts excite carbon dioxide molecules, making them radiate heat.

The density of carbon dioxide is too thin above altitudes of about 30 miles (50 kilometers) for the molecules to recapture this heat.

Cooling the upper atmosphere causes it to contract, exerting less drag on satellites."

This increase is 10 parts per million per decade faster than predicted by models of the upper atmosphere. Launching rockets into orbit does add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but the scientists calculated that such launches would have deposited only about 2,700 metric tons of carbon into the upper atmosphere between 2004 and 2012, while levels of COx apparently rose by about 20,000 metric tons in the upper atmosphere during that time.

Instead, the researchers suggest this increase was due to an unexpectedly large amount of mixing and circulation between the upper and lower layers of the atmosphere.

The investigators also noted this rise in carbon dioxide levels in the upper atmosphere might explain the surprising reduction they have seen in atmospheric drag on satellites and space debris. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Homeland Security Mining Social Media For Signs of Bio Attacks
"Nextgov reports, 'The Homeland Security Department has commissioned Accenture to test technology that mines open social networks for indications of pandemics, according to the vendor.'

This will kick off a year-long biosurveillance program, costing $3 million, that will log trends in public health by looking through public posts.

This ties back to White House guidelines released in July that ask federal agencies to 'Consider social media as a force multiplier that can empower individuals and communities to provide early warning and global situational awareness.'" - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Man Arrested For Photo of Burning Poppy On Facebook
"A British man has been arrested for posting a picture of a burning poppy on Facebook. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those who died in war, and the arrest was made on Remembrance Sunday.

'A man from Aylesham has tonight been arrested on suspicion of malicious telecommunications,' Kent police said in a statement after the arrest. 'This follows a posting on a social network site of a burning poppy. He is currently in police custody awaiting interview.'

,p>The arrest has been criticized by legal experts.

'What was the point of winning either World War if, in 2012, someone can be casually arrested by @Kent_police for burning a poppy?' tweeted David Allen Green, who helped clear the British man who was prosecuted for a joke tweet threatening to blow up an airport." - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Artificial Self-Healing Skin Can Sense Touch
KeelyNet "Tim Wogan reports that chemical engineer Zhenan Bao of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and her team have increased the conductivity of a self-healing polymer by incorporating nickel atoms.

The polymer they have produced is sensitive to applied forces like pressure and torsion (twisting) because such forces alter the distance between the nickel atoms, changing the electrical resistance of the polymer.

Their work is published online in the November 1 issue of Nature Nanotechnology (abstract here, full article paywalled). Now Bao and her team are working on making the polymer more flexible." - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Tapping Shale Reserves, US Would Be Top Oil Producer By 2017
"The NY Times reports that according to a report by the International Energy Agency, the U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's leading oil producer by about 2017, will become a net oil exporter by 2030, and will become 'all but self-sufficient' in meeting its energy needs in about two decades — a 'dramatic reversal of the trend' in most developed countries.

'The foundations of the global energy systems are shifting,' says Fatih Birol, chief economist at the Paris-based organization, which produces the annual World Energy Outlook. There are several components of the sudden shift in the world's energy supply, but the prime mover is a resurgence of oil and gas production in the United States, particularly the unlocking of new reserves of oil and gas found in shale rock.

The widespread adoption of techniques like hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has made those reserves much more accessible, and in the case of natural gas, resulted in a vast glut that has sent prices plunging.

The agency's report was generally 'good news' for the United States says Michael A. Levi, senior fellow for energy and environment at the Council on Foreign Relations, because it highlights the nation's new sources of energy but Levi cautions that being self-sufficient does not mean that the country will be insulated from seesawing energy prices, since those oil prices are set by global markets.

The message is more sobering for the planet, in terms of climate change. Although natural gas is frequently promoted for being relatively low in carbon emissions compared to oil or coal, the new global energy market could make it harder to prevent dangerous levels of warming (PDF).

'The report confirms that, given the current policies, we will blow past every safe target for emissions,' says Levi. 'This should put to rest the idea that the boom in natural gas will save us from that.'" - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Virginia Sorts Kids' Scores By Race
According to a story at Northwest Public Radio, the state of Virginia's board of education has decided to institute different passing scores for standardized tests, based on the racial and cultural background of the students taking the test.

Apparently the state has chosen to divide its student population into broad categories of black, white, Hispanic, and Asian — which takes painting with a rather broad brush, to put it mildly. From the article (there's an audio version linked as well):

"As part of Virginia's waiver to opt out of mandates set out in the No Child Left Behind law, the state has created a controversial new set of education goals that are higher for white and Asian kids than for blacks, Latinos and students with disabilities. ...

Here's what the Virginia state board of education actually did. It looked at students' test scores in reading and math and then proposed new passing rates.

In math it set an acceptable passing rate at 82 percent for Asian students, 68 percent for whites, 52 percent for Latinos, 45 percent for blacks and 33 percent for kids with disabilities." - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Human Intelligence Peaked Two To Six Millennia Ago
"Professor Gerald "Jerry" Crabtree of Stanford's Crabtree Laboratory published a paper (PDF) that has appeared in two parts in Trends in Genetics.

The paper opens with a very controversial suggestion: 'I would be willing to wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions.'

From there, Crabtree speculates we're on the decline of human intelligence and we have been for at least a couple millennia.

His argument suggests agriculture and, following from that, cities, have allowed us to break free of some environmental forces on competitive genetic mutations — a la Mike Judge's theory.

However, the conclusion of the paper urges humans to keep calm and carry on, as any attempt to fix this genetic trend would almost certainly be futile and disturbing." - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - In Mississippi: 15-Year Jail Sentence For Selling Pirated Movies and Music
"A guilty plea for six counts of selling counterfeit media gets a defendant 15 years in Mississippi.

An undercover reporter from the Attorney General's Intellectual Property Theft Task Force managed to buy a total of five copied movies and one music CD from the defendant, who had 10,500 pirated discs at home and two prior convictions: one for assaulting a police officer 17 years ago and one for CD piracy that got him a year under house arrest.

Says the RIAA: '[This] highlights the fact that the individuals engaging in these activities are frequently serial criminals for whom IP theft is simply the most convenient and profitable way they could steal from others.'

Frequently serial criminals? 15 years? I wonder how much of his sentence can be attributed to his priors rather than to other factors." - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Mind-Controlled Robot Avatars Inch Towards Reality
"Researchers at the CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory (a collaboration between France's Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) are developing software that allows a person to drive a robot with their thoughts alone. The technology could one day give a paralyzed patient greater autonomy through a robotic agent or avatar."

As a user imagines moving a body part, sensors placed on the head measure and analyze the slight waves and blood flow changes in the brain. This allows the robot to make corresponding movements such as raising its arm or leg. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - A Sad Day - Driving us to Secession
KeelyNet 'It is an American tragedy that President Obama, the most incompetent, the most ignorant, divisive, and the most arrogant man ever to hold the office, has been reelected.

It is a sad commentary on the quality of knowledge of the Americans who voted to reelect a man who has done so much damage to the American economy and to our place in the world? A man who has increased our debt to the point that every man, woman and child owes a quarter of a million dollars to the government for its horrific irresponsibility.

Our Constitution, the most amazing document ever produced, will be abrogated. In four years, this will be a very different country, one unrecognizable to those of us who grew up when it was the greatest nation on the earth. And a narrow majority or our citizens voted for this. We will all suffer for their lack of informed judgment.

White House website deluged with secession petitions from 20 states - How would Old Glory look with 30 stars instead of 50? As far-fetched as it may sound, the White House might soon be forced by its own rules to examine the question.

On Nov.7, the day after President Barack Obama was re-elected, the White House’s website received a petition asking the administration to allow Louisiana to secede.

If 25,000 people sign the petition by Dec. 7, it will “require a response” from the Obama administration, according to published rules of the White House’s online “We the People” program.

The Louisiana petition has collected more than 12,300 signatures in four days. A separate effort from Texas has 15,400 supporters. Similar petitions from 18 other states began arriving Nov. 9, bringing the total — for the moment — to 20.

What began as a pair of parallel stunts appears to have gathered steam. Other than Louisiana and Texas, states with secession-related petitions pending on the White House website now include Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Three states — Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina are each represented by two competing petitions.

KeelyNet The petition to let Texas secede from the U.S. to be reviewed by the White House - Well, Texas, you have done it. As of 3:40 p.m. ET, more than 25,000 Texans have already signed the petition on The White House website to let Texas peacefully secede from United States of America and “create its own NEW government.”

According to The White House, the petition must reach 25,000 signatures within 30 days in order to be considered.

“If a petition gets enough support, White House staff will review it, ensure it’s sent to the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response,” explains the website.

KeelyNet (The politicians fail to do their jobs, dragging the ENTIRE USA into a bottomless pit due to baseless wars, trying to police and control the world, ignoring its people and failing to be fiduciary guardians of our monies which SHOULD be directed to aid and sustain our OWN people and rebuild our country. KeelyNetFailing so miserably without any hope in sight, states have the right to walk away in the form of secession to govern themselves as independent countries. I'm all for a Republic of Texas to show the world how it SHOULD be done and WAS done before we joined the United States. Let each state secede without rancor and determine which model works best that others may incorporate what they feel would work best for their people. If the USA could get its act together, the majority would be happy and content because the government would no longer be wasting money and stepping all over our rights, so, failing radical change, secession is the next logical step for those not blinded or INDEBTED to government support. - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Ron Paul: Secession Is an American Principle
A principle that was long held and at least in the original time of our country, and that is that there was a right to secession.

Actually, after the Civil War, nobody believes there is a so-called right to secession, but it is a very legitimate issue to debate because all of the states that came into the Union before the Civil War believed they have a right to secede and New England in the early part of the 19th century actually considered it, and nobody questioned them about whether they had the right to do it or not.

Since the Civil War, it’s been sort of a dead issue, but he brought it up. It stirred the media and believe me, it really stirred some of the liberal media where they started really screaming about what is going on here. “This is un-American”, I heard one individual say, “This is treasonous to even talk about it.”

Well, they don’t know their history very well because if they think about it, it’s an American tradition. It’s very American to talk about secession. That’s how we came into being. Thirteen colonies seceded from the British and established a new country, so secession is very much an American principle.

Secession is a good principle. Just think of the benefits that would have come over these last 230-some years if the principle of secession had existed. That means the federal government would always have been restrained, not to overburden the states with too much federalism, too many federal rules and regulations.

But since that was all wiped out with the Civil War, the federal government has grown by leaps and bounds and we have suffered the consequences, and we need to reconsider this. It’s not un-American to think about the possibility of secession. This is something that’s voluntary. We came together voluntarily. A free society means you can dissolve it voluntarily. That was the whole issue was about.

I think people should discuss this because right now, the American people are sick and tired of it all and I think the time will come when people will consider it much more seriously is when the federal government can no longer deliver. That time will come when the dollar collapses.

No matter what they do and how many promises they have and how many bailouts they have, they can’t do it if the money doesn’t work. So then, the independence of the states will come back and it doesn’t mean that you’ll be un-American to even contemplate what might have to be done once the dollar crashes. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Alaska's Methane Hydrate Resource
A half mile (800 meters) below the ground at Prudhoe Bay, above the vast oil field that helped trigger construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline, a drill rig has tapped what might one day be the next big energy source.

The U.S. Department of Energy and industry partners over two winters drilled into a reservoir of methane hydrate, which looks like ice but burns like a candle if a match warms its molecules. There is little need now for methane, the main ingredient of natural gas.

With the boom in production from hydraulic fracturing, the United States is awash in natural gas for the near future and is considering exporting it, but the DOE wants to be ready with methane if there's a need.

The nearly $29 million science experiment on the North Slope produced 1 million cubic feet (30,000 cubic meters) of methane. Researchers have begun the complex task of analyzing how the reservoir responded to extraction.

The U.S. Energy Department describes methane hydrate as a lattice of ice that traps methane molecules but does not bind them chemically. They are released when warmed or depressurized.

Methane comes from buried organic matter after it's ingested by bacteria or heated and cooked. The gas migrates upward, under high pressure and low temperature, and can combine with water to form methane hydrate.

Most deposits are below the sea floor off the continental shelf or under permafrost. Shallow pockets of methane hydrate release the potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere and that process is exacerbated by climate warming.

Brendan Cummings of the Center for Biological Diversity said research money should be poured into renewable resources, not more fossil fuel sources. Methane is 20 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than CO2, though not as long-lived. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Memory Loss Could Be Caused By Your Meds, Not Your Age
New research shows a connection between common medications to treat insomnia, anxiety, itching or allergies and problems with memory loss and concentration in the elderly.

Nearly 90 percent of those age 65 or older take at least one medication, significantly more than any other age group. Often, seniors take more than one medication, increasing the likelihood of adverse drug reactions.

Dr. Cara Tannenbaum, research chair at the Montreal Geriatric University Institute and associate professor of medicine and pharmacy at the University of Montreal, found that 18 percent of those over 65 complain of memory problems and are found to have mild cognitive deficits. According to her research, there may be a link between these symptoms and the taking of certain prescription medications.

Tannenbaum and a team of researchers recently investigated which medications are most likely to affect memory or other brain functions such as the ability to concentrate. After analyzing the results from 162 experiments on various drugs, Tannenbaum concluded that the recurrent use of several kinds of medications can indeed have a negative impact. Often, she found, this connection is overlooked in people who are otherwise healthy.

The 68 trials on benzodiazepines (which are generally used to treat anxiety and insomnia) that were studied by Tannenbaum's team revealed that these drugs consistently lead to shortcomings in memory and concentration. The 12 tests on antihistamines and the 15 tests on tricyclic antidepressants revealed repercussions that included a problem processing information. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class
This study asks Who are the the world’s 1 percent power elite? And to what extent do they operate in unison for their own private gains over benefits for the 99 percent?

We examine a sample of the 1 percent: the extractor sector, whose companies are on the ground extracting material from the global commons, and using low-cost labor to amass wealth. These companies include oil, gas, and various mineral extraction organizations, whereby the value of the material removed far exceeds the actual cost of removal.

We also examine the investment sector of the global 1 percent: companies whose primary activity is the amassing and reinvesting of capital.

This sector includes global central banks, major investment money management firms, and other companies whose primary efforts are the concentration and expansion of money, such as insurance companies.

Finally, we analyze how global networks of centralized power—the elite 1 percent, their companies, and various governments in their service—plan, manipulate, and enforce policies that benefit their continued concentration of wealth and power.

We demonstrate how the US/NATO military-industrial-media empire operates in service to the transnational corporate class for the protection of international capital in the world. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - The best diet - Dairies to Berries
The science is in and it's crystal clear on what the healthiest diet is.

It's also possibly the least expensive and the tastiest too, but that's another story.

This diet not only helps prevent 12 major life threatening and disabling diseases, it can also stop their progress and even in some cases like diabetes and heart disease, reverse it.

Why haven't you heard of this diet?

Because the corporations that control the US food industry can't get rich on it and the Corporate State would prefer that you not know about it and be endlessly confused. - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - Secret of Eights
KeelyNet It’s in the study of major principles of Life that I spend most of my time. All of which winds a bit circuitously around to this morning’s first topic, the experiment I mentioned last week where you write down the number “8? (which laid over on its side is the symbol for infinity?) with the idea that such an action has been alleged to improve a person’s financial situation and is so powerful that we pointed to a telephone number being cancelled (0888) 888 – 888 as evidence that we have been seeing an ‘attack’ on the number 8 by the PowersThatBe.

The ‘attack on eights’ being used by the general public isd very interesting to watch – as the number’s negative associations are all over the place.

Take for example the headline “Eight found guilty in Bhopal case” or “Israel deports via Jordan eight Gaza-bound activists” and the list goes on.

To make the case, you might go to a news engine like Google and put in the spelled out version of other numbers and do a comparison: ‘two’ has 63,099 hits when I looked, while nearby ‘seven’ had 44,376 hits. ‘Eight’ had 48,890 while ‘nine’ had 46,390. Six had 47,998.

I’ll let you dig out your book on statistics to figure out whether than more than one standard deviation in that little nump on ‘eight’, and no dbout if there’s something to it, maybe itg’s just because we’re looking for it. No telling.

This brings me to a knowledge point and an action point. The knowledge point is that Clif has an interest semi-theory about the possibility of directly manipulating reality by use of symbols.

Specifically via the Graphic Language Application Substrate (GLAS) which goes to the idea that certain symbols either act directly on how Universe resolves into what we call ‘reality/here & now’ or the existence & application of these symbols somehow triggers intent at the preconscious level which somehow resolves as ‘reality/ here & now condenses into the ‘present’ moment.

At the moment I am leaning toward intent. as the key (not to be confused with the ki/chi/qi, of course). And with intent foremost a couple of new experiments come to mind which as I do them, I’ll pass along results.

One, however, might be to think if you can figure out a way to arrange three eights on a piece of paper so they form what Egpt’s most famous landmark is… - Full Article Source

11/14/12 - The Journal of Suppressed Science
KeelyNet There are two social institutions, the academic and judicial systems, that must distinguish science from pseudoscience for vital purposes requiring determination of the truth. The academic system has relied upon peer review to determine scientific truth for many purposes, including grant fund allocations, accepting professional journal publication submissions, and deciding who receives advance degrees.

The academic system has several dirty little secrets. All facts, ideas and research of equal validity are not treated equally when it comes to publication and funding. Facts and research that contradict "science" upon which economic interests and careers rely are falsely discredited or simply ignored.

A primary flaw with peer review is that it is subject to corruption. The manner in which the academic system functions is one of the last holdovers from the guild system of the Middle Ages.

Under the peer review process, submissions are sent to selected members of a review panel known only to the editor.

Often the editor can engineer rejection of a submission by selecting panel members known to be hostile to the theory or author. (Despite an alleged blind submission review process, it is not that difficult for the identity of the author to be determined or disclosed.)

In addition, ideas or research generally inconsistent with accepted dogma or orthodoxy are rejected out of hand. Some scientists, like Darwinist biologists and anthropologists, are as afflicted with faith-based reality models as the most hard-headed creationist Christian fundamentalists with whom they are currently in conflict.

Another mechanism used to bury inconvenient information is to hold submissions without making a decision. Once submitted to a journal, an article can not be submitted elsewhere unless rejected or withdrawn.

An even more dangerous threat to the free flow of information through professional journals is the unknown number of editors and reviewers that have been recruited by United States intelligence agencies to block and divert information the respective agencies do not want to see in the public domain. - Full Article Source


11/11/12 - Back in the Saddle in Texas
KeelyNet Made it home to Texas and loving it. Using my Sisters WIFI (til I get mine setup) and had problems getting emails to receive then send but figured it out, not thanks to tech support.

Sure missed doing Keelynet but traveling and getting situated took time. Great to be with family and today with some nieces and nephews.

So many great things about the states, clean, orderly, paved roads, great stores like Walmart with everything you could imagine and more, all at really low prices, plus all the fast food joints...Churches, Dominos, Whataburger, Sonic, Dairy Queen, you name it, I tried them all and pigged out! So tired of mescan food for now but it is good, just not all the time.

I have lots of plans for Keelynet and might even be able to restart the Roundtables in Dallas once a month. Very exciting and I'll be working to do some amazing things over this next year. Thanks for sticking with Keelynet and telling your friends about it, always love carne fresca. - JWD - personal report

11/11/12 - Green's magnetic motor is Hamel Spinner from 1997
That old faker....thats the Hamel Spinner that I got from Pierre Sinclair at a conference in Denver years ago and who got it from its originator, David Hamel in Canada. We posted many files on it after I proved it for myself...back from about 1995-1998 or is one Bedini's Hamel Spinner.

These people never give's bull about pleiadians...that was Billy Meiers spiel...Hamel never mentioned pleiades to my knowledge as at Hamel Story.

All copying others and claiming it was 'given' or 'shown' to them by aliens or they invented it to try to make a name (and bucks) for themselves.

They never mention it came from Keelynet and if we hadn't proven and posted it, who knows if it would ever have been widely known? What is with people who do this? Do they think no one has memory? - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - African girls have created a pee-powered generator
KeelyNet Here’s how it works:

Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which cracks the urea into nitrogen, water, and hydrogen.

The hydrogen goes into a water filter for purification, which then gets pushed into the gas cylinder.

The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which is used to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas.

This purified hydrogen gas is pushed into the generator.

1 Liter of urine gives you 6 hours of electricity.

If this doesn’t motivate you to go out and start thinking about how you can really make an impact, then I don’t know what will. (courtesy of Bert Pool - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Crushed Silicon Triples Life of Li-Ion Batteries In the Lab
"Batteries rule everything around us, which makes breakthroughs a big deal. A research team at Rice says they have produced a nice jump: by using a crushed silicon anode in a lithium-ion battery, they claim to have nearly tripled the energy density of current li-ion designs.

Engineer Sibani Lisa Biswal and research scientist Madhuri Thakur reported in Nature's Scientific Reports (it has yet to be published online) that by taking porous silicon and crushing it, they were able to dramatically decrease the volume required for anode material.

Silicon has long been looked at as an anode material because it holds up to ten times more lithium ions than graphite, which is most commonly used commercially.

But it's previously been difficult to create a silicon anode with enough surface area to cycle reliably. Silicon also expands when it's lithiated, making it harder to produce a dense anode material.

After previously testing a porous silicon 'sponge,' the duo decided to try crushing the sponges to make them more compact.

The result is a new battery design that holds a charge of 1,000 milliamp hours per gram through 600 tested charge cycles of two hours charging, two hours discharging. According to the team, current graphite anodes can only handle 350 mAh/g." - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Massachusetts May Soon Change How the Nation Dies
"Lewis M. Cohen reports that this Election Day, Massachusetts is poised to approve the Death With Dignity Act, a modernized, sanitized, politically palatable term that replaces the now-antiquated expression 'physician-assisted suicide.'

Oregon's Death With Dignity Act has been in effect for the past 14 years, and the state of Washington followed suit with a similar law in 2008. But the Massachusetts ballot question has the potential to turn death with dignity from a legislative experiment into the new national norm, because the state is the home of America's leading medical publication (the New England Journal of Medicine), hospital (Massachusetts General), and four medical schools (Harvard, Boston University, University of Massachusetts, and Tufts).

If the act passes in Massachusetts, other states that have previously had unsuccessful campaigns will certainly be emboldened to revisit this subject.

The initiative would allow terminally ill patients with six months or less to live to request from their doctor a prescription for a lethal dose of a drug. Doctors do not have to offer the option at all, and patients must make three requests, two verbal and one written.

They must self-administer the drug, which would be ingested. The patients must be deemed capable of making an informed decision. 'It's all about choice,' says George Eighmey, a key player in instituting the Oregon law, defending it against repeal and shepherding it into reality.

'You decide. No one else can decide for you. No can can force you into it, coerce you into it or even suggest it to you unless you make a statement: "I don't want to live like this any more" or "I'm interested in that law out there, doctor, can you give me something to alleviate this pain and suffering."'" - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Solar Panel Breaks "Third of a Sun" Efficiency Barrier
"Embattled photovoltaic solar power manufacturer Amonix announced on Tuesday that it has broken the solar module efficiency record, becoming the first manufacturer to convert more than a third of incoming light energy into electricity – a goal once branded 'one third of a sun' in a Department of Energy initiative.

The Amonix module clocked an efficiency rating of 33.5 percent." - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Hyundai Overstated MPG On Over 1 Million Cars
"Reuters reports that Hyundai and its affiliate Kia Motors conceded that they overstated the fuel economy on more than 1 million recently sold vehicles, and agreed to compensate owners for the additional fuel costs after the EPA found the errors in 13 Kia and Hyundai models from the 2011 to 2013 model years.

The findings were a blow to the two carmakers, which have centered their marketing campaigns on superior fuel economy.

The mileage on most labels will be reduced by 1 to 2 miles per gallon, with the largest adjustment being a 6-mpg highway reduction for one version of the Kia Soul, the EPA said.

Hyundai previously touted the fact that many of its models get 40 miles per gallon on the highway. Now three Hyundai models, the Elantra, Accent and Veloster, as well as the Kia Rio fall short of that mark, as will the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima hybrids." - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Piezoelectric Pacemaker That Is Powered By Your Heartbeat
"Engineers at the University of Michigan have created a pacemaker that is powered by the beating of your heart — no batteries required.

The technology behind this new infinite-duration pacemaker is piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is is literally 'pressure electricity,' and it relates to certain materials that generate tiny amounts of electricity when deformed by an external force — which, in the case of the perpetual pacemaker, the vibrations in your chest as your heart pumps blood around your body.

Piezoelectric devices generate very small amounts of power — on the order of tens of milliwatts — but it turns out that pacemakers require very little power. In testing, the researchers' energy harvester generated 10 times the required the power to keep a pacemaker firing.

Currently, pacemakers are battery powered — and the battery generally need to be replaced every few years, which requires surgery.

According M. Amin Karami, the lead researcher, 'Many of the patients are children who live with pacemakers for many years,' he said.

'You can imagine how many operations they are spared if this new technology is implemented.' This piezoelectric energy harvester is about half the size of a conventional battery, too, which is presumably a good thing." - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Welsh Scientists Radically Increase Fiber Broadband Speeds
KeelyNet "Scientists working under an EU funded (3 Million Euros) project out of Bangor University in Wales (United Kingdom) have developed a commercially-exploitable way of boosting broadband speeds over end-user fibre optic lines by using Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OOFDM) technology, which splits a laser down to multiple different optical frequencies (each of which can be used to carry data), and low-cost off-the-shelf components.

The scientists claim that their solution has the ability to 'increase broadband transmission by up to two thousand times the current speed and capacity' (most UK Fibre-to-the-Home or similar services currently offer less than 100 Megabits per second) and it can do this alongside a 'significant reduction in electrical power consumption.'" - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - NASA Pondering L2 Outpost, Return To Moon
"Now that the election is over, any voters that may have been influenced can rest easy. reports that the agency has been 'thinking about setting up a manned outpost beyond the moon's far side, both to establish a human presence in deep space and to build momentum toward a planned visit to an asteroid in 2025.'

Space policy expert John Logsdon said, 'NASA has been evolving its thinking, and its latest charts have inserted a new element of cislunar/lunar gateway/Earth-moon L2 sort of stuff into the plan. They've been holding off announcing that until after the election.'

According to the article, 'Rumors currently point toward parking a spacecraft at the Earth-moon L2 gateway, so NASA (and perhaps international partners) can learn more about supporting humans in deep space.

Astronauts stationed there could also aid in lunar exploration — by teleoperating rovers on the moon's surface, for example.'" - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Tesla Motors Sued By Car Dealers
"Car dealers in New York and Massachusetts have filed a lawsuit that seeks to block Tesla from selling its pricey electric vehicles in those states.

The dealers say they are defending state franchise laws, which require manufacturers to sell cars through dealers they do not own.

Robert O'Koniewski of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association says, 'Those dealers are investing millions of dollars in their franchises to make sure they comply with their franchise agreements with the manufacturers. Tesla is choosing to ignore the law and then is choosing to play outside that system.'" - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Hypnosis Can Reduce Symptoms Of Menopause
KeelyNet Hypnotic relaxation therapy reduced hot flashes by as much as 80 percent, according to research from Baylor University's Mind-Body Medicine Research Laboratory. The findings also indicated that participants experienced a better quality of life thanks to feeling less anxiety and depression.

This will be good news for a lot of women: More than two-thirds of North American women experience hot flashes during perimenopause, as well as almost every woman who goes through induced or premature menopause, according to WebMD.

The Baylor mind-body therapy study measured both the physical symptoms and self-reported hot flashes of 187 women over a five-week period. Women who received weekly sessions of hypnosis showed a decrease in menopausal symptoms.

By the fourth session, hot flashes had decreased about 70 percent, and at a three-month follow-up, the decrease averaged 80 percent, he said. “Some women reported having nearly complete elimination of hot flashes," he noted.

To be clinically significant, the decrease must be 50 percent or more, he said. Besides decreasing in frequency, the hot flashes also became milder.

Just so happens, I sell three excellent books on how to do all kinds of cool experiments with hypnosis, all three for one price of just $24.95 on CD for USA/Canada. - Full Article Source

11/11/12 - Can't send Email from


When I moved back to Texas, until I could get my own internet, my sister let me use her WIFI connection. Her internet service is which I'd never heard of.

I couldn't receive or send emails through it using Mozilla Thunderbird. Called their tech support and the guy was useless. He told me the only way I could use their service was to use their email software.

Realized the guy was an idiot so I figured out how to receive email but still could not send. A search found this was a very common problem with and I never found a fix anywhere.

I did an online chat with their tech support and again was told only their email software and email addresses worked on their system. Pathetic.

So I did many experiments and combinations until one actually sent out and all since have worked fine. So I'm posting what I found if you also have this problem.

Open your Thunderbird and click on Tools
click on Account Settings
in the left hand box, scroll down to Outgoing Server (SMTP)
left click on Outgoing Server (SMTP)
click on add or edit
for Description, use any name...I used: Outgoing
for Server Name :
for Port: 587
click for arrow in use name and password
type in your user email address for
click TLS, if available so it has a dot in the circle
click OK
click OK
send out a sample TEST message to yourself
click get email and it should come through
good luck

I've been using it all afternoon and tonight with no problems now, either receiving or sending. I hope their tech support gets their act together. So many complaints and many just switched to AT and T. Before I decide on which service to use here, I'll give this one a shot for awhile. They are fairly low cost but will have to see how reliable their service is. - personal experience


11/03/12 - Titus on Neverlution
I could not resist posting this since my internet hasn't been shut off just yet. It's a hilarious conglomeration of commentaries of how we got to where we are and well worth the time it takes to watch it. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Last Update for a Week or So
KeelyNet Well, getting closer to leaving Mexico to move back to my home in Texas. Friday I will turn in my internet boxes and finish putting many books, papers and other things I value in storage. My truck has a camper so not much space but enough to hold the essentials.

I thought about trying to rent a Uhaul type trailer but it would invite problems going through northern Mexico so decided to just store what I can't take. Will come back in time or send someone to bring it to me.

Can't believe I have so much stuff but hey, it's been 11 years here in hopes someone would either partner with me or loan me the money for any of my lab projects.

Many emails wanting to fund me but none had money, always waiting for some pyramid scheme or trolling for free information but a few I think would have been good if they only had the money.

I am continually appalled at the few of us who have the WILL, the knowledge, the energy, contacts and information to carry out the most incredible, world changing projects and people with money don't have the faith, or comprehension as to all the good they could instigate. Just so...

To that end when I get back to Texas, I plan to work on getting subscribers for my Robochek Service after I've retuned it for only the USA. I have a provisional patent and two copyrights on it. I'd prefer to sell it outright for a few million and let someone else get filthy rich.

I don't care about weatlh or fame, just security, some play money and a lab where I can work on all kinds of amazing experiments with invited associates who can work on their own ideas with all of us backing them up.

Just do as much good with your life experiences as possible while you are HERE. I say this because I seriously nearly died in July 2012 so I am relishing life again.

I might have another 10 years of life with energy and mind so need to get a move on. This will be my third major life change so have to make it count.

There is a small dual building in my hometown for $30,000. I'd like to try to buy it and setup a physical presence for a Keelynet Study Center and Workshop where people can come read, copy or take notes for what they want, hang out or work in the shop on varous projects. It's not a big building but it's a start.

So, don't give up on Keelynet, I'll be back, just doing a scan and checkdisk on my life, then a defragment to refresh everything...LOL...still have lots of archives with juicy information so check those out.

The new format I adopted this year has permalinks and the old archives all are on one giant page for each month, sorry. Live and learn...more work for me but it's better for the future with permalinks.

I'll be on the road for a few days for the long drive up to North Texas, then will be busy getting internet and all setup when I get there, so check back in every couple of days. Thanks - JWD @ Keelynet in Ixt (for now)

11/01/12 - Levitation induced by rotation of heavy mass


With a centrifuge, a fast rotating massive disc with approx. 60.000 rpm, there is a hole through the centre, closed in a vacuum chamber in which it can rotate without air resistance.

From above a test tube is placed in the centre of the disc, through an airtight thick perspex lid, in which a lead weight is tied with a cord to a beam scale in order to prove an effect in the centre of this massive disc.

Measurement of the disc: 33 cm long, 15 cm high. The 5 gramm led-weight rises up 6 cm on the beam scale.

This experiment shows, the higher the rotation, the more the lead weight rises. Also an electric-magnetic field increases around the disc.

The discoverer of this effect, Andreas Fehlan, recently emailed me with an update providing his website, a popup video that you must click on his website that shows the actual experiment and a youtube link that explains it much better than the brief paper I posted on Keelynet back in 2001. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Wireless Power Over Distance: Just a Parlor Trick?
"Companies like U.S.-based WiTricity and China-based 3DVOX Technology claim patents and products to wirelessly powering anything from many feet away — from smart phones and televisions to electric cars by using charging pads embedded in concrete.

But more than one industry standards group promoting magnetic induction and short-distance resonance wireless charging say such technology is useless; Charging anything at distances greater than the diameter of a magnetic coil is an inefficient use of power.

For example, Menno Treffers, chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium, says you can broadcast wireless power over six feet, but the charge received will be less than 10% of the source. WiTricity and 3DVOX, however, are fighting those claims with demonstrations showing their products are capable of resonating the majority of source power."

"They were one of the first to showcase this resonance wireless power transfer, which offers greater distances between coils versus inductive charging, which requires tight coupling between transmitter and receiver," said Jason dePreaux, a principal analyst for the Power & Energy Group at IHS Research. "My impression of WiTricity is that they're keeping it very open [for the market]."

To date, products on the market have been built around magnetic induction charging techniques, which require that a mobile device be in contact with a charging surface, such as a charging pad. The leading charging pad supplier has been Duracell's Powermat technology.

Resonance charging like WiTrcity's allows an enabled device to be placed up to several feet away from a power source for charging.

Resonance charging is based on the same transmitter/receiver coil technology as magnetic induction, but it transmits the power at a greater distance. So, for example, a mobile device could be charged when laid next to a laptop with resonance charging capability or, in the case of WiTricity, it could be charged from feet away. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - The I-Ching and Time Wave Zero (History Channel)
Will anything happen December 21st or 23rd of 2012 when we shift from Pisces to Aquarius? Will time collapse and start over? - Full Article Source

Go to 1:36:25 below for Timewave Zero details
The Center of the Spiral

11/01/12 - Directed Transpermia premise for Prometheus
The secret is that the elite believe they are attaining godhood and are destined for the stars.

Their ancient and occultic views are reflected in the dark themes of Prometheus, the very name of which hints at the quest for eternity and power among a group who think a divine right bestowed by a higher intelligence gives creedence to their meddling with the affairs of common man.

From the Future - Weyland Industries was a British Industrial business that existed in the twenty-first century. Along with the Japanese Yutani organization, it was one of the antecedents to the Weyland-Yutani comglomerate corporation. Often referred to simply as "The Company".

The eponymous Charles Bishop Weyland was the chairman of Weyland Industries during the early 21st Century - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Invisible Science and Messages from the Past
Invisible Science - The Symbolist's Model of Ancient Egypt - A growing body of evidence is suggesting a missing chapter in human history. Symbolist author and Egyptologist John Anthony West explores evidence of a sophisticated science behind the unexplainable accomplishments of Ancient Egypt.

Was Ancient Egypt the inheritor of a body of scientific and spiritual knowledge from an even earlier civilization?

Author/Mathematician Michael S. Schneider discusses organic geometry and the role of the fibonacci number series in growing life.

West then demonstrates the presence of the fibonacci series in the stages of construction of the temple of Karnak - also known as the "House of Life".

Zero Point - Zero Point: Volume I - Messages from the Past. A full length independent documentary compilation from Vivid Pictures. This is the first volume of a 2-3 part series due out this year, consisting of excerpts from freely available information found online.

Volume I - Messages from the Past features Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Terrence McKenna and more, the film focuses on a hidden episode in human history, unlocking the secrets of the Precession of the Equnioxes and its significance.

Zero Point uncovers the messages expressed through ancient monuments worldwide, examines various maps, monuments and artifacts which seem to reveal great secrets about the nature of time, our past and our future. It seems we are approaching a point in time known as the singularity, what does it all mean? How does it connect to Precession?

We are missing a huge chunk of our history that could pave the way for a prosperous future, firstly we have to convince the masses that we are not the culmination of our culture, that we share a unique bond with the universe that cannot be understood until we grasp the practicalities of how certain monuments were constructed, why they were constructed and the message encoded in their construction.

Going beyond the material we must also gain an understanding of ancient divinatory systems and how they can give us an insight into the physics of time itself, if time was the landscape that the ancients mapped then what were they trying to tell us? Be in little doubt, the message IS for us and we need to pay attention, for your consideration. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - My Secret Experiment


Do GOOD wherever and whenever you can. - JWD - I came to central Mexico in November 2001. It was sad to see the shores of the second largest lake in Mexico being reduced almost to a desert, so I figured I knew something about the matter and would try an experiment to help refill it.

Back then, you had to drive or walk about a kilometer from the pier just to get to where the water began!

For the next two years I had somewhat acclimated to this strange culture and spent part of my time studying the local weather patterns which included Guadalajara. Once I had an idea of the energy flows I had a local welder build my machine in 2003.

I have photos showing empty skies and within five hours of operation, clouds had formed and it was raining lightly. These were taken a couple of months before the normal rainy season which is from about June 15th to October 15th. Because of the additional water from local dams, I didn't have confidence that my efforts were the sole cause of the lake recovery. So I wait until the energy flows weaken and desertification recurs, at that time I will again use my machine.

I let the machine run non-stop for 3 months, with the idea of redirecting the energy flows for moisture (I am told by experts in this field that such changes in the natural energy flows that control weather can last from 5 up to 25 years), then took it apart. The rain wasn't continuous, but would rain every day or two, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day.

During that period there were many comments on the news and from the locals on the unusually high volume of rain this area had received this year. Every year since, the area has received sufficient rainfall to keep the lake level high, which of course I attribute to the changed energy flows, but then, everyone knows this can't be TRUE!

I was told by a friend not to say anything about it because farmers get to keep the land which is no longer covered by water. As a result there are fences and objects which were not removed when the lake level began refilling. My friend said some of the farmers might slit my throat if they thought I had anything to do with them losing their land due to the lake level rising. So I've not said anything about it for the past 7 years, only to friends and associates.

Now that I'm moving back to Texas, I had a scrap metal guy come out and pick up the parts of my machine to reuse or whatever they do with scrap metal. The lake is going down again and I'm sure in a few years the water will again be far, far from the shoreline and pier. Maybe I'll come back then to help out and maybe get paid for it this time! - JWD - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Belief in Miracles on the Rise
Even as more people appear to be turning away from organized religion, a new study finds that the number of Americans who definitely believe in religious miracles increased 22 percent in the past two decades, with 55 percent now certain of this supernatural phenomenon.

Overall, some four in five Americans believe miracles definitely or probably occur, researcher Robert Martin of Pennsylvania State University reported at the recent meeting of the American Sociological Association in Denver.

While beliefs in heaven and hell have remained steady in recent decades, the increased belief in miracles crosses all religious traditions, with the strongest gains reported by those who attend services infrequently, Martin reported. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Hangover Cure Patch
The Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch, invented by the U.S. plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Leonard Grossman, has gone on sale in the UK following its launch in New York late last year.

According to the packaging, the patch replenishes the vitamins and acids lost when consuming alcohol - in the same way that the intravenous 'party drip' vitamin injections made famous by Rihanna earlier this year - Cole although it has not received any official medical backing either here or in the U.S..

Users are instructed to attach the patch - which is similar in appearance and design to a nicotine patch - 45 minutes before drinking and leave it on until the next day or about eight hours after they finish drinking.

Dr Grossman has claimed that the ingredients - B vitamins, acai berry, vitamins A, D, E and K and folic - are delivered continuously to the bloodstream as opposed to those from a pill which are excreted relatively quickly. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Free Youtube Video Downloader
Freemake offers freeware in the truest sense of the word: no feature or time limitations, no hidden costs. Download and use our free Video Converter, Video Downloader, Audio Converter and Free Music Box!

Download video free from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, 10,000+ video sites. Rip YouTube videos up to 500% faster with Free Video Downloader. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Federal Judge Approves Warrantless, Covert Video Surveillance
"Your curtilage may be your castle, but 'open fields' are open game for law-enforcement and surveillance technology.

Whether 'No Trespassing' signs are present or not, your private property is public for the law, with or without a warrant.

What the police cannot do, their cameras can — without warrant or court oversight. An article at CNET recounts a case involving the DEA, a federal judge, and two defendants (since charged) who were subjected to video surveillance on private property without a warrant.

Presumably, the 4th Amendment suffers an obscure form of agoraphobia further elucidated in the article." - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - 'Female Viagra,' A Nasal Spray Meant To Boost Sexual Arousal
KeelyNet The drug, called Tefina, is a testosterone gel that is absorbed into the body through the nose. According to ONENews, the gel would absorb within a few minutes and impact a woman's libido within a few hours.

The spray is meant to treat Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD), defined by the American Psychological Association's diagnostic manual as: "Persistent or recurrent delay in, or absence of, orgasm following a normal excitement phase."

Viagra, the drug Pfizer introduced in 1998 to treat erectile dysfunction, generates nearly $2 billion a year in the United States, according to ONENews, so it's not unreasonable to predict that a female version would make a significant amount of money as well.

And proponents of the female arousal nasal spray contend that FOD is an issue that many women struggle with -- a 2011 survey found that women have orgasms about half as often as men do -- and need (possibly pharmaceutical) help dealing with.

Many still remain skeptical about the idea of medicalizing how often women have orgasms -- and don't. “The current wave of medicalization has much more to do with economic issues [than in the past],” Lenore Tiefer, Ph.D., a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the NYU Langone Medical Center, told The Huffington Post in 2011.

“There’s more of an industry involvement now.” And a 2009 documentary film "Orgasm Inc." makes the claim that pharmaceutical companies "might be trying to take advantage of women (and potentially endanger their health) in pursuit of billion dollar profits." - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Here comes the Landslide
Voters have figured out that bama has no message, no agenda and even much of an explanation for what he has done over past four years.

His campaign is based entirely on persuading people that Mitt Romney is a uniquely bad man, entirely dedicated to the rich, ignorant of the problems of the average person. As long as he could run his negative ads, the campaign at least kept voters away from the Romney bandwagon.

But once we all met Mitt Romney for three 90-minute debates, we got to know him — and to like him. He was not the monster Obama depicted, but a reasonable person for whom we could vote.

As we stripped away Obama’s yearlong campaign of vilification, all the president offered us was more servings of negative ads — ads we had already dismissed as not credible. He kept doing the same thing even as it stopped working.

The result was that the presidential race reached a tipping point. Reasonable voters saw that the voice of hope and optimism and positivism was Romney while the president was only a nitpicking, quarrelsome, negative figure. The contrast does not work in Obama’s favor. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - PBS newsman sees danger in fragmented nation
A generation ago, before cable news channels and internet news sources, most people got their news from the same small collection of sources: three major TV networks and a hometown newspaper or two, Brown said.

People gathered around their televisions for the assassination of a president, a walk on the moon, and other major events.

"It was an age of mass media news, one audience sharing a common experience," Brown said. "For the most part, the mass audience experienced such things together."

"If we only connect with like-minded people, how do we hear other views?" Brown asked. "It's hard not to feel it has some relationship to the divisions around us."

Brown said he has interviewed departing members of Congress from both parties who have told him they no longer want to be a part of an institution where compromise has become impossible and political parties are intent on scoring points rather than addressing national crises.

Brown cited polling data that seems to show fear and bitterness transcending political and ideological boundaries. Pollsters have found that both Democrats and Republicans fear the loss of what they have and see their values as under siege.

"Each side sees itself as under siege," Brown said. "Each side sees itself as losing ground. They can't both be right. Or can they?" - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Republicans have won every November 6th Presidential election since 1860
Here's one more historical curiosity to observe this election cycle. Since election day was standardized in 1845 there have been 6 presidential elections held on November 6th and Republicans have won all six. That means next Tuesday, the 7th Presidential election held on this date, will either break or uphold a streak that began in 1860 with the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Starting in 1792, states had a range of dates on which to conduct presidential elections, but in 1845 Congress standardized the date so it would always be the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Since then presidential elections have been held on dates ranging from November 2nd to November 8th with each date coming up about six times in a fairly regular pattern. The date November 6th has always been a good one for Republicans:

1860 - Abraham Lincoln over Stephen Douglas
1888 - Benjamin Harrison over incumbent Grover Cleveland
1900 - William McKinley over William Jennings Bryan
1928 - Herbert Hoover over Al Smith
1956 - Dwight Eisenhower over Adlai Stevenson
1984 - Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale

Which brings us to November 6th, 2012 where it's Mitt Romney in a tight race with the incumbent Barack Obama. Will the Republicans' lucky streak hold or will Obama make history as the first Democrat to win on that date? We'll know in a week (or so). - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Athene's Theory of Everything
Wikipedia - A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is a putative theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle.

Many candidate theories of everything have been proposed by theoretical physicists during the twentieth century, but none have been confirmed experimentally. The primary problem in producing a ToE is that general relativity and quantum mechanics are hard to unify. This is one of the unsolved problems in physics.

"Interesting material, but it's not really a novel hypothesis, merely an amalgamation of theories and hypotheses already known to the scientific community. I saw no new information, no new answers to the intriguing scientific conundrums that were brought up.

In the end, "Athene's Theory of Everything" boils down to a video sharing fragments of human knowledge--and in some cases assumptions of knowledge--on subjects such as cognitive function, physics, quantum mechanics, et al., but nothing that could be considered a unifying theory to bring it all together.

While I am impressed with the level of research that was done and the amount of effort that was put into communicating that research, what was presented was in no way the groundbreaking material it was claimed to be, and therein lies the troll." - WeDoScience @ - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Untold Story - The Great Boatlift of 9/11
Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan. Produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein. Eyepop Productions, Inc.

BOATLIFT was executive produced by Stephen Flynn and Sean Burke and premiered on September 8th at the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Summit: Remembrance/Renewal/Resilience in Washington.

The Summit kicked off a national movement to foster community and national resilience in the face of future crises. See to become a part of the campaign to build a more resilient world. The film was made with the generous support by philanthropist Adrienne Arsht, Chairman Emerita, TotalBank ( - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - American Built UFO Over Korea
16,000 MPH in Lower Atmosphere - This is the 1.5 circumference US-built UFO referenced by Gordon Duff in his October 16, 2012 interview with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast, posted here: posted here.

Duff claims that, in this clip, the craft is intially flying at 300 feet altitude with a surface temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and that it accelerates to 16,000 MPH with no change in temperature.

He says he was officially told that these fusion-powered craft, of which he says we have seven, can approach light speed outside the atmosphere.

16,000 MPH, 400 degrees Fahrenheit, collapse of the hydrocarbon economy, dense plasma, hydrogen-boron fusion reactor, Earth-built, fusion-powered, Gordon Duff, Korea, lightspeed, UFO, US-built from Veterans Today.

"We have seven craft; they're fusion-powered. Their circumference is 1.5 kilometers, one was photographed over Bofan Korean earlier in the year. I have the CIA's full analysis, released by the National Reconnaissance Office of Cosmic Classification. "The deal made with me was simply this: 'We'll let you publish it. No one will believe it.'

"I have the full analysis in high resolution, done by the National Reconnaissance Office of a real, Earth-built UFO, flying at 300 feet with a surface temperature of 400degree Fahrenheit and it accelerates in the low atmosphere to 16,000 MPH with no change in temperature and outside the atmosphere, what I'm officially told is that they can approach light speed and that would mean, hitting the pedal to the metal and in five seconds, the Moon is tiny in the mirror."

When C2C host, George Noory asks him, "Why don't they want people to know about that?" Duff says he can only guess and says that you can look at one unit on the Internet and extrapolate what the issue is.

It's a "dense plasma, hydrogen-boron fusion reactor that produces enough waste electricity out of something the size of a basketball to equal the power produced by nuclear plant -- and it costs about $70,000 to build."

Duff says the issue is a Malthusian one. Meaning that if the planet had free, unlimited energy, it would not only cause the collapse of the hydrocarbon industry and the entire economic system and infrastructure that is centered on hydrocarbon fuels -- but it would allow all nations endless free electricity, endless purified water, endless industrialization, endless desalinized seawater; that the world population would move from what it is now, generally thought to be 7 billion people within a generation, if we had free energy, we'd reach a population level of 25 billion. To some people, that would be seen as unsustainable.

(Why are the pilots in the UFO video speaking spanish? Over Korea? - JWD) - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Joe The Plumber Dead 2012
The story of a multi-million dollar plumbing company that could not survive the Obama RECOVERY. Many thanks to Wells Fargo for not being there when we needed them.

They were unwilling to pick up the phone and tell us that until it was too late. But then again they only ignored all follow-up attempts for 13 months in all. Too big to do it right or even care.

Thank you to the thousands of good wishes and blessings sent our way because of our story.

We WILL rise again because that's who we are. Our prayers and thoughts are with all those who have shared their story and struggle.

May we all do whatever we can to make sure we vote if you haven't already. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold
KeelyNet Are Christianity and the story of Jesus based on more ancient sun worshiping religions? Does the story of Jesus have its roots in Horus, the ancient Egyptian Sun god?

Today well be discussing Acharyas brand new book Christ in Egypt. Those of you who think Zeitgeist part 1 and Acharyas work have been debunked, get out your library cards, because youre going to have some homework to do.

D.M. Murdock, a.k.a. Acharya S, gained expertise in several religions, as well as knowledge about other esoterica and mystical subjects.

She is the author of several books, including: The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold, Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, Who Was Jesus: Fingerprints of The Christ and Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

An independent scholar, she majored in Classics and Greek civilization at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has also served as a trench master on archaeological excavations in Corinth, Greece, and Connecticut, USA. She's a member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. Visit: and - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - H.G. Wells - The World Set Free .pdf for free
KeelyNet The World Set Free is a novel published in 1914 by H. G. Wells. The book is considered to foretell nuclear weapons.

A constant theme of Wells's work, such as his 1901 nonfiction book Anticipations, was the effect of energy and technological advance as a determinant of human progress.

The novel begins: "The history of mankind is the history of the attainment of external power. Man is the tool-using, fire-making animal."

Scientists of the time were well aware that the slow natural radioactive decay of elements like radium continues for thousands of years, and that while the rate of energy release is negligible, the total amount released is huge. Wells used this as the basis for his story.

Wells viewed war as the inevitable result of the Modern State; the introduction of atomic energy in a world divided resulted in the collapse of society.

The only possibilities remaining were "either the relapse of mankind to agricultural barbarism from which it had emerged so painfully or the acceptance of achieved science as the basis of a new social order."

Wells's theme of world government is presented as a solution to the threat of nuclear weapons. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Still drinking coca cola? Watch this!
KeelyNet Drinking coca cola will destroy your teeth and bones, and make you extremely fat and unhealthy.

Do not drink cola. Do not drink any type of soda drinks. Diet cola is much worse.

Never give any cola or other soda drinks to children. Drink water.

Get your children used to drinking water. Water is the best drink.

Necco Wafers are a candy wafer made by the United States-based New England Confectionery Company (Necco).

Necco Wafers were first produced in 1847 and are considered by Necco to be its core product.

Each roll of Necco Wafers contains eight flavors: lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), clove (purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black), and chocolate (brown).

The ingredients in Necco Wafers are sugar, corn syrup, gelatin (an animal by-product), gums, colorings, and flavorings. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Scientist Shows What Happens To 'Soul' After Death
In a video that recently aired on “Through the Wormhole” narrated by Morgan Freeman on the TV channel Science, Dr. Hameroff claims, "I believe that consciousness, or its immediate precursor proto-consciousness, has been in the universe all along, perhaps from the Big Bang."

According to Dr. Hameroff, in a near-death experience, when the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, and the microtubules lose their quantum state, the quantum information in the microtubules isn't destroyed.

It's distributed to the universe at large, and if the patient is revived, the quantum information can go back to the microtubules. In this event, the patient says they had something like a near-death experience, i.e. they saw white light or a tunnel or floated out of their body.

In the event that the patient is not revived, "it's possible that the quantum information can can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul," he said. - Full Article Source

11/01/12 - Thoughts on the Election, Defense & Future Technology
Now thats funny....voters committing suicide rather than vote for EITHER bama or romney...but I think Romney could AND WOULD do a much better job than bama...and I predict he will win because americans are finally waking up.

All of these articles are swaying public opinion and Huffpost reports that in every Prez election held on November 6th since 1860, the Republican candidate has won. This election is on the 6th so thats close enough.

I just don't get it...why we only have two shitty choices when there are so many very bright people who could do this job and be amazing at it. They don't have to be PERFECT, just fix the country and not get hung on the ego and power thing (bama) and once in office taking terrible advice from their advisors (like Bush).

That's why I am such a big fan of Technocracy where only scientists, engineers and technical people are allowed to run the government...they would make all decisions using logic and the law of supply and demand. Unfortunately, that movement was quashed by Roosevelt's 'New Deal' to get us out of the Great Depression and so forgotten by the masses at large,

The masses are much like crows looking for the next sparkly or mescans looking for the next party where they can drink, dance, fight and screw.

It is such a shame how incredibly Utopian the USA could be if we would stop blowing all our money on wars and stupid government agencies that just repress our rights..very brazenly too..and the people mutter and grouse about it but no one does anything to stop it. To once again become the America that is a shining beacon for all other countries to ASPIRE TO EMULATE.

Weird...I wonder how history will look back at us all for being such pansies and afraid to take back control of a politicians and government gone way out of control.

For me, I'd like to see Texas and several other states just secede...walk the heck away and let us run our own country....until the USA gets its mess together...each seceded new country would setup their own version of a model government and society, then others could copy part or all of what worked best for them. Many Options.

I also subscribe to the retaliation theory of the movie 'Swordfish' with Travolta...its brilliant and I think would be incredibly successful once word got out that if WE don't control our own CRAZIES..someone will punish many innocents as a lesson...

Stanley: War? Who are we at war with?

Gabriel: Anyone who impinges on America's freedom. Terrorist states, Stanley. Someone must bring their war to them. They bomb a church, we bomb ten. They hijack a plane, we take out an airport. They execute American tourists, we tactically nuke an entire city. Our job is to make terrorism so horrific that it becomes unthinkable to attack Americans.

They all would soon learn not to screw with Americans on any level. Conversely, THAT ALSO APPLIES TO AMERICA...don't screw with other countries or face retailiation...its fair and just for any country to want to defend themselves from being attacked.

Few want to acknowledge it but Maher and many others note we are attacked and hated because we invade and try to control other countries. We need to stop this, shut down all our bases and recall all our troops, let other countries rise or fall based on what their people choose or allow to happen. No es mi's NOT my (our) business.

Of course such a retaliatory stance would need some kind of 'Star Chamber' overview board to decide who to attack and why they brought it on themselves.

The movie stars Michael Douglas as an idealistic young judge who grows disturbed as he is forced, by loopholes in the law, to let several savage criminals walk out of his courtroom. He is recruited by a fellow judge who introduces him to a "star chamber" of powerful citizens who "retry" such cases. When they decide a guilty man has gone free, they hire their own hit man to assassinate the criminal. Neat, clean, quick vigilante justice.

And of course there is the excellent possibility of alien intervention to force humans to correct their faulty paths as I think best expressed in the original 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'.

Keelynet will be out of kilter like my house for a few days as I soon as I land in Texas, I will get internet and all setup...then work for the next year I guess to save enough money to have all my stuff moved up to my hometown hopefully so I can setup a library and workspace for a physical Keelynet for projects and meetiings and a library anyone can come to study in or copy whatever goodies they want or tinker in our little workshop. - Full Article Source


DVD - the Physics of Crystals, Pyramids and Tetrahedrons
KeelyNet This is a wonderful duel DVD set lasting 2 hours and which presents one man's lifelong study of pyramids, crystals and their effects. Several of his original and very creative experiments are explained and diagramed out for experimenters. These experiments include;

1) transmutation of zinc to lower elements using a tetrahedron,
2) energy extraction from a pyramid,
3) determining mathematic ratios of nature in a simple experiment,
4) accelerating the growth of food,
5) increasing the abundance of food,
6) how crystals amplify, focus and defocus energy,
7) using crystals to assist natural healing,
8) how the universe uses spirals and vortexes to produce free energy and MORE...
- Two DVDs - More Info and check out this Youtube Clip

KeelyNet BBS Files w/bonus PDF of 'Keely and his Discoveries'
KeelyNet Finally, I've gotten around to compiling all the files (almost 1,000 - about 20MB and lots of work doing it) from the original KeelyNet BBS into a form you can easily navigate and read using your browser, ideally Firefox but it does work with IE. Most of these files are extremely targeted, interesting and informative, I had forgotten just how much but now you can have the complete organized, categorized set, not just sprinklings from around the web. They will keep you reading for weeks if not longer and give you clues and insights into many subjects and new ideas for investigation and research. IN ADDITION, I am including as a bonus gift, the book (in PDF form) that started it all for me, 'Keely and his Discoveries - Aerial Navigation' which includes the analysis of Keely's discoveries by Dr. Daniel G. Brinton. This 407 page eBook alone is worth the price of the KeelyNet BBS CD but it will give you some degree of understanding about what all Keely accomplished which is just now being rediscovered, but of course, without recognizing Keely as the original discoverer. Chapters include; Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows, Vibratory Physics, Latent Force in Interstitial Spaces and much more. To give some idea of how Keely's discoveries are being slowly rediscovered in modern times, check out this Keely History. These two excellent bodies of information will be sent to you on CD. If alternative science intrigues and fascinates you, this CD is what you've been looking for... - More Info

'The Evolution of Matter' and 'The Evolution of Forces' on CD
KeelyNet Years ago, I had been told by several people, that the US government frequently removes books they deem dangerous or 'sensitive' from libraries. Some are replaced with sections removed or rewritten so as to 'contain' information that should not be available to the public despite the authors intent. A key example was during the Manhattan Project when the US was trying to finalize research into atomic bombs. They removed any books that dealt with the subject and two of them were by Dr. Gustave Le Bon since they dealt with both energy and matter including radioactivity. I had been looking for these two books for many years and fortunately stumbled across two copies for which I paid about $40.00 each. I couldn't put down the books once I started reading them. Such a wealth of original discoveries, many not known or remembered today. / Page 88 - Without the ether there could be neither gravity, nor light, nor electricity, nor heat, nor anything, in a word, of which we have knowledge. The universe would be silent and dead, or would reveal itself in a form which we cannot even foresee. If one could construct a glass chamber from which the ether were to be entirely eliminated, heat and light could not pass through it. It would be absolutely dark, and probably gravitation would no longer act on the bodies within it. They would then have lost their weight. / Page 96-97 - A material vortex may be formed by any fluid, liquid or gaseous, turning round an axis, and by the fact of its rotation it describes spirals. The study of these vortices has been the object of important researches by different scholars, notably by Bjerkness and Weyher. They have shown that by them can be produced all the attractions and repulsions recognized in electricity, the deviations of the magnetic needle by currents, etc. These vortices are produced by the rapid rotation of a central rod furnished with pallets, or, more simply, of a sphere. Round this sphere gaseous currents are established, dissymetrical with regard to its equatorial plane, and the result is the attraction or repulsion of bodies brought near to it, according to the position given to them. It is even possible, as Weyher has proved, to compel these bodies to turn round the sphere as do the satellites of a planet without touching it. / Page 149 - "The problem of sending a pencil of parallel Hertzian waves to a distance possesses more than a theoretical interest. It is allowable to say that its solution would change the course of our civilization by rendering war impossible. The first physicist who realizes this discovery will be able to avail himself of the presence of an enemy's ironclads gathered together in a harbour to blow them up in a few minutes, from a distance of several kilometres, simply by directing on them a sheaf of electric radiations. On reaching the metal wires with which these vessels are nowadays honeycombed, this will excite an atmosphere of sparks which will at once explode the shells and torpedoes stored in their holds. With the same reflector, giving a pencil of parallel radiations, it would not be much more difficult to cause the explosion of the stores of powder and shells contained in a fortress, or in the artillery sparks of an army corps, and finally the metal cartridges of the soldiers. Science, which at first rendered wars so deadly, would then at length have rendered them impossible, and the relations between nations would have to be established on new bases." - More Info

High Voltage & Free Energy Devices Handbook
KeelyNet This wonderfully informative ebook provides many simple experiments you can do, including hydrogen generation and electrostatic repulsion as well as the keys to EV Gray's Fuelless Engine. One of the most comprehensive compilations of information yet detailing the effects of high voltage repulsion as a driving force. Ed Gray's engine produced in excess of 300HP and he claimed to be able to 'split the positive' energy of electricity to produce a self-running motor/generator for use as an engine. Schematics and tons of photos of the original machines and more! Excellent gift for your technical friends or for that budding scientist! If you are an experimenter or know someone who investigates such matters, this would make an excellent addition to your library or as an unforgettable gift. The downloadable HVFE eBook pdf file is almost 11MB in size and contains many experiments, photos, diagrams and technical details. Buy a copy and learn all about hydrogen generation, its uses and how to produce electrostatic repulsion. - 121 pages - More Info

Hypnosis CD - 3 eBooks with How To Techniques and Many Cases
KeelyNet If you have a few minutes, you might want to read my page on hypnosis and all the amazing things associated with its application. Included is an experience I had when I hypnotized a neighbor kid when I was about 14. As well the hypnotic gaze of snakes, the discovery of 'eyebeams' which can be detected electronically, the Italian Hypnotist Robber who was caught on tape with his eyes glowing as cashiers handed over their money and remembered nothing, glamour and clouding the mind of others, several methods of trance induction and many odd cases, animal catatonia, healing, psychic phenomena, party/stage stunts, including my favorite of negative hallucination where you make your subject NOT see something...much more...if nothing else, its might be a hoot to read. - More Info

14 Ways to Save Money on Fuel Costs
KeelyNetThis eBook is the result of years of research into various methods to increase mileage, reduce pollution and most importantly, reduce overall fuel costs. It starts out with the simplest methods and offers progressively more detailed technologies that have been shown to reduce fuel costs. As a bonus to readers, I have salted the pages with free interesting BONUS items that correlate to the relevant page. Just filling up with one tank of gas using this or other methods explained here will pay for this eBook. Of course, many more methods are out there but I provided only the ones which I think are practical and can be studied by the average person who is looking for a way to immediately reduce their fuel costs. I am currently using two of the easier methods in my own vehicle which normally gets 18-22 mpg and now gets between 28 and 32 mpg depending on driving conditions. A tank of gas for my 1996 Ford Ranger costs about $45.00 here so I am saving around $15-$20 PER TANK, without hurting my engine and with 'greener' emissions due to a cleaner burn! The techniques provided in this ebook begin with simple things you can do NOW to improve your mileage and lower your gas costs. - eBook Download / More Info

The Physics of the Primary State of Matter
KeelyNet The Physics of the Primary State of Matter - published in the 1930s, Karl Schappeller described his Prime Mover, a 10-inch steel sphere with quarter-inch copper tubing coils. These were filled with a material not named specifically, but which is said to have hardened under the influence of direct current and a magnetic field [electro-rheological fluid]. With such polarization, it might be guessed to act like a dielectric capacitor and as a diode... - More Info

$5 Alt Science MP3s to listen while working/driving/jogging
KeelyNetNo time to sit back and watch videos? Here are 15 interesting presentations you can download for just $5 each and listen to while driving, working, jogging, etc. An easy way to learn some fascinating new things that you will find of use. Easy, cheap and simple, better than eBooks or Videos. Roughly 50MB per MP3. - More Info

15 New Alternative Science DVDs & 15 MP3s
An assortment of alternative science videos that provide many insights and inside information from various experimenters. Also MP3s extracted from these DVDs that you can listen to while working or driving. Reference links for these lectures and workshops by Bill Beaty of Amateur Science on the Dark Side of Amateur Science, Peter Lindemann on the World of Free Energy, Norman Wootan on the History of the EV Gray motor, Dan Davidson on Shape Power and Gravity Wave Phenomena, Lee Crock on a Method for Stimulating Energy, Doug Konzen on the Konzen Pulse Motor, George Wiseman on the Water Torch and Jerry Decker on Aether, ZPE and Dielectric Nano Arrays. Your purchase of these products helps support KeelyNet, thanks! - More Info

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