*** GOTCHA ***
April Fool from Keelynet!

I posted this back in 1999 as a test to see how many would fall for it, get so excited they'd trust me implicitly and not realize it was April 1st. I'm too wore out in my 'geezerhood' to write a new one, so I updated it a bit. Here is the original HOAX page from April 99, with hundreds falling for it at that time.

Some were really pissed at me because THEY fell for it. Sorry, but the purpose was to test gullibility and show us how we all WANT TO BELIEVE so badly that common sense goes out the window...we can do better! - 04/01/14 - Jerry

My favorite good natured response was from our very long time friend and associate Ken C.;

"Real short.. I also FELL for the joke, am an Electromagnetic Engineer and once I got to the end.. DAMN! Was I upset! LOL But thought.. that was a GOOD ONE JER!!! Good for you! Have to have a sense of humor or we all will go BONKERS... Laugh a bit.. good for the soul."