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    04/11/14 - The Strangest Secret will change your life


    The Strangest Secret 1956 - Documentary | Motivational Video. Earl Nightingale (March 12, 1921 -- March 28, 1989) was an American motivational speaker and author, known as the "Dean of Personal Development.

    He was the voice in the early 1950s of Sky King, the hero of a radio adventure series, and was a WGN radio show host from 1950 to 1956. Nightingale was the author of the Strangest Secret, which economist Terry Savage has called "...One of the great motivational books of all time". (From Wikipedia) A Synopsis.

    This is one of the best motivational presentations I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. I can testify that THIS WORKS. I have a Feng Shui shrine in my house which I use to help me make money.

    Many, many times, I email my friends telling them I have pinged my shrine and usually the next day, sometimes 2-3 max, I will have orders for CDs, DVDs, ebooks or Mexistims. I call it pinging because thats what you do.

    I've been working on a small ebook about this so anyone can use it. It helps FOCUS YOUR MIND to help achieve your needs. Really incredible and this presentation is the best and well worth your time to listen and FOLLOW THE ADVICE. - JWD - The Strangest Secret will change your life

    04/11/14 - Turning "Whatever" into Electricity
    A new generator with an innovative set of gears that converts random motion into unidirectional rotation. Dubbed the Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer (WITT) transmission, the recently patented device harvests six degrees of movement and transfers the motion to a flywheel that always spins in the same direction. The flywheel drives the turbine of a generator.

    WITT Energy has joined with investors, universities, laboratories, and a manufacturer to produce and test the WITT. At the moment they’re focusing on ocean-based applications such as powering sensors on data-gathering buoys, generating electricity for water desalination, and harvesting energy to partially power sea vessels, reducing their fuel consumption. WITT Energy plans to produce the WITT in sizes as small as a ping-pong ball and as large as several meters in diameter.

    While its most powerful application may be converting chaotic wave motion into electricity, a small model can be attached to a backpack or clipped onto clothing and used to recharge personal electronic devices. A tennis-ball sized prototype was able to generate up to 4 watts. The US military is exploring various modes of energy harvesting that will allow a soldier’s movement to recharge electronic gear. The WITT could become a welcome addition to that arsenal. (Thanks to Bruce D. for the headsup on this. - JWD) - Turning "Whatever" into Electricity

    04/11/14 - NASA's Stirling Engine
    "This video describes the Stirling engine, an external combustion engine which creates heat energy to power the motor, and can use many types of fuel. It can be used for both stationary and propulsion purposes and has advantages of better fuel economy and cleaner exhaust than internal combustion engines. The engine is shown being road tested at Langley Air Force Base."

    A Stirling engine is a heat engine operating by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, the working fluid, at different temperature levels such that there is a net conversion of heat energy to mechanical work. Or more specifically, a closed-cycle regenerative heat engine with a permanently gaseous working fluid, where closed-cycle is defined as a thermodynamic system in which the working fluid is permanently contained within the system, and regenerative describes the use of a specific type of internal heat exchanger and thermal store, known as the regenerator. It is the inclusion of a regenerator that differentiates the Stirling engine from other closed cycle hot air engines.

    Originally conceived in 1816 as an industrial prime mover to rival the steam engine, its practical use was largely confined to low-power domestic applications for over a century.

    The Stirling engine is noted for its high efficiency compared to steam engines, quiet operation, and the ease with which it can use almost any heat source. This compatibility with alternative and renewable energy sources has become increasingly significant as the price of conventional fuels rises, and also in light of concerns such as peak oil and climate change. This engine is currently exciting interest as the core component of micro combined heat and power (CHP) units, in which it is more efficient and safer than a comparable steam engine...

    Robert Stirling was the Scottish inventor of the first practical example of a closed cycle air engine in 1816... (Thanks to Darin S. for this interesting URL. - JWD) - NASA's Stirling Engine

    04/11/14 - Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards Offers Dirt Cheap PCB Fab


    When your project is ready to build, it’s time to find a PCB manufacturer. There are tons of them out there, but for prototype purposes cheaper is usually better. [Ian] at Dangerous Prototypes has just announced Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards, a PCB fabrication service for times where quality doesn’t matter too much. [Ian] also discussed the service on the Dangerous Prototypes forum.

    The boards are definitely cheap. $12 USD gets you ten 5 cm by 5 cm boards with 100% e-test and free worldwide shipping. You can even choose from a number of solder mask colors for no additional cost. [Ian] does warn the boards aren’t of the best quality, as you can tell in the Bus Pirate picture above. The silkscreen alignment has some issues, but for $1.2 a board, it’s hard to complain. After all, the site’s motto is “No bull, just crappy PCBs.”

    The main downside of this service will be shipping time. While the Chinese fab house cranks out boards in two to four days, Hong Kong Post can take up to 30 days to deliver your boards. This isn’t ideal, but the price is right. - Dirt Cheap Dirty Boards Offers Dirt Cheap PCB Fab

    04/11/14 - Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them


    This is the best argument yet for implementing Star Treks Non-Interference Prime Directive. "It's a story we all know — Christopher Columbus discovers America, his European buddies follow him, they meet the indigenous people living there, they indigenous people die from smallpox and guns and other unknown diseases, and the Europeans get gold, land, and so on.

    It's still happening today in Brazil, where 238 indigenous tribes have been contacted in the last several decades, and where between 23 and 70 uncontacted tribes are still living.

    A just-published report that takes a look at what happens after the modern world comes into contact with indigenous peoples isn't pretty: Of those contacted, three quarters went extinct. Those that survived saw mortality rates up over 80 percent. This is grim stuff." - Isolated Tribes Die Shortly After We Meet Them

    04/11/14 - Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover
    KeelyNet "John Horgan writes in National Geographic that scientists have become victims of their own success and that 'further research may yield no more great revelations or revolutions, but only incremental, diminishing returns.' The latest evidence is a 'Correspondence' published in the journal Nature that points out that it is taking longer and longer for scientists to receive Nobel Prizes for their work. The trend is strongest in physics.

    Prior to 1940, only 11 percent of physics prizes were awarded for work more than 20 years old but since 1985, the percentage has risen to 60 percent.

    If these trends continue, the Nature authors note, by the end of this century no one will live long enough to win a Nobel Prize, which cannot be awarded posthumously and suggest that the Nobel time lag 'seems to confirm the common feeling of an increasing time needed to achieve new discoveries in basic natural sciences—a somewhat worrisome trend.'

    One explanation for the time lag might be the nature of scientific discoveries in general—as we learn more it takes more time for new discoveries to prove themselves.

    Researchers recently announced that observations of gravitational waves provide evidence of inflation, a dramatic theory of cosmic creation. But there are so many different versions of 'inflation' theory that it can 'predict' practically any observation, meaning that it doesn't really predict anything at all. String theory suffers from the same problem.

    As for multiverse theories, all those hypothetical universes out there are unobservable by definition so it's hard to imagine a better reason to think we may be running out of new things to discover than the fascination of physicists with these highly speculative ideas. According to Keith Simonton of the University of California, 'the core disciplines have accumulated not so much anomalies as mere loose ends that will be tidied up one way or another.'"

    What??? How pompous and blind is this type of thinking? What about gravity, non-combusting fuel sources, healing, repairing and rejuvenating the body for no more hospitals, no more medicines, no more people with missing limbs or malfunctioning bodies. There are thousands of things we still need to figure out and learn to control. - JWD - Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

    04/11/14 - Resonance Beings of Frequency
    Despite it's dubious and sometimes plainly disturbing style, this movie is an eye opener in many important topics. I recommend you watch this documentary abut the effect of various different forms of EMF. Yes it is long but worth it.?? - Resonance Beings of Frequency

    04/11/14 - What are these giant concrete rings built by the Nazis?

    04/11/14 - Detox Foot Bath or Just A Dirty Dip

    04/11/14 - Scientists Implant Lab-Grown Vaginas in Humans

    04/11/14 - NASA's Rocket Powered Deceleration Saucer

    04/11/14 - Richard Clem Engine and Redesign

    04/11/14 - Thymus Organ Regenerated Inside a Living Animal

    04/11/14 - Smart Car Tipping Trending In San Francisco

    04/11/14 - Australia says Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

    04/11/14 - Old Ways of Treating Conditions/Ailments Were Best

    04/11/14 - Resonant Effects

    04/11/14 - Analysis of DNA sequences in biological fluids

    04/11/14 - Kate Upton Goes Zero Gravity

    04/11/14 - Why is summer fuel more expensive than winter fuel?

    04/11/14 - Solitons, Chaos and Traffic Waves

    04/11/14 - A Tale of Negative Gravity

    04/11/14 - How Did Lead Get Into Our Gasoline Anyway?


    04/08/14 - Will Easy-to-make Hydrogen in Fuel Cells kill Teslas' Battery plans???
    KeelyNet "Let's be real, the three Detroit automakers were skeptical of Tesla Motors, and rightfully so. But at this point, it's pretty hard to deny the impact this Silicon Valley automaker is having on the industry.

    Now there's a new question buzzing around: Is Tesla Motors actually a carmaker, or is it really just a grid-storage company?

    If you think about it, the company's stock price is too high for Toyota or Daimler to just buy it outright. So maybe Tesla's gigafactory will not only make batteries for its own electric cars, but it could also sell battery packs to electric utilities and others.

    In reality, the gigafactory could become its own separate company and just sell the battery packs to Tesla, and others."

    Who wants to mess around with batteries when fuel cells are so much simpler and more reliable? If Solar Hydrogen Trends can really pull off their amazing high volume, super cheap method to make hydrogen;

    ...claimed to have developed a reactor that with an input of 500 watts, produces an output of 2,797 cubic feet of hydrogen per hour (electricity equivalent 221.5 kWh), at cost of $1.80...

    Then all large battery manufacturers will be blown out of the water. I truly hope Solar Hydrogen Trends comes through and Good on them! - JWD - Will Easy-to-make Hydrogen in Fuel Cells kill Teslas' Battery plans???

    04/08/14 - $53 Million To Find Flight MH370
    "The search and investigation into missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is already the most expensive in aviation history, figures released to Fairfax Media suggest.

    The snippets of costings provide only a small snapshot but the $US50 million ($54 million) spent on the two-year probe into Air France Flight 447 — the previous record — appears to have been easily surpassed after just four weeks...

    The biggest expense in the search has involved ships, satellites, planes and submarines deployed first in the South China Sea and the Malacca Straits, and then in the remote reaches of the southern Indian Ocean." - $53 Million To Find Flight MH370

    04/08/14 - How Many Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?
    KeelyNet "The nearest star systems — such as our nearest neighbor, Proxima Centauri, which is 4.2 light-years from home — are so far away, reaching them would require a generational starship. Entire generations of people would be born, live, and die before the ship reached its destination. This brings up the question of how many people you need to send on a hypothetical interstellar mission to sustain sufficient genetic diversity.

    Anthropologist Cameron Smith has calculated how many people would be required to maintain genetic diversity and secure the success of the endeavor. William Gardner-O'Kearney helped Smith build the MATLAB simulations to calculate how many different scenarios would play out during interstellar travel and ran some simulations specially to show why the success of an interstellar mission depends crucially on the starting population size.

    Gardner-O'Kearny calculated each population's possible trajectory over 300 years, or 30 generations. Because there are a lot of random variables to consider, he calculated the trajectory of each population 10 times, then averaged the results.

    A population of 150 people, proposed by John Moore in 2002, is not nearly high enough to maintain genetic variation. Over many generations, inbreeding leads to the loss of more than 80 percent of the original diversity found within the hypothetical gene.

    A population of 500 people would not be sufficient either, Smith says. "Five hundred people picked at random today from the human population would not probably represent all of human genetic diversity . . . If you're going to seed a planet for its entire future, you want to have as much genetic diversity as possible, because that diversity is your insurance policy for adaptation to new conditions."

    A starting population of 40,000 people maintains 100 percent of its variation, while the 10,000-person scenario stays relatively stable too.

    So, Smith concludes that a number between 10,000 and 40,000 is a pretty safe bet when it comes to preserving genetic variation. Luckily, tens of thousands of pioneers wouldn't have to be housed all in one starship.

    Spreading people out among multiple ships also spreads out the risk. Modular ships could dock together for trade and social gatherings, but travel separately so that disaster for one wouldn't spell disaster for all.

    'With 10,000,' Smith says, 'you can set off with good amount of human genetic diversity, survive even a bad disease sweep, and arrive in numbers, perhaps, and diversity sufficient to make a good go at Humanity 2.0.'" - How Many Does It Take To Colonize Another Star System?


    04/08/14 - Drought now affecting two thirds of Texas - It's Cloudbusting Time!


    About 25 percent of the state is suffering under "extreme" or "worse" drought conditions and two-thirds of Texas suffers from "moderate" or "worse" drought conditions.

    Just four months ago, 46 percent of the state was dry enough to qualify as undergoing at least a "moderate" drought. The percent has risen to 67 percent today.

    The northern and northeastern portions of the state are getting hit the hardest, and much of the state has seen less than 50 percent of normal rainfall.

    The drought is slowly taking a toll on the state's reservoirs. By the end of March, storage levels were 472,740 acre-feet less than the same month last year.

    There are many cloudbuster plans on the internet, here is my lake refilling project and the 'hidden' page on the design I used. Now get to it and save our state! And I didn't have to break into the Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine to steal historical items like some crazy did back in 1981. Lordy, hope he don't draw the lightnin' down on me! - JWD - Drought now affecting two thirds of Texas - It's Cloudbusting Time!

    04/08/14 - Mars, Earth, Sun to line up Tuesday
    KeelyNet Every two years, Mars reaches a point in its orbit called "opposition," when the planet lies directly opposite the sun in Earth's sky, according to Astronomy magazine.

    This means Mars rises near sunset and remains visible all night long as it moves nearly overhead across the night sky.

    It will be a bright burnt orange color, NASA's Mars Exploration Program reports, and almost 10 times brighter than the brightest stars in the sky.

    "From our perspective on our spinning world, Mars rises in the east just as the sun sets in the west," NASA reports. "Then, after staying up in the sky the entire night, Mars sets in the west just as the sun rises in the east."

    With no big storms forecast Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service, Mars should be visible in most areas.

    At their closest point next week, Mars and Earth will "only" be about 57 million miles apart. Another treat awaits April 14, when the full moon also will appear near Mars. Mars won't appear this big and bright again until its next "opposition" May 22, 2016, Astronomyreports. - Mars, Earth, Sun to line up Tuesday

    04/08/14 - Quakes - we're all gonna DIE!!!
    KeelyNet Let's not get our panties in a wad...I was sent some information which appears to be capitalizing on the quake fear due to recent California events that have a lot of people spooked so let's not add to the melee; More than 100 aftershocks rattle Calif. after strong quake and this 04/05/14 - Series of small earthquakes rock Oklahoma in record seismic activity.

    Recent seismicity - Includes last 30 days earthquakes. Interactive view of recent earthquake events.

    There is also an incorrect story going around about Bison leaving (running away) from Yellowstone park (implying a natural ability to detect looming quakes).

    Bison running on road fuels speculation that Yellowstone volcano will erupt - "Leckie explained on his YouTube description that the herd was running from Mammoth Hot Springs deeper into the park, not fleeing the park. "If the herd matriarch gets the urge to run, she will and the entire herd will run to keep up," Leckie wrote. This week he told the Los Angeles Times, "Those bison were running for the sake of running. There was nothing chasing them. There was no mudslide. They were just running."

    Apparently this running bison story was based on what it reports as normal but misinterpreted seismic events from the week before.

    Here is the lunar apogee connection someone dreamed up...these happen twice a month every year, the intent was to show times for an unusually close moon. Not Supermoons which are defined and dates provided here.

    Mars is entering into a conjunction (Sun - Earth - Mars). While the moon is now first quarter, and is scheduled to be a full moon on April 15, On Passover, and will also be a full lunar eclipse (Sun - Earth - Moon). Uh-oh!

    The next moon perigee (closest approach will be 8 days later on April 23, which will be the farthest away moon perigee for the next 6 or so months. So, I say, here are the next EQ windows (moon perigees): +/- 3 days;

    perigee - the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially the moon, or of an artificial satellite at which it is nearest to the earth.

    (these events have been cherrypicked apparently trying to lend credibility to this mess)

    4/15/2014 (should be 04/08 - 404,501 so this is wrong)
    4/23/2014 perigee - 369764
    5/18/2014 perigee - 367098
    6/15/2014 perigee - 362061
    7/13/2014 perigee - 358258
    8/10/2014 – The Closest Moon Perigee (Watch Out!) 356896
    9/08/2014 - perigee - 358387

    Not sure why people create these things and incorrectly at that, but it really doesn't help assuage fears so I think they should best be ignored.

    You can easily check 2014 Lunar Perigees and Apogees - "The closest perigee of 2014 (Aug 10, at 356,896 kilometers), is marked with an asterisk; as is the farthest apogee (July 28, at 406,568 kilometers)."

    This perigee connection is apparently going around based on events about 5 months ago in November 2013. Here are links to the 5 month old events; 11/25/13 - 7 Volcanoes Erupt in 6 Countries Hours Apart; Is It Another Doomsday Omen?

    Explosive Saturday as 7 volcanoes erupt in six different countries just hours apart

    11/21/13 - 6 Volcanoes Erupting Today in 6 Countries

    11/21/13 - Seven volcanoes in Six Different Counteries

    Thanks to Paul and Patrick for the info, but I don't think there is sufficient cause for alarm based on this, but then I don't live near these places.

    I live 5100 feet up in the Sierre Madre mountains and the one and only earthquake we've had in my 13 years here was 5 years ago with a magnitude of 3.9 at a depth of about 37 km in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico.

    About 20 miles from where I lived then. Walls shook and some fell, buildings cracked, telephone and power poles fell, vehicles shaking side to side, freaked everyone out. You can still see damage to this day. I don't think anyone died from it but its a very rare thing so nothing to get all worked up about. Nothing we can do about it anyway unless we learn to use 04/04/14 - 'Seismic Cloak' Could Slow Down an Earthquake . - Quakes - we're all gonna DIE!!!

    04/08/14 - US Navy 'game-changer': converting seawater into fuel
    KeelyNet The US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades: how to take seawater and use it as fuel.

    The development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is being hailed as "a game-changer" because it would signficantly shorten the supply chain, a weak link that makes any force easier to attack.

    US experts have found out how to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas from seawater. Then, using a catalytic converter, they transformed them into a fuel by a gas-to-liquids process. They hope the fuel will not only be able to power ships, but also planes.

    That means instead of relying on tankers, ships will be able to produce fuel at sea.

    The predicted cost of jet fuel using the technology is in the range of three to six dollars per gallon, say experts at the US Naval Research Laboratory, who have already flown a model airplane with fuel produced from seawater.

    Dr Heather Willauer, an research chemist who has spent nearly a decade on the project, can hardly hide her enthusiasm. "For the first time we've been able to develop a technology to get CO2 and hydrogen from seawater simultaneously, that's a big breakthrough," she said, adding that the fuel "doesn't look or smell very different."

    Now that they have demonstrated it can work, the next step is to produce it in industrial quantities. A crucial benefit, says Collum, is that the fuel can be used in the same engines already fitted in ships and aircraft.

    "If you don't want to re-engineer every ship, every type of engine, every aircraft, that's why we need what we call drop-in replacement fuels that look, smell and essentially are the same as any kind of petroleum-based fuels."

    Drawbacks? Only one, it seems: researchers warn it will be at least a decade before US ships are able to produce their own fuel on board.

    It's like they never heard of Kanzius and his burning salt and seawater to produce hydrogen. I know, its not a liquid like diesel or gas, but its fuel from water. Get a clue guys! - JWD - US Navy 'game-changer': converting seawater into fuel

    04/08/14 - Canada's missing Gravity

    04/08/14 - Small Teeth, Big Brain

    04/08/14 - Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

    04/08/14 - How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

    04/08/14 - BBQ with Beer eliminates health risks

    04/08/14 - Nanodot-Based Smartphone Battery Recharges In 30 Seconds

    04/08/14 - SF Evictions Surging From Crackdown On Airbnb Rentals

    04/08/14 - Hitch a Ride With Private Planes For Cost of Tank of Gas

    04/08/14 - Youth Elixir Caveat

    04/08/14 - Encoding patterns into mass

    04/08/14 - Nephilim Giants / Angels and Aliens of the Past

    04/08/14 - St. John of God crystal healing bed

    04/08/14 - Color therapy using your Plasma/LCD TV

    04/08/14 - Deta Elis – Star Trek Medicine – Bioresonance - Rife on Steroids


    04/04/14 - 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S
    "Did you watch the Tesla 60 Minutes segment the other night? If you did, you might have ended up on the floor rolling around laughing like I did.

    Since when does the Tesla Model S electric car make audible engine noises? Or downshift? Turns out, 60 Minutes dubbed engine noises and a downshift over the Model S running footage.

    The show claims it was an editing error. Call it what you want, it was absolutely hilarious. A little note to TV producers assigned to cover Tesla Motors in the future: Electric cars don't upshift or downshift." - 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S

    04/04/14 - Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates
    "Brian Merchant at Motherboard examines the March 26th House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology's 2015 budget request hearing. White House adviser Dr. John Holdren addressed the committee to defend funding for science programs. Video clips show comments that are difficult to believe, when you hear them.

    From the article: '"So, when you guys do your research, you start with a scientific—what do they call it—postulate or theory, and you work from that direction forward, is that right?" Representative Randy Weber (R-TX) said.

    "So, I'm just wondering how that related, for example, to global warming and eventual global cooling."

    He paused to make a joke about getting the scientists' cell phone number so he could call to ask when to buy a coat, before concluding that science just isn't up to the task.'"

    Asking for more than 40 billion...The lone witness was Dr. John Holdren, Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President. - Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates

    04/04/14 - Diode for "Free" Energy - The Infinite Battery
    Trying to collimate all ambient waves into unlimited free power. See Rectifying Chaos. - Diode for "Free" Energy - The Infinite Battery

    04/04/14 - The God Delusion - The Root of all Evil


    The Root of All Evil?, later retitled The God Delusion, is a television documentary written and presented by Richard Dawkins in which he argues that humanity would be better off without religion or belief in God.

    The documentary was first broadcast in January 2006, in the form of two 45-minute episodes (excluding advertisement breaks), on Channel 4 in the UK.

    Dawkins has said that the title The Root of All Evil? was not his preferred choice, but that Channel 4 had insisted on it to create controversy. The sole concession from the producers on the title was the addition of the question mark.

    Dawkins has stated that the notion of anything being the root of all evil is ridiculous. Dawkins' book The God Delusion, released in September 2006, goes on to examine the topics raised in the documentary in greater detail. The documentary was rebroadcast on the More4 channel on the 25th August 2010 under the title of The God Delusion.

    “Religion is an insult to human dignity.
    Without it you would have good people doing good things
    and evil people doing evil things.
    But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
    - physicist Steven Weinberg

    See Evil Bible - This web site is designed to spread the vicious truth about the Bible. For far too long priests and preachers have completely ignored the vicious criminal acts that the Bible promotes. The so called “God” of the Bible makes Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout. This God, according to the Bible, is directly responsible for many mass-murders, rapes, pillage, plunder, slavery, child abuse and killing, not to mention the killing of unborn children.

    This type of criminal behavior should shock any moral person. Murder, rape, pillage, plunder, slavery, and child abuse can not be justified by saying that some god says it’s OK. If more people would actually sit down and read the Bible there would be a lot more atheists like myself.

    I know that most Christians believe that God is a good and loving god, and wants people to do good things. I believe that most people want to do good things and behave morally. I also believe that many Christians haven’t really read the Bible, or just read certain passages in church. This is understandable, as the Bible is hard to read due to its archaic language and obscure references. Also many priests and preachers don’t like to read certain passages in the Bible because they present a message of hate not love. - The God Delusion - The Root of all Evil

    04/04/14 - Skylys Flying Hovercar set for Launch


    Skylys will fly in a similar way to a helicopter, using a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) system integrated into a set of wings, meaning that it could be flown by anyone with a helicopter licence. Once it lands, the wings will detach, turning it into a road-legal car that can be driven as normal.

    Writing on its Indiegogo project page, the company said: “A lot of people want to believe in flying cars but find it hard to grasp the reality of the situation, pushing the idea back to science fiction and out of reach. We strongly believe that the time is right, there are uses for such a vehicle.”

    Initially Mix sees Skylys being used by police, fire and ambulance services, and believes it could play a major role in disaster situations such as Hurricane Katrina, where it could have airlifted people from flooded areas of New Orleans.

    It also sees it as a potential vehicle for private individuals: it could replace private chauffer services in cities where traffic congestion is a problem, and could land on buildings in skyscraper-rich cities such as Dubai.

    Long-term we’d like to think it will be accessible to normal people, but for now it is likely to be restricted to the super wealthy. Funders can pre-order a vehicle now, although with the incredibly hefty price tag of €1bn ($1.3bn) we don’t expect many takers. - Skylys Flying Hovercar set for Launch

    04/04/14 - Laser to "control" lightning


    Here’s how that works. When the laser is fired, the high intensity beam leaves a channel of plasma (ionized molecules stripped of their electrons) in its wake. This column of plasma, in theory, could provide lightning bolts with a path of least resistance to the surface of the Earth, and thereby encourage them to strike in a specific place.

    Up until recently, sending a laser beam high enough into the atmosphere to make this possible was difficult because, despite their intensity, singular high-intensity beams tend to laser beamdisappear over distances greater than a few feet. This is due to diffraction –the effect of light being bent and diffused as it passes through the air, which ultimately causes the beam to lose its focus as it travels further.

    The researchers were able to overcome this phenomenon and achieve considerably greater distances with a clever trick: embedding the primary high-intensity beam inside of a second beam of lower intensity.

    As the inner beam travels through the air, the second beam (called a dress beam) refuels it, and provides it with enough energy to travel much greater distances than what was previously achievable.

    In lab tests, scientists were able to extend the range of the lasers from 10 inches to around seven feet — more than a tenfold increase. Simulations have shown that by scaling up the technology to atmospheric proportions, the range of laser filaments could reach as high as 165 feet, thereby making lightning control a viable possibility.

    KeelyNet I remember reading speculation that the pyramid builders might have used something like a UV laser to create a conductive beam to funnel the energy from lightning down to store it in the Ark of the Covenant in the Great Pyramid. Possibly using superconductivity to store this tremendous power for later use.

    I think I first heard this from Mary and Dean Hardy in their amazing book PYRAMID ENERGY, the Philosophy of God, the Science of Man.

    U.S. Army weapon shoots lightning bolts down laser beams - The pathway takes the form of an electrically conductive plasma channel that is formed when a laser beam of enough intensity (a 50 billion watt pulse lasting two-trillionths of a second will do) forms an electro-magnetic field strong enough to ionize the surrounding air to form plasma. Because the plasma channel conducts electricity much better than the non-ionized air that surrounds it, electrical energy will travel down the channel.

    I am saddened to learn of the death of Dean Hardy December 7, 2013 at the Allegan General Hospital. Mary and Dean have been among my friends for many years. R.I.P. Dean! - JWD - Laser to "control" lightning

    04/04/14 - UpSee letting disabled kids walk


    The harness holds a disabled child upright against an adult's legs and feet, enabling both parent and child to walk without hindering the parent's or child's hands.

    The Upsee is one of several mobility options parents have. "There are many different types of walking aids available ... rang(ing) from simple walking sticks and crutches through to minimally supportive walking frames and walking frames..." The Upsee harness goes on sale worldwide on April 7. - UpSee letting disabled kids walk

    04/04/14 - Organ Destroying “R.I.P.” Bullet Has Completely Sold Out
    Georgia’s G2 Research has developed a bullet called the “Radically Invasive Projectile,” or—ugh—R.I.P. for short, The Blaze reports. The R.I.P., which is being marketed as the “last round you’ll ever need,” ”travels at 1265 feet per second and enters a target with devastating force,” an advertisement says. “The R.I.P. then seperates [sic] into 9 distinct wound channels inside the target.”

    Unsurprisingly, because America, G2 announced last weekend that the R.I.P.s were temporarily sold out. Bullets that expand inside their targets—or hollow-point bullets—are nothing new; our own NYPD has been using hollow-point bullets for years. But the R.I.P. website claims its bullets “are the most advanced, intelligently designed bullet ever made.” So there you go.

    “I’ve been in the ammunition business for many years and I wanted to create a round that would work well against a home intruder,” G2 Research president Cliff Brown told The Blaze, “there were so many stories out there about a woman trying to defend her home and having to shoot someone five or six times and they’d still come after her, we wanted to create an effective one-shot manstopper.”

    It’s nice if G2 wants to help women defend themselves, but there’s something about the bullet’s marketing that’s a little too bent on glorifying its destructive power—like, they named it R.I.P. Plus, these promotional videos on the company’s website seem to be target less towards women worried about home intruders, and more towards gun enthusiasts who like watching stuff get blown up. - Organ Destroying “R.I.P.” Bullet Has Completely Sold Out

    04/04/14 - Glow in the dark Trees

    04/04/14 - Mars and Space Madness

    04/04/14 - Favorite MacGyver Invention

    04/04/14 - Manifesting Tangible things - Format/downshift Energy to Matter?

    04/04/14 - Stay Up Late? You're More Likely To Be Single

    04/04/14 - E-Waste Quadcopter

    04/04/14 - DIY low cost Solar Panels

    04/04/14 - Motorcycle Drives Over Anything, Fits into Dufflebag

    04/04/14 - Makerbot Tattoo Machine

    04/04/14 - Creating "Homo Minutus" — a Benchtop Human To Test Drugs

    04/04/14 - DOT Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

    04/04/14 - 'Seismic Cloak' Could Slow Down an Earthquake

    04/04/14 - Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

    04/04/14 - NASA Can't Send Astronauts On One-Way Missions

    04/04/14 - Fukushima photo essay: A drone’s eye view

    04/04/14 - Morning Sunlight Helps Manage Weight

    04/04/14 - Cheaper Fuel From Self-Destructing Trees

    04/04/14 - Rota - Directional emissions of Elements versus beam angle

    04/04/14 - Self-running Free Energy Generator - Kapanadze 10 kW Device

    04/04/14 - Before you share photos online

    04/04/14 - Failed Keystone Ads

    04/04/14 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
    KeelyNet I've used my Mexistim for over 11 years now. I sleep on a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen hooked up to my Mexistim sitting on my nightstand and always powered on. It uses very little electricity.

    It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

    I now offer two versions, the Basic model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

    KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
    ..2) Increased red cell count
    ...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
    ....4) Increased overall energy
    .....5) No headaches
    ......6) No stomach pains or aches
    .......7) No muscle pains
    ........8) Weight loss
    .........9) Increase urination
    .........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

    Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

    I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website


    04/01/14 - Aging reversed in mice equivalent of 60 to 20 regression!
    KeelyNet Scientists have successfully reversed the aging process in mice according to a new study just released. Human trials are to begin next, possibly before the year is over.

    The study was published in the peer reviewed science journal Cell after researchers from both the U.S and Australia made the breakthrough discovery.

    Lead researcher David Sinclair of the University of New South Wales says he is hopeful that the outcome can be reproduced in human trials.

    A successful result in people would mean not just a slowing down of aging but a measurable reversal.

    Sinclair says the study results exceeded his expectations, explaining:

    "I’ve been studying aging at the molecular level now for nearly 20 years and I didn’t think I’d see a day when ageing could be reversed. I thought we’d be lucky to slow it down a little bit. The mice had more energy, their muscles were as though they’d be exercising and it was able to mimic the benefits of diet and exercise just within a week. We think that should be able to keep people healthier for longer and keep them from getting diseases of ageing."

    The compound the mice ate resulted in their muscles becoming very toned, as if they’d been exercising. Inflammation, a key factor in many disease processes, was drastically reduced. Insulin resistance also declined dramatically and the mice had much more energy overall. Researchers say that what happened to the mice could be compared to a 60 year old person suddenly having the muscle tone and energy of someone in his or her 20s.

    What’s more, say the researchers, these stunning results were realized within just one week’s time. The compound raises the level of a naturally occurring substance in the human body called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This substance decreases as people age, although those who follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise do not suffer the same level of reduction in the substance as do people who do not exercise. This may explain why people who remain fit into their senior years often enjoy better health than others.

    Scientists who participated in the study say that poor communication between mitochondria and the cell nucleus is to blame for the aging process. The compound the researchers have developed cause the cells to be able to “talk” to each other again.

    They compared the relationship between the nucleus and the mitochondria to a married couple; by the time the couple has been married for 20 years, “communication breaks down” and they don’t talk to each other as much. Just like a marriage, this relationship and communication within it can be repaired, say the researchers.

    Aging has successfully been reversed in mice, but Sinclair says he needs to raise more money before he can commit to a date when trials may begin in humans. (Thanks Bert for the headsup on this one! - JWD)

    KeelyNet What I find most interesting about this latest report is the correlation with the legends about the Alchemical Elixir of Life.

    The story I had said when you drink this, it causes the expulsion of all dead and dying tissue.

    That includes the expulsion of teeth, hair, fingernails and a brackish creamy fluid that exudes from the skin.

    This fluid contained the dead and dying cells as well as any alien materials such as viruses or bacteria, toxins and pollutants. Anything that interferred with life and its healthful promulgation.

    This occurs over a 3 to 5 day period so your body reverts to that of a 20 year old in about a week, EXACTLY as they report with their "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide." Amazing!

    I think this would be an excellent candidate to make into a homeopathic remedy or a radionic pattern. This way there would be no negative effects. - JWD - Aging reversed in mice equivalent of 60 to 20 regression!

    04/01/14 - Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4
    KeelyNet You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.

    Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why.

    You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.

    The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.

    Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system. For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

    (It appears to be a relatively simple fix. Return control of money printing to the Treasury and let the privately owned and operated FED go to hell. Return to the Gold Standard where money can't be printed without actual backing from Fort Knox (ROFL) if anything is still in there!

    "SD has discovered the manuscript of a 1981 article by The Globe which reported that 7,000 tons of gold bullion were removed from Fort Knox from $1973-74, and the only bullion that remained was from melted down gold coins & was of such poor quality (at least 10% copper) that it would not be accepted on the open market by any nation."

    "The Constitution requires US currency be minted in gold and silver.

    Article 10: ''No state shall emit bills of credit, make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts, coin money.'' The Founding Fathers knew that irresponsible govts print paper money, backed by nothing, overspend and devalue the currency, causing "inflation", and destroying the economy. That has been happening for decades and is accelerating at a tremendous rate NOW.

    When the govt began issuing paper money it was backed by real gold and silver. In 1913, the Federal Reserve System was created by Congress; a private company, owned by member banks, and controlled by the bankers. The bank notes were redeemable for gold/silver.

    We use FIAT money which means, "because I SAY SO," with no real value. Out of thousands of prior governments/societies, NO Fiat money based society has EVER survived.

    In 1933, FDR stopped the minting of gold coins and paper money was no longer backed by and redeemable for - gold. You couldn't even own gold, that was illegal. You had to return it to the Treasury for paper money. But "collectors" could keep their gold coins. But they were no longer usable currency...just like you can't go in a store today and buy bread with a gold coin! Federal Reserve Notes are not backed by, or redeemable for gold/silver.

    The mint made silver coins through '64, then reduced the silver content to 50%, and then finally in 1970 silver coins ceased. This was due to inflation (we were warned it could happen by Thomas Jefferson, see first paragraph). In 1971, the govt ceased allowing foreign banks to redeem US dollars for gold. This was when the gold standard ceased." - JWD) - Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4

    04/01/14 - Finally! Free Energy has been DISCOVERED!
    KeelyNet And we have DUPLICATED THE CLAIM! Three months ago, we began discussions with a couple of free energy researchers as to best approaches to achieve a working free energy device.

    Last month, we received a (for now) anonymous email providing what was claimed to be plans for a working free energy device which we have now duplicated and tested in self-running mode for a continuous two weeks!!!!!

    The load was a 12VDC incandescent RV lamp normally pulling 1 amp which is 12 Watts continous and self-powering and it can be scaled up to fill any power needs.

    The device consists of an electronic circuit, constructed from Radio Shack parts and tuned to a specific resonant frequency which resonates with the the sum total of all the components, load, wiring and power supply of the circuit. It is highly reminescent of the PODMOD of Scott McKie. Our two anonymous inventors are at this time working on a shareware document which will provide full details on how to build this and test it for yourself. They have not attempted to scale it up, though they are fully confident it can be scaled up and still be self-running.

    Now that we have duplicated it and proven that it self-runs and drives a small load, they have given us permission to publish a baseline report before the shareware release on 04/14/14. We will include photos of our circuit, though not as finely done as Naudin, it WORKS!

    The main caveat we must state is that you must be well grounded in electronics and use of lab equipment to understand how this circuit works and to tune your circuit to the point of success. Please read the details carefully and look up what you don't understand. The inventors assure us they are moving at flank speed to get the full shareware document ready for posting on 04/14/14. If you are unfamiliar with electronics, show this page to a friend trained in electronics and let them build one for you!

    The inventors say the solution came about after studying the Pythagorean Mathematics system as proposed by the late Ben Iverson who found that the purity of the wave would make all the difference when attempting to produce phenomena, from free energy production to gravity control. Copies of Ben's books can be purchased from Dale Pond at the SVP website. along with other books on Keely's ideas of 'graduation' which involves the precise tuning of mass aggregates as used in this scheme.

    To date, the discovery has only been applied to free energy but with the success we have achieved in this initial test, we are fully expectant that practical gravity control is well within our grasp using similar resonant precision, exactly as we have always suspected. The resonant frequency of the circuit must be so tuned and controlled as to maintain a resolution of .001 cps accuracy per cycle. It was found that the purity of the wave, when maintained to this resolution, will unfailingly evoke profound power production in the xenon tube. Power which can be tapped for practical use.

    We happened to have several of the parts handy, so our cash outlay for parts was minimal. We intend to build another working circuit from scratch, directly from parts purchased at Radio Shack in order to get a better fix on actual construction prices. The circuit costs based on the initial prototype we built did not exceed $40.00. There are many out there who will attempt to capitalize on this by either selling the circuit or claiming it as their own, however, you read it here first.

    Again, we hope to have the complete shareware document available by 04/14/14, depending on how fast our two generous inventors can get it together. Don't be fooled by other claimants, this is the real and original thing! The most important questions are of course;

    how much power did it take to start it?,
    how much power did the circuit produce?,
    what was the load or loads that were tested with the circuit?
    and how long has the circuit run without an outside source of power?

    First, let me preface the construction with what the email said inspired them to build it. The circuit is based on a hybrid of concepts as posted on KeelyNet (www.keelynet.com) for several years now. The two men who constructed it said they were frustrated with the lack of reports of success for so long and so decided to expend some serious time and thought towards coming up with a probable circuit, then to build it and see what happened.

    They set themselves to a completion deadline of two months, by devoting most of their waking hours during that time to this project, hoping to get it working, independently verified and released publicly as soon after the month of March as possible.... The email says they used several methods, such as the one wire transmission system as afforded by the Avramenko plug, Chernetski and Mckie as above and another unique circuit to form a novel hybrid circuit.

    This is how the entire circuit, generator and load are tuned to one single frequency at high purity, being driven as a single tuned circuit for maximum power transfer with no appreciable resistance. They also extracted information from other files as posted on the Energy page at http://www.keelynet.com/files.htm.

    The inventors said the key to the entire project came from the file on the Chernetskii plasma tube and which offered the best option for actual power generation since it is similar to other claims of success ranging from Moray to Correa. They used an off the shelf xenon tube as the plasma source, with the output wires serving as their power taps for positive and negative polarity current flow.

    A coil was wrapped around the xenon tube, using #28 gauge solid copper transformer wire (varnished). It consisted of 300 turns in a solenoidal shaped cylinder which slid over the xenon tube. The idea was to produce the high density magnetic pulses which Chernetskii said would bias the random electrons to move into an inertially directed power beam. This beamed ion stream is siphoned off by the internal electrodes leading out of the tube for dissipation in the load.

    Unfortunately, at this stage, it is still a plug and pray system requiring precise adjustment to find the resonant frequency for each particular system, where that frequency is determined again by the circuit, the transmission wire and the load functioning as a single large tuned circuit. Because of this extreme resonant frequency precision, it took us two days of fiddling and tuning to find the fundamental resonant frequency for our circuit. The frequency for our circuit as shown in the attached photograph is 1,472.8726 cps but this might be slightly different for your circuit based on the characteristics of the parts used. I find this harmonization of the components to each other a fascinating technique, that you must hand tune each circuit for optimum input/output efficiency.

    The basic design provided to us was for a 12VDC system so we copied it as faithfully as possible. Both inventors have requested that we not publish or post the very crude hand drawn copy that was faxed to us, preferring to post a cleaned up and very clear version in the shareware format on 04/14/14. Their main purpose was to ensure that we were satisfied that their claims were INDEED TRUE, as fantastic as F/E claims always sound.

    It was designed to operate and produce 12 volts DC which we 'kick started' from a bench power supply set at 12VDC drawing 1000 milliamps to initiate the circuit and get our 12VDC lamp to light up, very brightly I might add. We did not have a lux meter to get a reading of light intensity though that will be our next step. The original inventors have not done this either.

    In communication with the inventors in the early stages, we expressed concerns about a filament load based on Win Lambertsens Win Cell observations that fluctuations in the aether/zpe produced high voltage spikes which fractured the tungsten filament and destroyed the bulb. They figured what the hell, how will you know until you try for yourself (I love redneck engineering!) so they used a 12VDC RV bulb and have had no problems with it, believing it is the extraordinary purity of their resonant frequency which quells the spikes.

    Once the lamp was operating at full intensity, we used a DPDT relay to switch OUT the 12VDC bench supply and at the same time to switch IN the additional power that was almost burning the lamp out from the unusual brightness. We at first thought the lamp would die out even for the few milliseconds it would take to switch the relay, however, the capacitors and other components held sufficient energy to keep the lamp and circuit partially operational.

    The other concern was that with the momentary power reduction during this transfer, the resonant frequency will change sufficiently to quench the circuit, however, our test showed only a diminution in power, not a change in frequency, resulting in the circuit continuing to oscillate and produce power, completely unpowered from the now removed bench power supply. We placed the entire circuit on a particle board table (the video we are now working on will show it operating on a glass table) with only test leads connecting the battery to the DPDT relay.

    When the bench power supply source was removed, the circuit voltage dropped down to 11.86VDC and was producing a constant 997 milliamps to power the lamp when the circuit was self-running at a precise resonant frequency of 1,472.8726 cps. The xenon tube coil was pumped from a 555 timer chip set up in astable mode with a crystal and using tantalum capacitors for purity of oscillation. The entire oscillator circuit was placed in a small electric oven to maintain a constant temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This is all very new to us so we are beyond excited and will be adding testing in on inductive, resistive and capacitive loads to make sure the power levels remain stable and continuous. At that point, we will experiment with a larger version or maybe gang several of these modules together for increased power. Imagine enough to power your house or an electric car? Solid State for no more electric bills!

    The inventors share with us the desire that this world-changing technology get out freely to everyone who wants to test it and improve it for more power. Once its verified many times over, we will release the names of the inventors so we can all show our appreciation to them for breaking the chains of bondage to grid power and oil!

    The inventors stated that early attempts at achieving precise and stable frequencies had failed because of room temperature variations of as little as 3 degrees F. and only when they used the oven at a fixed 100 degrees F. were they able to maintain the necessary resonant frequency to sustain the circuit in self-running mode.

    At this point, we are so excited that we want to get this posted as quickly as possible to minimize any chance of 'suppression'. To that end, we HAD intended to add photos of our circuit but feel it might be a mistake to wait, so we are posting all we are allowed to now.

    The two inventors have agreed they want to release sufficient details to allow anyone to duplicate this basic circuit for themselves, so they have tentatively agreed to have it all drawn up and photos sent in by 03/14/14. At that time, we will create the full document, post it at the http://www.keelynet.com website and share it with everyone in the discussion lists and our other Internet contacts. We will also mail out hard copies to our snailmail contacts. That will include an urgent plea to copy and republish it as widely as possible so that it cannot be in any way restricted or suppressed. Things are definitely going to change over the next few months!

    Timely Addendum - Though the project has been in successful self-sustained operation for the past two weeks, this document has been in preparation only over this past weekend, however, in a telephone conversation with the two inventors Saturday night, we were given permission to post the ACTUAL HAND DRAWN CIRCUIT with the instructions they sent to us, so that has now been included with this document.

    If you choose to build this circuit, we would as always appreciate any feedback as to your successes (or failures) in making it work. The inventors have offered to assist anyone with an electronics background who has problems duplicating what we have managed to duplicate here at KeelyNet. We will also answer any questions which might arise and defer to the inventors those we cannot answer. Click here for the hand drawn F/E circuit and instructions! Good Luck to us ALL! - Finally! Free Energy has been DISCOVERED

    04/01/14 - Wil Wheaton Stands Up For Nerds


    When a little girl asked Wil Wheaton how to deal with being called a "nerd" by her peers at school, his response was absolutely perfect.

    "When a person makes fun of you, when a person is cruel to you, it has nothing to do with you," he said at the Denver Comic Con last June.

    "It’s not about what you said. It’s not about what you did. It’s not about what you love. It’s about them feeling bad about themselves." He described his own childhood experience with bullies... - Wil Wheaton Stands Up For Nerds

    04/01/14 - Mozi-Q Homeopathic Pill to repel Mosquitos
    KeelyNet I saw this on Dragons Den Canada. The key ingredient is Delphinium which apparently repels all insects. Here she creates a homeopathic remedy in a pill you swallow and it starts repelling bugs 20-30 minutes later. - JWD

    Homeopathic Insect Repellent: Is there anything the Natural Health Products Directorate won’t approve? - A Calgary business that aims to bring traditional homeopathic remedies to the mainstream public has received Health Canada approval for its first locally developed product.

    KeelyNet Mozi-Q is a natural mosquito repellent created by Calgary-based Xerion Dispensary. The product, made from a plant-derived substance called staphysagria, is taken orally and is advertised not only as a bug repellent, but as a product that will also lessen the stinging and itching associated with insect bites.

    And what’s in this product? Like most homeopathy, the labeling obscures the lack of active ingredients. I converted the homeopathic labeling to English, and looked for published medical evidence to support the use any of the ingredients – diluted or otherwise.

    “cedron 4C:” This is Simaruba Ferroginea, commonly called Rattlesnake Bean in a 10?8 dilution (i.e., 0.000001%) — This product is related to the pinto bean. It is likely nontoxic, especially at this dilution.

    “grindelia 6C”: Grindelia Robusta or Gumweed in a 10?12 dilution (i.e., 0.0000000001%) — This ingredient is considered “Possibly Safe” at non-homeopathic doses by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

    “ledum palustre 3X” : Marsh Tea in a 10?3 dilution (i.e., 0.1%) — This ingredient is considered “Likely Unsafe” at non-homeopathic doses by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, causing kidney and urinary tract damage as well as central nervous system excitation.

    "staphysagria 4X”: Delphinium staphisagria or Stavesacre in 10?4 dilution (i.e., 0.01%) — This ingredient is considered “Likely Unsafe” at non-homeopathic doses by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, as it is poisonous.

    “urtica urens 6X” : Stinging nettle in a 10?6 dilution (i.e., 0.0001%) — This ingredient is considered “Possibly Safe” at non-homeopathic doses by the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.

    Interestingly, some of the ingredients aren’t diluted past the “12C” level, the point at which Avogadro’s constant establishes that there isn’t likely to be a single molecule of the original ingredient. The 3X dilution of Marsh Tea is only a 1:1000 dilution. Should we be concerned about toxicity? The manufacturing process, which involves dilution of a “mother tincture” of the initial product, means that the final dilute solution will only contain trace amounts of ledum. That final dilution is then sprayed on tiny sugar/lactose pills, so the final product isn’t likely to have a detectable trace of the original plant. - Mozi-Q Homeopathic Pill to repel Mosquitos

    04/01/14 - Water shortages pose growing risk for American companies

    04/01/14 - What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

    04/01/14 - Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

    04/01/14 - Daylight Saving Time Linked To Heart Attacks

    04/01/14 - West Nile Virus could be cured with Tobacco

    04/01/14 - Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers

    04/01/14 - If Ridesharing Is Banned, What About Ride-Trading?

    04/01/14 - Astronauts' Hearts Change Shape In Space

    04/01/14 - Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling - The Thorium Car

    04/01/14 - Rota Electro/Magno airship

    04/01/14 - Process of producing fried chicken under pressure - Harlan Sanders

    04/01/14 - Yourself To Live Forever? The Truth About Cryonics

    04/01/14 - Experts Warn Carrington Event Will Plunge Into Dark Ages

    04/01/14 - Spintronic Thermoelectric Power Generators


    03/29/14 - Solar Hydrogen Trends amazing discovery
    KeelyNet SOLAR HYDROGEN TRENDS INC. have claimed to have developed a reactor that with an input of 500 watts, produces an output of 2,797 cubic feet of hydrogen per hour (electricity equivalent 221.5 kWh), at cost of $1.80.

    Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. invented a Hydrogen Reactor. The technology provides multifactorial hydrogen reactor with elevated hydrogen production due to a set of sixteen (16) physical and chemical processes, acting simultaneously on the hydrogen bonds. The hydrogen reactor uses water as main fuel and its emissions are 100% clean (clean air).

    The technology is non-volatile and produces free flowing hydrogen which can be compressed or used to convert to another form of energy.

    The technology can be used as a free standing electrically powered device to produce unlimited amount of hydrogen at world’s cheapest rates or as a “bolt-on” hybrid solution.

    They also claim in the following press release that the reactor provides high yield hydrogen making 1 kg of hydrogen out of 1 litre of water for 25 cents (USD). Is this an error in calculation or a real breakthrough?

    As it is known “Strong interaction” in the nuclei, the distances between the nucleons is ~ (XX-XX) fm (femtometers), Binds them into the nuclei.

    In the hydrogen reactor “Symphony 7A”. due to the collective excitation of nucleons from the external electrical source ( just 0.5 Kwt / h we were able to increase the distance between nucleons to a magnitude of ~ (XX-XX), fm in strong interaction in the beginning it drops to zero and then starts to push away nucleons , causing decay of the nucleus.

    As my partner Jack Aganyan likes to say I should tell myself to stop now. Because 2-3 more words and absolutely everything will become clear to you how in the hydrogen reactor “Symphony 7A”. 1 liter of water is converted into 1 kg of hydrogen.

    Solar Hydrogen claims tons of hydrogen from little energy. (If this turns out to be true and accurate (and I really hope it works even half as well as claimed), it will change the face of the planet because everyone can use fuel cells for power in homes, businesses, transportation, you name it. Thanks to Moray for the headsup! - JWD) - Solar Hydrogen Trends amazing discovery

    03/29/14 - Hydrogen on Demand in Jamaica
    Jamaica-born real-estate entrepreneur and inventor Phillip Scott says he is now weighing his options in relation to selecting partners for the commercialisation of a fuel-system booster and energy source, which he has created and patented both in Jamaica and the United States.

    He calls the invention 'Elhydro Power', a hydrogen-based fuel system, which functions both as a generator and fuel-system booster using electrolysed water to produce mechanical and electrical energy.

    Scott said Elhydro can be a sole source of power or alternatively used to supplement fuel use in residential or commercial buildings, combustible engines, machinery, commercial appliances, heating and cooling systems, power plants, gas or diesel turbines, generators, domestic and commercial vehicles. Scott said it can be used for light- and heavy-duty machinery and equipment, as well as tractor trailers, boats, ships, and aircraft, and that he has been operating retrofitted vehicles for the last two years in New York, using the technology.

    "Elhydro will supply 70 to 85 per cent or more of electricity/fuel to residential, commercial, or industrial buildings in combination with any electric power grid, or fully replace traditional fuel usage. In other words, Elhydro works in combination with other fuels to reduce consumption of the latter on electric power grids and also works to totally remove reliance on such other fuels," he explained.

    The fuel-system booster, he said, also works in conjunction with fuel systems to "increase mileage per gallon between 100 to 1,000 times or more, or operating time to 80 per cent or more depending on vehicle/transportation, engine, motor or equipment size," he added.

    The invention, he claims, is the first hydrogen generator/booster to make hydrogen on demand. "Simply, the Elhydro Power fuel-system generator and fuel-system booster will reduce any reliance/dependence on electricity/fuel companies by 70 per cent to 85 per cent, even total elimination. It does not emit greenhouse gases; this is as clean as it gets," Scott said. - Hydrogen on Demand in Jamaica

    03/29/14 - new eBook - The Spin Force - $17
    KeelyNet In my book, The Spin Force – A Collection of Articles and Experiments, I describe how I came to discover this device and measure some of it’s properties.

    I explain, in detail, how to make the apparatus and duplicate the experiments.

    Planets can affect life on Earth. Observations have shown that both the Sun’s activity and the variations in Earth’s magnetic field are altered by the positions of the planets and the Moon.

    This provides a physical mechanism which links the planets to events on Earth.

    I have observed links with some weather patterns, human personal behavior, and human mass behavior.

    Table of Contents

    I. History of the discovery
    II. Published papers
    III. How to construct a Spin Force Detector
    IV. Informal observations
    V. The Psychic Toy and the Skylab Meditation
    VI. Relation of the measured force with classical and quantum physics. Naming it a ‘spin force’
    VII. Extracting usable power from the spin force
    VIII. Remote healing and the Spin Force: The amazing experimental discovery of Dr. Ron Hruby
    IX. Suggestions for further Research and Theoretical speculations
    X. Beyond the Spin Force

    Links have been found to earthquakes, and links with volcanic eruptions are now being established. Ancient astrologers were right and modern scientific methods and instruments are helping to validate many of their initial observations.

    It now appears that warring behavior is a kind of mass paranoia or psychopathology induced in some people by solar and/or geomagnetic activity as well as other outside influences. The enemy is not them or us; it is some people’s reactions to solar activity! With knowledge and forewarning people can be careful, and choose to act differently. Spin Force full email.

    You might also check out my article on On Stellar Influences to alter Matter or DNA - 03/29/97 - At a conference several years ago, I met Burl Payne, the fellow who invented the Radio Shack biofeedback device that uses changes in electrical tension on the skin to produce an audio signal. Burl was doing experiments which involved the use of a telescope to focus light and other rays from a given star system into water or other materials. He reported that substances treated by these captured stellar radiations had different properties depending on which star system energy was captured.

    This also ties in with the claims and amazing research efforts of Lily Kolisko, who said that at certain times of the year, certain energies bombarded the earth and could be captured in the formation of new matter.

    Borderlands out in California (their website is http://www.borderlands.com ) has at least one very excellent book on the work of Kolisko.....there is a story that during one of the world wars (I think it was WWI), some of the shells would explode in the breech of the gun.

    Physical examination of the shells could find nothing structurally wrong with them and the shells were all produced in batches. Kolisko heard of this and found that only shells produced from certain batches had this propensity to explode prematurely.

    She found that the casings were cast under the influence of specific stellar or planetary influences. The formation of crystals subjected to specific stellar and planetary influences amazingly shows the same patterns each time. - new eBook - The Spin Force - $17

    03/29/14 - When Jerry Springer Ruled The World and the Four Horsemen


    If you are a fan of 'bread and circus offerings' such as Jerry Springer, you'll love this history of how the show came to be, really interesting cause I'm a fan for decades! - JWD

    "Bread and circuses" (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is metonymic for a superficial means of appeasement.

    In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace,[1] as an offered "palliative."

    Juvenal decried it as a simplistic motivation of common people.[2][3][4] The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty amongst the concerns of the commoner.

    FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works. As we will never return to 'business as usual' 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

    FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda -- the film doesn't bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions. (Thanks to LeRoy! - JWD) - When Jerry Springer Ruled The World and the Four Horsemen

    03/29/14 - Shell energy scenarios to 2050
    So what will the two worlds described in our scenarios look like? How might the world change in either one? Watch the video and explore the Scramble and Blueprints scenarios. Shell is betting on Scramble...meaning more bloodshed than with Blueprint. - Shell energy scenarios to 2050

    03/29/14 - Space X founder Elon Musk eyes huge colony on Mars
    KeelyNet In Musk’s vision, the ambitious Mars settlement program would start with a pioneering group of fewer than 10 people, who would journey to the Red Planet aboard a huge reusable rocket powered by liquid oxygen and methane.

    Accompanying the founders of the new Mars colony would be large amounts of equipment, including machines to produce fertilizer, methane and oxygen from Mars’ atmospheric nitrogen and carbon dioxide and the planet’s subsurface water ice.

    The Red Planet pioneers would also take construction materials to build transparent domes, which when pressurized with Mars’ atmospheric CO2 could grow Earth crops in Martian soil. As the Mars colony became more self sufficient, the big rocket would start to transport more people and fewer supplies and equipment.

    Musk’s architecture for this human Mars exploration effort does not employ cyclers, reusable spacecraft that would travel back and forth constantly between the Red Planet and Earth — at least not at first.

    “Probably not a Mars cycler; the thing with the cyclers is, you need a lot of them,” Musk told SPACE.com. “You have to have propellant to keep things aligned as [Mars and Earth’s] orbits aren’t [always] in the same plane. In the beginning you won’t have cyclers.”

    Musk also ruled out SpaceX’s Dragon capsule, which the company is developing to ferry astronauts to and from low-Earth orbit, as the spacecraft that would land colonists on the Red Planet. When asked by SPACE.com what vehicle would be used, he said, “I think you just land the entire thing.”

    Asked if the “entire thing” is the huge new reusable rocket — which is rumored to bear the acronymic name MCT, short for Mass Cargo Transport or Mars Colony Transport — Musk said, “Maybe.” - Space X founder Elon Musk eyes huge colony on Mars

    03/29/14 - Crows are as intelligent as CHILDREN

    03/29/14 - 30 second test reveals date rape drug in your drink

    03/29/14 - Homeopathic Remedies Recalled For Containing Real Medicine

    03/29/14 - Volvo Flywheel Tech Uses Car's Wasted Brake Energy

    03/29/14 - More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

    03/29/14 - Li Hongbo sculptures at Art Miami 2014

    03/29/14 - the Pressure Intensifier

    03/29/14 - Walter Russell - The Secret of Man's Power

    03/29/14 - Top 10 Perpetual Motion Machines for 2013

    03/29/14 - Three DNA Experiments

    03/29/14 - Don't Blame Teachers - Blame Parents

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    03/29/14 - Simple Generator any kid can make


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