KeelyNet Museum of Alternative Science
Purpose and Funding Proposal - 11/15/99

It becomes apparent as time goes on that KeelyNet will remain static unless something drastic happens with regard to steady income to help support it, allow for expanded work on the website and expansion of activities including research.

No person or group has come forward with any interest in funding experiments or research activities without strings that involve control or ownership of everything that comes from the lab, including gravity control and free energy WHEN we are successful. Such discoveries CANNOT be restricted by patent or ownership and must be freely given to allow use by anyone, anywhere and from now on.

There have been several individuals who have sent in checks or cash to help support the website and I am deeply appreciative of these contributions. From that money, I recently bought the Universal Translator program to assist in communicating with foreign contacts who do not speak English as well as a video capture board and software which I have yet to setup on my system.

With the recent discussion with Walter Wright about his offer to donate his entire Push Gravity museum to KeelyNet, in order to continue its promotion in the event of his demise, it made me radically rethink what has been done, what is needed and a new approach.

It becomes obvious that Dallas and any large city is way too expensive to rent or buy a building for research, experimentation or for a museum. That in addition to local laws that might restrict activities.

My goal now is to attempt to secure an empty warehouse on Highway 287 or perhaps I-30 about 40-100 miles from Dallas...there are numerous such buildings that are empty, have a parking lot and often land behind them...failed ventures all....

I want to set up an alternative science museum...with demos and working machines as well as exhibits. A list of exhibits/demos that are under consideration include;

Outside, on the property, would be a 12 foot or so Minto wonderwheel that runs at about 1 rpm at a high torque using only outside temperature difference between air and water...various meters and loads to show how much energy is being produced and that it actually powers the loads.

The plan is to also build bungalows for visits by fellow researchers and sponsors (not tourists) which will each be under test using one or more power generation, waste disposal, heating/cooling of the air in the bungalow, heating the water, producing its own water...each one measured and monitored for statistics and efficiency studies.

Each of these projects have the potential for video, CD and text/photo documentation with highlights and sufficient details freely posted on KeelyNet but offering the entire full documents for sale on media which will help support the museum, experimentation and supporting activities.

I think this is a new and totally novel approach...provide more than enough information freely at KeelyNet, for people to download and build the basic working device and expand as they will...HOWEVER, FOR A FEE, they can buy the entire document on various media...this will become a primary source of income for KeelyNet and to support the museum.

Tourists, travellers, groups can stop by to visit the museum for a fee, fellow researchers and students of alternative studies can research our archive and even participate in experiments if they pre-arrange it first.

I envision multiple bungalows where researchers from all over the US and the world can visit for a week to a month, at a nominal cost or in exchange for working in the museum...this isn't for tourists, only serious researchers and students who want to help out in the museum, helping to build new or upgrade old exhibits, expand/modify the building, work in the gift shop, help give the museum tours, work on the KeelyNet website, help scan in info, create infopacks, exhange for full archive access and the opportunity to work in our research lab....with machine shop, plastics/wood fabrication..electronics workbench, testhing areas, library and design software and assistance, etc...

For tourists and visitors, we would offer for sale cold drinks, coffee, snacks....have a gift shop that would sell books, videos, infopaks, CDs, kits, novelties and such...and of course the tour of the museum...

We would have one or more live webcams so people could check out what is going on at the museum at any time, with the displays changing every day or so to draw people to the check in and see what is new based on our current activities and experiments.

The single most important part of this scenario is to have a workshop in the rear section of the building where we would carry out and thoroughly document our ongoing projects and experiments...

We would have an archive of hard to find material, books, papers, videos and such where people could come study...they could photocopy anything they wanted for 5 cents per page or scan it in on disk for a nominal fee..

For years I have been offered machines to use or borrow for display as well as entire libraries of books and research material, but only on the guarantee that they would go to a perpetual library where anyone could come study the material...for that I plan to make the library non-profit as an adjunct to the for profit KeelyNet alternative science museum.

This way we could also accept contributions and bequests to keep the library going and spread its information onto the web and through CDs, reprints and infopaks of specific detailed information...

Not only could people stop in off the highway, but we could host schoolbuses and groups for tours...let them SEE what works, what doesn't, some of the approaches and particularly the alternative approaches..

Another excellent exhibit will be showing where Einstein and modern physics went wrong and why there IS an Aether and how we can prove it...with working inertial drive models and hopefully with some research in our lab, an actual proof of principle for how to entrain and redirect aether to provide a thrust using electronics or rotating mass...

A Reich section with pictures and perhaps an orgonoscope or geiger muller, with an orgone box and perhaps a working cloudbuster..

A section on pyramid and shape power with Pavlita type demonstrations.

A section on dowsing, kinesiology, radionics and psychotronics.

A Tesla section with his turbine, the Columbus egg experiment and a few more novelties of his invention...

I'm not here to get rich or seek fame, nor are any of my associates, most of us just want to experiment, study, learn, share and instigate change, experiment, network and introduce many people to new and novel thinking with some actual devices people can come SEE, not just read about...

What I need to make this happen is support for a steady income to pay the bills, put the place together and expand over time until it takes is inevitable that it will grow and make quite a sensation as there is nothing like it anywhere and to my knowledge there has never been anything like it.

The problem has been that no one will invest in such an approach as they want to own or fully control EVERYTHING that comes from our research so it can be capitalized on...that includes free energy and antigrav....

I and most of my closest associates long ago realized that none of this would EVER come to practical use unless it was FREELY GIVEN, but it won't happen unless we can have the time and support to do the research and the experiments to quantify the phenomena.

Now that means the PROOF OF PRINCIPLE, not the whole shebang of a full scale flying machine or free energy machine big enough to run a house...just a tabletop model that will prove that it really works...that anyone can build and experiment with if they so shut the critics up and stir up peoples they see a wonder work before their own eyes, built with their own hands, from a project document or from a KIT...

Of course, it doesn't matter whether the funding is from an investor or group, OR if we were funded without need of payback, the point is we MUST BE ALLOWED TO POST THE PROOF OF PRINCIPLE so it cannot be patented or locked up for both free energy and gravity control.

To date, that approach of a patron or sponsoring group has yielded no takers because there are always strings for control or ownership which I cannot agree to.

Business people seem to forget that someone has to build the machines to sell, so first to market wins, with it being freely released there would be much competition which would accelerate the enhancements and lower the cost per unit.

There are of course many other discoveries that do not revolve around free energy and gravity control which have commercial potential and that is yet another way to recover and profit from investment, which I am certainly open to as another source of expansion and additional research suport.

One final thing...I and my closest associates have a lot of shall we say 'inside' contacts who have shared some interesting information...which also has commercial applications which I must take pains to ensure they get repaid for...none of us steal and I won't be involved in scam or deceit, I believe in giving full credit, honor and payment to the inventor or discoverer.

In my opinion, after 30 years in this, I have no doubt once we get most of it up and working, our product line will grow, the word will certainly get around and who knows what will happen, one step at a time.

I regret the realization of this approach did not come years before as it would have been a goal to work toward. Now that it has, I plan to actively work towards achieving it.

Heck we could even build an Ark of the Covenant and put it in a suitably shielded room for viewing and has been built twice in this country, once by a university, once by a private group...both were disassembled because they were too dangerous to handle...and we have sufficient details to duplicate it...

It might even be an interesting attraction to raise a couple of giant chickens to show the reality of monopolar influences.

This would become THE tourist attraction for alt science buffs and I KNOW it would introduce many, MANY people to realms of knowledge and thinking they had never before considered...

So, if you know anyone who would like to invest in this museum or loan me the money to get it all going, it would be a great thing to have it all up and running by the TRUE beginning of the next millenium which begins 2001.

I am confident that in time, the museum would without a doubt take off in a very big way and I could certainly repay back any investment or have a 'silent backer' who would pay the bills until we got going and later a percentage of profit from expansion/enhanced proof of principle releases. This of course would have to be worked out in advance...

If you are interested or know a person or group who might be willing to get this going, please drop me a line with your offer. We could arrange a meeting and discuss it in person.

Due to changes at KeelyNet during 2001, updated contact information is posted on our Contact Page

Thanks for your help, your interest and support!