Imagination/Hidden agendas vs Fact - 07/18/01

Let's have a little chat, shall we? Grab yourself a cold beer, wine cooler, glass of tea, whatever you find relaxing, kick back and think about truth or deception, history and credibility or is that 'credulity?'

Over the years since 1988, I've come into contact and dealt with many people involved in alternative science subjects, so have 'some' experience with the subject.

I've come to use the term 'losers' and 'miscreants' which I find apply to most of them after they have clearly shown their true stripes. If you want the sanitized, suck up politically correct tone, it ain't gonna happen.

This has been a long time coming, but its as good a time as any to REINFORCE my goals and method of dealing with the losers.

Recently, one miscreant (though there are more) have taken it upon themselves to initiate a 'campaign' against KeelyNet or me based on what they discern as slights against themselves, often resorting to outright lies not remotely based on fact.

In a way, its a GOOD THING, because it prompted me to write up a page stating facts and explaining what is at the heart of the loser factions.

Let's first define the basic nature of the complaints over the past few years;

1) dictator

The private Interact discussion list asks that everyone follow posted guidelines or not to join in the first place. Those who do not and refuse to comply with the guidelines are removed from the list. Often with much kicking, screaming and threats. A recent one (not the first) stating 'this isn't over yet', another one saying 'I'll get you'. That kind of thing. I always INVITE them to feel free to setup their own website or start their own discussion list so they can promote their own viewpoint, no one ever does as that would take money, time and effort...this they are unwilling to do. Isn't that referred to as 'courage of convictions?' The threats however, left me quaking in my boots, yeah right!......not in the least....most of these folks go on to infect another list with their garbage, lists with less specific or no guidelines, these people often 'disappear' from the 'free energy scene' completely once they have been unmasked.

2) rude

Many emails DEMAND information, 'secrets', that I give them something or that I take time out of my life to do their homework for them, never giving URLs or even quotes from the articles they reference. I write them back explaining email etiquette involving requests for information entails provision of as much information as possible to help locate what the heck they are talking about in the first place and if they will provide 'something' specific, there might be a link or connection...same thing for those asking questions or wanting information about material that is posted and easily available by using a search engine...where they can use THEIR time, NOT MINE to do their homework. I get NO PAY for spending my time doing others research and so its completely up to me as to whether I wish to do the work or not. I would think any rational being would implicitly understand a desire to control ones own time usage, if you don't agree, then send me your email and I'll be glad to let you do the work since you have so much time to GIVE AWAY and are such a sweetheart as to do others work for them.

3) trying to suppress F/E

I particularly love this one. Do a search on keelynet to see how much suppression has actually gone on by KeelyNet, to the contrary, the files are mirrored, quoted and requoted all over the net and have spawned many other F/E and alternative science sites. The fact is I ask for proof sufficient that anyone can verify the claim, if that cannot be provided, then go away until it can or the machines are available to purchase and run as claimed, being overunity. Of all the deluded ones who keep claiming free energy is here, ask them to PROVE IT! Its called a reality check, not suppression though conspiracy buffs, the gullible and conmen love to use this as the argument for WHY the claims don't match the reality.

4) sold out to NSA, oil companies, the conspiracy, group or company of your choice

Easy enough to check, do a search on who is registered to. If it was sold out, it would be taken over by the new buyer and I'd be living in a very nice house or two with at least one new car, motorcycle, boat and airplane for fact, I drive a 1996 truck and live in a house built in the 1950s'...ya think I made a bad deal????

This past week in doing a search on one subject, I found a particularly moronic comment on a links webpage which referred to KeelyNet as having been 'got by vested interests' to which I responded to the web'master' promoting his site (CIA/conspiracy included) and the Adams motor discussion list and which is posted at;

comments about flake site

Like so many others who have trolled trying to drag attention to their website, it ain't gonna happen.

Its not that I want to get into a 'pissing contest' with anyone else, nor do I have a particular axe to grind against any website or person who is honest in their claims, its the ones who lie and scam people, making claims as FACT that they cannot and will not prove to drag people there to sell books or material, or to build a fan club hoping crumbs of knowledge might be collected at their feet....puhleeze...

As you can see, its bad enough relegating KeelyNet to the conspiracy/suppression junk based on one loser email as 'FACT', but the suggestion to 'send $50' to John Searl as well as a couple of his other links including one about 'radiant energy success' just sent me into hoots of laughter and complete incredulity that anyone could possibly make such recommendations and hope to achieve any degree of respect or confidence.

The site was then changed to reflect the following;

"I was recently sent several extremely rude and nasty emails by Jerry becasue he did not like the description I gave his site. The reality is he was offered big money for his site at the height of the internet mania, and turned it down. He has been bitter ever since. I think his increasingly severe mood swings are the main reason why all intelligent debate is rapidly moving off keelynet to the JLN egroup . Reality check Jerry, the new energy scene does not revlove round keeynet any more. Sorry."

The fact was I originally responded to the outright LIE that KeelyNet had been 'got' by vested interests based on an email from one person, so the website owner claimed,

to which I quite simply and correctly sent an email to try to correct it which he refused to do,

instead this one of many fly-by-nights chose to ignore truth and start a campaign of mischief, aimed at people who should all KNOW BETTER,

trusting his and his anonymous 'sources' inability to determine fact, where I now realize his primary goal is to see KeelyNet 'go away' so he can promote his own agenda.

Witness the latest insanity claiming I sent him a virus....always with the 'exhortation' to boycott KeelyNet...hilarious....never mind Sircam and others are all over the place, I have received it myself about 8 times so far.

Anyone at anytime in KeelyNets history, can read the posted goals and track how much has been freely and openly shared by many people through KeelyNet. Simply do a search for it using or any other search engine.

'Mood swings'....oh, I just love that seeing as we know each other so well!!

The 'free energy scene' NEVER 'revolved' around KeelyNet and was never intended to.

Also note this particular loser has many references and links to KeelyNet at his 'site' which I have asked him to remove now that, alas, to his view and promotions, we have been bought out...after all my new 'bosses' will surely want to control everything....

....of course, he'll NEVER do that as its easier to use information that others have put together to 'compile' his site so he and the rest of the miscreants can crawl around in the dark casting libelous aspersions.

Yep, checked it out, he's saying it as TRUTH, where it is clearly a lie so there are grounds for fun!!! What do you think? Is it worth the time to waste the guy and hoist him on his own petard? After all, everyone else challenged on their claims of legal action have backed down when faced with the reality of proving their claims in a court of law.

I find it astounding that this person would have such 'accurate' sources of information...that's a big joke son...and so freely share it on a reputable discussion list as Naudins which has resulted in some 'curious' emails from people WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

After all these years, tsk, tsk, how can anyone who knows me and how stable and reliable KeelyNet has been, have the nerve to send me an email dignifying such idiocy from any of these flakes, who quite obviously want KeelyNet shut why do you suppose that is?

My first attention to this found a comment steering people away from KeelyNet, now calling for an outright boycott, not only paranoid but crazier'n'hell.....what a HOOT, methinks this is a bit too eager to rush to judgment in order to try to force the 'new' Adams agenda for the gullible.

Key among KeelyNet's goals has always been the action of FREELY SHARING information and urging others to pass it on and use it as they will. Now how can you possibly 'sell' something like that? Who would be stupid enough to pay for 'air'? I can think of someone right off the bat (and while you are at it, send Searl $50!!).....thats another tongue in cheek joke....

after all, who is apparently desperately intent on seeing KeelyNet impugned and shut down based on lies and paranoia so his site can become the new KeelyNet and everyone will be singing the praises of.......who?.........Adams of course....(I also find it intensely curious with 'suggestions' that KeelyNet be avoided at all costs!!!)

Who now seems to have the true hidden agenda and wants to force all free energy thought and research into one specific area?

I decided to put up this page to send as a reference URL for anyone who is being blinded or snowed by one of these fly by nights who will fade away as they always do. Its one thing when your main goal is ego and money, its quite another when you really, REALLY CARE and try to make a difference as shown HISTORICALLY with KeelyNet since 1988.

I'm not going to kiss anyones......'hand'.....and let them walk all over me or KeelyNet with outright lies because they 'heard' something or didn't get their way when they whined about something.

Its quite clear when people are trying to use KeelyNet to promote their own pet theories, to advertise or sell something, to insult or demean others, or just slink around trying to get someone else to do their bidding, then scream bloody murder when they are countenanced about it.

Oh yes, and lets not forget the MANY 'opportunities' to get involved in one or another schemes to rip off the public, often not immediately evident as a fraud but which I've never taken up, NO MATTER how much money was promised or offered.

You be the judge;
  • look at who associates with whom and recommends what,
  • look at history,
  • look at perseverance,
  • look at peoples agendas,
  • look at your own personal contacts with me

...make up your own mind and if you are simple enough to believe these jokers and choose to leave, fine, its been fun, have a great life and I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

KeelyNet will be around as long as I am and I hope until we have at the very least helped to achieve practical freely shared free energy and gravity control technology.

Why does this scare some people? Coming so shortly after our 1st successful conference, perhaps we, as a group, are too close. I think there are many who just don't want the mysteries solved (what would they have to talk about then, only conspiracies and new age junk) and especially that these technical secrets not be GIVEN AWAY!

For the whining losers, NO, I won't close it down or sell it out no matter what you want or what your agenda might be.

'Ye shall know them by their works.'