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Updates about the article
Lee Crock and his
'Aura Therapy' / Energy Cleaner Machine

Originally Posted on 08/01/03 - Updated 02/15/08
By Jerry W. Decker / www.keelynet.com

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These UPDATES are highly relevant to this article.

Over the years, new information has come in which follows;

Updated 09/05/03 (changes which apply to the original document of 08/01/03)

Item 1 - in the following article is a specification that ONLY Carbon cell batteries will provide the heating/cooling effect. This has now been found inaccurate. The machines work well with alkaline, carbon or any mix of these types of batteries. The effect has been tested on both the 4.5vdc Energy Cleaner machine Lee Crock sells AND the 3vdc MexiStim unit described below. You can use easily available Energizer, Duracell, etc. alkaline batteries with no problems.

Item 2 - because of the flushing of toxins/irritants believed to be induced by this machine, it is recommended you drink additional water.

Item 3 - results DECREASE with the age of the person, due to the more dynamic system functions in younger bodies. As we age, our bodies slow in their ability to heal rapidly so it might take longer to observe and experience effects based on your age.

Item 4 - battery life - the MexiStim uses 10 D cell (flashlight/torch) batteries (alkaline OR carbon cells as above) - since there is no current path, battery life is easily 2-4 years, simple to check with a cheap voltmeter, for the MexiStim unit it should read 3vdc or higher, for Lee Crocks Energy Cleaner machine, it should read 4.5vdc or higher.

As described below, the original Crock machine used on over 10,000 people used 3vdc (which is what the MexiStim uses, Murphys law, if it works, don't fix it....), the new PORTABLE machine uses 4.5vdc. The MexiStim machine uses an AC adapter to provide 9vdc to the custom timer circuit which switches the battery polarity.

Item 5 - price change - I found 'hidden costs' in the pricing system I was using so had to bring up the price for the online purchases as I was losing money. Those ordering from Nexus will get the Nexus price, CONTACT ME if you are ordering from the Nexus article. Thanks.

Updated 06/10/07

Over time, people sometimes forget or change their minds about things they said in the past. I wish to clarify a few things;

1. Lee Crock's current website offers the Energy Cleaner with peripherals for $1000. Note the original price was $3000 for which he offered me half if I would become a distributor. At the time of the offer he told me he had sold some $900,000 worth of Energy Cleaner machines. I declined for ethical reasons (which I explained to him as my concerns about the extremely high price when the box could be built much cheaper and thus made available to many more people who might benefit from it) but thanked him for the opportunity.

2. Lee Crock does not endorse the MexiStim and I have never said he did. As noted in the article, there are essentially 2 versions of the machine, the patented 2 screen device and the 2nd device using only one pad which Lee told me in our phone conversations (detailed above) and at our conference that he had used with success on over 10,000 people. Murphy's law says don't mess with what works, so 10,000 people with results? That is the design used in the MexiStim.

3. You will note Lees original machines used a 110vac timer to switch the DC of the battery. The relay I use is completely isolated from 110vac so despite what you might have read, there is no risk of any 'frying'. I have a MexiStim I have been using 24/7 for over 5 years now and it has not failed. That is simply fear mongering to sell higher priced machines so you aren't having to pay for factory infrastructure.

4. Lee Crock graciously lectured and did a workshop at the KeelyNet 2001 conference and AT THE TIME, he claimed many things which have apparently changed over time, including the repeated statement that this discovery was given to him and he wanted to help as many people as he could while he was alive. There were approximately 100 people at the conference and a videotape of Lee was produced.

5. As noted in this document, a true and accurate report of our telephone conversations preceding and after the conference.

6. One final universal rule....follow...the....money....

7. You have several options;

a. build your own energy stimulation machine with the schematic in this file

b. buy the newer model portable Energy Cleaner from Lee Crock for $1000 at Lee Crocks website

c. Order a MexiStim Polarity Cycler for $225 plus $50 shipping d. buy from another source

8. I make no claims for the MexiStim. It is very easy to test for yourself if you wish to do so. Please note how hospitals and clinics spend a fortune on expensive equipment, then charge high fees to the customer to pay for that equipment. The MexiStim isn't produced in any factory or using an expensive machine that puts out 1000 per run. They are built per order.

9. Everything else is covered in the article for which Lee thanked me for writing, at the time because it got him a lot of publicity and new sales for his machines. My 'ethics' issue was about charging so much for such a simple device. And that is why I included a schematic in this article so that others could build and test it for themselves if they could not afford to buy a unit.

10. If you study the original patent and the original claims from the US Patent office (#6,016,450), all ANY of these 'cleaner' machines acutally does is alternatively switch the DC polarity energy from batteries into a conductive screen or screens. It is DC (direct current) so there here are NO FREQUENCIES involved other than the timing for switching. This is simple obfuscation along with the claim of 'frying you from 110 volts'...similar to when Edison who used DC power promoted fear of Tesla's AC power with the fear of frying people. It can't happen with the MexiStim because the AC is only for the power supply for the timing circuit which just happens to use an integrated circuit as does the current Crock machine, though it is a different 'microchip/integrated circuit'.

11. Again, sufficient details are provided in this page to BUILD YOUR OWN machine to test the effect for yourself. Never mind the wild claims of microchips (an integrated circuit) and 'DC frequencies' (which is a totally bogus term) and 'frying yourself' (AC isolated from the DC with a relay as you can see in the circuit), that is just to sell high priced devices to pay for an expensive plastic injection molding machine. Much like doctors prescribing expensive unnecessary tests using high dollar equipment in a hospital, SOMEONE has to pay for that equipment. It is always the case that when people smell big money in this world, they tend to try to get as much of it as they can, ramp up production, confuse the terms with techo-speak and dream up sensational claims. Believe no claims and nothing that you haven't tested and proven for yourself. This page lets you try it for yourself. If you can't build it, pay some local electronic guy or smart kid to build you the simple version below to try out.

12. ALWAYS follow the money and feel free to assemble and test your own device. Good luck and good health!

Note : This article was originally written for NEXUS Magazine but was so long they had to edit it for publishing. So I am posting the entire article online where you can read the whole story. An edited version was published in the NEXUS Sept/Oct edition for 2003.

Disclaimer : This article is posted solely for information and entertainment. No claims are made for the devices described herein. If you have medical issues, please consult a qualified medical practitioner. Personal anecdotes and hearsay are not to be taken as FACT.

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